basketball floor

Happy Holidays - part 3 of 4

- Do you know what’s shiny? 
- Jinglebells!
Do you know what’s even shinier?
TS4 wooden floors!
Correct! 5 points to Gryffindor!

Enough silliness.. This is something I promised @purzelsims I’d do when we first saw the floor in the livestreams for the City Living EP. I’d like to keep my word so here it is, the de-shinified and recolored versions of the Basketball flooring from City Living.

The gift contains 3 packages: 
► 1 override with the original swatches, 
► 1 custom floor with the original swatches 
► 1 package with the floor recolored in iCad’s woods + black.   

Just pick and choose whichever you want!

Download: Simfileshare

anonymous asked:

hi can i get shipped? my name is michelle. i'm tall, blonde and blue-eyed, and i'm tougher than i look. i'm an athlete, and i love volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, you name it. i'm pretty loud and outgoing compared to my friends. i'm extremely disorganized and messy. i'm very adventurous, and i like a boy who's adventurous too. he should be a good talker, but i talk a lot, so it doesn't matter if he's quiet, lol. oh, and my two bffs jessica and victoria are sending in ships too. thx!

I ship you with Peter Pevensie! He loves how tough you are even though you don’t look so tough on the outside. In fact, he was extremely surprised to learn of this fact because of how sweet and gentle you looked on the outside. Peter is extremely athletic but also loves to sit out on the bleachers every once in a while to watch your games. Peter can’t possibly fathom how a person could be so incredibly loud but he loves you for it anyways. Peter loves your outgoing and energetic attitude and personality and thinks it adds a bit of spice to his otherwise dull life. Peter hates disorganized spaces but that’s okay because it creates a balance for you two. You make the messes and he cleans them up. Peter is not really adventurous but he tries it with you because he knows you love the thrill and it makes you happy. Peter loves talking but he can sit quiet and listen to you when you want to talk to him. He always a great listener and listens very intently to what you’re saying. Sometimes though, you two would sit in silence and enjoy the company of the other. Peter’s the perfect match for you!

Hope you liked it!



and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.