modern crows on a hot day
  • Matthias: totally shirtless much to nina's delight, but wears full length pants, much to nina's dismay. puts on as many fans as possible because "air conditioning is too expensive".
  • Nina: takes this as an excuse to put on 10 outfits a day. never wears anything but booty shorts, and crop tops. drinks like 7 root beer floats and gorges on 50 popsicles.
  • Jesper: due to being the local "fashion disater™" he wears tank tops than show off his entire side, and pairs it with cargo shorts and crocs. he unironically eats spongebob popsicles and drinks morning margaritas.
  • Wylan: wears the standard get up of a tshirt and shorts but still complains it's too hot. has the air conditioning down to 40. hangs out in the basment, aka the coldest room. he is the one that is the least adapted to the heat thus he lies on couches praying for death and making jesper sleep in the living room due to jesper being a human heater.
  • Inej: loves the heat, it reminds her of home. unlike most people who become sluggish in the heat, inej will become quite productive. she'll clean, work out, and she'll cook spicy summer meals much to her friends' protests. "inej hot food does not mix with hot weather." she'll wear tank tops and basketball shorts, though she refuses to wear the ones that say, "you nasty?" nina is sad inej won't make use of her gift.
  • Kaz: wears hoodies, pants and hats. he is dying of heat stroke but that's the plan.

Okay i really need to talk about ep 28 of snk. Because not only did the pacing of this ep felt very off. They cut out some very important scenes that was detriment to the developments of some characters. And i don’t know if its because of the 12 ep constraint and thats why they felt the need to cut out important scenes like these, but then again this ep just felt so rushed and the pacing felst so off that its hard not to believe that they couldn’t have added these scenes in.

First off.

They changed Eren’s monlouge after he was told that he needed to learn how to harden like Annie so that he could plug up the hole in Wall Maria.

In the manga, after he thinks to himself that the ability Annie used should be possible for him to learn as well, the thought of remembering Annie as the female titan shows to discomfort him. This was a sign that even after battling her and finally accepting the realization that she was the female titan and killed numerous scouts, he still had a hard time viewing her as an enemy.

He then states that he is tired of not knowing answers and not finding a direct person to channel his anger at. Which is why he proclaims that he wants to go to his fathers batsmen and finally learn just what the hell is going on

He says that once he does, he’ll finally be able to direct his anger to at least something. Now this moment in the manga was extremely important to Erens character because it was the beginning of his growth from seeing the world as black and white, to realizing that things obviously aren’t as simple as he originally thought. It also cemented the strong relationship he had with Annie, as he still couldn’t direct his anger towards her and still refused to see her as just an enemy. I’m not just saying this as a shipper of the two,  this scene was important to his development and sort of paved the way for future events once he reaches the basments and finally see’s the world for what it is.

But no…. instead we get this one scene

They completely removed his inner monologue, a scene that was important for his character and development, if not only to rush the episode for the castle utgrad scenes at the end of the episode. Which i have a hard time believing because i can’t see how hard it is to add 1 or 2 more scenes with Eren thinking to himself. With the removal of this scene it removes the progression Eren hurdles through up to this point and finally seeing the world as a sort of grey area then black and white.

I would forgive this if they somehow include a scene between him and Annie during their training days that cemented the close relationship between the two. And no i don’t mean the scene that played out during Eren’s fight with Reiner, i mean a new scene that shows how close Eren and Annie’s bond were and that cements how close their relationship were.

The only hope i have of this is that Annie’s Seiyuu has been heavily advertised like the rest of the cast. So that probably means that she has recorded new lines for the season and im really hoping those new lines were for a scene between her and Eren.

Aannnd thats not the only thing they cut out.

One of the things i was really looking forward to was the talk between Levi and Mikasa. And in part i was super scared that they were going to skip this scene entirely. Which to be fair they didn’t( and i was happy at hearing Levi call Mikasa name ^_^)

However  i did not like how they changed the scene where Levi tells Mikasa to control her emotions and to not make a blunder like last time…

To instead telling Eren the exact same thing and that he needs to control his emotions and to not screw up next time.

Again, they removed a very important scene that helped develop Mikasa’s character. In the manga this was a way for Mikasa to admit that yes, she made a mistake, and its was because of her constant need to protect Eren all the time that caused Levi to be injured. This moved Mikasa away from the fandoms perception of her as someone who is, ‘ just obsess with Eren and is a mary sue.” Because this was her finally coming to the realization that her Emotions gong out of control and her recklessness had consequences. It gave her something to reflect on because it came from levi himself

I’m happy that they still included the scene with them talking, but when thy remove an important scene like this it removes that formation of a relationship that was starting to build between levi and Mikasa. It’s important because it was Levi who told her of her mistakes, and telling her to learn from it.

I know people are saying that thy are going to include a scene where she reflects on her mistakes during the Reiner fight, but they can’t add back a scene where it was Levi telling her all that when they completely just skimmed through it. It won’t have the same meaning because it doesn’t come from Levi himself. Which would have begun that Mentor- Student relationship between the two.

And lets not forget the scenes with Ymir. I Was happy to see that the scenes between her and Historia were pretty on the mark. But the pacing of this ep was just really rushed that its kind of aggravating that they would exclude some important scenes from her.

Like when she was trying to comfort Connie by making fun of his claim that his mom was turned into a titan.

This showed Ymir in a sort of caring light and showed her character as not just a sarcastic asshole, but someone who genuinely cares about her friends and wants to cheer them up. Albeit in her own way.

But then in one episode, they arrive in castle utgrad, and then the castle gets attacked. All of this happens in the span of like five minutes. They skip the scenes with her altogether to make room for action.

I realize they could always add these scenes in a flashback during her reveal as the dancing titan, bit its just going to seem off to have an entire flashback dedicated to these missing scenes, in between what is currently going on. The pacing is just going to be ll thrown off because of it.


Finally I’ve completed the Mayor’s home!

In the real life I’m a gardeneer so I decided to make the entire house in a garden/greenhouse themed style.

- Main room:  The flower shop. The best hybrids for the best costumers!

- Left Room: The plant “nursery” where to water plants, change pots and fertilize

- Right Room: The vegetable garden. Yummy tomatoes and other vegetables growing from the earth

- The back room: Tuscany garden. Even if my village is St.Patrick/Clover themed as Italian I decided to make a sort of italian-like garden

- 1st floor: The Garden Tea Room with delicious and tasty cups of tea

- Basment: The “Friendship Jungle” This room is work in progress, It’s almost complete, but I need to obtain the other pics of my villagers