basketball stand


Maji Kyun AGF Event At Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Where would they take you during winter break


*A classical musical concert

*To Your house

*at night time where there is thousand of stars


*A fancy restaurant

*beautiful fancy concert


*basketball game

*takoyaki stand

*around town


*A cafe

*dessert shop

*his doll room


*pervert shop

*his room

*cafe That have macaroon



*walk at night


*petting zoo


*his room



*see Your favorite author


*go to his concert


*fancy restaurant

*petting zoo



*his garden


*his room


*anywhere as long as he with you

*petting zoo

*knife store

*around town

*ice cream shop


*Art museum

*his room

*Ball room where you two dance

*looking at the moon together


*taking bath with him


*his room

DEFINITELY go to your local high schools high school musical production JUST IN CASE A) they perform a slow melancholy rendition of WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER featuring A GOSPEL CHOIR that brings you to ACTUAL TEARS and B) after the show when the GRADUATING SENIORS are being recognized, a very shy handsome senoir who played the baking basketball player receives a standing ovation for his ten lines, and then shyly grabs the mic and yells KATIE WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME after which, katie, who is of course working the spotlight, screams, so he has to yell FLASH THE SPOTLIGHT ONCE FOR NO OR TWICE FOR YES PLEASE and the whole audience waits in agony as the spotlight slowly blinks once…and then A SECOND TIME after which the other basketball dudes on stage SCREAM WITH JOY AND PHYSICALLY WRESTLE KATIES NEW PROM DATE INTO A JOYOUS BRO PILE WHILE HE SMILES SO HARD IT LITERALLY HURTS TO LOOK AT


I don’t know if there’s an idiom like this in Japanese, but throughout this entire sequence I couldn’t help but think of the phrase “digging up dirt”. The imagery really hits home how much emotional baggage there is between Kanbaru and Numachi, that it’s all being dredged back up as a result of their meeting, and that it’s decidedly unpleasant and probably neither of them wanted it to happen.

Things like the enormity of the bulldozers, the fact that Numachi is standing right in the way of the path through them (made by their digging arms, no less), and that Kanbaru sticks herself right in there with her heavily underscore the potency of the girls’ memories and emotions.

Then, when the bulldozer imagery shifts and we get an overhead view, Numachi and Kanbaru are really small in comparison to the bulldozers that are blocking them in from all sides, but are right in the middle of the screen. In contrast to the empty grey basketball court they’re standing on, the girls and the bulldozers are very brightly colored. The game they loved so much is just a memory at this point, devoid of vibrancy and filled with regret.

As they continue talking, Kanbaru becomes completely engulfed in her memories. A gigantic wall of sand the same grey color as the basketball court, that looks like it could be the sky itself, is gradually trickling down towards Kanbaru. She’s feeling the emotional weight of her past with Numachi so strongly at this point that she’s figuratively drowning in it (and water also seems to be associated with memory and emotion in Hanamonogatari).

I also really love some of the smaller touches in the fourth row of images, such as how Kanbaru being down in the thick of it, trying to actively deal with everything that’s come flooding back into her consciousness, while Numachi is sitting on the rock face, passively letting the sand continue to trickle down past her, seemingly above it all and appearing to have the dominant position in their debate, supports their differing ways of dealing with problems.

The imagery is also reminiscent of their past in a more specific way: the rock face looks like bleachers, and combined with the wall on the left the whole area has somewhat of a “gym” or “stadium” feel. Numachi sitting on the “bleachers” while Kanbaru’s in the middle of the “court” recalls how Numachi was forced to quit playing basketball due to her injury while Kanbaru continued playing.

Something else that’s more overarching about the whole sequence is that so much of the imagery is dry. The girls’ emotions have been worn down and covered over with time. Even though they’re strong, they’re not fresh, and they’re from a time that feels so long ago.

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How would Aomine and Kagami react if their S/O creamed them in a one-on-one basketball match?

Aomine: He stands there in silence as you parade around him, bragging on and on about how you had clearly defeated him at his own game. It’s not like he could even deny it, as the tallies the both of you had collected clearly dominated your side of the paper. Aomine is clearly frustrated, his face flushed red with anger or embarrassment, but his pride would never let him admit that fact. 

“Guess the only one who can beat you is me.” You tease, giving your boyfriend a knowing smirk while continuing to dribble the basketball in your hands. 

He scoffs at this, shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. “Oi, don’t act like I didn’t teach you everything you know about basketball.” 

You raise an eyebrow, softly chuckling at him. “Oh? The student has clearly surpassed the master, in that case.”

Aomine lets out a frustrated groan before picking you up over his shoulder and walking you back to your car. “Shove it.” 

“H-hey! Put me down right this instant, Ahomine.” You whine in protest, flailing around in an unsuccessful attempt to get him to release you. “Winners should be treated with respect, you know!”

“I’m just carrying the victor.” He says simply, “Take this as a reward for your hard work.” 


Kagami: He’d blink a few times, unable to fully believe what had happened. He had gone easy on you for the first couple of baskets, wanting you to at least get a few points in before he began to rack them up against you like he always does, but today had been different. You started scoring right off the bat, catching Kagami off guard and instantly putting him in the offensive.

He would have never anticipated that you would have actually won, though. By a whole lot, too, no less. 

“Taiga, Taiga look!” You say, all smiles and giggles as you point to the piece of paper you had been keeping score on. Yes, indeed the score did stand towards a considerable win for his girlfriend.

He tries his best to give a smile, but ultimately is very confused. He had been playing basketball all his life, and you, who had just started, had already surpassed him? He can’t help but feel a little disappointed. “Oh, yeah. Good job, _____.”

He squeezes the basketball in his hands a few times, dribbling it in contemplation.

Well, there’s clearly only one way to settle this.

Kagami lifts his shirt up to dab at the sweat on his brow, eyes lighting up with passion and vigor again as flashes you a grin.

 “C’mon. It’s time for round two.” 

Murasakibara Atsushi Headcanons [SFW]

- Has to sleep with a body pillow when he curls up to sleep, because his limbs are too long to stretch out on his bed.

- His mother is a very tiny and feisty lady who is one of the few people Atsushi will let boss him around.

- Is actually a straight A student. 

- Grew up loving sweets because his mother loves to bake.

- His deep rooted thoughts of not wanting to try too hard come from watching his older siblings succeed in many things easily, leaving Basketball his only stand out feature from them. He fears that if he tried and failed to meet their level at something else he would be laughed at. 

- He claims to hate Basketball but truly loves it as it reminds him of when his older brothers spent time with him and he loves hearing his mom congratulate him.

- Is insecure about his height because many people cower away from him. He has found overtime that acting indifferent or superior helps to suppress the pain he feels every time someone avoids eye contact or flinches away.

- Holidays in the Murasakibara household are loud events. Food covers the table and long armed children battle for their portions while a scolding mother tells them to mind their manners. Meanwhile poor father is shaking his head at his families antics.

- Has tons of dental hygiene products because as much as he eats sweets, he also makes sure to protect his teeth from cavities. He had one once…he would prefer not to repeat it. 

- Claims to like tall girls near his height but finds short girls absolutely adorable.  

- Is a wuss when it comes to spicy food.

- Has two left feet when it comes to dancing.

- Has to duck down into doorways throughout his house. 

- His deepest darkest secret is that he wants to have a big family someday as he can’t imagine not having his siblings.