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Michael Jordan: A Day Late and a Million Dollars Short
On Monday, Michael Jordan decided to break his Clarence Thomas-like silence on race relations in this country to denounce the killings of unarmed black men, women and children at the hands of police.

I heard what MJ did and all I let out was a big “meh” to it.

LeBron and Kobe had done more than Jordan did. Also, a donation to the cops? Look, I understand cops are important, but why would you give a donation to the very organization that is causing the problems we’re trying to bring awareness to?

I understand that people “evolve at their own time,” but let’s be honest here. There were plenty of times that Jordan could have used his influence to say something even minor. Instead, he chose his brand and image over saying anything heartfelt or even political.

So his gesture, while appreciated by two organizations, isn’t going to win any hearts over. 

His legacy is always going to be known as the godlike basketball player on the court, the template businessman off the court, and people literally lining up for his shoe releases way before iPhone became a thing.


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