bass customs

A customer walks into a hunting store.

Customer: Where’s the guitars?

Employee: What guitars?

Customer: The guitars your store sells. Your store sells guitars right?

Employee: we don’t sell guitars.

Customer: Then why is this store called Bass Pro!?

The employee stares at the customer. The customer smiles.

Employee: This is a Cabela’s you jerk.

Customer : Still funny.

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dallon's getting a new custom bass. check out pattersonguitars on instagram. it's the latest post. yeah idk if this is important or anything but i don't think anyone's posted about it yet

thank you for letting me know! i always love basses, and it’s even better if they ever dallon’s


A Guide to Murdoc’s bass, El Diablo (per ROTO). Anyone who’s skimmed through Rise of the Ogre has likely seen the two page spread devoted to explaining every detail pertaining to the make up and quality of Murdoc’s bass (props to him for taking the time to get to know his instrument so well). There are quite a few notable features (like, who knew it was stained in otter’s blood??). I haven’t seen a post that’s adapted it to Tumblr just yet so I thought I’d give it a go. Key listed below the cut:

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