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‘Salute’ the women of Team USA

I don’t need to add anything.  Enough said.

Music:  Salute - Little Mix


Did y’all see this Brittney Griner dunk?  👀


I actually deleted the comments that said things like, “You dumb cunt. This is bullshit.” There were three comments like that altogether. Also from men who are apparently enraged by the idea of the NWHL or women getting paid to play or girls getting into professional sports. 


This kind of reaction is exactly why we should be interested in a film that supports women athletes and women in general. There are only 9 days left to meet the goal of these filmmakers or they receive nothing. Please consider pitching in a few bucks. Hell, I’d pay $5 just as a big EFF YOU to some of these dudes who replied to my Facebook ad. 

Wouldn’t you?


Throwback Thursday: With the Sweet Sixteen starting tonight and it being Women’s History Month, we thought it was a great time to share this 1903 postcard with you. The “P” seems faded, but that is a Princeton University banner they’re playing under.

Historical Postcard Collection (AC045), Box 4

If you want more on basketball at Princeton, check out the March Madness series we put together last year.


Mo'ne Davis’ Chevy Ad Will Leave You With A Lump In Your Throat

Is there anything Mo'ne Davis can’t do?

After wowing the world with her arm and becoming the first female pitcher ever to win a game at the Little League World Series, the 13-year-old Philadelphian is now starring in an ad for Chevrolet.

Watch the full commercial and learn more about the incredible Davis here.