bass residence


LIAM JAMES WALKER (daniel sharman - jensen ackles)

age: twenty eight
relationship status: in a relationship with nova bass
resides in: boston, massachusetts
living arrangements: he lives with nova and their son in boston. 
alumni: emerson college
occupation: author, teacher at silver oak university
offspring: camden bass-walker (four years old)
pets: nova has a collie named puka and he has a pitbull named lucky who his parents allowed him to take with him when he moved to boston permanently. 
accomplishments: goodreads choice awards best mystery & thriller (2022), edgar award for best novel (2025), edgar award for best fact crime (2027) 

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dran-dragoon  asked:

Ok I been living in Florida for a very long and never find any building interesting that isnt in those theme parks (like Disney land) There have to be interesting buildings down here with all this wealth.

Wealth has sometimes nothing to do with good architecture! Nevertheless, here are my five of my favorite buildings in Florida (and a street in front of the ocean!):

Bass Residence Paul Rudolph

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