basketball vest

the body swap ; lai guanlin [halloween au]

genre: fluff

summary: the weirdest thing happens between you and the famous basketball captain at your school, lai guanlin. it was something that you both feared, but it ended up happening; a body swap. 

this will definitely get confusing, where it’s the first ‘-’ i will put in brackets or something (you in guanlin’s __) and vice versa just in case it gets confusing. trust me, i had to even read over

halloween aus: [bts; park jimin WILL BE LINKED WHEN I POST IT TOMORROW]

the basketball coach whistles as guanlin runs his hand through his hair, then announcing that the after school practice was over. “remember- that match is on friday. our last practice will be on wednesday. does everyone know their positions?”

“yes!” everyone nods. the basketball coach then tells the boys that they can go to the changing rooms. guanlin has a small talk with seonho, who was one of his best friends and his teammate, about the match, but seonho just tells guanlin that he’ll do a great job, since guanlin is center anyways.

guanlin changes into his uniform then says goodbye to the rest of his teammates, before running to the library. suddenly, he feels a head hit against his back. he turns around and slightly opens his mouth, gasping at the girl who was holding her head.


“shoot- i’m sorry,” guanlin mutters, panicking. this was the first time a girl has smashed their head on his back. he immediately felt bad and made sure she wasn’t injured.

“i-it’s okay..” the girl mutters, “o-oof!”


you fall on guanlin, sort of like a domino effect, and now you’re both on the floor, looking extremely awkward if anyone was to walk by. your head was spinning, damn, he really has such a rock hard back.

“oh my- i didn’t mean to!” you exclaim, quickly getting up and adjusting your dusty, black skirt. you placed your hand out as guanlin shakes his head, taking your hand. he does the same and straightens out his white polo.

“are you okay?” you panic. and then, you realise:

you’ve fallen on the popular basketball captain: lai guanlin. 

luckily, his fangirls weren’t really around your area at this time, otherwise you would’ve been chased down by them already.

“oh my god. lai guanlin, i’m so so so sorry.” you repeatedly said, your heart was beating extremely fast.

calm, guanlin laughs at how flustered you were, “it’s okay, don’t worry. i’m fine. how about you? i’m sure you’re definitely more hurt than me.”

he placed his hands on your head to check if there was a bruise or some blood. you were a bit embarrassed because you were also sweating ever so slightly, your parents would kill you if they found you this close to a boy.

“i’m okay.. thanks..” you shyly mutter, picking up your books. “i-i uh.. better go. thanks guanlin.”

“wait- what’s your name?” you turned around as he gave you his gummy smile that many girls would die for. you felt a bit honoured, but you barely even knew the guy.

“y/n. it’s y/n. right. yep. it’s me,” you facepalmed mentally at how gibberish everything sounded.

“you don’t need to be flustered,” guanlin chuckles. how was he being so smooth?

“i, uh..”

“i’m a normal person, i promise.” you nod slowly as guanlin gave you a smile.

you change into a comfy sweater and a pair of your favourite pyjama pants and lie on your bed, scrolling through your phone. 

10:22PM - unknown:

I’m hoping this is Y/N, but it’s me, Guanlin :)

10:23PM - Y/N:

oh hi guanlin, it is y/n :) how did you get my number?

10:23PM - Guanlin:

You dropped a piece of paper and it ended up having your number lol

10:24PM - Y/N:

ahh okay.. i’m still sorry about earlier >_< embarrassing

10:24PM - Guanlin:

It’s fine, don’t worry :) Are you okay though? It was technically my fault ;-;

10:25PM - Y/N:

i’m okay, but don’t blame yourself haha, it was mine bc i ran into you ^_^

10:25PM - Guanlin:

Well, I guess to make it more fair it’s both of ours heh

10:25PM - Y/N:

i guess so ;-; don’t you have basketball tomorrow morning? you should sleep

10:26PM - Guanlin:

Oh, yeah I do. Don’t worry though, I end up sleeping at midnight :)

10:26PM - Y/N:

yah, that’s not good for you! you should get more sleep especially since you’re a basketballer.

10:27PM - Guanlin:

It’s nothing, what time do you sleep then?

10:27PM - Y/N:

uh…. 1am?

10:27PM - Guanlin:

Tsk tsk- you’re the one here who needs more sleep ^__^

and you ended up talking for half an hour, getting to know each other. you’ve definitely learned that guanlin loves chicken, and was a lot more taller than you thought (you’re literally up to his chest, you underestimated how tall he was) and he said that he was taller than some of his hyungs on his basketball team.


you woke up, smelling men’s cologne. you shifted around in your blankets, thinking it was probably from outside since you left your window open. suddenly, you shot up.

“what the,” you mutter. god, you sounded even manlier.

you look around the room: it was filled with basketballs, basketball trophies, many varsity jackets and basketball vests that were framed. you furrowed your eyebrows, looking into a mirror.

“holy shit!”

guanlin opens his eyes at the bright sunlight, groaning, moving around his bed, he thought. he feels a plushie against his foot. standing up, the room he’s in is totally different.

what the? he thought.

he runs his (well, actually, your) fingers against his hair, then looking into a mirror.

“what am i doing here?!”


it was an issue. you and guanlin both put the pieces together and realised you have switched bodies. he was you, and you were him. you both scratched your heads, not knowing what to do. what freaked guanlin out the most was he could easily find your underwear, and what you were concerned about was his phone passcode. you panicked. you prayed that he didn’t have any basketball practices.

“what would she wear on a school day?” guanlin raised his eyebrows as he looked through your closet. it was nothing too special, some skirts and dresses in between, jackets, leggings, skinny jeans, it was simple colours but there were some pastels in between the black, white, grey and brown.

forgetting that your school had uniform, he laughed at himself, picking out the polo, skirt and cardigan. when he took a shower, he found it a bit awkward stripping as he was in a women’s body.

you ruffled the hair of guanlin’s, not knowing what to do. shower? eat? get changed? weirdly, you wanted to know what he does in the morning. would it just be weird if you just sprayed yourself, well, guanlin, in cologne instead of showering?

shrugging your shoulders and muttering to yourself, you decided to shower. it was so different than your shower at home, definitely more spacious, but you probably would be lying to yourself that you weren’t really reading off the shower products and assuming what it was.

“y/n!” guanlin shouts (from your body). you laughed when you see how he presented you. somehow, he managed to wrinkle the polo shirt and make the skirt look slightly shorter and found your middle parting in your hair. you walked over to guanlin (you).

“wouldn’t it be guanlin?” you answered his question.

when you heard yourself laugh, you were a bit shocked, you were a lot more high-pitched than you thought.

“r-right,” guanlin says. “oh- you better give me my phone back. i have yours.” he handed your rose gold phone and you sighed, thanking god in your mind.

“wait.” you said, “it would look too weird if i have the rose colour? i mean- i’m literally in your body.”

“oh, shoot.” guanlin replies, scratching the back of well, your neck. “okay, you have to act manly in class, by the way, there are like, these three girls who won’t stop bugging me and you are going to deal with them. and- at lunch, i might as well stay by you.”

“god.. how did we even end up like this?”


once you see you, you quickly run with the incredible long legs you seem to have and try not to trip or shout ‘guanlin’, otherwise you were sure that after this people would look at guanlin in the hallways weirdly.

it was such a weird day. before you went to the men’s toilet, you had to make sure you didn’t accidentally walk into the women’s one. you didn’t want to ruin guanlin’s reputation: a smart kid, popular, captain of the basketball team, and you tried your best to not act as stupid and clumsy. it was also, extremely awkward in the men’s bathroom. you really couldn’t believe your eyes.

on the other hand, guanlin didn’t seem as panicky as you were if he was honest. yes, bathroom struggles and acting like a girl, including the underwear situation, but for some reason, he was too quiet to admit that he was okay with it.

you both ate lunch together and talked about what happened, until guanlin realised:

“y/n, i have basketball practice after school,” he says.

“no. you don’t.” you widened your eyes, “i don’t know about basketball! and not to mention your friends.. i’m gonna embarrass you,”

“fine- you go and tell coach that i can’t make it. but if this continues and i end up having 75% attendance.. i’m kicked out.” guanlin explains, finishing off with a sigh. 

you nodded, “okay- just today. but i am praying to god being you is over..”

“tiring, huh?” he winked and you felt weird watching yourself wink. you ended up chucking anyways.

“let’s just hope we’ll be back tomorrow soon..” you sighed as guanlin agreed.

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Forgetful Sammy, 3 (S.W)

PART 3 WOOOO, it’s shit but it’s getting there. Feedback is very appreciated and y/ns friends are based on two of my friends lol, enjoy xoxoxo




After a long nap, a quick shower and a pizza delivery for lunch, I was finally getting ready to go out tonight. I was getting text after text from Noreen and Amy who’re both on their way over to get ready with me. I told the boys not to bother picking me up, which they automatically assumed was me trying to ditch on them, but when I told them that I was bringing two extra guests that needed to be added onto the VIP list, they shut up about it and started questioning me on my two best friends.

The four boys were trying to bid on getting a quick hook up with them. There is no way in hell that I’m letting two of those fuckboys fuck my best friends. If Noreen and Amy want to, they can go ahead, but I’m not pimping them out.

I decided to go with a pair of high waisted, ripped jeans and a basketball jersey vest, one which I got at a basketball game with Sam. But whatever, I look good in it and he can suck my ass in these jeans.

“Y/N!” A high pitched voice rings out through my flat, followed by the front door slamming and shaking the entire place. “Oops.”

I roll my eyes and huff in annoyance, “I told you bitches not to slam that door!” If I get one more fucking complaint about it, I’m going to sue my landlord for having non-secure doors.

“Oh shut up, you sour puss. My aunt gave me food to bring you.”

“I already had food.”

“Daily pizza deliveries don’t count as meals anymore, babe, and my aunt doesn’t want you getting sick so she made chicken fajita salad and chocolate lava muffins.” Noreen grins and hands me a lunch box with the food inside. “She gave me two muffins to give you, but we got hungry in the car and split one.”

I snarl at them, pretty much ripping off the boxes lid and taking a huge bite out of the glorious muffin. “You bitches, I love these muffins.”

“You already got chocolate dripping down your chin.” Amy snorts. “You look like a pig and I sound like a pig.”

“Thanks, babes.” I mumble, quickly wiping my chin free of any dripping sauces. “You guys better keep an eye on me tonight.”

Amy furrows her eyebrows, “Open bar and Sam in the same room?”

“You know it.”

“Damn, what even happened? I wanna know.”

“Me too,” Both girls lay themselves down on my bed and turn to look at me. “So, I know that he went to Florida with Kylie and that, and you two had a bit on an argument-“

It was short but it was way more than ‘a bit’. I don’t even know what to describe it as. “A bit is an understatement, but carry on.”

“Are you still together?”

“I don’t even know man, I did some shit I probably shouldn’t have and he’s mad as shit about it.”

“Did you go out and fuck someone else?”

“Get the fuck outta here, you think I would cheat?!” I would never cheat, ever. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what problems are going on in that relationship, I would never. I’m loyal, no matter what. I don’t know about Sam, I don’t think he would, but he’s clearly the only one that knows whether or not we’re actually together. I hope that he wouldn’t.

Amy rolls her eyes, and holds her hands up in defence. “No, I just asked, jeez, Y/N, calm the fuck down! It was just a question. What did you do, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well, I went over to his house, let myself in with the spare key, went up to his bedroom and cut two of his favourite games up.”

Noreen looks at me like I’m crazy whilst Amy laughs her ass off, something she regularly does at me. I mean, if it were the other way around, I would be laughing at that too. Amy took a hammer to her brother’s laptop at one point, which I found fucking hilarious, so no doubt she would find this hilarious in return.

“Shit is gunna hit the fan tonight!”

“I can’t believe you would do that, holy shit, you’re fucking crazy!”

I just shrug. “That’s what you get when you forget my birthday because you’re too busy hanging out with your ex.” I’m sure if it were the other way round, Sam would’ve gone batshit crazy and would’ve beat the shit out of Kenny – seeing as he’s my only ‘proper’ ex-boyfriend. “He hasn’t spoken to me, or any of the guys I don’t think, but he’s posted so much shit on his snap story, and that bitch is in every fucking one.”

I didn’t mind Stass yesterday morning. Now, however, I can’t stand her.

That’s why I’m sitting down.

Noreen clasps her hands in front of her, sitting up and straightening her back. “You have to make yourself look amazing if you’re going to talk to him tonight.” She smirks, raising one of her eyebrows, “You have to shove yourself in his face to show him what he’s missing.”

“What do you think I was doing before you two started questioning me?”

“Wait, you think that makeup looks good?” Amy snorts, quickly throwing a hand over her mouth and nose in attempt to reduce any more pig-like laughs. Trust her. I only spent 5 minutes doing my makeup, I had and still have no motivation to do it in a way that makes me look even half decent. I, once again, just shrug my shoulders, she won’t let me leave my house looking like I am right now. “Oh, honey, let me do that for you, and let Nor do your hair over again, you’ve missed a huge ass bit at the back and it’s majorly pissing me off.”


“And you have to wear a dress, skirt or shorts- oh! Or those amazing jeans which make your ass look amazing, but wear a tank or crop top with them, show off those boobs. We can always contour…”

This is going to be a long night.

Part 4 >

What to Wear: The Casual Vest

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