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Recolors of Maron’s conversion of Greennoodle’s reindeer, Pixelry’s conversion of Amaryll’s bunny mobile, CordeliaHaze’s conversion of Mari’s house clock and Mincsim’s-MXSim’s tea towel, Simsbox’ house vase, Hamartia’s house lamp, Anye’s clothespin and storage basket.

Meshes and a collection file included.



etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 10.27.17

laundry hampers / toy baskets by designbyrube

both of these storage styles are minimalist and great for all kinds of styles and people, women and men, young and old :)

The Great Bathroom Competition

@stephanniesissues requested Uni!lock, some kind of competition! 

What’s more petty than a bathroom race, tbh.

Molly looked at the clock on the wall, shower caddy in her arms.

“Honestly,” her roommate, Mary Morstan, sat on her side of the dorm room. “Why on earth you two can’t just work this out-“

“It’s the principle of it,” Molly sniffed, keeping an eye on the time. “Mr-High-and-Mighty Holmes thinks that just because he’s so bloody clever and good-looking he can just commandeer the bathroom whenever he wants, and use up all the hot water!”

“So what’ll it be this time?” Mary asked with a tired grin. She wished both Sherlock and Molly would get off their soapboxes and just snog already. Meantime, their competition to see who could get to the bathroom first, was genuinely an amusing one. Everything from soaped up doorways to full on sprints across the campus to the big shared house on Baker Street they all crowded into.

The alarm on Molly’s phone went off and she got up, quite calmly.

“See you in a few hours then,” she waved.

“Hours?” Mary wondered aloud. “Oh, yes,” she nodded, remembering Molly had stopped by a beauty shop to pick up a few things for the bathroom. “That’ll prove interesting.”

Molly strolled into the vacant bathroom, shut the door and set her things down. She’d set her alarm for a good forty-five minutes ahead of when Sherlock came bolting up the stairs.

At first, this whole thing started because he’d shoved ahead of her one night, jumping into the shower first. Not one to let her precious time in the bath to be pushed aside, she beat him the next night and took a lovely bath. The following night, Sherlock was ahead of her by twenty minutes. In the weeks that followed, various means to delay the other were used to keep them from getting to the bathroom first. Molly did admit the race across London just to get into the shower first was a bit ridiculous, though to be fair, Sherlock should have known she’d beat him. She was on her school’s track team for most of her teens. Naturally, he retaliated by soaping her doorway up so she’d slipped and nearly knocked her head. It was funny, if she was honest, but Mrs. Hudson, the landlord, who happened to live downstairs, told Sherlock that if he ever did such a thing again, she’d raise his rent, and his only.

So the pranks had subsided, for now. Last night, however, just as Molly had finished running a lovely bath, Sherlock pushed in, and started undressing and climbed in, not at all bothered by her shock. He thanked her for the bath and invited her to join him. The cheeky git! She’d been so furious, she marched right out.

It was quite fortuitous she’d overheard him telling their other flatmate, John Watson, that he’d be home early, ‘to beat Hooper to the bathroom’.

By now, the tub was full, so she swiftly undressed, dropping in her favorite bath bomb.

Just as she was sinking down into the warm water, there was a knock on the door.

“Occupied,” she called.

“I know,” was the muffled response on the other side of the door. “Can I come in?”

“No!” Molly replied. “You’ll just have to wait your turn, Sherlock.”

“I need to use the sink.”

“The sink?” Molly asked, frowning.

“Yes, I’ve got a bloody nose.”

Sighing, she rolled her eyes. Slouching down in the tub, she tugged the shower curtain closer to her, hiding all but her head (he might’ve been pretending after all, she’d want to see if he was actually bleeding). “All right, I’m decent…well, sort of. Anyway the door’s unlocked.”

The door opened and closed, keeping the heat in. “Thanks, sorry,” he was red in the face, blood indeed, streaming down his face.
“Oh my God! You broke your nose!” she nearly launched herself out of the tub, remembering just in time her state of undress. She shoved the shower curtain back so she could see better. “First aid kit under the sink, I just restocked in, there should be those things for broken noses just behind them.”

“John already set it,” he said, rummaging through the cabinet.

“Good.” She looked at her feet, poking out of the bubbles and wriggled her toes. “So…what happened?”

“Someone said something rather crass, and I corrected him,” Sherlock responded tightly, carefully washing off his face.

“Oh.” Silence again. “And they hit you?”

“No, they said something else and then I hit them. They hit me back, but I managed to get him off me long enough for campus police to step in.”

“Did you get into trouble?”

“No, on account of I was stepping in for-“ he glanced quickly at her. “Anyway they let me off with a warning this time.”

“What was said?” Molly wanted to know. “Was it about your brother?”





“It was Jim, and he’d been saying some rather nasty things about you, if you must know, and I didn’t like it!”

Molly leaned back, somewhat surprised.

Looking embarrassed and shy suddenly, he shifted from foot to foot. “Will you hand me a clean flannel, please?”

She reached out of the bath, leaning over the side to the storage basket kept beside it, selecting a soft cloth and held it out to him. He took it, then sat down on the closed toilet opposite her.

“Thanks,” she said, just as he opened his mouth. “For defending me.”

He quirked a smile at her, and Molly felt as if she’d earned some tremendous honor, seeing him so nervous and pleased, and genuinely happy at her words. “I will always defend you, Molly Hooper. You’re quite singular.”

“Thank you,” she answered.

“You know why I started this whole…” he gestured between them and then to the room. “Ridiculous competition?”

She shook her head, grinning.

“I didn’t know how else to talk to you,” he fiddled with the cloth in his hands. “And as time went on, I liked riling you up, seeing how you tried to best me.”

“I did quite a bit, if you recall,” she said, cheeks rosy, laughing.

“You did.”

“Did you mean it then?” she asked after a beat. “Last night, when you said to just get in the tub with you?”

Suddenly quite red, he looked anywhere but at her. “Well I- I didn’t-“ once glance and he stilled. “Yes.”

Reaching for him, she kissed his cheek gently. “Maybe I’ll return the favor to you someday soon,” she smiled. “But not before you’ve bought me dinner.”

Immediately, he stood, heading for the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked, surprised.

“To fetch us dinner,” he said over his shoulder. “Fish and chips all right? I know a man who owns a chippie, gives me extras.”

“Did you get him off a murder charge?” she called after him.

He poked his head back in. “No. I helped him assemble some shelves.” With that, he gave her a sly wink, then shut the door behind him. “Back in ten, don’t let the water get cold!”


“And don’t you forget it!” he called up.

faitht123  asked:

What should I do to make my dorm room less cluttered? Like diy options.. college budget lol

Hey hey,
First off to really declutter: throw out all the junk you don’t need. It might be heart wrenching, but do you really need all those birthday gifts from 500 years ago that you feel guilty about throwing out?
If you’ve already done this and you need some organisation strategies, try some of these DIY declutter projects: 

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Life Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Clever beauty ideas that will make getting dressed quick and easy!

#1 Bobby Pin Storage

It’s sometimes hard to keep bobby pins neatly together, right? Try this idea of storing them in a Tic Tac container. It’s handy especially when traveling!

#2 Slippery Bobby Pins

Do you ever have trouble keeping bobby pin securely tucked in your hair? Spray them with hairspray and your problem is solved.

#3 Scarf Storage

Use shower curtain clips to hang scarves in your closet. Now you’ll see them all easily.

#4 Wire Basket Storage

Save space in drawls by using wire baskets on the inside of doors. Store wardrobe items like purses or any other “easy to access” accessories!

#5 Costume Rings & Jewelry

Avoid green fingers, by painting the inside of your costume rings with clear nail polish. Be careful not to get polish on precious stones.

#6 Bootcut Jeans

Ever wondered how to neatly tuck jeans into knee-high boots? Follow the diagram below!

#7 The Perfect Necklace

Here’s a guide to pick the most flattering necklace for your top’s neckline.

anonymous asked:

I'm a cashier at a big box store, and the thing that gets under my skin the most is when people who are buying a basket/storage tub/whatever PUT THEIR OTHER ITEMS IN IT AND THEN SET THE WHOLE THING ON THE BELT. Like. You're standing there waiting in line, and you couldn't take your damn items out so I can scan them? Bonus points if they're like 'oh, I don't need a bag, just put it all in the tub'. I've adopted the (sorta petty) habit of removing everything slowly while staring at them.

Every Time We Touch pt 3

The third part to Every Time We Touch for Adrinette Month: Made for Each Other. This was supposed to be a drabble…
Part 1, Part 2, AO3. Enjoy!

Marinette and Adrien didn’t return to school that day. Instead, they spent the afternoon visiting each other’s parents, formally breaking the news. Marinette’s parents were thrilled, having loved Adrien from the first time he entered their home. Adrien had expected a cool reaction from his father. Soulmates had been a touchy subject with him for years. Instead of the calm, cold reaction he had expected, Gabriel Agreste looked at the soul marks on Marinette’s arms and broke down in tears.
Adrien had never seen his father cry. There had been a few tender moments between the two, ensuring that Adrien never doubted that his father loved him, but tears were not at all what Adrien would have ever expected. Gabriel welcomed Marinette into their family. He showed Marinette the paintings they kept of Adrien’s mother, and told Adrien to treasure their connection. For Adrien and Marinette, it should have been happily ever after.
Unfortunately, nothing could ever be that easy.

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College Series #1 - Packing

Dorm Room Packing

If you’re living on campus, then you must prepare for dorm room living. Living in dorms can be exciting because you’re living on your own and you have access to friends, RA’s, and other campus things. The downfall is last dorm rooms have limited space and only supply the beds, desks, dressers, and a closet. So you’ll need to practice the art of not taking everything with you and to fit your room into a few suitcases and storage bins. Here’s a breakdown of the ultimate dorm room packing list:


·         Full Bed Set (Twin XL)

·         Mattress Pad (Highly recommended, unless you can handle sleeping on a somewhat stiff bed)

·         Standard Pillows

·         Back Pillow (Extremely useful since dorm beds don’t have headboards)

·         Spare Blanket

·         Extra Sheets


·         Tupperware (technically, you could sneak out some food from the dining hall and save the leftovers)

·         Plastic Plates (you’re going to want to cook food in your room and eat it there)

·         Plastic Utensils

·         Water Bottle

·         Keurig

·         Mini Fridge (unless your dorm hall lets you rent them)

·         Microwave (again, unless your dorm hall lets you rent them)


·         Hangers

·         Shoe Rack

·         Storage Bin

·         Basket for toiletries

·         Shower Caddy

·         Makeup Holder

·         Bag/Basket for medications


·         Rain Jacket

·         Rain Boots

·         Snow Boots

·         Winter Coat

·         Fall Coat

·         Long-Sleeve Shirts

·         Short-Sleeve Shirts (enough shirts to last a few weeks before laundry but not a lot because of limited space)

·         Jeans

·         Shorts

·         Pajamas

·         Undergarments

·         Sweaters

·         Exercise Clothing

·         Dresses

·         Dress-Up Clothes (in case of possible interviewers during the semesters)

·         Going Out Clothes


·        Wall Art/Posters

·        Desk Lamp

·        Floor rug

·        Command Strips & Hooks


·        Body Wash

·        Shampoo and Conditioner

·        Facial Care

·        Hair Care & Supplies

·        Toothbrush

·        Toothpaste

·        Toothbrush Holder

·        Mouthwash

·        Deodorant

·        Perfume/Cologne

·        Makeup


·        TV

·        DVD Player (negotiate both with your roommate(s)

·        DVDS

·        Laptop & Supplies

·        Extra Chargers

·        Headphones

·        Fan

·        Printer (negotiate with your roommate (s)

·        Batteries

·        Umbrella

·        Lanyard & Keychain

·        Trash Bin

·        Broom

·        Lysol/Clorox Wipes

·        Hand Sanitizer

·        Jewelry Holder

·        Step Stool (for bed)

·        Bed Risers

Oh, Brother... (a CS Fake-Dating AU) 1/5

Happy Birthday @lenfaz​!

Emma’s roommate Liam is still recovering from a nasty breakup, but his brother Killian is constantly trying to get him back into the dating scene. When Emma finds out that Killian is coming to visit for the weekend, she offers to pretend to be Liam’s girlfriend to get his brother off his back. It’s just for a couple of days after all. What could go wrong?

A/N: This came out of a prompt Lena gave me a long time ago: “You’re my roommate’s cousin [brother] and every now and then you come over for dinner and we keep making eye-contact and I can’t tell if you’re playing footsie with me under the table on purpose or not but I’m okay with it.”  That bit of prompt will show up in a later installment.

This is NOT a Liamma fic - It will definitely be Captain Swan, I just had to go about it in my own little weird way. This story is (or at least ultimately will be) fully compliant with the famous Lenfaz Liam Rules. To get started, enjoy a little bit of Emma/Liam Roommate BroTP!

[Also on AO3]


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.




Liam startled, nearly dropping his power drill before turning in the direction of the voice and removing his ear buds. His eyes landed on the pajama-clad and clearly angry form of his roommate, Emma Swan. “Bloody hell, lass. How long have you been standing there?  You scared me half to death!”

Emma leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed tightly over her chest. Her fingers tapped an agitated rhythm against her upper arm as she counted to ten in an attempt to stave off the flood of curse words she felt edging their way to the tip of her tongue. She shouldn’t lose her temper. Liam Jones was really the best roommate she could’ve possibly asked for after her previous roomie Mary Margaret had gotten engaged and moved out.

Emma had initially been wary renting her newly vacated second bedroom to Liam when he first answered her ad. In fact, if he hadn’t been the only person to answer the ad, she probably would’ve rejected him simply because she didn’t think she could cohabitate with that much handsome without doing something stupid. Tall, broad shoulders, great hair, steely blue eyes - living under the same roof as that just had to be a recipe for disaster, right?

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Baskets look great and contain the clutter. Use thme to organize your cleaning supplies and to create a catch-all basket for the mystery lost socks and other items that magically disappear during laundry day. Baskets help reunite those things lost and become the destination for family to look for stray socks or stain remover. Bonus: They will help you build good organization habits and keep your laundry room nice and tidy year round.

The ULTIMATE What-Shit-To-Pack List for a UK Uni Student-to-be

Im compiling a list (and jeez its long so youre in for the long hall on this one) of stuff to take to uni :) so heres what ive compiled to be the essentials for you.

Pointers: this list is based on living in en suite accom with a ¾ bed and is self catered.



A lot of stuff you probably have at home already, bring it rather than buy new.

I will judge you silently if you don’t have an empty alcohol bottle collection by the end of first year.


Essentially the usual stuff youd take on holiday, but more of it. Think about where in the country youre living (THE NORTH IS FUCKING COLD JUST FYI) and what weathers we get during the year.

 Also have a mix of party and practical clothing. The lil black dress for the society formal? Yes! Those heels for that job interview? Yes! The trainers, jeans and hoodie combo? Hell yes!

Hoodies are beautiful, you will live in them.

Lots and lots and lots of underwear.


Duvet + pillows

Duvet case +  pillow cases (2 sets)

Sheets (2 sets)

Mattress protector (to turn the hard squeaky bed into a comfy marshmallow of love)

Cushions and teddies from home because aesthetic



Bedroom Furniture

Desk lamp

Storage baskets/boxes

Washing hamper and/or bin

Plug extensions

Laptop stand


Stuff/mementos to decorate room a little

Speakers for ipod/iphone

Clothes hangers

Door hanger shoe organiser (because you can store scarves/hats/etc in them too!



Diary/Planner. I wholeheartedly recommend one from staples! You can move stuff without tearing pages out, write in your own dates/months etc so pages aren’t wasted and can get plastic sleeves for memory sticks etc and those coloured book marker thingies.

Notebooks for each module (way less disorganised than sheets of paper and folders)

Lined paper (good for scrap or that shitty 5 credit plagiarism module you have to do)

Post-it notes

Paperclips and pushpins

Pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpner, highlighters etc

Washi tape – its special tape that you can use to stick things to the walls instead of blu tak as it doesn’t leave a mark! That’s how all my posters are stuck up. Its about £3 on amazon :)

Laptop, bag, charger, mouse, mousemat


In your “Man Drawer” – yes that is a reference to Michael McIntyre but trust me you’ll have one of these

At least a months worth of any prescription meds youre on so youre covered until you’ve signed up to a doctors

Batteries – AA and AAA are most useful

Plasters – for the times when you drop the knife and slash yourself and need to not bleed all over your dinner haha

Paracetamol and ibuprofen

Passport, ID, Have a folder of important docs: contract, copy of results, important certificates (sadly the pen licence you got in year 4 wont get you into a bar im afraid) CV etc


Lanyard to keep your flatkeys and fob on




hampoo, conditioner, showergel, soap,

Hand soap

Toothbrush, toothpaste

Flannels and towels

A shower hanger – you get them from ikea and they hang off of the door, they then can be used to store things like shampoo and soap

Razors, pads and tampons


A washbag (for when you travel home

Loo paper

Bleach, shower cleaner, sponge and j cloths




16 piece set of cheap as shit cutlery – IT WILL GO WALKIES

Cheap drinking glasses

Cheap crockery – plates, mugs, bowl, - ACCEPT THAT IT MAY BE BROKEN

3 sizes of pot. One for soup/instant noodles (aka food of the gods) one for pasta and a large one for the weekends when youre making 1.5 kilos of spaghetti bolognaise to last 4 meals.

Frying pan

Tuppaware – greatest invention

Spatula and cooking spoon and mixing spoons etc

Pyrex bowl






Biscuit tin and biscuits

Pack of cards and/or cards against humanity

Overnight bag (for the weekend home)

Suitcase (for dragging a load of washing home at xmas)

Ikea bag – the haut couture of students when carrying their laundry down to the laundry room


Things youll get given in freshers:

The opportunity to buy a cactus. -  my cacti are called Edmund and Baldrick. They are my best friends.

Energy drink


Condoms – even if you don’t plan to use them now keep them just in case. You genuinely never know trust me.

greygreenwolf rachelah93 and stark-and-spice I hope this is useful!

Making 1.5kg of spaghetti bolognaise is  great. trust me.

I wanted to put photos on this but tumblr is shitty. so if you need picks ask and ill post them separate

Something Sweet

Chapter 9 - The End

(previous chapter)

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 4500

Warnings: food mention, swearing 

The days ticked by like hours on a clock, and Natalie watched the snow from the new year melt into grey slush that people dragged into her bakery. The white snowman on her welcome mat turned nearly black, and when she rolled it up to throw in the trash, she choked back the tears she had wanted to cry since taking all of her Christmas decorations down.

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This is roughly everything I plan on packing/buying for the program! I’m just doing the fall semester so if you’re doing fall advantage or spring/spring advantage, you can change some things and plan accordingly! Again, this is just some of the stuff I plan on bringing/buying (I added some things other people might use) and it might seem like a lot but it’s just stuff I use on a regular basis. It’s also geared more towards girls since I am a girl but guys can use some of this too I guess! I can also make an apartment packing list since the stuff for the apartment listed below is just the stuff I’m bringing and my roommates plan on bringing more!

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