basketball never stop

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act


Who knew Adam Levine has basketball skills like these?!


- Playground Giardino Oriana Fallaci -

Il Playground del Giardino Oriana Fallaci è letteralmente dietro casa per me.

Ha un solo canestro regolamentare. Le linee sono storte. Il ferro è almeno a 3 metri e 10.

Ci sono però due canestri bassi, opposti, dove tutti possiamo essere LeBron James, visto che sono alti 2 metri e 50. Ci faccio i 360.

Non c’è quasi mai nessuno in questo campo, e per questo ci vengo spesso ad allenarmi. Una volta ho rifiutato un uno contro uno con un ragazzo che era lì ad aspettare che qualcuno arrivasse con un pallone.

Prima regola del campetto: mai andarci senza il pallone.


anonymous asked:

Could I ask for some murakuro and midokuro plz

Ooooh, I love these pairings!! then again i ship anything/everything woops


Train Ride by taikodrum on AO3

Summary: Midorima thinks nothing will go wrong, but then he meets Kuroko.

Satisfactory Manner by triste on AO3

Summary: “Do you think about bacteria when you kiss people?”

Notes: Drabble/ficlet series.

Partnership by Fayah on AO3

Summary: Their partnership starts in English class, but like everything else in their lives, turns into a matter of basketball.

Never Stop Holding Your Hand by TunaForDesert on FF.N

Summary: In another universe, Midorima was not as ignorant as the rest of the world and he held Kuroko’s hand through the the hardest of times. And stayed, long after that.


Sweet Kisses by xXxAnGeLFLoNnExXx on FF.N

Summary: “You gave me very sweet kisses. Can I have some more?” Kuroko accompanied Murasakibara to buy baking ingredients. Seirin thought otherwise.

Further Pleasantries by triste on AO3

Summary: “In other words, it’s a size kink.”

Notes: Drabble series.

The Best Present by serenemelodieson AO3

Summary: Kuroko tries to give Murasakibara a good present for his birthday…

Happy reading!

- Mod M