basque flag

Breaking news: Eurovision has just included the Basque flag in the list of “banned flags” along with Daesh’s and such.

Don’t wave the Palestinian flag so Israel won’t get offended, the Daesh one because they’re terrorists, the ones of Crimea and Donetsk so Russia & Ukraine don’t get mad, Nagorno-Karabaj for Armenia and Azerbaijan, Northern Cyprus so Cyprus and Turkey won’t get offended, Transnistria and Kosovo because they’re not officially recognised states, and Euskadi because….?

Can someone give us a valid reason? Because, as far as we know, the Basque flag is officially recognised by both Spain and France… And if Eurovision states that no local or regional flag is allowed - as it does -, why including the ikurriña specifically among the “absolutely banned” flags??

Not to mention that any banner written in any other language but English will be confiscated too. Very nice and inclusive when there are tens of languages in Europe.