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Roommates pt4

A long chapter. Mature. Enjoy :)

“Sleep ok?” 

You glance at Justin as he scrolls into the room. He wore sweatpants and a large hoodie. 


You eye him suspiciously as he was being a bit quieter than normal. 

“Justin,” you began to say carefully with caution, “yesterday, it cannot happen again okay?” 

“yeah. i know.” 

Justin knew this, he just hoped you wouldn’t bring it up again. 

“Are you sure you’re ok? you seem a bit-.” 

“I’m fine.” 

You ignore him, maybe he was just having those days. You leave your bowl in the sink before driving off to work, you were already late as it was. 

Justin huffs out as you leave the door. Yesterday’s event was still replayed on his mind vividly. The feeling caught with it didn’t leave his mind either. He bangs a fist against the counter out in anger.

“How was class today?” you ask as justin comes through the door. 

You were busy watching a movie with a blanket covering your body, it was now a little past 7pm. Justin came home a bit later than usual. 


You turn your head towards Justin, eyeing him as he stumbles his way to his room, maybe he just had a bad day at school.

The week continued like this. From monday to friday, both Justin and Y/N were busy, only briefly seeing each other as they were both busy with school, work, friends or gym. Justin hated how he couldn’t tell Y/N the way he was feeling. After the one time they had sex, Justin was hoping Y/N would at least feel somewhat attraction towards him but no Y/N left straight after having sex, obviously indicating it was only a one night stand, obviously indicating she didn’t feel the same. Justin held this in, he held his feelings in.

“Fuck-” Justin chokes out as the busty blonde girl which is friends with Za, sucks him off. 

Justin slung his head back against the couch. Justin grabs her hair and forcefully pushes her head down his shaft. He rolls his eyes back, feeling the vibrations of her choking. Justin, while receiving a head, could only think about Y/N’s mouth, how her mouth would feel around him. He visions your lips, sucking the tip, all while looking up at him with your seductive eyes. He starts to breathe unsteady, his chest beating heavily. He didn’t even realise how heavy he was choking the poor girl. He opens his eyes to find her choking on dear life. 

“Oh shit- so-” He quickly lets go of her hair. 

The problem down south still standing tall. He tries to stuff it back in. 

“I think you should go.” Justin huffs out.


You see justin with his hand over his crotch, a strange with blown out hair, makeup stained faced and obviously topless. 

“Oh..” you quickly smile at the blonde girl before quickly walking away to take shower.

“Please?” You whine on the phone. 

“Go with someone else.” 

“No one wants to go with me,” you laugh out loud at your honest statement, you weren’t exactly popular. 


It was a friday night, so close to the weekends. The fact that the weekends were right around the corner made you happy already. After work, glancing at the time, only 2 hours left, you and justin were going to see the movie everyone had been talking about. Apparently it was ‘romantic, sad and moving.’ 

“Finally!” you see justin walking like a grandpa as he stuffs his hand into his pockets. 

He wore his hoodie, sweatshorts and a pair of white slip on vans. This kid was handsome. You snap out and quickly drag justin along with you, not wanting to be late.

“Did you see the way the guy kissed her? Too much tongue.” 

You make your way to couch. You instantly stop, remembering Justin had a little too much action near this couch. 

“Do I need to chuck this out?” you joke as you remember what happened the other day. 

You turn your body to no longer find justin there. 


“I’m gonna go out and get a couple drinks.” 

Justin appears from his room, tugging on bomber jacket as well. You glance at the clock, 11:43pm. 

“At this time?” 


Justin doesn’t even glance back or ask if you wanted to come along. He slams the door behind him, leaving you starstrucked. Why was he acting this way?

You wake up, groggy and not happy at all. You check the time, 5:10am. You suddenly hear a loud vomiting noise. Justin you thought. You hear another one. You fish yourself out of bed. You spot him, kneeled down, hair flopped to the side. He gets up, with his arms holding the bathroom wall to steady himself. You see his face. His eyes are bloodshot red, veins undeniably red. Not only that but you could tell he had been crying. He sniffs loudly. 

“Are you okay Justin? I’ll get you some water ok?” 

He suddenly pulls at his hair, almost violently, you didn’t really want him to pull hair gorgeous locks out. 

“Stop fucking caring!” He starts to yell, sounding like a child having a huge tantrum,“You drive me crazy Y/N.” 

He stomps past you, not even bothering to take a shower or brush his teeth. Now you really think he was a child. You didn’t know what was really on his mind. You thought he was just having a bad day or maybe the alcohol got to him. He walks to his bed, chucking off his hoodie and t-shirt on the floor. You roll your eyes at his mess. You walk over to pick it up for him. 

A strange smell, something very evident was wrong, it smelt like weed. You take a closer sniff at his clothes. The normal smell of Justin, which was musky and a smelt of warm roses was there but was strange was the huge smell of weed. You turn body back immediately. You chuck the clothes at him. 

“what the fuck.” Justin screeches at your actions, annoyed that you would disturb him, all he was playing on his damn phone. 

“did you go out to smoke weed?!” 

“Yeah. so.” 


Your questions were irritating him more and more. 

“Why the fuck do you care. Just leave me alone.” 

“Why have you been acting this way. Is it school? friends? you don’t even talk to me anymore!” you yell out in desperation. 

You wanted to know he was acting so cold and dull these days. you missed his old self, you missed him. He doesn’t reply, he simply ignores you. You huff out. why was he being so difficult?

The morning of the weekend approaches you. you weren’t feeling the spirit but decide you really needed to make an effort, not only for Justin but for yourself. You step to take a morning shower, hoping it’ll lift up your spirits. 

Last night still was haunting your mind, that was so not like justin. you two had little arguments here and there but you always apologise after that, or he would joke and bug you until you finally forgive him. You remember the incident, you had to admit you were being a bit pushy but hey, he was smoking drugs and that was not ok! You step out of the shower. You quickly blow dry your hair, put on a fresh makeup look and pick out a cute outfit. A simple long sleeve and skinny jeans, simple yet cute. You pace into Justin’s room. 

“Take a shower. We’re going out.” You hear him groan out loud in reply, “I’ll give you 10 minutes!”

You smile when you here foot steps on the ground. 

“Good. Lets go!” 

Justin wore a baggy basketball singlet, baggy shorts and grandpa slippers. 

“Whats on your feet.” 

“They’re nike. don’t judge idiot.” 

You roll your eyes at his fashion sense, he did look nice though but still you weren’t a fan. You were driving today. Justin slumps back in the passenger seat, being awfully quiet. After a while on the highway he finally speaks up. 

“Where are we going?”


“Order whatever ok? my treat.” 

You smile at him. Justin doesn’t question or argue. He orders waffles. He wasn’t really hungry anyways but he didn’t want to leave you hanging. He pokes his food, looking really expressionless. you see this. you see how he’d been acting, not only today but the whole week, the topic comes up again. 

“You seem different these days…” You softly say as you stuff this really piece of syrup with pancakes in your mouth, it was awfully sweet though. 

“just a bad day” Justin tries to break off the topic once again. 

“You can tell me if something is going on. I’ll understand. go ahead, tell me.” 

Justin seems fed up, he doesn’t want to keep in anymore but doesn’t exactly ask the question he’s been longing to ask you.

“Can we fuck again?” 

You choke on your food, “Pardon?” 

“Can we have sex again?” 

Justin does flatter or look away, he continues to poke his food and awaits for his answer. 

“I mean yeah-no- wait why are you suddenly asking?” 

“I have my needs.” 

You laugh at his bold statement. Justin doesn’t seem to laugh or soften. He places his fork down, stratching his fore arm. You eye his every move. You reach up and touch his hand softly. 

“if it’s the sex you want, just ask. sometimes i’m always needy too.” you wink at him and lightly laugh. 

Justin didn’t want sex, he wanted you. 

“Yeah” he pretends to laugh along with you. 

“oh, thats why i caught you getting a head the other day,” you point out, trying to add the pieces together. 

I mean if Justin wanted sex, he could’ve asked. Justin doesn’t reply, he stuffs his face forcefully with his waffles. He rememebers that failed blowjob again, him choking the blonde, him mistakening her for Y/N. Justin sighs at how diffcult this was.

“Seriously Y/N.” Justin groans out.

“What? i love the beach!” 

“It’s fucking windy.” 

Justin points out the chilly weather. It was currently 3 in the afternoon, “get out! get some sun.” 

“What sun?” He replies flatly.

Justin was getting cold already and he wasn’t even outside yet. 

“Fine, be like that. I’m going to enjoy the beautiful weather, BY MYSELF.” 

Justin rolls his eyes at your comment. Go ahead he mutters. He’d rather sleep, eat or do nothing for that matter. He sits there, stubborn, not moving, hoping you’ll change your mind and get back into the car. Justin sees you stomping away, actually heading to the beach. Justin didn’t have a choice anymore and simply gets out and follows you.

Justin runs down to the shore, the sand making it quite difficult for him to speed up. He quickly tries to find you, he notices the beach being empty, “Y/N!” 

He spots you running out behind a large rock. He also spots that you were only in your undergarments. He laughs out at you, “What the fuck..” 

He could not believe his eyes, were you really that stupid? someone could easily see, plus skinny dipping in this fucking weather was not ok, you could easily catch a cold. Justin finally pushes the doubts out of his mind as he sees you having fun, he quickly removes his clothing and runs in his boxers to join you.

“Told you this was fun.” you say as you lifelessly float on the water. 

“Lets get going now.” 

“five more minutes.” 

“Its getting dark, Y/N.” 

You stay thinking about your life and how odd it was. You were 23 years old, single with a low paying job, no parents, no current friends, now no boyfriend, wow you a wreck you thought to yourself. You suddenly moved here, away from your hometown and friends after your parents died. You missed them so much, even though it had been 5 years now. You were 18 when they had died, you had to figure out you’re own life as an adult. 

You find yourself being squashed by another human being as you gurgle up a lot of water, struggling to get up due to Justin’s strong strength. After what felt like ages, Justin lets your back up. You choke and begin to spit out water violently. 

“What the hell, were you trying to kill me?!” 

“Are you dead?” 

“Catch me, if you can then!” Justin begins to swim, he swims fast, faster than you and starts to run, holding his manhood as he ran. You burst out in laughter at him. 

He spin around, “white is see through.” 

That doesn’t make you stop laughing as you seem running awkwardly, with his soaked white boxers and both hands in that position, that was an image you won’t forget. 

You run back to your hiding spot and change back into your clothes. You groan as you see the fact you had to wear skinny jeans and the fact they were damp. This was not good, why did you go skinny dipping before not thinking twice about the consequences?! 

That was sure the only thing you were good at. You clip off your soaked bra, and slip over your long sleeve top. Well luckily you had on piece on right? you keep your black panties on, silently thanking god it was black. You pick up your shoes and run to find Justin.

“I’m hungry.” Justin pouts out. 

“Didn’t we just eat?” 

“I didn’t finish my meal.” 

“Not my problem.” 

“Lets go to this nice as buffet.” 

“No, i have no pants on.” 

“ugh! just because you don’t have pants, we can’t go!” 

“well, its not my fault my jeans are wet.” 

“Open the door, idiot. I’m fucking dying here.” 

You scrabble in your jeans to find where you put your keys. 

“Please don’t tell me you dropped them at the beach.” 

“I think i did!” You fake it, “Oh my god!” 

“I’ll go get them.” Justin begins to run. 

“Found them.” You hold them, waving them in the air. 

Justin spins his body around, narrowing his eyes out you and snatches them from you. 

“I’m driving. Lets go get pizza then.” 

You don’t seem to mind as you plops yourself in the passenger seat, throwing your jeans and shoes in the back seat. Justin briefly glances at you and notices how tight and see through your shirt was, he could see right through it. Justin starts to shuffle awkwardly at the sight. 

You notice, “what?” 

He slips off his basket ball tee off and chucks it to you. 

“Put it on.” 

“No. Why. I don’t need it.” 

“Yes you do.” 

“I do not fucking needing a shirt, I need pants.”  

You reach for his pants, playfully tugging at them before you notice a obvious dent. You laugh out loud, not believing he was hard. He notices that you notice and covers himself instantly. 

“want me to help?” You sing playfully at him, battering you eyelashes up at him. 

He eyes you out harshly not wanting to you to make it any worse. you reach out and touch his lower abs, snaking your way down. You could hear his breath shaking at this point. How was it possible for justin to shaky at the slightest touches. You didn’t know, not even justin knew. 

You slip your hand into his short only to find him not wearing anything underneath. You gasp out as you feel his bare shaft. He closes his eyes at the soft touch of your hands. 

“Touch me more.” 

You look up only to see justin closing his eyes, slumped back. You obey him as you yank his member out. Justin was hard already, even though you hadn’t done anything yet. You slide a your thumb along his slit, he chokes on a moan. You take in Justin’s posture, his shakiness, his beauty overall. 

You bite your lip as you realise the situation you were in and how risky it was to get caught. But now there was no going back and despite that you kind of loved the feeling, the feeling of being a rebel. 

You eye back to justin and realised you had stopped for a moment. Justin reaches out to your body and grabs you by the waist. He places you on his lap. The space wasn’t much but you two wanted each other here and there, well justin desperately wanted it. 

You giggle at his desperate actions and simply try to help him out as you reach under the seat and pull lever which made the seat go a bit further back. Justin mentally thanks you for this as he holds you up by your ass and begins to grind you against his rigid shaft. 

You were getting wetter as the grinding continued. you support yourself by holding onto Justin’s shoulder. You grind yourself against his rock hard shaft. You glance down to see your bodies moving perfectly, loving the fact your bodies responded perfectly in sync. You could see justin’s member twitching, precum leaking excessively, the image so erotic. You throw your head back, feeling your lower stomach tighten. 

The fast grinding, the friction of his shaft rubbing your clit so perfectly, the low throaty groans from justin all making your orgasm approaching. You gasp out as you feel justin sudden suck at your left nipple. You whine out, holding his head there by his light locks, pushing your chest out for him. 

“These fucking babies, got me crazy.” he says as he bites down on your nipple.

 He continues to suck, leaving a hand from your ass to grab on your breast. He gropes them as he sucks. He pulls away looking at the work he’s done. He created a large wet patch around the grey fabric, exposing your nipple complety. You glance down at them and moan at the sight. 

“suck please.” you push your chest wanting his mouth to return. 

He begins to tease, grinning to see you beg for him, “i didnt hear you Y/N.” 

You were about to go crazy if he didn’t do anything at this point. You were so close to exploding, you were on edge and he stops?! you wanted to kill him. He awaits patiently. 

“Justin, f-uck. I need your mouth. please.” 

Your voice was broken and unstable, you were desperate for your high. You tug harshly on his roots, groaning in discomfort. Justin sees your expression and couldn’t help but mutter a ‘fuck.’ you were truley turning him on to the point where he wanted to jump of the bridge. Justin’s member twitches as it continues to stand tall. 

Justin lets go of his grip on your breast and lets it go. He teasingly rubs against your aching nipple. The sensitively and pleasure makes you moan out. He continues to move his thumb over it, watching your expression carefully. 

You moan out his name, ‘Rub faster.” 

Justin does as he’s told and rubs a tad faster. 

“Mhmmm,” You sigh out. 

the sigh was so erotic, Justin doesn’t even care about the grinding anymore. Justin’s shaft spasms as he hears Y/N voice and pleasure. He now wanted Y/N pleasure to come first. 

“C’mon Y/N. Are you there?” Justin calls out. 

Justin tries to steady his voice even though all he wanted to let out was a fucking growl to express how he was feeling. 

“What do you need baby?” He asks, wanting to help you out.

“Finger me.” 

Justin happily sets your damp panties to the side. He notices how wet you were, your juices completely leaking down your thighs and onto his sweatshorts. 

“Fucking hell,” He slips a single digit in. 

You moan in appreciation. You go crazy at the feeling. You pull a hand away from his shoulder and yank up your shirt, exposing your bare breasts to the cool air. You gasp at the cool breeze hitting them. They harden instantly. 

“Suck them please.” You beg breathlessly, panting like you’ve run a marathon. 

Justin doesn’t argue as he plucks out his wet tongue and licks the right abandoned nipple. 

“Oh god justin.” 

He grins at your reaction, even at the tiny touch, you went crazy. He attaches his pink plump lips to your harden nipple. You grind your chest at his face, not really caring at his point. Your orgasm was nearly taking place. You start to greedily grind you soaking core harshly against his still aching shaft. Due to all the moaning and action play, justin found himself close to letting go as well. The sudden return of your warmth causes justin to pull away from sucking. He pants heavily. He pants heavily against your nipple, the new sensation so pleasing, sending it straight to your lower stomach.

 “Ah-fuck-fuck-f,” Justin suddenly twitches and spazzes. 

He lets his load onto your bare stomach. You feel the warm liquid all over skin. Before you whine out in disgust, the friction of your clit being rubbed and the hot breath of justin’s mouth against your nipple makes you let go. No words come out as you pant repeatedly. You wait a while to catch your breath again. Justin hugs you tightly, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“That was amazing.” 

“yeah,” you breathe out, still not fully recovered. 

As justin was about to lift you up and place you onto your seat he notices the cum all over your stomach. Justin’s cheeks heats up at the sight. 

“s-sorry I-“ 

“Its fine.” 

You lean down to kiss him and him being stupidly adorable. Justin reaches into a draw and grabs a lot of tissues and begins to wipe off his load. As he cleans you up, you stare at him and smile. This kid was so caring, nice and just gave me one of the best orgasms you’ve had. 


“Mhm yeah,” He doesnt stop cleaning. 

“Thank you.”


“I don’t know,” you say honestly “everything?” 

“Well, in that case, no problem.”

Party girl-Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Justin meets Y/N at a party.

Y/N POV-  

“Y/N, Y/N!” the loud chants of my name can be heard throughout the room, above the loud music. I decided to let loose and go to my best friend’s brother’s birthday party. Tessa, whom i’ve known for over 5 years, assisted we went to her older brother’s 21st birthday party, saying it was party ‘we could not miss.’ 

I continue to move hips to the beat, dirty dancing on the kitchen counter top, not giving a care who was filming. I move my hips, shaking my ass to the fast beats, my mini shorts clinging tight to my curves. After my 5th shot of the stinging vodka, I went crazy, my mind not stable to think anymore. I close my eyes, feeling the hype run down my body, I continue to dance, raising my arms in the air. I open my hazy eyes, glancing down at the crowd. I spot a cute boy. He wore a tank top, that exposed his perfect structured arms that I wanted to touch so badly. 

He focused on me, his eyes staring looking up at me as he leans down to sip from the red cup in his hand. I stand there, lost and dazed from my dancing. I couldn’t focus anymore. 

“Y/N, that was so good!” I hear Tessa cheer from below. I jump down the counter top. 

“I got it all on video!” She continues to cheer for me, telling me how good my dancing skills were. 

I nod lazily, my mind on able to comprehend what she was saying, her words going straight through my left ear and out of my right. I feel unable to stand up, my legs suddenly feeling weak, as if any moment i’ll collapse. I clutch onto Tessa’s shoulder, leaning my weight onto her. She quickly notices something wrong. She turns her attention to me, holding me with two arms, slowing walking me into a quiet corner. 

My mind begins to fuzz, a blur suddenly taking over my vision.  Out of the blue, my eyes began to spin, the blur slightly easing my sight. I look around, confusion striking me. I didn’t know where I was. 

The bed sheets were soft, white and thick. The room, oddly tidy, clean and crisp, not an object out of place. A slightly familiar scent floats around the room, a woody earthy but warm and slightly rosey scent, travels to my scenes. The scent smelt so nice and welcoming. 

“Y/N” A deep voice, still and captivating rang in my ears, signaling my head to turn to its direction. 

I see him standing there, with the same red cup and with a hand in his pockets. He looks handsome as ever, his hair brown and soft, making me want to run my fingers through it, his smirk so confident making me suddenly fall into a nervous pit. 

“Uh,” I awkwardly begin, “What am I doing here?” 

“Well, I saw the way you looked at me the entire night” He replies with a half grin, “and the way you move your body is a sight to see.” 

He begins to walk closer to me, moving closer to the side of the bed. The insides of my body starts to tear apart, struggling to breathe, my mind still boozed from the large amount of alcohol I consumed the last hour. I sit there, unable to move, my eyes large and scared for what’s about to happen. He sits his cup on the bed side table before climbing on the bed. He hovers above me, slipping off his expensive slide ons as he gazes into my eyes, his eyes raking over my face intensly. He closes his body around me, supporting himself with his left hand against the headboard. His face so close to mine, I could smell his scent starting to blur my vision.

My body falls apart under him, suddenly I forgot how to breathe. I hold in my breath, eyes wide as he leans beside my ear, “let’s have some fun.” 

His voice making me melt instantly, “What do you say baby?” 

My tongue suddenly ties in a knot, not being able to reply. He suddenly rubs his thumb inside my inner thighs, making me squirm under his body. I close my eyes, my body not responding anymore. I raise my hips at his touch, wanting more, wanting him to touch me further. 

“More,” I breathlessly moan. I didn’t even know his name but it was ridiculous how much I wanted him. I feel myself becoming wetter every second. He continues to tease me, lightly grazing his thumb in my inner thighs, close to where I wanted him to touch. I quickly unbuttoned my denim shorts, signaling him where I needed him most. I clutch the sheets at the side of me, waiting for him to feel me up. I notice his actions suddenly stopping. I open my eyes to see his brown eyes full of lust. My eyes lace in confusion. 

“You’re drunk Y/N, I don’t think I should go any further,” he spoke seriously. 

“Please, I need you,” I whine breathlessly as I grip his large wrist in a tight grip, wanting him to penetrate me already. 

“God, you’re making this so hard,” He groans. 

I stare at his face. Eyebrows creased and bottom lip taken between his teeth, looking as if he was trying to control himself. I lunge at him, kissing him forcefully, pouring out my lust and want into the kiss. He slides two fingers against my slick folds. I moan into the kiss before I quickly pull away from his lips, instantly forgetting how to breathe. I begin to let out little pants, breathless as he begins to rub against my core with his large fingers.

“You’re so wet,” He growls deeply. I shut my eyes, loving the way he was making me feel. 

“Moan Justin’s name babygirl,” he demands with a warning tone, his warm breath blowing directly in my left ear. His voice edging me closer, making me want to let go already. 

A boy I just meet only less than a couple of hours ago has his fingers between my legs. He had a dangerous look on his face the first time i laid eyes on him, already knowing that he was trouble. His arms, decorated with ink and perfectly displayed through his baggy basketball singlet. The way his eyes would follow, indicating me he wanted me right there and then. 

Suddenly he plunges two fingers into my heat, feeling myself stretch with his digits. I yelp at his rough actions, my eyes opening wide. 

“Say my name Y/N,” he demands once again. 

He roughly penetrates me at a fast pace making me go crazy, my body not able to take it any longer. I feel his digits rubbing intensely against my walls, the pleasure so overwhelming. I stare back at him with lazy eyes, my lips not being able to form a sentence anymore, my tongue tying itself in a knot. He gazes right back at me with an intense stare before quickly flicking his eyes down at his fingers disappearing into my heat. 

“Come on, baby,” He whispers as he leans in beside my ear, “Am i doing you good?”

He harshly tugs at my left thigh, forcing my legs apart. He continues to plunge his two fingers into my walls. The feeling in my lower stomach becoming so intensely sore, beginning to tighten up.

“Justi-n,” I whine, my voice sounding more high pitched than normal. 

I glance down to see his hand deep in my shorts, moving at a fast pace. I feel my stomach tighten to the max, the sudden buildup letting go. I shut my eyes close as I grip the sheets tightly, letting my orgasm wash over me. I peer open my eyes to see Justin’s pupils looking straight into my face. 

“I love it when you let go for me,” he says as he licks over his plump bottom lip, his eyes examining my after sex phase. 

He keeps his harsh stare as he brings his two fingers between his pink lips, that I wanted to kiss so badly. His fingers dripped with my juices. He cleans them up, taking his time before taking them out. The sight so memorising but also the feeling strangely hitting straight to my core.

I smile hazily at him, barely able to keep my eyes open. My eyes begin to drift off too sleep all to sudden for me. My presence finally giving up on me.

Justin POV-

She was breathtaking. I saw her when she first walked through that door. The way she would smile and greet the birthday boy with such an innocent smile. She came along with Tessa. She did look slightly lost, as if she did not really knowing her way around parties. But the way her hips would move made me think otherwise. 

The clothes she wore gave me more than enough skin to tease me, for my eyes to touch as her soft glowy skin shone when she danced. God she did look sexy. The way her body responded to my fingers made me instantly want to pleasure her to the max, to she show her what i’m really made of. But I knew I couldn’t continue it because of her drunken state and didn’t want her to wake up and regret it. 

The high pitched moans from her sweet lips and the noises she would make every time I thrusted my fingers into her made my mind go crazy. The feeling of her wet tight core clenching my fingers nearly made me want to flip her over and fuck her continuously with my shaft deep inside her heat. 

“Justin,” a voice awakes me from my daydream, “are you ok bro?” 

I shot open my eyes to realise Darren still next to me as we sat on the couch. 

“Sorry,” I mutter, stretching my arms from the back of my head and bringing them to rub my tired eyes. 

“what time is it?” I mumble, my mouth feeling a bit dry. 

The air seems almost dark, despite all of the lights still on. I spin my head around to find no one present, the crowd of teenagers all gone. The only thing left as a reminder of this lame ass party was the mess they left behind. The whole house looked like a pigsty, cups and rubbish thrown around. God, why did I even let Darren host his birthday party at my house. 

I raise my hands to roughly rub the sides of my head. A headache racing into the insides of my brain. The stinging making my head want to explode into a million of pieces. I groan angrily, the pain taking me by surprise. I force myself off the couch, slumping my way up the stairs to my room. Every step was a struggle. I finally push my way into my room. I hastily grab the pills off my bedside table, popping two in my mouth and swallowing once. The relief instantly taking over me, calming my state. 

My eyes spot a red cup from last night. My eyes linger on the cup for a moment. The flashbacks of last night hitting me straight in the face like a bullet train. The moments so vividly clear, almost knocking me off my feet. 

I sit back onto the perfectly made bed. Y/N was here, it wasn’t a dream.