basketball time

I love this blog it is full of the most adorable squishiest fluffiest tiny borbs i have ever seen and my heart jumps up and down like a basketball every time more little rowls appear on my dash, thank you for blessing us with so many smol blobs of joy it amazes me how they just keep appearing??? here is a tribute to you and your infinite rowls YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!

Akashi and  Kuroko Conversation and Mini Drama Ending

Akashi: You found a good partner, Kuroko.
Kuroko: Yes. 

Kuroko: Because Kagami-kun was there I was able to play my basketball.

Akashi: This time, we weren’t able to beat your basketball, your team’s basketball. But next time we won’t  lose.

Kuroko: Yes. We want to have the chance to fight against you guys again.

Akashi: By the way Kuroko….

Akashi: ….how do you end something like this?
Kuroko: Ah that’s right. Here you see… *whispers*
Akashi: Ah I see. Got it.

Akashi: So everyone! Now we’re done reflecting on Winter Cup. But there’s still a lot of time left in the day so why don’t we go play some street basketball?

Everyone: YEAH!