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“Fresh Off The Boat” a memoir by Eddie Huang really resonated with me.  Here he is facing off against one of the old school Chinese stereotypes, Charlie Chan.  No I’m not Chinese/Taiwanese American, but I’m Korean American and in the arena of racial stereotyping/ignorance/racism/racial intolerance, all Asians are unfortunately lumped into the same category.  Long story short, I feel Eddie’s pain and anger.  Just like he spent time in Taiwan as a young man, I lived in Korea for a year in my 20s and felt as alienated there as I do every time I get Ching Chonged here in New York City (sadly I got Bruce Lee’d just the other day while on my morning run).  I’ve been Chino’d in Spain, Chinoise’d in Paris, etc…  Not fitting in anywhere, even in your mother country, I feel him.  I wasn’t a basketball playing sneaker head but I was a skateboarding hip hop head sporting Wu-Tang t-shirts and shants.  Eddie Huang is the same age as me so I got all his references and really read the truth in this book.  When I started the book I didn’t know it was soon going to be a TV series on ABC (which I haven’t seen yet). I had to make this illustration after reading the book.  I’ve fought with friends about giving “street level educations” or turning the other cheek when ignorant or straight up disrespectful words or actions come your way.  I could go on and on about the racial prejudices that Asians face. The book is about much more than that.  It’s a memoir of growing up Asian American in America which really spoke to me.  In the words of Eddie Huang, concerning his book, I fux wit it, and ya’ll should too.

Over the sound of Red Mountain fans chanting “Mountain fight,” a screeching noise pierced the air. Gueye kept his focus on the court as cackles of “Hoo-hoo-ah-ah,” mimicking the sound of a monkey, came from the throats of some in the Red Mountain crowd standing in the bleachers.

Some of the students began pounding fists against chests and scratching their armpits.

Gueye was the only black player on the floor at the time.

Gueye, who scored 17 points in the game, did not respond.

I noticed it but I had no choice but to ignore it. It kills me that racism still exists, but I’ve been dealing with stuff like this my whole life. I know the kid wanted me to react, but I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted. ~ Gueye

Red Mountain Principal Jared Ryan walked over and escorted one of the students out of the stands, making him leave the premises.

Unblur their faces. they’re old enough to know right from wrong!

We’re often told that the younger generation is less racist, and then when kids show the same investments in white supremacy, we’re told that they’re “just kids” and “made a mistake.” This incident and others show that the problem has little to do with age and more to do with the social and psychological investments in white supremacy.

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That post was kind of transphobic, honestly. It's not fair to say that people are "faking" being trans for one reason or another.

People on this site think you can get unlimited chocolate from a chocolate bar just by cutting it a certain way

Many people on this site are pre-pubescent and are still developing mentally

People here think the statue of liberty was originally a three meter tall black woman

Some people doxx themselves then get angry that others ‘violated their privacy’

People here think identifying as a galaxy is a gender

People are saying “Just because I am XX DFAB and identify as female doesn’t mean I’m cis!”

“Bronies” are targeted with distain just because they are male and like a supposedly female-oriented show.

Girls are convinced that NO CURRENT VIDEO GAMES are targeted at females.

Boys are told that they are all potential rapists, and tons of posts about asspulled 'straight boy’ stereotypes (basketball shorts, drawing dicks on things, stupid voices, always making off-colour comments) play off of insecurities young boys have.

People scream and harass celebrities and internet personalities for not coming out as queer, then share their private emails without permission.

You can’t tell me that nobody on this site, none of the incredibly impressionable young and eager-to-fit-in people, on this site filled with causticity and vitriol towards anyone who doesn’t lock step with their selective worldview, have convinced themselves they are trans just because they like My Little Pony or The Avengers. Especially since a lot of vocal people here will tell you to kill yourself just because you are cisgendered.

It’s funny because for all the complaining about strict gender roles and the social constructs behind supposed gender-targeted media, tumblr sure ascribes to them a whole lot.


This 4-foot-5-inch star is shattering every stereotype about basketball players 

the seirin team gets together for a “movie night” at kagamis or something and they ask him to play like the most stereotypical american basketball movie ever and hes like “SHIT IDK……” so he fucking picks space jam expecting them all to be laughing their asses off and dying but instead THEY GET REALLY????? INTO IT???????????? LIKE hyuuga is crying at the end………