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Mudroom Extras Part II by cashcraft (The Sims 3)

The set features an entryway organization unit for your home.
The set includes 15 objects, which are an umbrella stand, storage baskets (large and small) 3 pairs of sneakers styles, magazines and a newspaper and a revised object from my Sims 2 sets - it’s a mini-house, and more.

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I'm a cashier at a big box store, and the thing that gets under my skin the most is when people who are buying a basket/storage tub/whatever PUT THEIR OTHER ITEMS IN IT AND THEN SET THE WHOLE THING ON THE BELT. Like. You're standing there waiting in line, and you couldn't take your damn items out so I can scan them? Bonus points if they're like 'oh, I don't need a bag, just put it all in the tub'. I've adopted the (sorta petty) habit of removing everything slowly while staring at them.

Life Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Clever beauty ideas that will make getting dressed quick and easy!

#1 Bobby Pin Storage

It’s sometimes hard to keep bobby pins neatly together, right? Try this idea of storing them in a Tic Tac container. It’s handy especially when traveling!

#2 Slippery Bobby Pins

Do you ever have trouble keeping bobby pin securely tucked in your hair? Spray them with hairspray and your problem is solved.

#3 Scarf Storage

Use shower curtain clips to hang scarves in your closet. Now you’ll see them all easily.

#4 Wire Basket Storage

Save space in drawls by using wire baskets on the inside of doors. Store wardrobe items like purses or any other “easy to access” accessories!

#5 Costume Rings & Jewelry

Avoid green fingers, by painting the inside of your costume rings with clear nail polish. Be careful not to get polish on precious stones.

#6 Bootcut Jeans

Ever wondered how to neatly tuck jeans into knee-high boots? Follow the diagram below!

#7 The Perfect Necklace

Here’s a guide to pick the most flattering necklace for your top’s neckline.

Dear Birblr, why is my bird such an asshole?

So I am having this problem with Rembrandt. Every time I let him out, he gets into my closet and begins investigating a couple of storage baskets I keep there, probably as potential nesting sites. Increasingly, he has been defensive when I try to remove him, to the point of attacking my hand, attacking the glove I was going to put on my hand before approaching him, attacking a feather of his own with which I approached him, and biting the hell out of me as much as possible.

There is no way I can think of to keep him out of the closet. It is screened not by doors, but by a pair of too-short curtains, provided by my landlord at my request because the doors it had were improperly hung and used to get stuck all the time. Rembrandt can land on the curtain rod and wriggle his way past the ruffle of the curtains to get to the shelf. I tried removing one of the boxes, which are wicker, but it proved to be of no interest in a different context. What, if anything, can I do to discourage these territorial behaviors?


Mudroom by Cashcraft (The Sims 3)

Leave your dirty boots at the door. Storage and style meet function with this traditional Mudroom set. Included with the mudroom bench is a tote bag, boots, jacket, dog leash, storage basket, and a hat.

In the past 15 years, I don’t think I’ve even once been able to get into a friend’s car without them having to clean it out first. Am I the only person in the country who sees cars as for driving, not for keeping random shit in??


“You got better during that last set of tosses,” Ukai tells Kageyama, catching one of the stray volleyballs the other throws to him to drop in the storage basket. “Did the visualization help?”

“Yeah,” Kageyama says, jogging a few steps to one of the other volleyballs scattered around the gym. “It’s easier to think about a spiker instead of the bottle.”

“I’m glad.” Ukai catches another of Kageyama’s tosses before dragging the basket towards another loose volleyball. “Just keep trying the toss with that in mind.”


Ukai isn’t looking at the gym door. He’s actually in the middle of picking up a volleyball, halfway through the easy motion to drop it in the basket when the sound of his name in that voice stalls him to stillness, turns all his blood to heat and drags his attention up to the doorway, where a breathless Takeda is just stepping into the brightly lit space.

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Styling bookshelves shouldn’t be intimidating (hey, if you want to pack them end to end with books you love, go for it!). Don’t feel like everything has to be picture perfect right away. Mix it up with books, art or tchotchkes picked up on vacation. Include a few beautiful baskets or storage pieces that can tuck things away. Use wallpaper or paint on the back of the shelves for contrast. And definitely don’t forget a personal photo or two (or three, four, five…)