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Hey how are you going? I wad wondering how the chocobros and Cor would react to an androgynous female S/O? I ask mostly because I'm very fluid with how I look and often dress masculinely as well as femininely depending on how I feel. It often got to the point that a lot of people thought I was a different person and a lot of guys didn't like it since it made them feel 'gay'. Whixh makes me feel a little sad cause I feel comfortable like this and a lot of them didnt want to date me afterwards...

Hey there! <3 Girl, I feel you… there are days where I love my loose baggy t-shirts and shapeless jeans, and then there are days I like wearing my cute skirts and stockings so this request is right up my alley! Hope short drabbles/headcanon paragraphs are okay! :D

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Noctis: Noctis Lucis Caelum… *sigh* this boy, really doesn’t care at all about how you dress. What he really likes about you is the way you seem comfortable in your own skin. He likes that you look equally as friendly and charming in his stolen clothes as well as your own cute little outfit ensembles. He likes that you own a countless amount of basketball jerseys and large sweaters. He adores the fact that you can wear a leather jacket and pull off the ‘stay the hell away from me’ look, as well as the ‘I am a sexy biker chick’ look depending on how you accessorise. But of course, this guy will not overtly tell you ANY of this. The clues lie in the way he smiles at you, that stupid little lop-sided smile he gives you whenever he sees you. You’re so used to it, you think that he doesn’t stay with you because he’s physically attracted to you, but because he’s got an attraction for the person inside. Now, while you think that’s all sweet and cute and amazingly deep, you can’t help but feel a little insecure about Noctis and his lack of reaction about the way you look and dress. Seriously though, DON’T WORRY! Noctis is really attracted to you- his midnight blue eyes always linger on you a second too long whenever you’re in close proximity to him, and his heart beat… gosh- it goes absolutely INSANE when he sees you walk into a room- because no matter what you wear or how you look, Noctis thinks you’re smoking hot!

Prompto: Prompto thinks it’s really cool that you have a really versatile fashion sense. There will be times that he tries to coordinate outfits with you, but he’s always complaining about how you’re always the ‘cooler looking’ one. Prompto adores going shopping with you because he knows that you’re not going to be caught up in all the ‘girly’ stores. He also loves to take pictures of you and all your super cool outfits. But gosh, when you dress up all fancy, pulling out the heels and the cute skirts and blouses, this boy’s freckles stand out as a stark contrast to his extremely red blush. Admittedly, you often like to dress femininely just to see your adorable boyfriend have mini heart attacks during your dates because he’s absolutely smitten with you. However, gosh, when you pull him close and wrap your arms tenderly around his shoulders while you’re dressed a little more on the masculine side, Prompto’s practically melting from the inside out. You’re seriously one of the coolest people he’s ever met and he can’t believe that you’re willing to be seen with HIM in public- being all lovely-dovey and couple-like out in the open for everyone to see. And that, in itself, is the thing that Prompto loves the most about you- you’re willing to be with him no matter what.

Gladio: Admittedly, Gladio was a little confused when he’d first seen you dress down in your ‘comfortable’ clothes. He’d asked you if you’d forgotten to do your laundry, and that had resulting in a terrible fight, which ended in both tears and guilt. Since that time, Gladio learned not to comment overtly on your rather versatile fashion sense. As a matter of fact, he began to appreciate the different sides of yourself that you tended to showcase with the different ways that you dressed. He’d drag you down to the gym when you were dressed down in casual, baggy sportswear, overtly excited that he had a gym buddy while you would pull and tug on his arm in protest, knowing full well that you would be sore for days after a ‘Gladiolus Amicitia Special’ workout. Honestly, the first time he mentioned that particular workout, you had thought you were in for some sweet lovin’. Damn it, were you wrong about that! On the contrary, whenever you dressed cutely in blouses, denim shorts and flats, Gladio preferred to take you out for walks. When you’d ask him why the two of you weren’t going to the gym like usual, Gladio would just smile down at you and shrug. “You’re not dressed for it babe.” Seriously, Gladio really doesn’t care about what you look like- as long as you can take his odd sense of humour and keep up even a little with his active lifestyle, then you are perfect to him!

Ignis: Ignis finds your versatility interesting. The first time you had met Ignis, you were dressed to the nines in a ball gown and fingerless black lace gloves. He could not take his eyes off you, and that was probably the reason why you and Ignis were together today. Ignis had always liked the way you were able to look both elegant and strong at the same time. He liked the way that you were able to command the attention of everyone in any particular room with a simple movement. Honestly, the man was smitten with you. Ignis absolutely fell in love with the way you were able to command his attention with you every movement, without even having to wear anything provocative. Seriously, you could be wearing a loosely fit male shirt and some baggy jeans, and Ignis would think you were the sexiest woman in the world. Ignis loves you for you and not for what you wear. He likes to see you comfortable and he wants nothing more than to see you happy- and if that versatile, comfortable fashion sense of yours made you look a little more masculine that usual, then that was absolutely fine with Ignis. Again, as long as you were happy, Ignis was happy.

Cor: Let’s be honest here- Cor doesn’t care about how you dress. Cor admires your dedication to yourself and others and is also incredibly impressed with your intelligence. Your laid back approach towards every problem you face makes Cor envious of you- and a little part of him practically screams out at him, asking him why on Eos you chose to be with HIM of all people on the planet. He’s envious of the fact that you seem incredibly comfortably in your own skin, as demonstrated by the versatile manner in which you express yourself creatively with your fashion. Cor can only wish to be as comfortable in his own skin as you are in yours. You usually catch Cor smiling slightly when you answer the door wearing edgy male clothing. Cor smiles because he actually likes the fact that your dress sense can make his job as your boyfriend easier sometimes… Cor usually dreads heading out with you when you dress up for him in skirts, stockings and Mary Jane heels. He doesn’t like the fact that other men start to ogle you when you’re with him. Cor Leonis, surprisingly, gets bitten by the jealousy bug quite often. As such, Cor is usually very smug as he walks around down with his arm casually slung over yours, freely moving through crowds and not paying people much mind when they point and whisper at the two of you for being ‘improper’. Cor usually smirks and presses gently kisses against your cheeks, letting people think what they want to think about himself and your androgynous appearance. As long as other men weren’t ogling you, Cor was fine with anything else society threw both your ways. And similarly, you held the same belief. As long as you were with Cor- you were absolutely fine.

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*Guess who's back, back again* 61, please?

*Guess who will always write any drabble prompt you send me?* Lol. Here’s #61: “They didn’t just find out. They already knew!”

“Derek Samuel Hale! I am very upset right now and I request hugs and love from you before I die of mortification!” Stiles yelled as he entered the loft, footfalls heavy and possibly a little over dramatic. From the left Derek emerged from the kitchen in an oversized worn sweater, basketball shorts, and feet adorned in one black and one white sock.

Stiles felt some of his anger and disappointment fade at the adorable sight.  

“Did they not take it well?” Derek asked as he approached and wrapped his arms around Stiles’ waist.

Stiles rolled his eyes, “no they took it in stride Derek!”

“That’s a bad thing?” Derek asked, brows furrowed in confusion.

“They didn’t just find out,” he said, “they already knew!”

Then Derek was laughing, head thrown back, his Adam’s apple bobbing with the sound. Stiles had the urge to punch Derek and to kiss him, he didn’t know which he wanted to do more at the moment.

“This isn’t funny Derek! This was a big thing, it was supposed to be this whole tear jerker sobby moment. No…my dad just laughed, Scott grinned with a thumbs up, and Melissa informed me that everyone knew!” Stiles explained frantically, his hand movements nearly smacking his boyfriend in the face.

Derek sighed and one hand inched up to play at the fading marks on his neck, “you haven’t been subtle about it. Not that I mind, I like it when you show these off.”

“Stop it, you’re gonna turn me on with your possessive wolf stuff.”

“Oh no you’ve found out my plan.”

“Damn, well I mean I did ask for hugs and love,” Stiles shrugged, their noses brushing against each other’s a few times.

“Anything for my emotionally wounded boyfriend. I mean having your family accept your sexuality and me is just the worst,” Derek said and Stiles paused, frowning.

“Stop, now I sound like an asshole. I was nervous, I just expected at least my dad to have something to say other than laughing about me taking so long,” Stiles said and pulled back, their hands tangled as he pulled Derek towards the bed. He pushed the older man down so he was laying on his back and Stiles took the opportunity to straddle him.

Hands flew to his thighs, ass, and lower back; Derek pulling him close. Stiles smiled and kissed him, the kiss deep and full of lust, their tongues mapping each other’s mouths.

“Now this is what I call hugs and love,” Stiles muttered, trailing his kisses down Derek’s neck to his collar.

“Stop with the jokes, or I’m not blowing you,” Derek moaned and Stiles took that threat very seriously.


A Little Road Trip Won’t Hurt (Part 5)

Warnings: fluff, talk of bones?

Pairing: Bucky x Sam x Steve x Reader

A/N: Listen to the songs that are mentioned in certain parts bc so cute. 


“Shut up.”

Sam said, hitting the clock on the bedside table. Steve set the alarms to 10:30 so that everyone could wake up on time, but you, Bucky, and Sam kept snoozing it, absentmindedly. He said he wanted to wake up earlier to that you guys would “get a good start on the day,” but the three of you didn’t like that.

So, you guys slept in and now here you were, getting woken up by the sound of the alarm next to you smashing into pieces.

“Calm down, freezer.” Sam grumbled as Bucky pulled the covers over his eyes after hitting the fancy alarm.

“Morning guys.” Steve said, coming into the room with a tray of coffees. “Or…good afternoon I suppose.”

“Hey Steve.” You said, rubbing your eyes as you sat on the edge of the bed. “What time is it?”

“Twelve fourteen.” Steve replied, handing out the coffees. “You guys wouldn’t wake up earlier so I headed around the city to just walk around. Then came back here to give you guys a small breakfast.”

“Thanks, man.” Bucky said, heading towards the bathroom. “I’ll go and shower now.” He continued, taking a sip of his coffee then placing it on the table as he walked to the bathroom. Sam shot up, coffee still up to his lips.

“Hey, I’m showering!” Sam said, getting in Bucky’s way before he turned on the shower. Bucky looked confused for a moment as he knitted his eyebrows together.

“I just said that I was showering, Red Robin so back off.” He grumbled, turning on the shower.

You sighed, stretched your limbs, and laid back down on the bed listening to the two argue over who’s gonna use up the hot water, which clearly wasn’t relevant since you guys were in a hotel.

“So, figured out where we’re going today?” You asked Steve as he took his shoes off, placing them neatly by the door.

“Yeah, actually. I was thinking about going to the Academy of Natural Sciences today.” he replied. “I walked passed it while I was getting coffee and I thought maybe we’d like it.”

You nodded. You’ve been to many museums and science halls before, all seeing the same statue of a big dinosaur and all, you admitted, but you nodded. “Sure. We can do that.”

“(Y/N), can you call an Uber? I don’t feel like driving.” Steve chuckled, leaning back against the wall of the hotel. You nodded as you walked outside as the three men looked at brochures inside. Steve let you borrow a phone he ‘found’ in order for emergencies, but only you and him could have one.
You clicked the Uber app and waited for your Uber driver to notify you. You went inside, since it was blazing hot, and sighed once you felt the cool breeze of ac.

Philly was hot where you guys were, especially in the city. You were lucky that you packed well and appropriately, and thanked god that the others didn’t show up in jeans and sweaters. You were wearing a sundress matched with a cap and some converse, while the boys were wearing shorts and t shirts. Bucky wore basketball shorts and a sweater, to cover his metal arm and they all wore their black and grey hats.

“How long till they get here?” Sam asked, patting the seat next to him. You took a seat next to him while you took the map Steve had and wrote down a few notes on the side.

“About 3 minutes?” You said, checking the time. He nodded as Steve walked up. “He’ll be coming up in a red prius.”

“Have you ever had a philly cheesesteak?” Steve asked, pointing to the picture on the ad he had in his hand. “They’re so big. Never had that back in my time.” He laughed, putting the paper back in the placeholder.

A honk was heard, and your phone buzzed with a notification from your Uber driver. You got up from your seat, pulling Sam up with you. “Driver’s here!” You announced, walking out the door with the guys following behind.

You got into the back of the prius. Steve in the passenger, Bucky on the right side, and Sam squished in-between you and Bucky. Steve conversed with the driver, telling him a fake story on how he traveled back in time in the war and how he fought hitler. The driver thought he was joking.

“So where are we going exactly?” Bucky asked, turning his head to you. Your gaze broke from the buildings ahead of you, turning to the soldier.

“Academy of Natural Science museum.” You replied, showing him the phone that had yelp on it. “I was reading the reviews and so far, people like it.” You smiled.

“Hmm. Can’t wait.” He replied.

The four of you got there around 1:00. You walked up the steps that led into the hall, and went to the bag check in.

“How’s tin can gonna get through?” Sam whispered, snickering at Bucky that was last in line. You smiled and shrugged.

“Let’s hope he gets in successfully.”

You put your backpack on the table, as security looked inside. As you, Sam and Steve went through the metal detectors, you waited inside the museum on the benches as Sam and Steve put their belts and shoes on. From your view, you saw Bucky clearly arguing with the officer.

“Sir, do you have anything in your pocket?” Security asked Bucky for about the third time. “Keys, knives…Liquids?”

Bucky shook his head. “For the last time, man. No I don’t. I have a metal limb for crying out loud.” He tried walking through the scanner again to meet the group, but the officer held him back.

“We need some proof of that, Sir.” The man said, crossing his arms.

Bucky took his hand out of his pocket, showing the vibranium fingers he had. Once they were out, he gave the officer the finger, smiling sweetly. “There’s your proof, sir.” He said as he walked through, frowning as he got his phone, keys and wallet.

“You should’ve been a little nicer.” Steve laughed as he led you guys inside.

“Asshole thought my arm was fake. Wanted proof so I gave him some.” Bucky shrugged.

“You could’ve told him that your crotch was made of metal.” Sam joked, causing Bucky to slap him hard against the chest.

“Shut it, Icarus.” Bucky said.

“Let’s check out the fossils first!” You suggested, pointing to the sign with an arrow leading to the bones. They agreed and followed you to the destination. You all stood in awe as you saw the room filled with dinosaur and more animal bones as you started walking around, contemplating on the dry parts.

“I wonder how old these suckers are.” Bucky smirked, touching the glass that separated the bones from the touch of hands.

“Probably about a thousand years old. Maybe even before man.” You smiled up at him as you walked with him through the halls.

“Hey, Barnes.” Sam shouted from across the room. You and Bucky turned around at him as Steve was taking pictures with your polaroid in the background.

“What.” Bucky said in monotone.

“Was this what you felt like when you visited Steve at the museum?” He smirked, holding up a skull of a dinosaur.

“Sam..” Steve warned, shaking his head as he wandered out of the room, and onto the next.

“Steve,” you said, clutching your stomach as you walked down the steps of the museum. “That picture of you and the elephant head!” You said, laughing at the picture you took on the polaroid, shaking it as you stepped.

“He got caught by security!” Sam laughed, clutching his knees in laughter.

You all stood in a circle, looking at a picture you took of Steve at the museum. He was stood next to an elephant head, while he held the fossil of a baby elephant to his head, but as you took the picture, he fell off of the stand, mid take. Security saw you four so they had to escort you all out.

“You made me do it!” Steve said, rubbing his head. As you all calmed down from your laughing fits, Steve held up his arm to check his watch. “It’s only 3:11. Wanna head somewhere else?” He asked, sitting on the large steps.

“Yeah sure.” You replied, wiping your tears. “Any ideas?”

“Let’s go to Spruce Street Harbor.” Bucky spoke, pointing to the map. “We can stay until nighttime because they have these cool lights that light up.”

“I’m in.” You shrugged.

“Alright. We can have a picnic there too.” Steve said, flagging down a cab. “Sam?”

He looked at Sam as he got into the cab, you following behind.


You all sat in the cab, which was a large van, so you all finally had space.

“5 minutes to get there.” The driver said. You all nodded. Sam sat in the front and engaged in conversation, charming the driver.

Steve decided to go to the store first to go and get food for the little picnic he planned to do. As the driver dropped you guys off to the store, Steve and Bucky went inside to get the snacks while you and Sam stayed outside, reading random brochures again, to prepare for tomorrow.

“This place that Barnes suggested actually looks pretty damn cool.” Sam muttered, flipping the page of the book all about Spruce Park.

You looked up from your magazine, eyes widened as you smiled with your mouth open. “Wait, repeat that again?” You laughed.

Sam looked at you with a straight face. “You heard me..” he said, before showing you a picture of the park. The picture had blue lights hanging from trees, and hammocks by the waterfront.

“Wow..” You said in awe. “You can even play chess there!” You smiled, taking the book from him.

“And rent a boat there. Heard the seafood is amazing there.” Sam smiled back, looking over your shoulder to view the book too.

“Roller skating, beer, hammocks…Kayak and paddle boarding? Holy shit.” You said. “Thank you, Barnes.”

“This is gonna be so cool.” Sam smiled.

The two of you were so busy looking at pictures of the park, you didn’t even notice Steve and Bucky come back with a small cooler in hand.

“You packed already?” you asked them as you started walking. Steve nodded.

“I do have super soldier speed.” He shrugged, slinging the bag over his shoulder.

“Oh I thought that was just a myth.” You laughed.

The group headed towards that park which was just a 5 minute walk from the store. As you walked, you enjoyed your surroundings, looking at the tall buildings that stood above you, contemplating at the scene. Your friends in the back were talking and laughing, making a few remarks here and there. Bucky and Sam bickered for a bit, but still held a small conversation.

You contemplated the view of the bridge from your height, taking in the scene, silently changing your mind about this trip. You were enjoying it after all. Smiling, you took out the polaroid, taking a shot of you with the boys laughing in the back. Shaking the polaroid and hiding it under your dress to cover the sunlight from the picture, you stopped at the red light.

“It’s been two minutes and surprisingly, you guys haven’t been fighting.” You said in disbelief. You took the polaroid out of your dress and showed it to the three. “Memories.”

“That’s a nice picture.” Steve smiled. “Nat will love it.”

“You’re grabbing your left boob again, Steve.” Sam laughed as he started walking when the crosswalk signaled.

“Why do you do that anyway?” You asked, following Sam as Steve walked next to you.

“Habit of mine.” He shrugged.

“Well, don’t do it to me.” You teased. You saw the entrance to the park and quickly ran to the cement walkway, shaded with trees. “We’re here!” You jumped around and smiled. “Get in here boys!” You said, taking out your polaroid again. The men ran to you, huddling around as you held the camera in your hand.

“Smile!” You said. You bent down to get everyone in the picture, and snapped the shot. You got up and shook the picture that popped out.

“Lovely.” You mumbled as you followed Bucky into the park. All of you looked around at the scene and saw families playing on the grass, relaxing and watching their kids run around freely. People sat sleeping in the hammocks that were tied to the trees, some sat in the reserved waterfront hammocks that you’d wish you’d get on later. People played with the big chess pieces while others kayaked in the water, laughing and singing.  September by Earth, Wind, and Fire started playing loudly and you nodded your head to the beat.

“Let’s find a spot!” Bucky yelled over the music. You nodded and walked around behind the group. You saw Sam dancing to the music and you laughed, taking another picture and putting it in your pocket.

“Dance with me, Sam!” You yelled and smiled. You took his hand and you danced with him on the grass as Steve and Bucky sat down in between two hammocks and placed the blanked and cooler in between.

“This song is perfect for the mood!” You laughed, spinning as Sam danced in front of you. He pulled you in as he held your hand.

Steve sat against the tree and smiled at his two friends having fun. He looked to his side and saw Bucky make a small side smile, watching you and Sam. That was the moment that Steve finally saw his three best friends having fun, and he was proud.

Once the song ended, you and Sam panted as you sat down. Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash started playing and you laid down on the blue blanket, putting your hat down.

“(Y/N) here has some nice moves.” Sam winked as he grabbed a sandwich from the cooler. You smiled and sat up again, taking a bag of chips out.

“Maybe sometime I can teach her what the 40s was like, dance move wise.” Bucky said, softly smiling at you.

“Just tell me when the time is right.” You smiled back.

The four of you started munching on the snacks that were in the bag, and talked about your favorite parts of the day. You snapped a few shots of the scene again, and saw that the lights hanging from the trees were being lit up. It was only 5 o’clock.

“So, what time does the sun set?” you asked.

Steve shrugged. “Probably in two or three hours.” He said, tossing his trash away. “I can’t wait to see these lights light up even more.” He sighed. You all agreed.

The next song was I Melt With You by Modern English and you chuckled at the song, bringing back 80s memories.

“Let’s rent a foot pedal boat!” You said, standing up. “Do you guys have money?” The others stood, and walked to the docs.

“Yeah. We can all pitch in.” Bucky said. You all grabbed your money and handed it to the man inside the small stand. He walked out and told you all of the rules and got out two large pedal boats shaped like dragons. You and Bucky got in the blue one, while Sam and Steve got in the green one. Inside, the four of you adjusted your life vests, just incase.

“These are fuckin’ awesome.” Bucky shouted over the music again as the two of you moved the boat with your feet. Sam and Steve appeared next to you guys, and smiled, snapping a picture.

“Just remember, this isn’t bumper ca-“ You said.

Sam!” You yelled, feeling the boat jerk to the right. Sam and Steve pedaled to you and Bucky, hitting the side of your dragon. You and Bucky tried pedaling faster away from the two.

“This is like training at the gym all over again!” Bucky laughed.

You agreed and smiled. “I know! But at least you aren’t training with Nat. She works my legs all day!”

“Steve’s worse.” Bucky said, shaking his head. “At least our calves will look great after.” He laughed.

You finally escaped Sam and Steve and stopped pedaling as the calming waves in the water soothed the ride.

“So, tell me.” You said, facing Bucky. “What’s your favorite part about the trip, so far?” You asked.

Bucky sighed and began to think. “I’m not sure. I mean, we do have another day to spend here, but my favorite part about being here is the bonding. I mean, you know..Me and Sam don’t really get along much, but I guess we’ve never really given each other a chance to get to know each other.” He shrugged.

You smiled and awed. “That’s sweet, Buck.” You smiled.

“And making Steve happy again.” He half smiled. “Guy has been through hell and back to try and make everyone happy, and I realized today that the smallest moments make him smile.”

“The smallest moments make everyone smile, Bucky.” You said, holding his arm. “And I’m glad to see Steve happy as well. Spending time with his three best friend, especially you, has been a joy for him and for me and Sam, even though he won’t admit it.” You winked.

Sam and Steve met up with you again as you paddled around the water, before getting out and seeing that the sun was setting.

You all walked up the ramp and gave the guy your vests before walking out and to the park again.

“An hour before fireworks start.” Steve said. “Wanna go roller skating?” He asked.

“There’s roller skating here?!” Sam boomed. “Shit, let’s go then!” He said, grabbing your arm. Steve and Bucky followed along to the outdoor rink and fell inline.

“You guys know how to skate?” You asked them, leaning against the poles.

“I’ve done it before back in the day.” Steve said. “I think I was pretty good.” He laughed.

You nodded. “Buck?”

Bucky shrugged. “I’m not so sure.” He laughed nervously. You reached the front of the line and paid for the tickets before getting your skates.

“Well, this is gonna be fun.” You announced. Once you put your shoes on, Sam went in first, then Steve, then you. You weren’t sturdy at first, but got used to the feeling. “C’mon, Buck!” You shouted over Footloose by Kenny Loggins, playing in the background.

Bucky went in cautiously, tightly gripping the walls. You took the outside as you allowed him to hold onto the white walls of the railings. The place was lit up with fairy lights all around the ceiling and you smiled. “Got it?” You asked. Bucky slowly stood up straight, but fell as he started moving. You couldn’t help but laugh.

Steve and Sam rolled passed you guys and started breaking out into laughter. “You alright there, Buck?” Steve laughed, turning around.

You laughed along and held Bucky’s left arm. “Take my hand.” You said in between chuckles. He took it and you helped him off of the floor, telling him to act like he’s dragging his feet. He slowly got the hang of it and by now, you and him were hand in hand, creeping your way around the rink.

“You know, I should be the one that’s helping you how to skate.” Bucky said, slowly watching his feet.

“It’s alright.” You smiled. “I kinda like this. Gender roles..switched” You teased.

“This song is so cheesy.” He cringed. You gasped.

“I love this song!” You said. “Footloose..Footloose..Kick off your Sunday shoes.” You sang in his ear, laughing as you looked up at him cringing.

“Oh god no.” he laughed, shaking his head.

The four of you walked out of the rink,  Night Changes by One Direction played. You nodded to the song, placing your shoes in the correct size sequence. You rolled your shoulders forward and back, stretching them. Once you were out, you looked up at the trees that were lit up with blue and purple lights. You squealed in excitement. “It’s so pretty!” You said, as you followed Sam back to the blanket and cooler. You sat down and saw Steve pull out a can of beer from the bottom.

“The hell,” You said. “You didn’t tell me you had alcohol!” You said, grabbing a beer from the cooler. You passed two more to Sam and Bucky, watching as they opened the bottle with their fingers.

“Never thought it mattered.” Steve laughed. “I can’t get drunk anyway.”

“You should’ve told Thor to spare us some of that drink he has from his home.” You suggested.

“Pft. Like he’ll talk to us now.” Sam laughed, chugging down the beer and grabbing another.

Pretty soon, Bucky and Steve were slightly buzzed. A little sober but some alcohol kicked in. You didn’t know how. You and Sam were feeling fine as the four of you laid down on the blanket, heads in a circle in the middle as you all looked at the fireworks that were being set off in the sky.

“This has been an amazing trip.” Steve sighed. “Thank you, guys.” He said, resting his head on his arm.

“Let’s stay like this forever.”


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Can I have a Aomine imagine where his innocent girlfriend starts wearing more revealing clothes because she thinks he likes that kind of clothes (because of his magazines) and he doesn't like it and tells her that he likes her how she is normally

Oh boy I’m starting to detest things I write LOL enjoy though :)

You let out a frustrated sigh after having to repeat what you said for the third time, since Aomine was far too occupied in his gravure magazines to even acknowledge what you were saying. The third time, he gives you a lazy answer, but doesn’t care to tear his eyes away from the models to look at you.
You decided you were done with this. Done with being overlooked and under appreciated. You get up and leave hurriedly, dismissing Aomine as he called after you.

Straight from school you head to the mall, your wardrobe in mind. The entirety of it consisted of baggy t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, and sweats, which is what you figured the problem was. Your style just wasn’t daring enough.

So Aomine likes the sexy look…

Fine then. You pick out a short, playful skirt and a tiny low cut shirt to match. Trying it on was uncomfortable in itself, and you cringed at the thought of having to wear it in front of the entire school, but convinced yourself it was worth it. The next day at school, you force yourself to stop fidgeting with your outfit, trying your best to play it cool and confident. In fact, you weren’t even going to confront Aomine, you were going to let him come to you. You managed to draw a lot of attention within a couple of seconds, suddenly earning smiles by boys who never used to give you a second glance. Aomine had been looking for you since the last time you two spoke, and almost passed you by when he saw you, surrounded by a group of boys from the soccer team. Your look was so different he hardly recognized you. The boys were only making polite conversation, but Aomine scared them off with a dangerous look anyway. He dragged you by the wrist into an empty classroom, where he turned to you, eyes filled with anger that quickly flickered to concern when he saw your face. You hated yourself for being so sensitive, for feeling like you were actually going to cry at such a stupid thing.

“I just thought you might start looking at me instead of your models if I dressed like them,” you start.

“I don’t like it when you wear things like that in public,” he says, his rough voice making it sound much harsher than he intended.

His comment sets you off in an instant. Raising your voice, you beg him the question, almost afraid of the answer. “Am I not pretty enough to pull it off? Does it somehow embarrass you to see me like this? Why can they wear it for everyone to see but not me?

Aomine sighed. He knew he was terrible at comforting people but he tried his best by putting all his genuine thought into his next sentence.

“That’s because I don’t care how many guys look at them. But when it comes to you,” he paused, looking away from you to actively avoid eye contact. “I just don’t want anyone but me to see you dressed so damn good,”

You can’t help but smile a little. “So you like what I normally wear?”

“It leaves more to the imagination anyway,” he says with a full on grin. “Here, this is more like you,” He took off his basketball sweater and handed it to you, making sure to zip it up completely when you put it on.

So today I went for a walk and wore a Mass Effect hoodie of mine, which is the reversible morality one. I wore the paragon side. As I passed these kids while they played basketball they noticed my sweater and I heard one of them going, “she’s wearing mystic colors” and then shouted at me, “TEAM MYSTIC SUCKS” and I swear to God I’ve never felt more attacked in my life by a bunch of twelve year olds.

moffat has been lying his ass off for months!!!!!!!!!!!! you know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! the baby is a basketball under mary’s sweater like you did when you were in p.e. in 3rd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!