basketball niall

“One more round babe!” Niall ran around the court dribbling the basketball.
“What do you say we make this interesting Niall?” I panted catching my breath.
“What have you got in mind?” He stopped and came closer to me.
“If I win, you have to do whatever I tell you to do to me.” I said and he nodded. “Sexually.” I said"And-“
"And if I win, you have to do whatever I tell you to do to me. Sexually.” He mocked me on that last word.
“Mmh so I win either way.” I smirked.
“Let the games begin.” Niall dribbled and I blocked his first shot, stole the ball and made a basket on my side of the court.
“(Y/N), 1. Niall, 0.” I smiled satisfied.
“Is it hot in here?” Niall asked rhetorically and took his shirt off making me bite my lip as the sweat glistened on his toned body.
“So that’s how you wanna do it Horan? Huh?” I took my tank top off and that left me in my sports bra and yoga shorts. It was only us on the court anyway.
“Okay Niall, it’s 4-4. Next basket wins.” I winked.
“NO!” Niall yelled after he missed the basket he just shot and I dribbled the ball past him to make the winning shot.
“I WIN!” I yelled and shot Niall a winning smirk.
“Fair and square babe.” He shrugged taking my hand and pulling me close.
“You know, not only am I athletic. I’m also quite flexible.” I winked and kissed Niall’s cheek before grabbing my shirt.

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#277 - The First Time He Sees You In His Clothes

Harry: He smiled widely when you came into the bedroom with nothing but his hoodie on. The sleeves went over your hands only slightly and it hung just below your bum. “You don’t mind do you?” you asked softly and he shook his head. “Not at all cutie… c’mere.”

Liam: He bit his lip seeing you standing in the kitchen in your sweats and one of his t-shirts. The house smelled like pancakes and he came up behind you, sliding his arms around your waist. “You should wear my clothes more often… looks really good…”

Niall: His basketball shorts were the first thing you saw when you went into his room. Holding the towel around your upper body, you figured they were comfier than your jeans. “Are those mine?” he raised an eyebrow playfully as you came down stairs. “Looks better on you…”

Louis: He helped slip his hoodie over your head, blocking more of the cold out until the two of you were back at your house. You bit your lip softly and wrapped it around yourself even more, taking in his subtle scent. “You look so adorable…” he chuckled softly, kissing your cold cheeks.

Zayn: His sweats may have been a little baggy, but nonetheless they were comfier than anything and you were having no regrets about snatching them once you were ready to head to bed. “Are those…?” he drifted off, chuckling softly as you nodded. “You’re cute…” he chuckled, settling beside you.

Picture Preference #240 - Sport You Two Play Together

Harry: Tennis

Louis: Soccer

Niall: Basketball

Liam: Football

Zayn: Baseball

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our favorite parts are what we’ll keep

this one goes out to the gc @nuthinbutniall @niallohmighty @2012niall @foxesmouth it’s just 4k of narry shagging tbh what can u do

Harry shows up in Niall’s doorway with a mouthful of banana and the fine baby hairs around his face wisping out of his bun. “Niall,” says Harry through his mouthful of banana. 

Niall grimaces. “Could you fucking chew and swallow, mate?”  

Obediently, Harry swallows his mouthful of banana. “Niall,” he says again seriously. 

Niall stops flipping through the cable menu for a game of golf or footie or tennis. The duvet is soft and fluffy, and he has no plans of getting out of bed unless the hotel is literally on fire. 

“Did you ever think about me and you?” Harry asks, like that’s a perfectly reasonable thing to say on the last leg of One Direction’s last tour before indefinite hiatus. Niall pops a cuticle into his mouth and starts chewing before he can stop himself. 

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Preference #139 Embarrassment

Requested by anon

Liam- The plan was to meet at his house which is why you were ringing his bell. “One second I’ll be right out,” he smiled walking into another room. After a few minutes he came out and started walking to you in his date attire. He looked gorgeous, everything was fitted but your eyes skidded to his pants and his fly was open. “Liam, you’re wonderful but before we leave check your zipper,” he looked down and quickly zipped it up, cheeks red. “Thanks babe.”

Zayn- For weeks your excuse was to head for the library so you could study with some piece and quiet when really, you only went there to meet with Zayn and headed outside where no one was around to catch you. Your would talk for a bit, tease each other and then obviously make out. It was perfect and no one knew about your sneaking around with the most attractive boy at your school until one day the person who worked for the school newspaper caught you and thought it would be great headline news. You and Zayn were embarrassed like never before but at least you had each other.

Niall- First time Niall met your family was amazing. Niall impressed your mom and grandma and your dad clicked with him at “hello.” “What about a game of basketball?” your dad asked Niall who would never refuse the offer. The plan was to let your dad win by a little so his pride wouldn’t be hurt but Niall ended up having his ego hurt. The ball bounced right on his head leaving him with a very mild concussion. For the rest of the night Niall looked embarrassed but your dad reassured him they would have a rematch and all was well.

Harry- Your best friend was having a baby shower and invited both you and Harry to the party. Harry was one of the few guys there but he didn’t mind, he loved kids and everything related to them. As you talked to your friend and handed her your present Harry came speed walking towards you looking all red and embarrassed, “Y/N, we need to leave,” you were confused, “I thought that Maria was pregnant too but she’s… not.” you clutched your stomach in laughter and handed him some wine, “Babe, you’ll need this.” He sighed and took the glass chugging it in one go.

Louis- “I have such a pounding headache,” Louis grunted walking around the kitchen like a zombie. You didn’t want to pry but there were videos taken of him that were already all over social media. “About that… You were really drunk and well, many people know now.” His sea blue eyes darkened and darted towards the TV, showing clips of him shouting and falling all over the place. He covered his face and mumbled, “My mom will never let this go.”