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Big Al Neck Day: 5

It’s starting to look like a bass neck again! After abit of shaping it now looks like the missing piece of the puzzle. I glued it up yesterday and it has been clamped overnight.

I just filled in some slight low spots with wood adhesive as filler, it will dry rock hard.

All that’s left is sanding, sanding and more sanding. The back of the neck still needs its final finish sanding too, but the headstock is going to take a lot of fine detail sanding to get it looking good and into the correct shape and width.

Irreparable isn’t a word In my dictionary.



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"The original Millennium Falcon bodies are always in good condition, some even perfect – it varies considering they’re from anywhere between 1979 and 2004. Some also never had any lights included and so plenty of blue LEDs are expertly installed by myself and are run from a handily concealed battery pack that is easy to get to."

But wait, there’s more. Doni’s Custom Guitars also makes a Custom Flight Case for both models. She may not look like much, but she’s had a lot of special modifications and deserves to be transported in style.

Visit the Doni’s Custom Guitars Etsy shop for additional information about these awesome instruments.

[via Neatorama and Laughing Squid]