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The Signs as Nymphs
  • Aries: Lampades, the nymphs of the Underworld; these nymphs serve both Persephone and Hecate, powerful goddesses, as ladies in waiting and torchbearers. Their skin and eyes glimmer like a candle's flame, colored a brilliant, heady orange or as dark as coal; their smiles are blinding and their laugh is like the crackle of a flame.
  • Taurus: Alseides, the nymphs of glens; Taurean nymphs reside in meadows and groves, basking in the sunshine, walking with the deer and caring for the plants and animals; their skin is always rosy and sun-kissed and it shimmers like gold and smattered with the same soft pattern as a doe, and eyes like a doe's as well, thick hair braided intricately and decorated with flowers.
  • Gemini: Aurae, nymphs of the breeze; Gemini nymphs drift through the air, playing with human's hair and dancing through the leaves. Their skin is a soft, silvery blue, smooth as the sky, only broken by the small scales scattered across their cheeks and joints, all radiant blue; their hair floats around them and their voice is like chimes.
  • Cancer: Limnades, nymphs of lakes; these quiet nymphs drift through the murky water of lakes, playing with the fish and basking with alligators and turtles, and seducing anyone who might pass by. Their skin shimmers dully, slightly green in tint and their faces are tattooed with dark green stripes that decorate their cheeks like a trail of tears.
  • Leo: Anthousai, nymphs of flowers; these playful nymphs play in the forests, fields and gardens, flirting with unwitting humans and decorating themselves with flowers and plants. They smell like lilies and jasmine so butterflies flutter around their heads; their skin is patterned like irises, brilliant purples, golds and pinks, delicate like a water painting.
  • Virgo: Hydryades, nymphs of the trees; these quiet nymphs reside within trees and forests where they care for animals. Virgoan nymphs' skin is camouflaged so that they may blend in with the trees, dark and intricate patterns which stretch across their backs and decorate their faces, eyes slitted like a reptile's.
  • Libra: Nephelai, nymphs of the clouds; Libran nymphs are very rarely seen by humans as they reside in the clouds; they are dreamy, quiet and peaceful creatures who fly with the birds and provide the world with rain. Their skin is like pearl which varies from the softest white to the angry grey of a storm, their eyes are as pink as the sunrise and their hair floats around them in a haze.
  • Scorpio: Naiads, nymphs of freshwater; these nymphs can be found in rivers, lakes and springs where they hunt fish and anything else that wanders too close to the water's edge. They also seduce any humans who happen upon them. Their eyes are large and dark to see underwater, their hair a messy tangle and nails long and sharp; their skin is scaled like a koi's but a brilliant silver or bronze.
  • Sagittarius: Epimeliad, nymphs of apple tress and flocks; Sagittarian nymphs follow flocks and explore the world around them, playing with horses and cows and goats and seducing their owners; when they sleep they return to their original state, an apple tree. Their eyes are bright like a spark, their hair white like apple blossoms and wool and their skin is patterned like the bark of a tree.
  • Capricorn: Oreiades, nymphs of the mountains; these nymphs are highly reclusive and quiet, they reside in the most remote mountains in the world and are very rarely seen by humans. They resemble the animal of their Sign, their pupils rectangular and their eyes a sharp gold, small horns curving from their foreheads; their hair is kept in tight pleats, their skin speckled softly to blend in with the jagged rocks.
  • Aquarius: Asteriai, nymphs of the stars; these nymphs live far away in the vast expanses of space where they drift and play in complete silence: constellations are their embrace, shooting stars their tears. Their skin is as brilliant as the sun, golden, red and even deep blue, and it shimmers in an unending pulse of light.
  • Pisces: Haliae, nymphs of the sea; Piscean nymphs reside in the sea and can occasionally be spotted dancing on the seashore. Their hair reaches their ankles, strands of pearls and shells woven within it; their skin has a pearlescent sheen from years spent in the water and small scales, pink and pearl-like, decorate their webbed hands and creep up their legs.

Look at that sweet turtle basking under the heat lamp. 

Working on the eyes now. He’s all painted, but I’m trying to get the corneas nice and round and shiny with some glossy nail polish. Fab.

All that’s left then is making him the immitation-leather belt, mask, bo staff


teeny tiny soldering goggles <33333

Nahrazen Speaks (4 of 4)

“She has no powers.“ 

Kai trembled, his fists clenching as he stood over Nora and roared. “Then who the hell does!

“You are immortal.“ Nora stood squaring off with him, the calm standing down the storm. “And you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. Ravenna was given one job, to retrieve your soul. She took advantage of it. I will tell you one time Malachi, do not forget who you are talking to.

Tso and Drake glanced at each other, an imperceptible shake of the head and stayed quiet. 

Who? Who the fuck are you that you would let me suffer the life I had? How many times did you hear me begging to die as I was being beaten? You did nothing! I was afraid to sleep and lived in fear every moment I was awake. Was she going to beat me or let one of her boyfriends do it? Would I get beat at school, too? My childhood was an unforgiving nightmare of bruises and broken bones. I’m easily convinced Drake is gone for good, become an addict and unfaithful. I will never forgive myself for that. What lousy fucking goddess would allow any of that to happen? Why didn’t you at least stop me from cheating? I deserve that fucking answer!” His anger had defeated him. He became a raging beast confronting her, nostrils flaring, tears streamed down his blotchy reddened face his body visibly shaking.

I did what I was ordered to do.” She shouted back at him. “I was sent to keep you from dying, not interfere in your life! And yes I heard, and I saw, and it broke my heart, but everything you went through gave you the strength for the end goal, you finally defeated Ravenna.” She glared at Kai pinning him in place. “You did what you had to do because you were strong enough to do it, because of everything you lived through. I sent a little help, but that night in the ocean, it was you alone who believed nobody could stand between you and Drake, It was you who stood up to her. Had you not lived the life you did, you’d not have had the fucking strength!

She’d swore she was not going to lose it and she had. She took a step back from him, folding her arms across her chest, she took in a deep breath and let it go. She knew he wasn’t angry with her, he was still hurting, unable to forgive himself. The wound was a scab he kept picking. 

He couldn’t help it. She couldn’t fix it.  

“We won’t always have choices, Kai. Sometimes our only purpose is to observe. You needed the understanding of humanity and its frailties. But when we must take action, your unwavering compassion and intelligence adds to your ability to judge a situation fairly. You had to live the life you did, to become the man you are, the man we need… I’m sorry, I have nothing else to offer right now." 

Nora lowered her head and moved back to sit with Tso. Kai slipped under Drake’s open arm. Moments of silence passed, Alfy yawned, stood, stretched, and trotted over to watch the turtle basking on the rock. 

Finally Drake spoke up, "I’m not sure what to think, this is a hell of a lot to take in.”

Nora glanced at Tso, then at Drake. “Just a head’s up, Kadie is aware that Tso is your father.” 

“Fuck. What do we do now?” Drake looked at Tso who shrugged and looked back at Nora.

“You two do realize you look alike don’t you? Stop underestimating your daughter and Toby…they are smarter than you think.” Her voice softened. “Kai, when you are ready, please start going through what Tso found and brought back. The three of us are available to assist you, I will be here for you as much as you need, okay?”

Kai nodded his head.

“Nora, if you want to consider moving back in…” Drake said, unconsciously pulling Kai in closer to him. “We’ve started remodeling in the back. We can change a few things add another en suite. We’re adding a room for Toby, which is probably going to end up their private sitting room. We expect he will ask permission to marry her.”

“I doubt it will be much longer. As for us I think we can discuss it, hmm?” She glanced at Tso who nodded agreement. 

“We should go, give you two time alone.” She spoke to them both, but she had her eyes on Kai. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm getting my cousin's African sideneck turtle, and I was wondering if you have a basic care sheet for them. I'm taking him to the vet once he comes because he's in bad shape ( no uvb for 2 years, stuck shed, he's also a bit overweight). I want to give him a better environment than what he was previously in. Any info would be very appreciated

For whatever reason there are almost no care sheets for any of the “African sideneck” species (the name “African sideneck” actually covers several related species). Here is pretty much the only decent one I could find.

They aren’t as strong swimmers as basking turtles (sliders, maps, painteds, etc) so their water should be shallower and there should be more vertical tank furniture to help them climb to the surface (and because they generally prefer to walk/climb around than swim in open water). The care sheet says no more than 6-8 inches water depth in captivity, but I would say they can handle significantly deeper water as long as you there is plenty of clutter in the water and places they can rest near the surface. I wouldn’t go much over a foot though, unless their is some kind of gradual slope to shallower water. And the footprint of their enclosure is much more important than the height (I would say a 40 gallon breeder is the bare, bare minimum for them).

The care sheet also mentions feeding pinkies, skinned, and cat/dog food which I would not recommend. African sidenecks are significantly more carnivorously inclined than basking turtles, but you still have to be careful giving them too much rich, fatty food. Invertebrates (worms, insects, etc) and fish should be your main protein sources (in addition to a high quality turtle pellet).

I actually took in an African sideneck from a bad situation years ago and housed him for a few months before finding him a new home. They are really active, inquisitive turtles and very fun to keep.

For your particular sideneck a vet visit is definitely a good idea. Just make sure it is an experienced reptile vet. Skin and shell issues can sometimes be caused by a deficiency of Vitamin E in the diet so mixing some high Vitamin E foods (like Hikari Wheat Germ koi pellets) into his diet may help with that. If he has retained scutes giving a sand substrate and heavy driftwood in the tank will allow him to kick sand onto his shell and then rub it under the driftwood which is how many turtles help themselves shed.

I would also check out the Turtle Forum as they have a whole section on African sideneck species.

Good luck with your new turtle! I’m glad he’s in good hands now.