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Okay I just read an English summary of a Japanese AyaYui fanfic and it was about how Yui and Ayato have a baby and I was so shook at one part...After the baby was born, Ayato wanted to have some sexy time with Yui but she had to go to the baby when it started crying. This made Ayato really mad (since she gave the baby more attention) and I kid you not, he literally just chucks the baby out of the WINDOW. His only excuse was that the baby was a vamp so it'll survive. (1/2)


Okay, here’s my analysis for it:

While it’s true that Ayato is childish, selfish, immature, attention-seeking, etc. at the beginning when we encounter him, in most of his good endings, he’s always married to Yui or already has her as a significant other. And in these good endings, Ayato’s general behavior and judgment has improved tremendously. After thousands of years of living on Earth, he’s finally catching up to his actual age and maturity levels because of Yui. Also at this time, he has somewhat changed to the point where he is: 

  1. More open with his feelings. He lets Yui know how he feels about certain things or her.
  2. Demonstrates some maturity. He knows and realizes how his actions can consequently impact someone.
  3.  Learning to trust Yui. He really has to learn to let go of being so possessive over her, and he and Yui are sometimes shown working on it.

Assuming that Ayato has changed for the better because of Yui’s influence on him in the good endings, I would argue that perhaps he can be a good father if he wants to be one/is ready. Kids are not for everyone. I think it will take Ayato YEARS to even consider children with Yui. I have yet to see him tell Yui directly that he wants children with her in the series overall. 

I know some writers say that Ayato would want kids or that he wouldn’t want any because he wants Yui all to himself and both sides have pretty good arguments, but I think Ayato will not want any kids at first. Maybe down the line he will because his kids will obviously be great because he’s Ore-sama, but it will definitely take him awhile to cross that line with Yui. He’ll be a good father when he’s mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically ready and sound to settle down and have kids. This applies for every single human being who wants to become a parent one day, okay. This isn’t just for fictional characters.

The whole shenanigan of this writer having Ayato toss his baby out the window just to seek Yui’s attention sounds a little ludicrous to me. I’m a little offended too, because the writer is implying that Ayato is stupid enough to do it when Ayato clearly isn’t a fucking idiot. People just stereotype him to be some takoyaki and basketball-loving baka when he is actually more than that. Ayato is smart. In one of his routes, he went to fucking college just so that he and Yui can have better lives in the future! He wants to improve their quality of life and Karlheinz won’t give him any of his riches, so this is his only option. He is smart enough to understand the benefits and consequences of his actions and how to be disciplined at this point. (Don’t forget that he DISLIKED STUDYING, but guess what he’ll have to do in college? Study. His. Butt. Off.) So it all leads back to my question as to why would he want to toss his offspring, the fruit of his and Yui’s love, out the fucking window just to have sexy times with her? That’s one thing I hold against this fandom. It’s the poor portrayal of Ayato and how fans discredit his intelligent moments. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live. This is most likely not in Ayato’s nature to do. If had a kid, I don’t think he would do this. He had a shitty father in his life and this is his own child. I don’t think he wants to give his child the same childhood he had growing up in the Sakamaki household. 

Karlheinz’s whole reason for messing up each of his son’s childhood was so that he can break them and wipe them to be a clean slate. It was for the purpose of his Adam and Eve Project, BUT it was to also stop them from loving someone in the demonic/vampire way. He wanted his sons to love more like humans, in which Yui comes into the picture as Eve and has to willingly fall in love with one of them while indirectly teaching them how human love works because the whole project would fail if she didn’t love any of them back. If Yui’s the one who’s supposed to teach them this, then there’s no doubt in my mind that Ayato would behave in that gruesome manner towards his baby. By then, he should somewhat adapt to the human love behavior and realize that his child also contains half of Yui, the woman he is in love with. He has no real reason to hurt his child if he’s mentally, emotionally, and physically sound.

Maybe in that fic, Ayato never changed despite being with Yui. Maybe that’s why he’s still acting like his former self. But if he’s still roughly acting like that, it means Yui never did her indirect task to make Ayato understand human love. As you can tell, something is wrong with that scenario, especially when Ayato doesn’t care to have blood from his own child stained on his hands. Let the record reflect that whenever Ayato killed someone from his family, it was planned and calculated with purpose. For him to kill his child on a whim would be very OOC and odd for him to do. 

I hope this wasn’t confusing or too long. I just had a lot to say, and I hope this makes sense. You’re free to send me another ask for clarification or anything else.

-Admin Yuuzuki

(Oh my this was adorable and so cute! I could easily turn this into a short fic, which I must refrain from doing!!! Thank you darling :) and thanks for calling me sweetheart. It made me smile. lol. Im so easy to please it’s ridiculous. Also this is in jpy amounts everyone. I tried to be fairly accurate.)

“Kagami! What are you doing here?!”

Turning at the sound of his coach yelling, Kagami’s eyebrows shot up in confusion. He had been practicing on his free hour, something he had been sure was a confusion, but didn’t question it too much as it meant more basketball. He had been in the gym for nearly half an hour now, shooting three pointers over and over, a known weakness in his game.

“Um shooting hoops?”

Riko sighed heavily and stomped over to him, grabbing his wrist and dragging him behind her, “Bakagami! I told you to come to the auditorium during your free hour today! And what are you doing? Playing basketball like a true basketball baka. We’re late so move it!”

All he could do was nod and follow after her, Kagami far beyond confused to even ask what was happening. He hadn’t remembered being told to come to the gym, but then again, if she had told him earlier in the day he would have been half asleep still, his brain not working the best at that time.

They walked down the hallways, taking a few turns, Kagami used to people staring at the way Riko dragged him. She was well known around the school for being the coach that took Seirin to Nationals, but many people didn’t see this beast-like strength she had hidden. He was lucky to see it every day, rather hoping it would be absent once in a while. As they neared the auditorium, Kagami could hear lots of noise inside, clapping, and cheering. It got quiet and people then started shouting, taking turns yelling out numbers. His eyebrows furrowed down hard, his confusion being taken to a whole new level.

“Uh Coach, what’s going on?”

Riko mumbled as she threw a towel at him, “Boys never listen. Wipe your sweat off, Kagami. No one wants to see you all sweaty and gross.”

Following instructions automatically, Kagami noticed that he was being led towards the back entrance of the auditorium, the door in front of them taking them to the back stage area, where once inside, he noticed a few familiar faces.

“Senpai? Kuroko? What are you doing here?”

“Hello Kagami-kun.”

“Hi Kagami. I’m here for the same reason you are,” Kiyoshi blushed slightly but still smiled his signature grin.

Kagami stood next to his best friend as he noticed his senpai was wearing nicer clothes, the contrast between them, as he stood in his basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt, not lost on their coach.

“Ugh…baka. You’ll have to go out in that. I don’t have extra clothes for you and I’m guessing nothing anyone has here will fit.”

Kagami leaned down to whisper to Kuroko, his voice strained, “Kuroko what’s happening?”

“You didn’t really listen to me this morning did you Kagami-kun?”

Shaking his head, still staring at the people running around, he heard his friend sigh heavily.

“Kagami-kun, you really should pay attention to people. You could avoid situations like this if you did.”

Returning his gaze to his friend, Kagami glared, “It’s not my fault I’m tired in the morning! And that doesn’t answer my question.”

His friend’s lips tilted up at the corners, a sight that nearly threw Kagami onto his ass. If Kuroko was smiling then this wasn’t going to be something pleasant. His friend was getting back at him for something. He wracked his brain trying to figure out what he had done, but as he did, Riko grabbed his wrist again and Kuroko, along with Kiyoshi, started pushing him forward.

His eyes got wide as he was brought closer and closer to the stage curtain in front of him, the sound of someone talking over a microphone and people cheering getting louder. He dug his heels into the wooden floor, but that didn’t stop his three friends from budging him forward. As soon as he was right in front of the curtain, Riko moved to help push him, all three of them launching him forward, the curtain parting around him and lights blinding his eyes.

The cheering got impossibly loud as he put a hand up to shield himself from the bright light, a small hand coming up to his bicep, resting on it as the girl began to speak next to him. She had been the one on the mic from earlier.

“Here he is everyone! Seirin’s own ace, Kagami Taiga!”

The crowd erupted into cheers again, some whistles ringing out as Kagami finally looked out before him. He knew he probably looked dumb, but the sight  couldn’t stop his mouth from falling open. There were tons of girls and a few boys resent in the auditorium, the seats full as they stood and waved small paddle like signs with numbers on them. There was a guy stepping off of the stage to the right, a sheepish smile on his face as a girl came up to take his arm, both of them heading out of the room together. If Kagami remembered correctly, that guy was on the baseball team.

“So Kagami-kun tell us, what are your favorite things to do, besides basketball of course?”

He looked over at the girl next to him, her microphone in front of his mouth now. Silence reigned around him as the people waited, his mind still reeling with what the hell was happening.

“Ummm cooking I guess.”

“You hear that? Kagami-kun is a handsome athlete and a skilled chef! What a catch!”

The cheering started up again, Kagami looking to the side of the stage, sending out a confused and pleading look to his Coach and friends. They all smiled and waved at him, Kuroko seeming to look away, probably holding in his laughter.

“Ok, now you know how this works. The highest bidder will get a day alone with Seirin’s beloved ace! Would anyone like to start?”




Kagami’s eyes got wide as the numbers climbed higher and higher. They were bidding to have a date with him?!

“Oi oi! Wait a minute! What is this?!”

His strong voice reigned throughout the room, the microphone making him sound louder than normal. The girl next to him grinned and gestured to a sign behind her.

“This is a charity even, Kagami-kun. All proceeds raised from bidding will be given to the nearest children’s hospital. You were signed up to participate and should have been given the proper information. You would like to help the children at the hospital, wouldn’t you Kagami-kun?”

Kagami’s left eye twitched as he stared in shock at the girl grinning at him widely. He felt she looked familiar, possibly Coach’s friend. Which would make sense considering she just put him on the spot in front of the entire school, and what looked like other school students as well. Everyone was waiting for his answer, his sigh of defeat coming a moment later.


“Great!! I believe the bidding was at 700? Who would like to bid 750 for a whole day with Kagami-kun?”

The shouts started again, Kagami standing awkwardly in front of the lights as voices, female and male, rang out. As the numbers reached over 100 his ears started turning red. He felt awkward, his arms coming up to cross over his chest. Of course this just added fuel to the fire, his arms on full display in his sleeveless shirt.

The shouting seemed to go on and on, the numbers starting to reach an amount that made Kagami slightly dizzy, until they started slowing down, only two voices shouting now, one female and one male. Finally, the male voice rang out strong, the female not shouting anymore.

“Ok, the final bid is 1500 from the gentleman in the back! Anyone else?”

Kagami looked around the room, listened to the hum of mumbling, then tried to focus on the guy in the back, but failing to see who it was with all the lights directed at him. The girl next to him smile and smacked the wooden podium next to her.

“Sold! One day with Kagami-kun goes to the gentleman in the back! Please make your way to the front and head on out with your date!”

She gently, but firmly pushed Kagami to the direction of the stairs on the right. His eyes darted back to his friends, all of them grinning wide, Kuroko with a hand over his mouth as if he knew something that the other two didn’t. The room filled with rounds of applause as Kagami made his way off stage, his eyes darting around him to try to see who had “won” him. As he stepped off the last step, he came face to face with dark blue eyes and a lazy look.

“Yo Kagami.”



Look at these two basketball baka boyfriends in the new KnB Replace chapter. They’re such lovable little idiots, messing around at the airport. 

Background: GoM is enroute Hawaii for a training camp (wow!! all the way there?? fun!) At the airport, Aomine is bored so pulls out a basketball and challenges Kise to well… something. Like a dribbling/passing race down the hall or something (also note: Aomine challenges Kise! Not the other way around!!) 

At first Kise is like ‘nooo we shouldn’t’ but Aomine manipulates him easily because he knows him so well and knows that Kise wants to as well (”Are you saying you can’t keep up with me Kise?!” “Ehhh of course I can!”) 

And then… can you believe it… in the middle of an international airport these two baka boyfriends start passing practice with a basketball Aomine had stashed in his bag, ignoring the rest of the team (also note that Aomine asked Kise and specifically and only Kise, even though the rest of GoM was there too)

Aomine challenges Kise in the middle of a freaking airport!! 

And then of course they get into trouble and have to do chairless squats against the wall, whereupon they start bickering like the couple caught doing inappropriate things in public places that they are. 

Those are the panels above and the translation is something like~

Kise: Shit! This is all Aominecchi’s fault! Because you said stupid things!!

Aomine: Shut up!! Like you weren’t enjoying it too!! 

or something like that

And then Momoi is cheerfully gesturing to the two baka boyfriends going all like “Right before takeoff in the lobby, these two idiots are…” 

Ugh it’s so adorable I can’t even… and also literally AoKise’s dialogues sound so similar to, I don’t know, a couple caught having sex or something LOL (especially with Aomine’s ‘you were into it too’ line haha) 

I can’t wait for the rest of this chapter, teiko!AoKi is precious they are just so into each other and keep challenging one another and fighting and doing idiotic things gahhhhh <3 <3 <3 

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GOM's most visited website?

KUROKO: Youtube. When he’s feeling down, he needs those adorable dog and cat videos to pick him up.

KISE: In all honesty, probably tumblr. But like the ‘respectable’ part that posts photos of scenery, hot girls and fashion.

AOMINE: He’s a predictable basketball-baka, who spends a while on sports websites, like

MIDORIMA: It’s one of his many embarrassing hobbies to go onto his fave pages and do some editing.

MURASAKIBARA: Netflix. He doesn’t use the internet for much more than catching up on TV shows and watching movies.

AKASHI: Doesn’t use the internet much, but when he does, it’s a business website so he can checks news and his stocks.

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Kagami and Aomine going after the same girl?

AOMINE hung back this time, watching with amusement at KAGAMI’s strange brand of flirting. There was no way ____-chan even recognized this as flirting. “O-oh, you can put different colours into it, that’s cool.” Kagami was talking about her pen, even though she didn’t seem to want to keep talking about it. She kept glancing at the clock, as if concerned for him.

“Don’t you have a practice game today?” She asks, placing her hand on Kagami’s– and that’s about the time Aomine decided to step in. “He does. Tetsu told me to come find you.” Aomine says, pulling Kagami by the ear. That was a lie; Aomine came of his own accord because he heard she was here. She looks taken aback at the kind of antagonistic behaviour the two boys were displaying, so Aomine flashed her a smirk.

“Does this loser usually walk you home? I can be his sub for today.” He says, teasingly, letting go of Kagami and approaching her. She gives him an amused look as he tries to wrap an arm around her shoulder. She maneuvers out of it and stands between them. ____-chan now intertwines one arm with each boy. Kagami started blushing, whereas Aomine just looked annoyed. Why did he have to share her?

“Hey, let’s go to the Seirin game together!” She proposes, dragging both of them along down the hall. Kagami shoots a glare at Aomine, who returns it tenfold. “Sureee.” The two of them say simultaneously in the most strained tone ever.

Did she know that both of them had a crush on her? Of course! But it wasn’t everyday that you had the two basketball bakas in the palm of your hand.

She was just gonna milk this for as long as she could~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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How would gom react on finding out that their inocent s/o is hanamia makotos little sister. (I Love your blog so much)

hahahahahahahaa omg

He definitely didn’t see it coming, until you opened the door with Hanamiya Makoto half naked in his full glory standing right beside you. For a split second, he was absolutely shocked to find HIM of all people, HALF-NAKED, and IN YOUR HOUSE.

Then it clicked. Your last name was Hanamiya.

It was no coincidence.

Kuroko: His face would pale as it sunk in. He would probably ask you, just to confirm it. It was pretty hard to believe that his cute innocent girlfriend was actually related to someone with such horrible personality. After all, Kuroko definitely wasn’t a huge fan of Hanamiya’s basketball play. Eventually Kuroko would accept it, but just avoid too much interaction with your brother. His just really really glad you turned out nothing like him.

Kise: He would splutter and stutter and stumble all over his words, being absolutely incoherent as he tries and take in the situation. He’d probably be along the lines of very loud ((as usual)) and shocked like, “WHAAAAAT HIS THE BROTHER YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ____________-CCHI??” He might grumble a bit about how you have such an asshole for a brother but he soon gets over it and just ignores Hanamiya, if he ever sees him.

Midorima: I think he’d take this normally. He’d be naturally shocked, since there was such a stark contrast in your personalities. However, he recovers very quickly. Because to him, you were the one he fell in love with and is dating, not Hanamiya. He couldn’t care less about his personality or his basketball style as long as he didn’t bother him. Both parties would be pretty neutral.

Aomine: He would be super shocked. Mainly because you were so innocent normally even when he makes sexual innuendos and of all people you were related to??? Hanamiya. Wow. He isn’t exactly the happiest to have you hang out with your brother or seeing him around in your house but he doesn’t pick a fight or anything. Of course don’t expect Aomine to become basketball buddies with him ((although Aomine can be arrogant, he isn’t a dirty player)). The two of them might make some sarcastic remarks now and then.

Murasakibara: Mildly surprised, but doesn’t really care. He just makes sure your brother isn’t an asshole TO YOU, he’s pretty satisfied. I think these two may just get along the best. Hanamiya might think he’s a bit of an idiot with his food obsession and all, but otherwise, they might even eat snacks together?? like on really really good days maybeeeee

Akashi: He probably saw it coming from his scary sixth sense or something. He isn’t surprised, but he immediately makes it clear that Hanamiya will not interfere with the relationship between the two of y’all. In addition, he also makes sure that Hanamiya is nice to you, and respectful to him. tbh I can’t imagine these 2 coming together like ??????????