College sports drabble game guidelines

Hello all! As I said earlier today, i am running low in the inspo department, andt thought perhaps we could play a smol drabble game! You can send me a member from

  • Monsta X
  • EXO
  • BTS
  • GOT7

+ one of these these sports:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Track

+ a prompt of your choice.

Keep in mind I do not write ship fics or smut. I will choose the ones that speak the most to me and as you all know I’m pretty weird, so please be as wild as you want, I love wild prompts.

I’ll be waiting loves,

- Panda

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I was rewatching the best from Islam clip for the 1000 time cause that's my life now apparently and I love how Sana's face expressions keep alternating between adorable teddy bear with the cutest dimples and then wild lioness queen when she squints her eyes playing basketball looking at Yousef the Dork Accar across the field ldldkxjdkxnxhjd


What a fun and funky tank! Forever 21 sequin basketball tank with the number 84 on it. Pre-owned: some of the sequins are missing but it’s hardly noticeable. Size small. Measurements (flat): bust: 18.5"; waist: 19.5"; bottom hem: 21"; length: 20.25".

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Wait a minute, are you a rockets fan and a cowboys fan? I could just be remembering wrong, but I swear you posted about the Rockets. I'm just curious because I'm from Houston and the rockets are my favorite team in all of sports but I honestly hate the Texans and prefer the cowboys.

Yeah! Dallas Cowboys football, Houston Rockets basketball (The Spurs are good too), Dallas Stars hockey, and I don’t watch baseball but I will pull for either Texas team or the Red Sox.

I’m probably overthinking this a tad but… in the opening scenes of the new Transformers movie there’s a black kid with a shirt on saying"Basketball is my Girlfriend" and as he’s walking in the next scene he kicks a basketball. That shit ain’t sit right with me at all tbh.

NBA-National Basketball Association roundup

June 26 (The Sports Xchange) - Guard Malcolm Brogdon of the Milwaukee Bucks and Croat forward Dario Saric of the Philadelphia 76ers were unanimous selections for the NBA All-Rookie first team, the league announced.
Center Joel Embiid of Cameroon gave the 76ers two players on the first team, which was rounded out by Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield of the Bahamas and Spanish center Willy Hernangomez of the New York Knicks.
Brogdon, Saric and Embiid were finalists for the NBA Rookie of the Year.
The first team featured a record four international players, topping the previous mark of three. Brogdon is the only American player on the unit.

Draymond Green of the reigning champion Golden State Warriors was among the selections for the NBA All-Defensive first team, the league announced.
Green is joined on the squad by two players he was competing with for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award – Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert and San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard.
In helping the Warriors to their second NBA title in three seasons, Green garnered 198 points overall and 99 first-team votes to narrowly edge Gobert (196/97) and Leonard (192/93).
Joining the finalists for the NBA’s top defensive award on the first team were guards Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and Patrick Beverley of the Houston Rockets.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are continuing to pursue a trade for Indiana Pacers All-Star forward Paul George.
The Cavaliers talked to the Pacers and Nuggets on a three-team trade that would send George to Cleveland and All-Star power forward Kevin Love to Denver, ESPN reported Sunday.
The 27-year-old George informed the Pacers recently he won’t re-sign with the team and plans to become a free agent after next season.
Love, 28, has two guaranteed seasons remaining on his contract, worth $46.7 million, and a player option for $25.6 million in 2019-2020.

Kentucky coach John Calipari is fine if the rule changes to allow high school players to go directly to the NBA, agreeing with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski about the one-and-done issue in basketball.
Calipari said he is in favor of the “baseball rule” – Major League Baseball allows a player from high school to go to the pros or go to college and then not be eligible to be drafted until after his junior season – but he voiced caution about the motivation behind proposed changes by the NBA.
“I’m good with the baseball rule. As long as they’re going directly to the NBA, they’re paying them what they deserve to be paid and then it’s on them to look after these kids and give them a gap year if they think they can do that in the NBA,” said Calipari, speaking on the SEC coaches’ summer teleconference.
Krzyzewski said last week he would be in favor of the baseball rule for basketball. ))

Unleashed feelings || japril

Jackson was laying on the couch watching the game. “Hey April, could you get me a snack please?” He looked over at her. “All this basketball is making me hungry.” Since he got released from the hospital, April and Victoria had been staying at his place to help him. He was glad things had been going so well, but lately April had been acting a little off. But he couldn’t put his finger on it.


Dear Diary,
     Today I try out for the basketball team at school. My favorite sport is soccer but this game sucks and doesn’t have soccer and my creator can’t find any soccer poses. I love basketball a lot too. Hopefully I make the team. Our school is small so our basketball team has boys and girls in it. There’s this one boy who’s on the team named Austin. I think he’s really cute. Maybe he’ll like me when he sees I play sports too.

5th grade me: depressed oblivious gay who jst wanted to play basketball and be butch but befriended straight white girls who started making me be girly

6th grade me: lots of leather, still mostly butch but also feminine, secretly played basketball n soccer, started doing fencing, mostly jst anxious and sarcastic ft. daddy issues, idk what a gay is

7th grade me: femme chola looks, injured so cldnt play basketball or soccer for awhile, slowly getting more sarcastic n mean, anxiously realizing the gay, grades take a little drop briefly, started dating to prolong the realization

8th grade me: peak femme, literally satan, liar and a bitch, fake b, flirts w everyone, worst person ever, still fences at least

9th grade me: depressed gay who jst misses having friends bc they backstabbed a bitch, anger management issues, still satan but toned down mostly

10th grade me: ????? trying to be a good person???? idek

🕶 *a pair of shades descend from the heavens, landing perfectly on my nose as I make finger guns and sick beats start playing in the background*
*the barrel of a gun emerges from one of the bushes framing the basketball field, a single shot is fired. It is the meme police, now removing my dead body as charged of using an old, horrible meme altered and on a perfectly fine community of followers*