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BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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17. Clexa

This was a bad idea. One hell of a bad idea. The woefully unfit mother of all bad ideas. How Lexa ever thought this could work in her favor was now entirely beyond her. She winced as she stood, partially hidden, at the end of the hall and watched the now painfully familiar scene play out.

Clarke only briefly glanced down at the small white envelope tucked into the door of her locker. She didn’t bother to open the thing, just a quick look at her own name scrawled across the top, and then she rolled her eyes hard enough to send them rocketing into the back of her skull. For the fifth time in a row, she wadded up the unopened envelope, tucked her English book under her arm, and then shut her locker and headed to class. The crumpled unread note landed on top of a heap of trash in a hallway bin, and Lexa wanted to crawl in with it. She may as well stink as bad as this utterly idiotic idea and it’s completely hopeless execution. Just another high-school trash pile.

“Give it a try,” Mr. Jaha had said. “You might be surprised by the results.”

Yeah, Lexa was surprised all right. She knew Clarke had been anti-relationship since Finn Collins cheated on her sophomore year with a girl from another school and gave her Chlamydia. But she hadn’t expected her to be so completely jaded that she would take one look at a nice, nerdy note from a nice, anonymous nerd and act as if someone had sent her an eviction notice despite her having no intention of ever paying the back-rent.

It had been two years, but at the mere mention of ‘love’, Clarke acted like she was still waiting for a pharmacist to fill her Azithromycin prescription and cure her of every last Finn-Collins-related symptom. That was unfortunate for Lexa considering she had been in love with Clarke Griffin since the sixth-grade Honor Roll trip when Jasper Jordan stuck gum in Octavia Blake’s hair, and Clarke diligently ate the chocolate off six Reese’s cups so she could use the peanut butter to slide the gum out. A sacrifice of peanut-butter cups to save your best friend the horrors of a bowl cut. Talk about heroic. Lexa had pushed her glasses up on her nose and swooned from the back of the bus at the sheer cleverness of the girl.

And thus began her quiet pining for Clarke Griffin.

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Kobe Bryant speaking about his friendship with Michael Jackson.

“We would always talk about how he prepared to make his music, how he prepared for concerts. He would teach me what he did: How to make a ‘Thriller’ album, a 'Bad’ album, all the details that went into it. It was all the validation that I needed - to know that I had to focus on my craft and never waver. Because what he did - and how he did it - was psychotic. He helped me get to a level where I was able to win three titles playing with Shaq because of my preparation, my study. And it’s only all grown. That’s the mentality that I have - it’s not an athletic one. It’s not from [Michael] Jordan. It’s not from other athletes. It’s from Michael Jackson.”


“The Generation of Miracles all went to extremely reputed and powerful schools which are scattered all over Japan. It is unknown why they split up, but it is said that they were all interested in comparing each other’s abilities individually which compelled them to take this course. Ever since these Miracles have joined their current teams, their powers have significantly increased.”

Sooooo a nonprofit that helps hs graduates with autism go on with their lives, Life in Alaska, brought a trick basketball company in to hold a fundraiser. Well they always have a theme, and this year they were superheroes. Now they went around and visited the schools and talked about the program they are supporting and just rile the kids up.
This is where the fun begins. So the founder of Life in Alaska comes out and starts talking and he is interrupted by none other then Nick Fury. And he goes
“Hello children.”
*the whole school is quiet*
*from a small kindergartener in the front row* “hi!”
* “Nick Fury” walks up to kid and stares him down*
Deadpool interrupts.
Talks about how he is nothing and the ‘Avengers’ will destroy him.
'Fury’ gets a call from 'hulk’ and 'deadpool’ steals his phone
'Iron Man’ walks in
Jokes and having a little girl spin a basketball on her finger.
Questions and talk about the events this weekend.

*this is the funniest part*
When leaving EVERY SINGLE CHILD (we have close to 500-600 students in the school) start chanting “DEADPOOL! DEADPOOL! DEADPOOL!” And it continued down the halls and into class rooms.

I thought that was worth sharing😋


character: lai guanlin

genre: fluff

style: paragraph

summary: guanlin borrowed you his jacket because you forgot yours, but because of that, everyone thinks you both are dating

“Great. I forgot my jacket. Again.”

You let out a loud sigh as you got out of your apartment and the cool breeze starts to touch your skin.

If you went back inside to grab it now, you’ll definitely be late for school and you’ll receive a free ticket to detention.

“This is the third time this week,” you mumbled to yourself in disappointment while crossing your arms together.

The cool breeze wasn’t the perfect kind. It was the cool, that sent chills to your skin. You didn’t know why it was so cold. Considering that it was already summer, you expected it to be a little warm.

The wind blew your baby hair away from your face that failed to stay tied up with the ribbon of your ponytail.

“I guess it’s no jacket day, again,” you softly spoke to yourself as you walked in the direction of your school.

But, as you made your way to school, you felt something wrapped around your shoulders, covering your freezing arms.

It was the school’s basketball team varsity jacket.

“Had a feeling you might have forgotten it, again.” Guanlin let out a faint chuckle as he walked beside you.

You turned to look at Guanlin who was walking beside you, looking like he just woke up and didn’t comb his hair. But, he still looked good.

“I don’t need your jac-”

“Yes, you do. You’re freezing,” Guanlin interrupted you.

“What about you?” You asked with a frown.

“I’m not that cold,” Guanlin answered.

You sigh in defeat and just thanked him as the two of you walked to school together quietly.

Your relationship with Guanlin wasn’t complicated. You guys were good friends, but you weren’t close friends. You had your own group of close friends, and he had his.

Occasionally, your group of friends and his would hang out together because you guys were childhood friends, and one of your friends was dating his friends.

In terms of feelings, you definitely liked him more than just a friend. But, you didn’t want things to grow awkward. So, you would rather keep your love for him be a secret.

“Umm, are you going to stay back at school today?” Guanlin broke the silence.

“Yeah, I have student council meeting today,” you answered.

“Oh, then let’s go back together later,” Guanlin offered.

“Why the sudden offer?” You asked curiously.

You were surprised by Guanlin’s sudden invitation to go back together. It wasn’t something you did everyday, but you were happy.

“I don’t want to walk alone,” Guanlin answered. “But, if you don’t want to, then it’s alright.”

“I was just asking, Guanlin,” you explained. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to.”

Guanlin let out a little laugh and showcased his gummy smile perfectly.

“Anyways, what time do you finish?” Guanlin asked changing the topic.

“Not sure, depends on the president. You know how she is,” you answered with a sympathetic smile.

“If you finish before me, wait for me at the basketball court, okay?”

“Okay.” You nodded with a shy smile. “What about your jacket?”

“Keep it,” Guanlin answered. “I’ll take it when we get home.”

As you entered your classroom, you went straight to your table and rested your head on your hands, that were crossed on the table.

You were a little sleepy because you slept late last night, thanks to your good friend, Somi, who was talking about her crush all night. 

“Aye, y/n, you didn’t forget your jac-Is that Guanlin’s jacket!?” Somi, who had a really loud voice exclaimed, making everyone in the room grow quiet and turn to look at you and Somi.

You sat up, ears turning red from embarrassment by Somi’s question, but tried to play it off cool.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot my jacket,” you explained. “So, Guanlin borrowed me his.”

There was not a single word spoken after that, by anyone. Complete silence.


“Y/N AND GUANLIN ARE DATING!” One of the boys exclaimed.

The entire class began to “woo”-ing and giving teases to you, as your entire face grew red.

“What!? No! We’re not!” You denied. “He’s just borrowing me his jacket. We’re not dating!”

Some of your classmates began to “boo” at you because they think you’re lying.

“But, it’s true! Just ask Guanlin.”

“Guanlin likes you, though,” one of his good friends, Seonho, who also plays basketball, informed - which made the class “woo” even louder and your face turn redder.

Because of how loud they were, you basically gave up and let them do whatever they want. You knew that whatever you said now wouldn’t even work.

However, your mind couldn’t help but replay Seonho’s words. “Guanlin likes you, though.”

Was he lying to hype up the class, or was he telling the truth? It would be nice if he was telling the truth, but who were you kidding? There were so many girls that liked Guanlin - especially the seniors. The chances of Guanlin liking you was 1/1000.

When school ended, you went straight to the student council room. 

You made sure not to wear Guanlin’s jacket this time. Not wanting the same thing to happen. Instead, you just held his jacket in your arm.

However, you forgot about it after the meeting ended. Making everyone in the student council tease you.

“Ooh~ Y/n, are you dating Guanlin now?” Sejeong asked with a smirk plastered on her face.

“What? No, of course not,” you answered with a sigh, knowing exactly why she asked that. “It’s because of the jacket, isn’t it.”

“You look cute in his jacket,” Euiwoong complimented.

“It’s just the school’s basketball team jacket, what even, Euiwoong?”

“Why aren’t you guys dating?” Chaeyeon asked. “You guys should be dating.

“Chaeyeon-noona, it’s because they’re both shy and in denial of their love for each other,” Daehwi answered Chaeyeon’s question. “Am I right, y/n?”

You were completely speechless by their words.

“This is bullying. I want my lawyer,” you joked.

“Honey, you need a lawyer. You need Guanlin,” Daehwi corrected you, making you roll your eyes and walked out the room quickly while the others were still packing and talking about you and Guanlin.

You sometimes wonder why almost everyone in your school, acted like little kids.

Guanlin just borrowed you his jacket. It’s nothing much, right?

If that didn’t make you feel embarrassed enough, some of the boys, that were in your grade but different class, teased you a little as you made your way to the basketball court.

“Stay sweet with Guanlin, y/n~”

“Go to hell, Justin!”

“Nice jacket, y/n!”

“You too, Jungjung!”

Not wanting to get anymore teasing, you quickly made your way to the basketball court and quietly took a seat at the bleachers, praying that you didn’t attract any attention. 

You watched the boys play and spotted Guanlin. He looked so good playing basketball, it made your heart beat fast. 

When he had the ball and managed to shoot it into the goal before the coach blew the whistle, making some of the boys cheered in victory.

“Alright, great job boys!” The coach complimented. “Especially you, Guanlin. You’ve improved a lot.”

“Thanks, coach.” Guanlin took his bottle and began drinking as he listens to the coach’s talk with the rest of his teammates.

"If you all can keep it up like this, we’ll definitely win this season. We would give the rest of the team a run for the money. Alright, you’re all dismissed,” the coach said as he grabbed his things and walked out of the hall.

However, before he left the court completely, he turned to look at you, making you jump a little in surprise. “Hello, Ms y/l/n. Don’t think I didn’t see you sneaking in.”

You let out a forced laugh and bowed at him. “Hello, coach.”

“Next time, try not to wear Guanlin’s jacket if you want to sneak into his basketball practices.”

“Yes, coach.”

With the coach leaving the basketball court, the boys all teased Guanlin and you because of the jacket.

"Our boy’s becoming a man!” Dongho said proudly.

“You’re already dating Y/N? Since when?” Daniel asked.

“Woah, you never told us anything about it,” Jihoon added.

“She’s been wearing the jacket since morning,” Seonho added. “Didn’t you, y/n?”

“Um, I…”

You were so speechless that you just stood there with no words coming out.

Guanlin immediately walked to you, ignored the boys’ questions but bid them goodbye, and held onto your hand as he leads the way out of the basketball court.

The walk back to your apartment was awkward. Well, not awkward, but, for you, it was. Especially with everything that’s going on, you couldn’t help but look at your feet, not having the courage to look at Guanlin or talk to him.

“I’m sorry about that, just ignore whatever they said,” Guanlin apologised as he finally broke the silence between the two of you.

“It’s alright.” You gave a gentle smile to Guanlin. “It’s been happening since morning,” you explained with a forced chuckle coming out.

“Really?” Guanlin asked in shock. “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make such things happen to you.”

“Guanlin, it’s alright. Really.”

“I mean, I don’t mind them saying that because I do like you a lot, but you don’t like me so…”

The two of you suddenly stopped walking as a sudden silence flew in as you both realised what Guanlin just said.

Guanlin liked you? Did you hear it correctly?

“Um, I’m sorry,” Guanlin apologised again. “I didn’t mean to confess to you or anything. I mean, I did but not right now-not like this-I-I-”

“But, I do like you. That’s why it’s embarrassing,” you interrupted him, acting a little coy.

Guanlin looked at you with wide eyes. “Really? Y-you, like me?”

“Yeah,” you answered with a giggle and nodded your head. “I like you. A lot.”

Guanlin’s gummy smile then appears as his hearts feels like it can just fly to the moon.

“Does this mean you would be my girlfriend?” Guanlin asked in excitement.

“Yeah, I guess,” you answered with a giggle.

“Then, I’ll walk to school again with you tomorrow,” Guanlin said as you guys approached your apartment. “I’ll walk to school with you everyday. And I’ll walk you back everyday too!”

You giggled at his excitement and nodded. “Sure, Guanlin. Anything you want.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye, y/n. I love you.” Guanlin gave a quick peck on your cheek before running off to his own apartment, leaving you there, with your fingers touching your cheeks - trying to process the fact that you just got kissed on the cheek by Guanlin.

You smiled widely as you entered the apartment, went to your house floor and went straight into your room.

Taking out the jacket and placing your bag near your study table, you collapsed onto your bed and took out your phone.

A wide smile appeared on your face when you saw a text message from Guanlin:

Please don’t forget my jacket tomorrow~ 

And don’t forget yours, either ❤️

“Oh! Guanlin’s jacket!” You exclaimed and face palmed yourself for being so forgetful. 

How could you have forgotten that as well?

Reasons to love Eddie Vedder

1. He is like all grumpy but at same time the cutest man.
2.Actually if you just take a look at his facial expressions while he performs, you’ll easily realize that he’s a fucking genuine performer who thinks and feels every single word and line of his songs. Emotion!!!
3. Hyperactive? There was a time when Eddie used to make superhuman jumps on stage…
4.He’s a beautiful human being. I mean just look at his hair, cheeks, smile and eyes.
5. He was a shy guy. On interview he is all shy and quiet and when he sings on stage he is full of passion, improvising.He also talks with audience between songs.He is not that kind of dude who do stuffs to be famous.
6. Pearl jam is still alive, sharing beautiful moments with us.They don’t make music videos which is so cool ‘cause you have to listen music and imagine.
7. He is just natural, he’s not affraid to show that he can be drunk or with cigarettes in his hand. Not trying to me someone else.
8.He always says what he means even if media doesn’t like it.
9. He has awesome sence of humour.
10.He loves his fans, he protects them on stage, he would do anything for them.
11.He is amazing songwriter.
12.The way he feels song, his moves and voice is perfect.
13.He likes nature, surfing and skateboarding.
14. He plays some kick ass rock songs with his guitar and ukulele.
15. He helps people.
16. Always with wine on stage.
17. Talks with sarcasm.
18. Wears pair of jeans and old t-shirt on stage.
19. Loves cubs and basketball.
20. Has big heart.

What If...

Kingdom Hearts Characters plays Basketball?



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Last Game Novel English Translation (Ch 1 Part 1-Invasion)

As requested I began translating the Last Game novel! Things to keep in mind are this follows the movie storyline (not the manga, it is indeed a bit different), and there are INDEED SPOILERS. So only proceed if you want to be spoiled.
 I’m planning to split each chapter into two parts (8 chapters=16 parts total)

Prologue Translation

The five unparalleled geniuses, the “Generation of Miracles.”
And the one the five of them acknowledged, the “Phantom Sixth Man.”
And then he appeared before them, as if it was fate that they were all gathered in the same generation.
Kagami Taiga.
The one that was the same as the Generation of Miracles, but didn’t become one of the Generation of Miracles. He held the same gift as the geniuses and the last one to awaken-“The Miracle that didn’t become a Miracle.”
He met his fated Shadow, and became a true light.
The Light fought his rivals and increased his brightness, and finally led his team to win the Winter Cup and become the number one team in Japan.

And now,

The Light and Shadow arrive at a new stage.

Click the ‘read more’ to continue to the first half of Chapter 1!

* I revised some of the sentences a bit to give a better visual to match the scenes in the movie. 

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Dating the Skam boys would include


- eating pizzas+good film
- sex after arguing
- you steal his clothes all the time
- playing with his hair
- both best friend and lover


- private joke all the time
- Your secret song is im yours by Jason Mraz (guilty pleasure)
- matching caps
- long phylosophical conversastion
- smoking weed together


- kiss on the cheek
- jealous af
- skip classes together
- chilling on the bed+cudling and kissing during hours
- go to concert together


- so clumsy that it became cute
- eating to much candies
- chating until late night everyday
- listen to all your problems and always reassure you
- can’t stop talking about you when you’re not here


- his house and family became yours too
- dancing like children
- you have your own high five 
- holding you by the waist
- nasty jokes


- the best cooker
- playing basketball
- heart eyes motherfucker
- kiss on the neck
- so mysterious


- can’t stop making you compliment
- playing guitar
- you’re the only one that can make him laugh
- surprise date
- discussing music taste


- buy your flowers
- relaxing massage
- partying all night
- fucking under the shower
- call you babe or princess all the time


- watching series together
- fighting on the sofa
- making you shut up with a kiss
- pranking him with Sana
- his new passion, bothering you when you try to study
Breaking the fast: first day of ramadan at the Bakkoush household (Sana+Jamilla+Yousef+Balloon Squad)

TITLE: “How did you know you were in love with him?” 27.05.17 10.01PM

There was exactly fifteen minutes left until Iftar*, which meant fifteen minutes until Sana and her family would break their fast. The first day of Ramadan was always the hardest seeing as your body wasn’t exactly used to not eating or drinking for 10 hours or more. Sana had spent the day indulging in some Quran reading, she had read two of the first surah’s* in the Quran* today and had decided to read the entirety of the Quran in Ramadan. If she were to distract herself in any way from all the things that were going on in her life, she might as well do it with something that comforted her.

The Bakkoush household were in a slight panic which was a characteristic of it soon being Iftar time. Sana’s mom was busy in the kitchen finishing the dinner while commandeering the rest of the household to set the table.

“Younes, did you remember the forks?” Sana’s mother asked. Younes, Sana’s father shook his head and quickly picked the forks up and continued setting the table. Sana’s mother joked about how the one thing he always forgot, was the forks. Her father rolled his eyes in mock annoyance while they both continued joking to each other, resulting in Elias letting out a small laugh.

Sana’s mother looked over at Sana and Elias and said, “Don’t think you two are getting off the hook. Go get the nice tableware, we’re having guests as well.”

Sana furrowed her brows in response. What guests?

Sana’s mother, Faiza noticed the furrow in Sana’s brows and said, “Salim* and Jamilla are coming.”

Sana lifted her eyebrows. It had been a while since she had seen Jamilla. Ever since the karaoke night, she had contemplated talking to her, but she had felt that too much time had gone by. Jamilla had always taken care of her, but all Sana had done was push her away. She felt guilty, she didn’t deserve Jamilla’s forgiveness. But she couldn’t help but hope. Maybe, just maybe, Jamilla would forgive her and she could have someone to confide in.

Sana nodded in response and left to get the tableware her mother had asked for, and behind her steps were Elias.

“Sana,” he said. Making her halt in her steps. “What do I have to do in order for you to not be mad at me anymore?”

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