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I literally haven’t drawn megaman fanart in almost 5 years.
So of course I draw them again with a modern day human au nobody wanted. Dr. Light still works in robotics but they’re present day so not very advanced. All robots and robot masters are kids living in the same neighborhood. Rock,Roll, & Blues live with their dad.  

In this au Blues has a heart problem instead of an unstable power core. He’s not allowed to exert himself or he’ll collapse. This worries his dad a lot and he wishes Blues would stay where he can keep eye on him, but he’s a teenager so he sneaks out a lot and avoids him. 

Straight Outta Bedroom

So I’ve had this blog for a year and a half now – yay! I’ve primarily focused on music production methods and tips. If you’re into that, making music, then here are a few (not all) old posts that could interest you. Now, did you ever wonder… 

You’re welcome.

undetektable-extension-charm  asked:

do u have any recommendations for any "behind the scenes" funny yes videos?

Unfortunately there aren’t too many out there, but here’s a list of Yes videos I love, both behind the scenes and others!

Directly Yes-related:

Outtakes from the Yes Documentary (unsure which)

Yes  Acoustic Rehearsals, Narrated by Rick Wakeman:

Yes in the Studio, Going for the One Sessions:

YES - Before and Post the Gig - Documentary - 1984

Jon Anderson at the 1994 Yestival

Chris Squire at the 1994 Yestival

Yestival 1998 - Steve Howe and Chris Squire Interview

Chris Squire speaking about all of the belongings he has in his pocket (Just watch, it’ll make sense)

Yes - Friday Night Videos Profile 06-84 (Chris Squire interview)

Yes - Keys to Ascension Launch Special, 1996

Yes - YesYears Interview Outtakes, 1991

Yes - Words and Music 1997

Yes - After Breakfast Show, New York City 10-29-96

Jon Anderson - The New Music, Toronto, Interview 1982

Yes - Entertainment Tonight Profile 1983 

Non Yes, but with Yes members:

Chris Squire - Bass Master Class

Alan White’s cameo in Herman Rarebell’s “Wipe Out” (Skip to 0:58 for Alan, sorry for the poor quality)

The Other Side of Rick Wakeman show, 2006

Steve Howe at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979

A Week in the Life of ABWH (mini-documentary)

ABWH Live: An Evening of Yes Music Plus, 1989

Greg Lake telling a story Chris Squire told him about Yes

GTR - MuchMusic Interview, Toronto 04-30-86

GTR - The New Music, Toronto, 05 -10-86

GTR 1986 Making of documentary

Here’s also a great link to a playlist full of Yes content, both on and off stage. There’s far too many for me to watch at once, but I trust they’re some good ones!

If anyone has any others that I’ve missed, feel free to add onto the list. And sorry for the late reply! This was a long one coming but I wanted to make sure I dug deep enough to compile as many videos as I could!