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the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout

best moments of life are just.. That Feeling.. that warm warm feeling that makes laughter come easily where you just feel completely connected to someone, or a group of people, or even to yourself. or the world around you. like… god.. life is worth it just for that simple little feeling of connection. even all alone, i’ve had it flare up under my skin, found myself helpless to the unbelieving little laughs that spilled out of my lips. it’s happened in the middle of a thunderstorm, standing on the stump of my newly cut down tree, getting soaked to the bone until my skin was pebbled up in goosebumps and i was shaking, feeling giddy with that feeling that the world really is Bigger than me and really is just That Beautiful. or walking home, countless times, and taking a glance at the sunset. i keep writing down memories, on here and in journals or just simply replaying them again and again in my head because i don’t want to forget them. being drunk on a lake pier. being drunk under a bridge. zucchini bread and jumping into a river in my underwear. rollerskating and impulsive late night diner excursions. simply sitting on a blanket in a friend’s backyard, roasting marshmallows. the muggy heat at a concert, the way the bass runs through my body, dancing until my feet hurt. god, dancing in general, at prom, barefoot in the grass, doing it while drunk at a random guy’s house, in a car, alone, in my room, at 3 AM. singing off-key, to the same songs that will forever be a connection to the people i love, right now. being with the people i love, even during the quiet lulls in conversation. i don’t want to forget anything. i don’t want to forget anyone. i want to hold onto everything that i can, but look! it’s already slipped away from me, and all i’m left holding are fuzzy memories, and it’ll keep happening like that forever, but i guess that’s okay. every second is a new moment and i’m going to experience them to the best of my ability. and i just. love life a lot you know? i love the people i have a lot. and i just want to appreciate them for as long as i can, as well as i can.

Reasons The Duel is quite possibly the best musical theatre song of all time

-funky percussion in the beginning
-Lucas being super sarcastic on “yes……charming”
- The cLUHb
-drink drink gonna drink tonight gonna drink tonight gonna drink gonna drink gonna drink tonight
- The little hop Nick does on that line
- The gritty EDM bass
- The ensemble runs out in rave clothes and there’s STROBE LIGHTS
-all of the edm is so good
- the ad libs
-DJ Andrey (Bolkonsky) 3000 rockin out in Pierre’s salon
-“CORPULENCE (corpulence!)”
- when everyone comes in on “then I feel a pleasant warmth in my body, a sentimental attachment to my fellow man”
-various debaucherous activities all over the theatre
-glow sticks and light up costume pieces
-Anatole just wants to be a duck just…let him be a duck
- and that part GOES SO HARD
-Pierre’s existential crisis!
-Alex Gibson vogueing on his back and moaning
-Josh Canfields entire outfit
-Marya becomes Katya (The Leather Suit™)
-“uuoOOOAHHHHHHH this is horribly stupid”
-“RAZ, DVA, TRI,” the bass underneath it and the sick beat that follows
- when Pierre just stands there for like 10 minutes then pats himself a bit cause he’s surprised he’s still alive
-“what can I say? it’s a gift” and the hint of kuragincest (ew)
-“sleep it off and be happy we live to love another day”

Sorry Not Sorry|T.Holland Imagine

Series:Tell Me You Love Me 

Song(s):Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato 

Warning:Mention of cheating and some swearing 

Summary:She goes out seeking revenge on her ex only to land her right into the arms of no other than Tom Holland himself

Pay back is a bad bitch

Where the word she had left Joe with a couple months ago, since then she had completely changed her appearance. Some would say she did it out of spite, while others would say she did it for herself. After years of being unappreciated in a relationship it does something to you.  She had given her all to this man who wanted nothing more then to treat her like the scum on the bottom of his shoes, and she was back and better then ever. Those extra hours in the gym paid off as she slipped on the skin tight black dress she had bought a couple months back.

Her lips where painted a cherry red, along with her long nails. Her hair was left in loose messy curls, as her smile was bright once she entered the club. She knew he’d be here tonight, it was a friends party and if she played her cards right she’d have him right where she wanted. Now she wasn’t stupid, she’d never go back to his sorry ass but she wanted him to feel what she had the moment he’d left her, but most importantly she wanted him to see just what he was missing.

The night had been going perfectly, she had wished her friend a happy birthday, along with a sweet card and a gift card to his favorite game shop. Now she was three shots in and sweaty mess on the dance floor. her cheeks were flushed, and her feet where aching but she didn’t mind. This was the most fun she’s had a few weeks and she was more then willing to take advantage of the free alcohol and the eye candy surely wasn’t that bad.

Four songs later, she excused herself and walked over to the bar where she met him. She smiled warmly at him, before ordering her drink. “I haven’t seen you around before..” She stated as she took a seat besides him as he smiled.

“I came with a friend..” He stated as she nodded her head. Thanking the guy at the bar, she took the black straw between her lips as her eyes scanned the room finally landing on his. This was the first time he saw him in person, and she felt the same emotions surface that she felt the day she had found out what he had done.

“Hey you okay?” He asked as he followed her gaze before it all clicked in his mind. He knew who she was, well he heard of her. He vaguely remembers Harrison talking about on of his friends cheating on this fine bird back in the beginning of the year. Tom remembers the anger that radiated off his best friends body once he had found out, and now sitting her besides her he felt sorry.  “He’s not worth it ya know..” He spoke as she looked at him.

“What?” She spoke so softly he nearly didn’t catch it from the sound of the bass running through the speakers of the room. Her eyes not once leaving his warm brown once as he gave her a small closed lip smile.

“I know what happened..” He said slowly buy loud enough for her to hear. Her body froze, how was it a stranger knew. Then it all kinda just clicked, the angry increased to an overwhelming degree. He watched as he threw back the rest of her drink, her eyes suddenly darken and a cold laugh escaped her lips.

“Of course you do, everyone does..” She spat as he moved away from her a bit. He certainly wasn’t expecting that reaction but then again a stranger just told her he knows she was cheated on. Most defiantly not a good first impression.

Way to go Tom, make the pretty lady angry at ya.

“Hey, hey..” He mumbled as he pulled her into his chest. She fought for a bit, only making his grip tighten. “Harrison told me..” He added as she relaxed into his embrace. She hugged him tighter for the first time having someone actually comfort her instead of giving her the It’ll be alright speech.

“Bet he also told you, how everyone but myself knew..” She stated as Tom pulled away and gave her a soft smile pressing a kiss onto her forehead. “God I’m a mess, and I didn’t even introduce myself..”

“Well I’m Spider-man..” He winked causing a smile to form on her lips.

“Well Spider-man hate to break it to you but Caption America is my fav..” She stated as he let out a gasp making her giggle at him. “But my names Y/N..” She finished as he chuckled and stood up holding a hand out for her to take.

“Well come on then, maybe I can change your mind. I mean I do shoot webs and stuff..” He stated a she pulled her up and into his body. “But you can call me Tom, darling..” He whispered in her ear as he took her onto the dance floor where they met up with Harrison who gave Tom a cheeky look, and Y/N a bright smile.

She couldn’t control the laugh that escaped her lips as she watched Tom painfully shake his hips to the song, as he wiggled his eyebrows at her. Taken her arms he pulled her into him, she lost her balance as he stumbled back pulling her closer to him as his back collided with someone. Steading them on their feet Tom turned around to apologize before the person spoke making Y/N’s blood run cold, and Tom’s grip to tighten around her body.



Tom frowned as he watched the guys eyes scan her body and a smirk to be placed on his lips. She moved in Tom’s arms as, Joe’s eyes moved to where Tom’s hand was placed. The smirk was insanity wiped from his face, as a proud one was placed on Tom’s face. He pulled you closer, making her hand rest on his chest.

“I can see you found someone new..” He stated as she looked down not knowing what to say. Tom took this chance to save her from whatever she was going to say by placing a soft kiss next to her ear whispering or her to go along with it.  “You’re not much anyways…” He chuckled as Tom’s jaw locked from those words.

“Excuse me?” He asked taken back and blinking rapidly as Joe shrugged raising the cup to his lips with a smirk on his lips. she knew he had ill intent from the moment he had said her name.

Though he was the one cheated, he never fully comprehend the fact that she had been the one to end their relationship. For as long a she could remember she knew he liked to have the upper hand in everything and it killed his ego to know he was the one that got dumped and not the other way around.
“She’s just not much of a prize is all..” He added as Tom let go of her. She watched as his fist was soon connecting to Joe’s jaw. Harrison rushed over, pull Y/N away and into one of her friends arms as he rushed over to Tom who was shouting and swing punches at her ex who was shocked, but had quickly recovered fighting back.

“Don’t you ever, and I mean ever contact her again you prick. She deserves so much better than a piece of shit like you. She’s better without so how about you do us all a favor and leave before I change my mind and do a number worse..” He spat through his teeth, as Joe grumbled and pushed pass her on his way out as a smirk finally worked its way onto her face seeing him walk away.

“HEY JOE?” She shouted as he turned to look at her. “TOLD YA, PAY BACK IS A BAD BITCH!” She finished with a wink as she went over to Tom hugging as he smiled down at her placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

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Ahhh! I've been looking for a blog with open requests thank you thank you! Can I have RFA +Saeran walking in on MC playing an instrument like really well? Like she'd been hiding it but they Caught her? Thank you! I would love you 5ever lololol

Maybe this isn’t as fluffy as you wanted, I tried to give MC some motivation for not wanting to play, and some of them are kinda sad, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC playing an instrument really well


  • You told him you used to play violin as a kid, but never showed him, alleging you were rusty
  • It was one of his rehearsals on stage, you were watching this in your seat
  • When there was a problem with the sound system, the pre-recorded soundtrack from one of the song wasn’t working
  • He immediately looks at you and tells somebody in the staff to get a violin asap
  • “Come on, babe! You’ve got this!” “Zen, it’s been too long! It will sound awful!” “So my melodic and soothing voice will muffle any bad sounds. Please? I just need something to set the mood for my solo!”
  • How can you say ‘no’ to his pleading eyes? You agree hesitatingly. The staff guy hands you a violin.
  • Zen starts to sing as you gently move the bow on the violin’s chords. It starts a little rough, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Everybody is staring at you, and Zen stops singing to watch you. Shit! Is it that bad? You stop immediately, puzzled.
  • “Babe, it’s wonderful!” he hugs you, and all the staff go “awwwww”.
  • Now he never rehearses his songs without your violin soundtrack.


  • You showed him photos of when you used to be on marching band at school
  • Yeah, he always wondered why there was a big tuba hidden on your closet, he never thought you actually played it, this thing seems so big for you
  • He begs you to play a little for him, you refuse telling how long has it been, you probably don’t even know how to do this anymore.
  • So he takes the tuba and tries to blow, it’s so cute because he’s so red and it can’t even make a sound.
  • He tries and tries, but bless his heart, he’ll pass out due to lack of oxygenation on the brain if he keeps going with this.
  • So you gently take the tuba and give him a few tips about how to properly breathe and how to place your lips correctly, showing him to do it in the process.
  • Then you realize you’re actually playing the tuba, and he’s watching you with all the attention in the world.
  • Did he just trick you to play to him? Oh, behind that cute face, there’s a mischievous brain…
  • “Oh, I think I got it, MC. Let me try again!” Nah, not really, he really just wanted to learn how to play.
  • He manages to make a very weak sound to come out of the tuba, and you aren’t even able to tease him as how much he’s celebrating to his little improvement.


  • She notices you have the tendency of drumming your fingers on the table, you always apologize if it’s annoying her
  • But it’s never annoying, because it sounds really rhythmical, as if you knew exactly how to drum.
  • She asks you and you shyly explain you used to play drum, actually, you were on a band in high school
  • You showed the photos and she loves it, you looked really cool back then, she would never say it out loud, but you looked “badass”
  • She wants to see you play so much, but you brush it off telling your old drum is at your parent’s place and you’re very rusty.
  • But she keeps begging, and you’re such a sucker when she pleads you just like that. Also, it’s a great excuse to take her to meet your parents lolololol
  • So there you are in your old room, she can’t hold back a chuckle seeing all the rock band posters, you were so different back then…
  • But yeah, probably not that different when you hit the drumsticks against each other says: “1… 2… 1, 2, 3, 4!” and start playing.
  • You even get a little cocky twirling one of the drumsticks in the palm of your hand before hitting the drums. You just really want to impress her.
  • Your father knocks at the door telling you to shut it down, and you immediately stop, he thinks you’re obeying him, but you just stopped to make out with your girlfriend.
  • Yeah, nothing much changed since you were a teenager, after all.


  • C & R just bought a record company, the fist artists to sign up are this rock band
  • Even though he hates it, Jumin is doing PR and meeting the guys, he brought you along to make this bearable
  • You’re trying so hard not to fangirl, you love this band and are so happy they are making a comeback under your fiancée’s label record!!!
  • Jumin is bored as shit, but he keeps smiling and posing to the photos with the band.
  • One of the photographers suggests he should hold the bass, he refuses and passes it to you. “Here, why don’t you do it?” you look at him, puzzled.
  • You awkwardly take the bass and run your fingers on the chords, it’s been a while… “Do you play?” one of the guys in the band asks.
  • “She used to.” Jumin answers for you “See how it feels natural on her hands?” you’re blushing hard, it’s too hard to handle this interaction between your fiancée and the guy you used to have this huge crush when you were younger, and they’re talking about you!
  • The guys keep encouraging you to play a little, and how wouldn’t you do it? All the men you love are expecting this from you! So you play a famous bass line from one of their band’s songs.
  • The guys are cheering you and Jumin smiles softly. You told him how you had to sell your bass to pay a few bills and how much you missed to play it.
  • Luckily enough, now you’re earning this bass with the autographs from all the band’s members a a gift. Jumin can’t hold back his own smile seeing you so happy.
  • But his smile fades away as the guys get too excited about you, telling they want to take you on tour and everybody would pay attention to a bass player like you.
  • You smile politely, step away a little and hold Jumin’s hand. He’s not the rock star of your teenage dreams, he’s just… something even better. And you’re more into private jam sessions right now, with just you fiancée as your audience.


  • Due to the background check, he is pretty aware of your passion for jazz and how you used to play the sax when you were a teenager.
  • He didn’t find any videos of you playing, though. What a shame…
  • But he knows you keep a sax on your closet, and he’s dying to watch you perform a little to him.
  • You are not sure what you’re looking at when he invites you to come over. He’s wearing a black beret, round shaped glasses, a black turtleneck sweater and black pants.
  • “MC, I would be so glad if we could inspire each other. I wrote this spoken word piece, would you play a little?”
  • “Saeyoung, it’s been so long.” “Oh, but what is time, MC? If nothing but this old man holding his pocket watch, watching us through his thick lens of despair, despairing at how much time he lost without living the fullest…” he talks dramatically, doing some contemporary dance moves with his arms.
  • Yeah, you have nothing to say, better put your lips on the sax’s mouthpiece and go along with whatever he’s trying to do.
  • As he keeps reciting something about space cats and salty and sweet flavors of HBC and Dr. Pepper dancing in his mouth, you just focus on playing the sax.
  • Why did you ever stop doing this? Yeah, maybe you couldn’t be a pro as you wished, but playing just for fun is awesome too, you shouldn’t have been so hard on yourself.
  • Saeyoung apparently agrees, as he’s watching you, mesmerized. He even stopped reciting his great poem just to listen to you and be transported to New Orleans, circa 1922.
  • When you finish, he’s applauding you. This will definitely be the main subject on his next poem.


  • He also has a background check of you, and he knows you play piano! He even managed to get some videos of you doing recitals as a kid and as a teenager.
  • He lost count of how many times he watched those, and every single time, he whispered to himself: “So… fucking… cute!”
  • He would love to watch you live, but how could he manage to get a piano?
  • You’re organizing a RFA party, the first one since he officially joined the organization, he doesn’t care about anything , he just wants a piano at the party.
  • As the party is happening, you keep watching the piano player, Saeran notices and observes your fascinated face, you look like you’re on a trance.
  • “You alright?” “Yeah, sure, it’s just… I used to play piano to my sister when she was alive. I… didn’t feel like playing when she left. Is this silly?” oh… now he feels like an asshole, this piano is giving you bad memories!
  • “No, It’s not silly, I guess…” “Yeah… so hey, let’s get back to work!” and then everything felt wrong about that piano there. Shit, what was he thinking? He really thought you would just see the piano and feel this urge to play it? Stupid! That’s what he gets from daydreaming so much about you.
  • When the party is over, you two are working on make sure everything turned out as planned. He sees the empty room, and the piano there… ugh, he feels sick! And he can’t even look at you.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong?” “I’m sorry about the piano thing, okay? I thought you would like to play as soon as you would see it, I didn’t know, I…” “Hey, it’s fine! Don’t worry!”
  • You chuckle “That’s why you were so insistent on the piano?” he’s blushing. And he’s even redder when you sit on the bench. “Any requests from the audience?”
  • “Hey! You don’t need to do this for me! Come on!” “Nah, I want to, it’s been a while I don’t play to someone who’s so willing to listen. So… got any request?”
  • He loves everything you play, and he catches himself sitting beside you, completely hypnotized by your focused eyes and your agile fingers.
  • But what he really likes is when you teach him to play a few notes of “Three Blind Mice”. Your sister always smiled when you played this one, it was almost like the smile you’re receiving right now from him. Turning bad memories into good ones is so overwhelming.

Puretone - Addicted to bass

The European Music Video was inspired by the 1979 movie Mad Max, filmed using the same roads in the You Yangs region of Australia and also featured actors Megan Dorman and Kick Gurry. The video was conceived and directed by Jolyon Watkins: “Making use of the track’s verse/chorus structure we recreated the opening chase sequences and caravan smashing climax; recasting the Nightrider with two hot heroines, on the run from the Main Force Patrol.” [1] [2]

I feel like I’m doing time
Imprisoned by dependence on a rhythm sublime
In my mind I must overcome the need to define
The solitary silence of a faceless crime

Standing by the stereo I’m feeling so alone
My back against a speaker and I’m moving on my own
Surrounded by so many and they’re staring at my face
They’re picking up my problem: I’m totally addicted to bass

Sunrise at my window, I look down on the street
People I see everywhere are tapping their feet
Suddenly I realise in a look that I was wrong
Everybody’s groovin’ to their own song
Down at the scene below
There’s something in the way they move to show
They too, know what I know
They too hunger for the beast below

Rhythm’s running over me to wash away my fears
The backbeat of humanity it sweetens my tears
There’s something that’s connected us down throughout the years
No need to feel so lonely, everyone’s addicted to bass

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hi idk if youve noticed but since you do song analysis i just wanted to point that esny has that same bassline as baby blue by badfinger..i didnt know what to make of this cause the story behind the song is a little sad


This was the track I was looking for last night, thank you! I was searching through Todd Rundgren and couldn’t find it. Yes, the bass run was so familiar, but I just couldn’t remember it.

Here’s the song:

The song does have a sad history associated with it. Todd Rundgren and George Harrison got Apple Records to finish production of Badfinger’s album, “Straight Up,” in 1971 (“Baby Blue” was one of the singles). The lead singer and songwriter, Pete Ham, wrote this song for an ex-girlfriend, Dixie Armstrong. He commuted suicide at age 27.


Guess I got what I deserved
Kept you waiting there too long, my love
All that time without a word
Didn’t know you’d think that I’d forget or I’d regret
The special love I had for you, my baby blue

All the days became so long
Did you really think, I’d do you wrong?
Dixie, when I let you go
Thought you’d realize that I would know
I would show the special love I have for you, my baby blue

What can I do, what can I say
Except I want you by my side
How can I show you, show me the way
Don’t you know the times I’ve tried?

[guitar solo (Joey Molland)]

Guess that’s all I have to say
Except the feeling just grows stronger every day
Just one thing before I go
Take good care, baby, let me know, let it grow
The special love you have for me, my Dixie, dear.

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My fav parts of every song from the Blurryface album (by Twenty One Pilots)(+Heathens and Cancer)

You can listen to the official Blurryface playlist here. Heathens Cancer

Heathens: car sirens, background harmony, “watch it,” the talking in the background that give the illusion of voices in your head.

Cancer: the bass that run though your whole body, the sadness in Tyler’s voice, “turn away,” the way Ty says “agony.”

Heavydirtysoul: the weird sounds at the beginning and when the drums start, they way Tyler’s voice sounds in “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.”

Stressed Out: the little “oh” between verses, the “yo” at the end.

Ride: “I know, it’s hard, sometimes,” the little popping sounds at the beginning, “help me,”  “So I’m taking my TIIIIIIIMMMMEEEE, OH! YA!”

Fairly Local: the bass, synth, and “Ah!” at the beginning, “eeh eeh eeh,” the “YEEAAAAHHHH!” and the background screaming of “good people now.”

Tear In My Heart: “But my taste in music is YOUR FACE!” “oh oh oh oh ohhh, ooh ooh ooh ooh” before “you fell asleep in my car…” and the quiet, emotional, “Than I’ve ever been,” at the end.

Lane Boy: the “boing boing” (synth) noices at the beginning, this song makes me want to violently rock my car seat back and fourth to the beat while my mom yells at me while driving lol, the low “ Will they be alive tomorrow?”

The Judge: the WAY TOO LONG opening that everyone hates but secretly loves, “na na na na oh oh,” “Set me FREEEEEE” and “JOSH DUN” near the end.

Doubt: the “please” at the end of the third verse, and “heeeyy heeeyyy” at the end.

Polarize: reminds me of the vine wheres someone throws a bowl of rice down the stairs, “da da da da dada da,”  “ You’ll have to come and find me, FIND ME!” scream, and the chill “yeeeaaaahhh.”

We Don’t Believe What’s on T.V: -little ukulele stums- “Yeah yeah yeah!” -violent ukulele strums-, the little whiny “ohhh!” in the middle, and “oh oh oh oh oh (yeah yea yeah)” at the end. The little “yeah  yeah yeah” at the end are so friendly they make me smile.

Message Man: “Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!” “beep beep beep beep beep beep beep boop,” and “my people singing.”

Hometown: every time Tyler sing high notes (they are particularly good in this song), when Josh does the drum thing that sounds like the beginning of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, and the “ooh ooh,” throughout the song.

Not Today: “Don’t you test me though, just because I play the piano,
Doesn’t mean I am not willing to take you down, (I’m sorry)” and “ Buh buh bah, buh buh bah,” at the end.

Goner: “DON’T LET ME BE!” the scream part of the chorus at the end that abruptly lowers at “you,” and the hard smashes on the drums during the scream chorus. I also love the sound of piano and I imagine Tyler showing Josh this song for the first time and Josh being like “shit dude you’re sad af give me a hug.”

I will do one for Vessel, Self-Titled, and Regional at Best if you want me too. I can also do one for Tyler Joseph’s solo album when he was a sad lil teen boy.