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the s and m daughters being turned into pocket vampires!

AHHHHHHHH THIS IS ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT LOL. @diabolik-reacts Look! You trendsetter, you. <3 Excuse the dad jokes here.


Shu: When Shu wakes up from a nap on the couch, he wonders where his daughter ran off to. It wouldn’t be good if he lost her again, so he decides to get up to search for her. Walking through the kitchen, he hears a plate smashing to the floor and pauses. Could it be a mouse? When he takes a closer look, his daughter had turned into a pocket!vampire, and he picks her up with his fingers to grab her attention. He can’t help but wonder if Reiji tested on her again.

“You’ve certainly taken on your mother’s troublesome traits, little one…”

Reiji: Looking through his books, Reiji had left his daughter to her own devices until she had suddenly disappeared from the room. Raising an eyebrow at the situation, Reiji calls out for her. When she doesn’t respond, Reiji decides to leave the room, only to have a marble thrown at him when he touches the door. He looks back at his table to find his miniature sized daughter, pouting and huffing cutely. Reiji can’t help but grin slyly and remark how he didn’t see her.

“At least your attitude and temper have shortened to a good size, my dear.”

Ayato: Ayato had taken his daughter out to play basketball, and when he scored once again, he turned around to boast to his daughter, only to see that she had shrunk into a pocket!vampire. Confused, Ayato picks her up and asks her why she’s so tiny now. But when he realizes that there are flying basketballs everywhere on the court from other players, he panics and runs off with his daughter in his palm. He didn’t want her to get squished into a pancake!

“Hey, at least I can call you ‘shortstacks’ now! Isn’t that funny?”

Kanato: Kanato was having a wonderful tea party with his adorable daughter until she took a bite out of a cake and shrunk into a pocket!vampire. He screams out of shock and asks her why she had suddenly become Alice from Wonderland. It was a maddening situation, and Kanato’s daughter would try her best to calm her father down. Kanato eventually becomes absorbed with the idea that he can dress his daughter in actual doll clothing, so his temper ends.

“Ne Teddy, don’t you think she would make a priceless and lovely little doll?”

Laito: A diligent piano player, Laito’s daughter practiced playing the piano every day so that she can be an amazing player like her father. When Laito hears his daughter plucking single notes on the piano one day, Laito finds it strange and intrudes the room to see what she was doing. He’s later stunned to find her as a pocket!vampire, struggling to reach all of the right keys. Chuckling at the amusing sight, Laito gently picks her up and tells her that it’s enough for today.

“I don’t think you were at your usual height with the piano today, little dove.”

Subaru: Subaru was at a musical that his daughter starred in, and he sat in the front row with his wife, watching his daughter shine. When she disappears on stage, Subaru becomes suspicious and after someone screams and points at the spot where his daughter disappeared, Subaru is surprised to find her as a pocket!vampire. Let’s just say Subaru was no longer allowed to attend PTA meetings after he threw a huge fit and collected his tiny daughter from the stage.

“Tch…Whoever did this to you will have a short-lived life now…”

Kino: Kino had his ghoul army take care of his daughter while he was out running errands with his wife. After returning home from a long day in the human world, Kino would ask the ghouls where his daughter was, only to have them apologize and inform him that she was missing. Enraged by their words, Kino would bark orders to his ghouls to find his daughter. It’s not until his wife discovers her napping in a teacup does he eventually calm down.

“Ah, a teacup, huh? At least you’re not short and stout like a teapot…”


Ruki: Ruki was quietly reading in an armchair when he heard his daughter burst through his room and call out to him. But as he turns to glance at her, she was no longer there. Thinking that it was perhaps an illusion, Ruki returns to his book and continues on with his day until he feels something tugging at his pant leg. Setting his book down, Ruki is flabbergasted to see his daughter as a tiny pocket!vampire. He’ll have to find a way to bring her back to normal.

“I guess some things in life do come in fun-size packages.”

Kou: It was a day off from work for Kou, and he had decided to spend this time cooking his daughter’s favorite meal. The two of them would have so much fun cooking with each other, and their bond would strengthen in the process since Kou doesn’t get to see his daughter often. When he tells her that the food is ready, Kou spots her on the floor as a small pocket!vampire. He’s internally screaming, but he smiles and tells her not to worry. He can fix it soon!

“Don’t worry, small fry! You can still eat the fried shrimp we cooked!”

Yuma: SWEET JESUS, Yuma would be pissed when he couldn’t find his daughter in the garden. It’s not until he sees something tiny waving at him does he realize that his daughter is now a tiny and helpless pocket!vampire! Yuma would have his daughter ride on his shoulder for the entire day around the Mukami mansion, always making sure that she was there and that she was safe and away from harm. He’s gone into protective papa bear mode at this point.

“You’ve always been my little nugget, but now ya literally are!”

Azusa: Azusa was playing hide-and-go-seek with his daughter, but it has been 2 hours since they started, and he couldn’t find her anywhere! He becomes worried and fearful, and he can’t help but wonder if his nightmares about losing his daughter were starting to come true! It’s not until he hears his knives collection fall down in his room that he finds his daughter alive and well, but in a pocket!vampire form. Thinking he was crazy, Azusa would faint from the sight.

“Eve…I’m sorry…our daughter…is now a…tiny chibi…”

-Admin Yuuzuki

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what do i do when i've embarrassed myself in front of my class by scoring the basketball into THE WRONG HOOP and dying after realizing it

realize anyone who remembers that in ten years needs more in their lives

Sports Ranked by Most to Least Yelling

*disclaimer!! these are based on the sports i’ve been to and seen in real life. since i haven’t seen every sport, i can’t include them all on the list. feel free to reblog and add your own rankings of most-least yelling*

1. Hockey: LOTS of yelling, from the fans, from the players, from the coaches, just an all-around yelling sport

2. Basketball: Fast-paced and has turnovers and high-scoring games. Generally tons of yelling

3. Football: less fast than Basketball, but scoring is very Exciting since it happens less often

4. Volleyball: not as popular as the other sports, but the fans are very into it! Usually know the players names and can accurately yell about them “Good spike #47!” etc.

5. Baseball: not much happens, but when something does, oh boy is there yelling.

6. Golf: shhhh gotta be quiet or else the sandpit will hear you and devour the children ssshhhhhh

Sakamaki Zombie AU

Crediting @celinedontcaremuch was tagged by @reijis-underwear


Will be asleep in an impenetrable pillow fortress listening to music. He’ll probably wake up when it’s all over without any idea of wtf just happened.


Will be cutting down zombies with a sword (let me dream damn it!) and picking up blood samples from his dead zombie victims.


Will be cutting off zombie heads and would toss them into a basketball net doing a score count. He’d pat his own ass.


would be yelling at the zombies.


would be chasing after Hannah’s crazy murderous ass. He’s not too happy but he’d look out for her.


would be a one vampire army on his own and a total anti-hero type. He’d be killing zombies that get in his way which will he often so he’d look pumped up for the fight. (And pissed off about all these God damned zombies)


Girl just wants to get away from the Sakamakis but ends up running constantly into zombies which leads to a bloodbath and Laito hot on her tail. (she’s in her moody tsun-tsun mode)

Tagging @laitoxhikaru @theinnocentblood (you can include Yui so go for it!), @vhazzrhossze and any mutuals who want to do a skit with their OCs.

The Muppets: Kermit the Frog, INFP

INFP, the Healer, the Dreamer, the Harmonzier-Clarifier

So Kermit is my hero.

I realized early on in my MBTI-nerdom that we shared the same personality type, and all the strengths and weaknesses that go with it. By then, I’d already started collecting Kermit stuff. It began with a PEZ dispenser and now occupies a shelf in my living room. I appreciate Kermit’s willingness to be himself, to encourage the best in others, to roll with life’s chaos and keep moving, and his ability to come out of a self-critical tailspin and find his dreams again.

Dominant Function: Introverted Feeling (Fi), “Evaluate the Experience”

At his best, Kermit the Frog presents as chill, calm, polite, and even gallantly gracious. He has a high standard of professionalism and always says nice things about his guests. He has a strong desire to make the world a better place by making people happy through singing, dancing, and telling jokes.

He appreciates his own uniqueness and specialness, or “Bein’ Green,” a lesson he has to remind himself of from time to time. He also appreciates others’ individuality and quirks, which makes The Muppet Show a haven for the weirdos that work there. He has a strong inner sense of right and wrong, too, and can’t be convinced for anything to work for Doc Hopper’s frog leg restaurants—in fact, he denounces the commercials as the most horrible, despicable thing he’s ever seen. Kermit often finds himself standing up for the group against ruthless villains who would destroy their misfit, makeshift family group.

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Pros and cons of basketball

Pro: you score the winning shot in the last few seconds and beat the other team. It feels amazing. People are screaming for you. You are the hero Yay.

Con: A few minutes later you want to shower and maybe die or at least sleep for 1000 years and maybe never move your legs ever again also you want the injury you inevitably have to go away immediately but no.

“I don’t understand my son’s life at all”

(from Now, 8 May 1997)

I’ve lived in Paris for four years. It’s a city that’s very dear to me as it’s where I met David’s mother. It was 1957 and we were both English teachers at the Berlitz school.Now I’m a writer. I’m just finishing a novel. and I’ve got another one that’s going to be a TV series in America. Perhaps David will play a role in it, who knows? We haven’t really talked about it.David’s first experience of acting was in 1967 when he came to watch the premiere of one of my plays, which was on Broadway.In the play, the lead actor sits on a chair and stays there for three hours. David watched from the wings and was fascinated by just one thing – how can an actor stay there all that time without going to the toilet? He was obsessed. It’s all he wondered about. He thought it would be fantastic to be on stage, but I wouldn’t say that’s when he decided to become an actor. That came very late.He got an honours degree at Princeton University, then went on to do his Masters at Yale. As he wanted to make some money, someone suggested he model. At the model agency, someone suggested he took acting lessons. He did, liked it and said goodbye to his studies.I wasn’t disappointed. I thought he’d find academic life too narrow.The ivory tower that university lecturers live in wasn’t for him. But his mother was furious that he’d given up studying.Even now, when she speaks to him on the phone, she always asks him: “When are you going to finish your thesis?” It makes him laugh. He says: “Later, later."David was born in New York, grew up in Manhattan and I lived with him until he was 12 when his mother and I split up.He was a very bright kid with a brilliant sense of humour.I remember the first chat I had with his teacher when David was six.He said David was the one who smoothed things out for all the other children. If there was a fight, he’d intervene and sort it out. These days I’d compare him with Harrison Ford. David’s got a very soft personality; he feels at ease with people.As a child, he talked the whole time. His brother, who’s three years older, would say: "He never stops, with all these questions."At school he was always top of the class. He was an incredible athlete as well, brilliant at basketball and baseball.He scored more than anyone else in the school’s history at basketball and thought about becoming a professional player.He said it was my fault he couldn’t because he’d inherited my hands and they were too small.He also inherited my love of books and he writes: poetry and a novel that’s autobiographical.Perhaps he’ll publish it one day, under a different name.He sends me all the videos of The X-Files. I get them a week after they’ve been shown on TV in America.I’ve been over to see him in Vancouver, where it’s filmed, three times.It’s madness. I don’t understand his life at all. People ask for my autograph, even at passport control.Once, when I was at the fan club’s shop in Paris, I had to be rushed out, because there were just too many fans there.I’m always getting phone calls from people who want to speak to David.I don’t understand these young girls who ring. They want to talk to me just because I’m David’s father.I also get fan letters – about 10 a month. Some are very nice, others are a bit weird, with pictures. I only send him the nice ones.David’s never been to see me in Paris but I speak to him often on the phone, about six times a month.It’s hard to get hold of him, even though he’s got enough phones – in the car, in his trailer, at his apartments in Los Angeles and Vancouver. His life’s very hard. He makes 24 programmes a year, 10 months a year, and he also wants to make films. He will. He’s succeeded in everything he’s ever done.In Vancouver, there are always lots of women around him. It’s always been like that since school.His life’s hard because he’s cut off from real life. He’s on his own a lot, no two days are ever alike. He might start working at five in the morning or not until three in the afternoon, so it’s difficult to have a social life, to have a family.I think he wants to get married and have children, but can’t find anyone.Tea Leoni? Never heard of her. It’s difficult to follow his love life. It’s always been difficult.When he says monogamy isn’t in his nature, he isn’t joking. His brother’s the same. In any case, everyone wants him to marry Gillian Anderson. When David and I speak, I always ask him the same thing: "When are you going to give me a granddaughter? "He laughs … and never gives me an answer.

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How would the GOM react if they were interested in a girl who came from the US but gets caught up with Kagami and spends all her time talking to him about things from America (LA, In-N-Out, Arizona teas, etc.)

Aomine Daiki: At first, Aomine tries to act indifferent, brushing it off as if you spending the majority of your time with his rival isn’t a big deal - but he can only pretend that he doesn’t care for so long before finally feeling bothered by it. He’d then set out to try and prove to you that he’s better than Kagami in every possible way - in basketball, in school (scoring second last on an exam is still better than Kagami’s last place, right?) - and he even tries to learn English for the sake up one upping him. 

Kise Ryouta: In a way, Kise understands why you’re so friendly with Seirin’s ace player - Kagamicchi is pretty incredible, after all - but it soon gets to a point where he’s no longer perking up with interest, and instead pouts, everytime you mention Kagami’s name. Realising that you’re spending much more time with Kagami than him due to a similar upbringing in America, Kise tries to capture your interest and draw your attention away from Kagami by inviting you to one of his photo-shoots that feature clothing from an American brand. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima has never heard of Arizona tea in his life, and he wouldn’t have even cared, had it not been for the fact that it always seemed to be the topic of conversation between you and Kagami. Midorima doesn’t really understand why you’d get so excited over bottled tea - he feels a little exasperated after googling and finding out what Arizona tea actually is - but he’s still determined to direct your attention from Kagami to him, so he makes plans to introduce you to his favourite drink - canned red bean soup. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara gets easily frustrated when you constantly compare the fast food joints between American and Japan with Kagami, because not only does it mean that you’re spending your time talking with someone he finds irritating, but it means that you’re also discussing his favourite topic (food) with said irritating person, instead of him. He does his best to casually cut into your conversations with Kagami whenever possible, usually to offer you whatever snack he’s currently in possession of. 

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko’s grateful for your friendship with Kagami, because it means that that he gets to see you quite often, but he’s a little disheartened by the fact that the only reason he gets to see you outside school is because you want to hang out with Kagami. He’d try to show more presence when he’s with you, using every chance he can find to interact with you when his friend not around, in the hopes that one day the reason you’ll come to visit the courts will be because of him, and not Kagami.

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi doesn’t understand your infatuation with Kagami, and his concern is probably the closest he’ll ever admit to feeling jealous. After studying up and familiarising himself with American culture, he would also go to personally question Kagami about your likes and interests - using your relationship with Seirin’s ace to his advantage - because this way, he can learn more about you and subtly give Kagami the hint to back off at the same time. 

10 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Vegetables

1. Vegetables don’t help you grow big and strong. They kill you. They will pretend they are your friend, and just when you least expect it, they will choke you to death.

2. Vegetables are racist.

3. A vegetable can sometimes be used as a shoe or telephone.

4. Vegetables killed my wife Sharon. I miss you Sharon.

5. Vegetables can be grown in the backyard. Also in my cousin Jeff’s ass.

6. Wolves do not eat vegetables. That’s why they’re mysterious and cool as fuck.

7. Dump a bucket of vegetables on your neighbors head for a fun prank. Then kill him.

8. Are you into sports? Vegebatlesj vegetables like lettuce can also be used as a basketball. You’ll be scoring points in no time.

9. You can find veggies (slang term for “vegetables”) in your local grocery store. But you can never find your true self.

10. “Weed” or “Marihuana” is not a vegetable. Both of those things will make you dead.

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Gom+Kasamatsu becoming teen fathers?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Okay, so I received a few asks that were alright, they really were. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly skilled at writing certain scenes so I’m sorry to those who sent me requests with knb characters NSFW-ing each other. I will keep them in my ask box if I’m able to do it someday but I’ll be finishing the other ones first. I’m truly sorry again and if you’d like to send NSFW asks, please do, but I’m not really comfortable writing those with knb characters with each other.

Onto the ask!

GoM finding out here! And for them becoming…

AKASHI: He would spoil his children rotten. If she was a girl, he would buy her plenty of dolls and princess dresses and take her to places where she would always be treated sweetly and pampered. If he was a boy, he would teach him basketball and give him choices on what he wants to do whether in education or in the arts department. He knew what kind of pressure his father had put on him and he wouldn’t want to do that to his children. Basically, he would be a doting father.

AOMINE: Aomine would struggle the most because he would have to constantly argue with his s/o about who should take care of the kid today and all he wanted was to go out and play basketball. Though, when he finally caves and his s/o leaves, he would pick up the baby in his huge hands and cradle him/her. A smile would spread across his face at the sight of the tiny baby snoring away with his/her chubby cheeks.

KASAMATSU: “Wait, no don’t touch that!” He would yank the scissors away from the baby’s grasp, almost getting a heart attack. He sighed in relief until the baby’s lips began to quiver. Oh shit, oh shit. Where were you? Why weren’t you back yet? He was not ready to handle a baby crying. Changing diapers? Sure. Feeding? Sure. But crying? He began to panic and picked up the baby, cooing him/her to sleep only to have the baby bawl even louder. “No, no, please don’t. Hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m here, please don’t cry.” The baby would pause for a second, staring at Kasamatsu who looked desperate then would probably cry again just for the hell of it.

KISE: Although he tried extremely hard to be liked, it was just difficult for Kise to catch his child’s attention. He/She was still a toddler after all and had no interest in Kise’s talent for modeling or basketball. “Ne, ne, look at me, [child’s name]!” He would show off his basketball skills, scoring one after another, but his son/daughter would merely look away to play with their own things. “Why won’t you like me?!” Though, as they grow older, his daughter would probably admire his awesome fashion sense and his son would ask him to coach him for basketball.

KUROKO: “Dad, where are you?” Kuroko appearing behind him would scare his kid half to death. “How long have you been standing there?!” Kuroko merely shrugged before his son/daughter asked him for help with their homework. Kuroko would be a sweet father, very thoughtful and considerate. Since he could read people well, he would be well equipped in handling their emotions. Though, sometimes he would be the cause for their emotions just for fun. “Mom, dad scared my friends again! Purposely!”

MIDORIMA: “Don’t forget to bring your lucky item,” Midorima reminded his son/daughter, dusting the uniform to make sure he/she looked impeccable. His kid was about to groan when Midorima pushed up his glasses and threw a small glare. “It’s important. Your sign wasn’t ranked that high today in Oha Asa.” “But Oha Asa is bull—“ He placed a finger over his kid’s lips to silence them, “Shh, it’s true. Now take the item and go.” And, of course, the kid would oblige.

MURASAKIBARA: “No, your mom said no more.” Murasakibara said as he threw in a fistful of chips into his mouth. His daughter/son would look at him pleadingly, looking tiny and vulnerable. They would pull out their best weapons. A pout, puppy dog eyes, and just the right amount of tears brimming in their eyes. Murasakibara would huff before handing them one chip, “One. Just one.” He said that twenty chips ago. “ATSUSHI!” You called out.

Let’s talk about Alyssa fucking Naeher shall we?

High school
- was a three time All State and three time FFA all conference selection
- a two time NSCAA Youth All American

- while she played for Penn State they sadly never won a national title, but I’m pretty sure they killed it in the big ten tournament

Youth National team
- started in the U16s
- was the starting goalkeeper in 2008 for the U20s that won the World Cup in Chilie
- was awarded the golden glove as best goalkeeper in the cup


Author: kaijoskopycat
Title: When You Take the Stage (I Can’t Stop Staring)
Pairing: Aokise
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Around 7K
Summary: Kise tranfers to Touou High and all the attention that been on Aomine shifts. Kise Ryouta is a bit too bright for his liking, or so he thinks, but he can’t deny the fact that Kise can steal the spotlight and draw everyone’s eyes toward him. Even Aomine’s, much to his chagrin.
A/N: This was supposed to be a short drabble for aokise day, but I got a tad bit carried away. Happy blue and yellow dorks on the basketball court day! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

 Aokise is always for the Aomine to my Kise ( ˘ ³˘)♥

On AO3

Aomine Daiki isn’t the king of Touou, but he gets the feeling that some people think he is. He’s ace of the basketball team, scoring more points than most of the other players combined. He’s attractive, if a little rough around the edges, and has a lackadaisical attitude that should be a turn off, but really only serves to attract more attention. He’s had more propositions from girls his age than he can count and has turned them all down. Sure, he’s interested in women. He’s interested in their pretty, round faces and their curves. He’ll never pass up a chance to ogle a nice rack, but he’ll pass up the chance to go see a play with them because who the hell goes to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat on a first date? He doesn’t care about a lot of things, and theater is definitely on his list of I-don’t-give-a-shit.

Satsuki reprimands him every time he breaks another girl’s heart, but he doesn’t take her griping seriously. They’re in high school. You don’t fall in love in high school. That sappy teenage romance shit is for the books that Aomine doesn’t read. He’s not gonna go to a romantic comedy with one of her friends if he can retreat to a basketball court to shoot some hoops on his own. He’s not gonna go to class and listen to the teacher prattle on about the proper way to dissect a frog––even if he can make Satsuki scream by chasing her around the classroom with it––when he can hide on the roof and take a nap instead. He thinks he has his priorities straight and the majority is in awe of his rebellious nature.

He doesn’t necessarily like the attention. He often complains about it to Satsuki who responds with a roll of her eyes or a slap to his arm and tells him he could have it worse. If the occasional confession is the only thing he has to worry about from time to time, he doesn’t have it all that bad. He can still play basketball to his hearts content. He can still laze about his house (when Satsuki doesn’t drag him to the mall to complain about her terrible shopping addiction), and he can still steal away from the world to sleep his boredom away. The attention can be ignored if it has to be.

That is until it’s there no more.

His unspoken popularity disappears when Kise Ryouta transfers to Touou.

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