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expectation vs reality | kagami’s first appearance (ft. riko and hyuuga)

↳ “Returnees from America are something else.” “This sucks ! I’ll pick it up ! You happy now ?”

Mother and Father.

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REQUEST: Hi this just came to me. Can you maybe do one where Newt is like yelling at a glader for something and I come up and defend him. Then like 3 other gladers come up to to see what’s happening and someone says “Mother and father are fighting again!” And it makes us all flustered? We like each other but never said anything so ya along those lines of you can. I’m sorry you’re not getting the recognition you deserve. ❤️

FANDOM: Newt [The Maze Runner]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, fighting, fluff, 3rd person

Newt was yelling and no never heard him raise his voice ever. Y/N knew one thing- it wasn’t good. Greatest of all Gladers who never lost their cool was Newt himself, whose strength was carried with his English-born accent. 

It was from today, where the greenie once worked as a Slopper now working as a track hoe with Newt himself, accidentally tripped on a root, sending a basket of fertilizer everywhere on the ground alongside the vines that were once tied on the branches were not ripped and cut loose, flying with the fertilizer. 

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Winter 2015.

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naruhina; chance

rating: K+
prompt: “I’m a punk singer and am hiding from fans in a florists and you work here and are snarky and funny and are adorable go out with me?”
a/n: another cute NH au because I haven’t done one in a while (no, i’m not using this as an excuse to take a break from writing smut for nhsm watchu on about) i also tweaked the prompt so it’s not exactly like that. enjoy!



How the heck do they keep finding me?

The adrenaline surging through his body pulsed through to his feet as he ran as fast as he could. The patter sound of footsteps following him as close as they could hastened the pace of his heart with every step he took forward. He made the mistake of glancing behind, the sharp eyes of his pursuers reminded him how he was cornered into a dangerous game of chase where his safety legit hung on a thread.

The surroundings around him seemed tinted a somewhat burgundy shade with his sunglasses slipping a little down the bridge of his nose from his hasty running. The beanie tightly snug around his head pushed down his bangs till it impeded his vision slightly so he depended on his instincts to avoid bumping into pedestrians. He had hoped the further he ran, the faster the pursuers would lose hope and concede in defeat.

This mouse and cat chase had been going on for nearly twenty minutes and it didn’t seem like he was able to shake them loose anytime soon.  

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Noblegarden: Speedy Socks

  A plethora of enchanted socks arrived at the shop today. With the ongoing holiday it only seemed appropriate to send these bunny covered socks out to anyone who wished for their feet to showcase them. After all, zipping around wearing socks is a lot easier than having to lug a basket around everywhere you go!

  This should really go without saying but, do not wear these in the bedroom, unless you wish to be monumentally embarrassed. 

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Haizaki at dinner with his girlfriend's family and she says "daddy can you pass the salt" and they both reach for it?

omg this prompt i s2g and for HAIZADICK TOO

It was the first time your boyfriend, none other than Haizaki Shougo, was meeting your parents. And you were nervous as hell because, well, it was Haizaki and he wasn’t the smoothest person around with adults.

So there you were fidgeting in your seat, wondering when your father’s glaring was going to end or when your mother would even think of stopping him. She had on an amused smile on her lips from the very beginning, knowing full well that your father would tense up the atmosphere. Thanks mom.

Fuck it. You were hungry and you weren’t about to let anyone ruin your appetite. “Dad, you can you pass the salt?” And that was when it all just fell apart. Your dad whipped his head to face Haizaki with a terrifying glare and Haizaki sat there, wondering what the hell he was doing until he realized that he had instinctively reacted to daddy.

This was why you wished he didn’t have a daddy kink. Dammit.

“Dad,” you started at the same time your mother said, “Honey.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Your father snapped. Fuck. “She obviously called out for me and not you.”

“Eh,” Haizaki shrugged. Don’t do it, Haizaki, don’t. “I mean, she calls me daddy in bed so it was kind of a reflex.”

All hell broke loose soon after. Your mother attempted to keep your father in his seat, muffling his yells with her hand. You were smacking Haizaki for being an idiot and he was just there with his stupid, smug grin.

When everything finally settled down, you thought that that was the end of it. Your father was seated quietly, albeit still glaring at Haizaki. Your mother was quietly sipping on her soup. Haizaki was sneaking his hand up your skirt underneath the table. You were shoving his hand back down, trying to be discreet.

After dinner, it was time to part and Haizaki shook your dad’s hand firmly. “You better take good care of my daughter, kid. Or I’ll hunt you down.”

“Don’t worry, sir.” He smirked. “She already calls me daddy anyway so you know I’ll take care of her. Plus, you know I’ll always tuck her in into bed at night.” You slapped your forehead. Goddammit, Haizaki.

Let’s just say your father ended up with a ripped fist while Haizaki sported a huge blue bruise on his eye at school.