what a happy weekend

  • two new zines - Pageant Girls, issue #2 & Baspmatic, issue #9
  • two new buttons - Bee and Puppycat & Raw Pony
  • a bundle of original collages and paper scraps sent from stephdart
  • homemade cookies from mom
  • a cute lil pink organizational box for our sex toys
  • visit to plant conservatory
  • got to see friend’s bands play at Cafe Bourbon Street 
  • brand new pot full of hens and chicks (plus lots of lil babies to break off to make more plants) 
  • strawberry mochi ice cream 
  • making a fedora dude upset on fetlife

Found on a USB stick left on the ground in a Newark NJ bus terminal.

The stick contained a variety of still and looping images including this video file named 8/5/14. 
The origins of the stick, or the people shown in the images are not known at this time.


Hey So guess what?

Im back again! I was off tumblr for the past month and a halfish going crazy working and getting things ready for the BROOKLYN ZINE FEST where I am EXHIBITING. 

Thats right. 

That is F in right.

Im exhibiting at the Brooklyn Zine fest 2015 and I have a bunch of goodies cooked up. Check me out  on the list! Come by and visit!

Stay tuned at this channel for updates. 

Oh and this video? Its for an upcoming zine of ANIMATED portraits im working on called BASPERVISION 

Stay tuned bb