basketball toilet

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how can it get worse than getting jumped again after taking literally one step forward after the last fight

because in p2 you can save wherever you want but in p1 you can only save at save points so in p2 you can at least protect yourself from getting fucked over and losing 3 hours of progress whereas in p1 the toilets and basketball players will fucking ruin you

p1′s also a lot harsher in terms of difficulty. for example in avidya world the second to last floor has demons around level 50-55 and then you go downstairs and everything’s suddenly level 70

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People act like the Persona series was serious before 4 but like........... in the first game you had to fight toilets and basketballs.......................

The Demon Contacts in P1 and P2 were more hilariously dorky than any of the IT’s shenanigans in P4.

Eikichi Michina and Lisa Silverman were the “Female friend who keeps violently abusing male friend for hilarity’s sake” pair before Yukari and Junpei or Chie and Yosuke were ever a thing.

You could brainwash regular store owners into selling you guns and telling you wild stories of their past life’s as super secret spies that never happened by using rumors.

Your guide in Tatsuya’s Scenario is an Engrish-spouting cat who’s also a war general.

Maya Amano has a running gag where she pilots vehicles of ALL kinds so badly that she positively ELIMINATES them without fail, yet everybody somehow always survives. She would make Launchpad McQuack proud.

There’s a fairy who’s so greedy that she bends the laws of how the world currently works with her greed.

Igor’s Nose has been the butt of everyone’s jokes since P1

Mark dances crazy.

It’s actually surprising how LITTLE Persona changed, considering the fact that the entire dev team changed between 2 and 3!