Excuse me turtle, let me show you how’s it done… 🎣🎣 #WhosHungry #MoveOuttaMyWay #HungryBass #bass Video by @thefishwhisperer1

MitiS shows us how beautiful and mellifluous bass music can be with his new single, Foundations, which features gorgeous vocals by Adara. The Philadelphia based producer, whose roots lie in classical piano, combines those background skills with his melodic dubstep prowess to craft a soaring, uplifting anthem in Foundations. The rhapsodic flight of grandeur is a free download, here.

It’s been half a year, far too long, since we last heard from Australia’s Jarryd James. There’s a hole in my heart, waiting to be filled by his haunting electropop and honeyed R&B soul. For now, a new remix of Jarryd James’ debut single Do You Remember by Philly producer Noah Breakfast gives me some blissful relief. Jarryd James’ creamy voice is accompanied by a grand bassline and propulsive future chops and slices on the shiver inducing remix. The potent paramour is part of a new Do You Remember Remixes EP, out now on iTunes.

Pair o’ Shoreline Gold Pre-CBS Fender babies. My personal ‘63 Bass VI on the left, and a '64 Jazz Bass on the right. @danocaster_guitars did a fantastic job with a tastefully relic’d nitro lacquer refin on the Jazz Bass! #guitar #bass #fender #jazzbass #offsetguitars #bassvi #shorelinegold #preCBS #vintagebass #customcolor (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)