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petition for bts to come out with an acapella album

Not only does Los Angeles duo Lost Kings deliver a very important message on their smashing new tune, but Phone Down is also a phenomenally resplendent future bass opus, and it features sensational vocals by Emily Warren, too. The mellifluously lulling, opulent thrilling future bass anthem reminds us to live in the moment rather than obsess over the superficial. Lost King’s Phone Down is such an enthralling gem, not an iota of me wants to split my attention with anything else. For a few brief heavenly minutes, our phones do not exist. Phone Down takes us to another plane of existence, one where anything important could “wait until the morning”, or at least, after the ravishing track completes its ensnaring hold on us. Phone Down is out now on iTunes.

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does anyone else suddenly get really frustrated bc ur fav music doesnt sound right at all for a while? it just sounds different and less appealing and its so annoying like its not even the same song then another day it sounds right again

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I know its a dumb Question but whats so funny about "chogiwa"? I'm from Austria and i dont know how to "catch" all those insiders:D

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Oh no lil anon. Oh no no no no. You don’t catch chogiwa. Chogiwa catches you (╹◡╹). 

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The dance moves are stupidly amazing I mean like. C’mon. If you’re telling me the first time you watched/ listened to Wolf and you didn’t think wtf,  you are lying to urself and I can’t trust you

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Plus in the beginning you hear all these badass howling and bass then when the beat drops, Chanyeol snatches yo weave with a CHOGIWA, making a meme and leaving us shook. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Boston, Massachusetts newcomer VALNTN lands himself square on our radar with his debut single Can’t Let Go, a moody stirring, dusky aching future trap aria featuring sultry pop vocals by Emilia Ali. I can’t resist the flickering chops and wobbling slices on VALNTN’s finespun single, a poignantly enchanting opus that evokes a combination of Lucian and Jai Wolf. The magnetic single is out now on iTunes. For more of VALNTN, check out his remix of Terror Jr’s Come First below, a playful perky future treat indeed.

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Sydney trio Mansionair dropped one of their best songs yet late last year in the form of genre bending Easier, an ambient atmospheric aria with unexpected future flickering plumes of electronic magnificence. That pensive beauty is the subjected to some Electric Mantis wizardry as the Alaska native gives Easier a breathtaking makeover, the producer’s contribution to a new five track remix package for the song due out January 27th. Electric Mantis’ Easier flickers and stutters, trickles and drips, building its way to a shiver inducing future bass, melodic bass, and chill trap drop that near leaves me numb afterwards from sensory overload. Hit after hit of endorphin washes over me with every warble and chop. 

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