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share ur fave yoonmin moments!

  • There’s this Bangtan Episode for Bangtans’ first birthday party in that video Jimin and Yoongi are decorating a cake, on their way back to the dorm Yoongi starts complaining that Jimin doesn’t like him, so Jimin scoots really close to him and says “Hyung, I like you Hyung” in a very low voice and everytime I think of that I yell on the inside. 
  • During an Inkigayo Fanmeet Yoongi was explaining the reason that he teases Jimin so much is because he really loves him and he’s cute, he then asks Jimin for a hug and everyone else in Bangtan starts screaming from the sudden affection coming from Yoongi. (:
  • When Bangtan was playing Jenga in a Bangtan Bomb they switched up the rules and decided that the loser would have to kiss someone else, at the end the loser ends up being Jimin and Jimin decides to ask Yoongi “Would you like to kiss with me?”, everyone else in Bangtan gets excited about this as they loudly start chanting “It’s Suga-Hyung!” and Taehyung even starts to lightly hold him down, when Jimin starts walking towards Yoongi, slowly removing his jacket, the fact that Yoongi just sat there waiting for it was something to scream about. 
  • Another one of my favorite moments was during Kiss The Radio, when Yoongi was asked if he was composing any songs lately, he then answered that he was and that he was thinking of giving a song to Jimin because he’s a really hard worker.
  • During BTS FESTA 2016 each member had to answer questions about another member to see how much they knew about them, for Jimin’s questions it said things like “Thigh Measurement?” and “Ring Size?”, after Namjoon finishes answering all of Jimins’ question Yoongi then said “I would’ve easily got all the answers right if I did Jimins’.” if that doesn’t scream Yoonmin to you, I don’t know what does. 
  • There was this radio that Yoongi did on VLIVE and it was his birthday, he had called Jimin asking where he was to which Jimin replied “I’m in your heart hyung.”, a few seconds later Jimin came out and surprised him with a cake, he had also gotten Yoongi a sweater for his birthday that Yoongi had immediately put on. Towards the end of the stream Yoongi asks each member to say something to him because it’s his birthday, Hoseok and Taehyung both say something along the lines of “Thank you” but Jimin just looks at Yoongi and says “You know” to which Yoongi replies “I know”. The whole stream was just screaming Yoonmin to me. 
  • Also I think that Jimin during Yoongi’s ISAC basketball game deserves a spot on this list too. In this video you basically see Jimin at Yoongis feet, doing whatever he can to make sure that Yoongi is not feeling any stress before and during his baskteball game. Jimin even takes it up a notch and starts cheering for him really loudly, catching everyones’ attention.

sorry for this rant but my anxiety is bad today and i need to vent (it’s v dumb anyway)

so my boyfriend and his friends play in this baskteball team. they won the championship this year and they wanted to celebrate somwhere outside my city. i honestly see nothing wrong with it, like i love when my bf stays with me but i also want him to have a life of his own (as i want myself to have one) and i honestly trust him so if he decides to go out with some friends i don’t worry. i have this group of friends and i met them because their boyfriends play with mine.. today i asked these girls if they wanted to hang out just us when the boys were out of town and i created hell basically……….. lmao
they started saying that they would never allow their boyfriend to go that far and if their bf decided to go anyway they would go outside my city too and celebrate and ?? they were all like ‘yeah val is right we should go out clubbing too and have more fun and find guys’ ????
that’s so dumb. my anxiety is killing me today idek why so i kinda answered in a petty way and said something like ‘i didn’t mean it as we should go out and have more fun than them like some kind of revenge but i just wanted us to be together even just at home watching a movie’
and at that point they were all defensive and they started all kinda showing off that they trusted their boyfriends too and idek why it’s bothering me so much…. like this is so dumb……. i just always feel so different with these things ????? i don’t understand if i should worry…….. sometimes my friends are like ‘you have so much trust in your relationship’ as some kind of accusation and ….. yeah? ‘how can you not be jealous’ ??? being jealous is different from being possessive ??? am i doing this all wrong???????????


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