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It Never Ends Well (Part 1)

Prompt/Summary: Based on “The Ugly Truth”, for @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge.

Pairings: eventual Bucky x Y/N, eventual Clint x Y/N, Natasha x Sam

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex, vulgarities…

Word Count: 2894

A/N: Some of the lines used in this fic don’t belong to me, I got them out of the movie, so credit to the writers. I’d love to hear what you think, feedback is always appreciated.

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“You’re late.” was the first thing you heard as soon as you answered the phone.

“Don’t need to remind me.” your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head in annoyance at your best friend, “Natasha, please, please, cover for me. I’m ten minutes away from the office.”

“Depends. What’s in for me?”

“A big hug from me.” you answered again, “Is Mr. Stark there yet?”

“No, but he hardly is here. Why are you late anyway?”

“I spilled coffee on my blouse.”

“That doesn’t really surprise me.” she laughed.

“I swear it was an accident, I just tripped.” you defended, “Anyway, I’ll be there shortly, in about five minutes.”

As soon as she agreed, you hung up and drove the rest of the way to your workplace. Soon enough, you found yourself parking in your designated spot and entering the Stark Magazine Headquarters. Inside the building was hectic, as usual, as everyone tried to complete their own tasks in time. Grabbing some documents from one of the assistants, you walked decidedly to your shared office, where Natasha was seated at her desk. You closed the glass door behind you and greeted her shortly, before going over to your own computer and starting it.

“Give me an update, Romanoff.”

“The Lakers basketball player is here for the interview, for the Sports department.”

“Great. We should send Pietro to interview him, a photographer and a couple of writers to get the article ready.”

“Already did.”

“Genius. And please, tell Pietro to do the interview objectively. Last time, he almost blew up the whole thing by arguing about what team was better.”

She chuckled lowly, “I’ll make sure to tell him.”

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how would kise, haizaki, aomine try to prove to their crush that they are serious about them when their crush is hesitant in entering a relationship with them bc of their reputation as heart breakers?!?!

i think i got carried away in the wrong direction for this. im sorry. more characters under the cut!

AOMINE: “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He snapped. You shrugged, “I just don’t know if you’re boyfriend material, Aomine.” He stared at you in confusion again. “I mean, you’ve got girls following you around wherever you go, plus I don’t think I fall into your… ideal type.” You cleared your throat. It wasn’t breaking news to anyone that Aomine obsessed over anyone with a great rack and in all honestly, you were just average, so you weren’t feeling too confident about it. Maybe you were just going to be another notch in his belt of ladies and you didn’t want that. He was a great guy and, as much as you’d love to date him, you didn’t think that he was ready for a serious relationship.

“Who the hell cares about that? Sure I like big boobs but, hey I think you’re hot enough already. Plus, you’re cool alright. I don’t care about all of that when I like you already so why are you worrying?”

“Because it matters to me, Aomine. How am I supposed to know you won’t ditch me for the next girl with big boobs who comes around?” You sighed. “Look, I just don’t think now’s the right time for both of us. I like you, I do. The only thing I’m worried about is your rep as a heartbreaker and I really don’t need another guy like that. I’m sorry.”

“You know what? I’ll prove it to you. You’ll see that I can be committed and that I won’t break your heart.”

And somehow, he did. For the next few days, he continued to stick around you, surprisingly enough. He paid no attention to his fangirls and even told some of them to scram when they got too touchy-touchy. Instead, he got touchy-touchy with you. He forced you to eat lunch on the roof with him where he’d ask you to feed him. “Oy, what do couples do anyway?” He grunted one afternoon, when he was lying on your lap. He opened his mouth again, silently asking for more food.

You dropped an egg roll into his mouth and watched him chew it quietly. You liked the way his lips moved, slowly and imagined those lips moving against yours. Oh God.

Suddenly he sat up and placed his hand on your forehead. “You okay? Getting too hot? Wanna go back inside?” Seeing the genuine concern etched upon his face, you felt your heart warm. You shook your head with an amused smile and he merely shot you a confused glance. He leaned his forehead against yours and, seeing your reaction, which was the sea of red that spread across your face, he smirked. “What? Getting embarrassed now?”

“Shut up, aho.” You shoved him away but he only ended up back on your lap again. Whenever he was with you, he focused solely on you and that was endearing on so many levels. Maybe this guy wasn’t such a heartbreaker after all.

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Bumping into their childhood friend who's all grown up and now they want to ask her out? (Takao, Aomine, Kagami)

Takao could have sworn that the cute stranger he walked past in the hallways was familiar. It took one encounter to pique his interest, but a few more to realise that it was you.

Once he did realise, he wasn’t sure how to approach you, but he did find himself scanning the classrooms he walked by, until he spotted your face amongst your classmates’.

But it’s only when he spots you by yourself that he approaches, as you were about to go buy something for lunch. You feel a faint press on your shoulder, accompanied by a familiar call of your name.

“____-chan, it’s me, Takao!” He chirps, but judging by the way your eyes widen as you see him, he didn’t need to say it himself.

“Takao, have you actually been here the entire time? And neither of us realised?” You asked, before laughing at the predicament.

“Do you want to eat lunch together, we’ve got some catching up to do.” He says, holding up a plastic bag that seems to be too full to just be for him.

“Anything for me in there?”

“Of course, that is, as long as your favorites haven’t changed!” He teases. As well as wanting to talk to an old friend, he’s glad to be able to see your cute smile again.

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Sanctuary Pt.2 (JUNIOR)

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Type: Angst/Fluff

Check out part 1 if you would like!


You giggled loudly as BamBam dribbled the ball around you as you tried to get it from him. But before you could say anything BamBam was grabbed by Mark a member of Junior’s gang who picked up his bag and dragged him away. Mark quickly glanced out and held his finger over his lips telling you to act normal. So you grabbed the ball and began playing by yourself. Smiling to yourself knowing someone else was looking out for BamBam. 

“Where did Mark go?” Junior’s voice filled the air “he went to the toilet” one of the other gangsters said. You could tell the hairs on your neck were standing up just by the feeling of them getting closer to you. “Why are you here alone? No lap dog today?” Junior teased you soon you turned to face him with a large smile. “Oh somebody can’t enjoy a little basketball alone every now and again? BamBam is studying thank you” you say as you whip the ball right into his gut. “Stay out of my way princess” you repeat his words to him as you grab your bag began walking to the exit before you bag was tugged with enough force to cause you to fall to the ground. 

“What the hell are you doing!” Junior yells as he rushes over “she can’t treat you like that” one of his goons say as you sat yourself back up.”You can’t just do that to a girl. Don’t you have manners” Junior said offering you a hand to stand up. You scoffed at him “none of you have manners all you do is bully innocent kids. Like seriously I’m amazed manners is even in your vocabulary” you sneers as you brush yourself off standing up. “Now I either have to was or burn this bag. Idiocy seems to be contagious in this school” you continue as you walk out of the gym. 

The next day BamBam was checking on you when you two were alone “do you have any bruises?” he asks as he pulls the shoulder of your shirt down your arm. You laughed “no that monkey of a boy can’t seem to do anything right” you reassure grabbing his hand and pulling it off of your shirt. 

“Well well well does the nerd finally get the girl?” you groan as you once more heard Junior’s voice. Unknown to you his tone was laced with heavy jealousy. BamBam pulled you behind him as he and you both began backing away from Junior. You watched as Junior’s facial expression changed at the sight behind him. You both looked behind you to see three boys. For some reason your mind went blank when the fighting started worrying about the jerk of a boy you seemed to hurt everytime you saw him. Then came the lecture from one of your teachers and to your dismay a trip to the office for you.

Walking out of school in heavy breaths to keep tears away, you ran into a body. You didn’t even need to look up to see who it was “are you okay? Did you get hurt?” Junior asked as you finally look up at him with glossy eyes. He was about to ask what happened when a harsh slap in his chest. “You just about got me kicked out a school. You ass” you say as you bump his shoulder walking past but he grabbed on fast.

“I’m sorry” he whispers not being able to look at you “yeah yeah I’m sure you are” you tell him as you try to move from his grip. He spun himself around before doing the same with you “I mean it” he says resting his hands on your hips. “I’m jealous of BamBam” he tells you looking you in the eyes “what?” you ask him getting a feeling of Deja Vu. One of his hands caught your chin as he tugged you so your lips met his. “You make it so hard to think. And please no smart comments” he tells you making you laugh lightly. He gives you a real genuine smile for once “and you’re the only person I would ever truly want to forgive me” he continues saying by stroking your bottom lip. Before pulling you in for another kiss “are you going to leave BamBam alone?” you whisper pulling away from him as Junior laughed. “I can try” he tells you giving you a smirk “try hard” you mumble.

Day 20- Fated Encounter

(First part this is here. I wrote this as being love at first sight. Enjoy!)

As soon as both boys left the mall, they stopped at the curb and looked up. It was snowing and heavily. There was no way they could play basketball in this. Aomine wanted to flip off the sky for ruining his plans, but instead pulled his hood up over his hair, the blue strands already speckled with white flakes. Looking to his left he saw Kagami’s face, the redhead visibly deflating, his sad frown enough to make Aomine swing his arm over his shoulders. The act had Kagami looking to him with surprise. Ah yes, creepy stranger. Good call Daiki.
“What are you doing?”
Deciding to play it off as a tease, Aomine reached up and ruffled the already messy red hair, “Ahh don’t get too upset Kagami. You shouldn’t be so excited to lose. Hold on to your dignity for a while longer.”
With a growl, Kagami rolled his shoulders and pushed Aomine away, giving him a quick glare before looking back at the snow, a deep sigh leaving his lips.
“I guess we’ll have to do it another day. You wanna exchange numbers to meet up later?”
Nodding, Aomine pulled his phone out, quickly getting the redhead’s number before pocketing it again. Kagami did the same before tugging a black beanie out of his coat, pulling it on far enough to cover his ears.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you later Aomine. Nice meeting you.”
“Oh, yeah, you too Kagami.”
Both boys stood staring at each other awkwardly, neither of them obviously wanting to part, but as the silence reigned on, Kagami rocked back on his heels and started walking away, raising his hand in a lazy wave before turning completely, back hunched as he trudged through the piling snow. Aomine watched his back get further and further away before he couldn’t see it anymore, his body slightly numb at the loss. Turning in the opposite direction, he jammed his hands, and small gifts, into his pockets, huddling into his coat as he made his way home.
Stupid fucking snow. I was gonna get him to go to dinner after, and maybe a little more. Although, it is Christmas Eve tomorrow, he probably is busy. And really, you don’t need to add creepy stalker to your list of negative aspects Daiki. Heh, Tetsu would be so proud I just used big words. Fuck, I wonder if he would have dinner with me anyways. He’s a huge guy, I bet he eats as much as me. Well, maybe not that much but…what the fuck am I doing?
Lifting his head, Aomine turned on his heel, just missing a patch of ice, and darted back the way he had come, passing the mall in an instant, following Kagami’s path. The crowd was thinning out as night started to fall, Aomine running as far as he had seen the redhead go, the street turning into a crossroads. Stopping at a corner, Aomine turned in a circle, looking down each path, his breath coming out in large puffs as he panted. Hoping to see a dash of red somewhere, Aomine squinted, trying to see through the white curtain falling over his head. A few minutes later and still nothing, Aomine turning in frustration, cursing himself for not stopping the redhead sooner.
“Fuckin dumb Daiki.”
“Well, at least you admit it.”
Another quick turn on his heel in surprise and Aomine was staring into bright red eyes, Kagami grinning at him. The familiar puffs of white air coming from his mouth had Aomine smirking.
“You run here or something Kagami?”
Stepping forward, Kagami looked at him with a playful grin, “Yeah, I did and I was thinking.”
Aomine stepped forward as well, both boys close now, the front of their coats brushing together, “You probably shouldn’t do that. Your brain might overheat or something.”
The eye roll was overly obvious, even if Aomine hadn’t been standing right before the redhead, the sight making him laugh. Kagami continued on.
“I was thinking, you dick, that even if we didn’t play, maybe you’re hungry after shopping.”
Slowly, Aomine smiled and reached up to brush snow off of the redhead’s cheek, letting his fingers linger for a few seconds longer than necessary. When Kagami sighed and tilted his head into the warmth, Aomine had to refrain from grabbing the boy and kissing him hard.
“Yeah, dinner would be good,” Aomine gave one last swipe of his thumb over Kagami’s cheek before pulling his hand away.
“Great, you like burgers?” Kagami turned and headed down the left street, waiting for Aomine to catch up beside him.
“Yeah, teriyaki are my favorite, but burgers in general are awesome,” Aomine walked close enough for their shoulders to touch, Kagami not moving away as he did.
“So you like Maji?”
“Hell yeah I do.”
Kagami grinned as he looked at Aomine, bumping their shoulders together softly, practically tripping over his feet when the blue haired boy smirked at him, returning the favor.
“Then let’s go.”
Both boys walked steadily through the snow, their arms practically melting together as they went. Their heads gradually tilted towards the other as they talked and teased, two matching pairs of tracks left behind them.

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Moments

“Could you do a pref where one of the boys walk in in an cute father daughter moment like if Nebraska got asked for prom and she wanted to practice slow dancing so she asks her dad and like cute fluffy thing”


Kayla only had one bad break up in her life, and that was breaking up with Nathan when she was fifteen. But the day she stomped her way into the house and slammed the front door shut, Luke was confused. Kayla normally wasn’t an overly emotional person, so he was obviously concerned. He headed down the stairs and found his daughter standing in the kitchen, her back to him as she stared into the fridge.

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Kise + Kasamatsu -

“Arigato minna! (Thanks everyone)”
Kise shouted as he waved to the excited group of fangirls.
“Nee, (hey) Kasamatsu-senpai look at all these gifts i got from my fans! Want some?”
“Hai (yes) Senpai?”
∑(゚Д゚) “Kasamatsu-senpai… You dont have to be so jealous. Here i’ll give you this Dutch chocolate.” Kise pouted as he handed Kasamatsu the box.
“I DONT WANT ANY, YOU STUPID BRAT!” Kasamatsu yelled as he kicked Kise.
“Owwww” TT^TT”

Kagami + Kuroko -

“Wh-What? Kuroko, what’s wrong?”
“Can you buy me another shake? I ran out of money.” Kuroko asked as he showed Kagami his empty wallet.
“Fine, I have some money to spare.“ Kagami said as he pulled out his wallet, “WAIT. WHY DO I HAVE TO BUY YOU A SHAKE? DIDNT I BUY YOU ONE LAST TIME? AND THE TIME BEFORE THAT!?”
“Yes Kagami-kun, yes you did.”
“Kagami-kun lower your voice, you’re embarrassing me. How about rock-paper-scissors? Winner buys the other person whatever they want.”
“Fine, fair enough.”
“Here you go, one medium size vanilla shake. Will this be all? Well, that will be $4.32. Here’s your change. Enjoy~”

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38. "You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes." Coliver

From this.

Oliver groaned and slowly opened his eyes. His head hurt like hell and it took some time until his eyes could focus on anything around him. Where the hell was he?

“Hey, you okay?” A voice asked from somewhere close to him. Oliver looked around until he saw brown eyes looking back at him.

“Connor? Where am I? What happened?” Oliver asked, trying to sit up but he still felt a little shaky so he couldn’t get up.

“Hey hey hey, just stay still, the nurse will be back soon.” Connor said, gently pressing Oliver back down on the couch by his shoulder. “You got hit on the head with a basketball. It was an accident but it hit you hard enough that you fainted.” Connor explained.

“Wha—” Oliver had a hard time following. Last thing he remembered was being on PE class and suddenly he was at the school nurse’s couch with his crush, who he had spoken probably three words before this day, sitting next to him.

“Why are you here?” Oliver asked.

“Well you fainted… straight into my arms so I carried you here.” Connor said and a playful smirk formed to his lips. “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Connor said with a sultry voice. Oliver felt his face heating up.

“I don’t… know what you are talking about.” Oliver lied.

“Oh come on, I’ve seen how you look at me.” Connor smiled and leaned in to whisper to his ear. “Don’t worry, I think you are cute too.” Oliver turned to look at him so quickly that he could feel a little pop in his neck. Right at that moment the nurse walked back into the room and Connor leaned back away from Oliver and winked at him.