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you mean now? Then may I ask gom + imayoshi as teacher? Thanks!


  • That one teacher who gives a shit ton of homework; no joke. You think it’s winter break? HA! Guess again. Here have all these readings and essays.
  • Although he comes off as very intimidating, he’s actually very helpful when it comes to office hours. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask him because he’d definitely explain it in the best way possible. However, it’s also been said that you shouldn’t ask him stupid questions because… well…
  • Jobs: Chemistry teacher & vice principal


  • That one teacher who’s thirty minutes late to class; He spends way too much time napping on the roof and getting yelled at by everyone else, but he really doesn’t care.
  • When it comes to teaching itself, most of the girls would be busy whispering about how hot he is, pissing off the others in the class. He’d be a pretty bad teacher because he doesn’t explain things very well. Exhibit A: Teaching Kuroko how to shoot. But he’s quite knowledgeable about other life subjects.
  • Job: Japanese history teacher & basketball team assisting coach


  • That one teacher who intimidates everyone without saying a single thing; You’d know it’s Imayoshi’s class if it were quiet. He’d enter and say nothing until the class quiets down.
  • Imayoshi’s a relatively well respected teacher and, despite his scary appearance, he actually gathered quite a fan base both with guys who admire his manliness (his past juniors would laugh at this) and girls who think he’s hot and dangerous. But, if you try confessing to him, expect an extremely vague reply because he absolutely loves making them confused.
  • Jobs: Mathematics coach & basketball team coach


  • That one teacher who’s greeted by screams whenever he enters the classroom; He absolutely enjoys it and basks in the glory and fame of it all.
  • With all the students throwing gifts and confession letters at him, it wouldn’t be surprising that rumors would soon arise amongst the students and teachers. However, Kise pays that no mind and instead focuses on his classes (and also giving people tips on how to woo their partners).
  • Jobs: Teaches English & love (not even kidding), but also home economics (only for fashion, not cooking)


  • That one teacher who nobody notices but is the nicest; He’s the teacher who everyone says hello to when they pass by him in the halls.
  • Because of his height an friendly nature, students feel so comfortable around him. It’s no surprise when even the shyer students warm up to him almost instantly, only to be scared away again whenever they see Aomine around him.
  • Jobs: Literature teacher & guidance counselor


  • That one teacher who everyone stares at oddly; It wasn’t only his height that drew attention, but it was also the weird items he brought in everyday.
  • “M-Midorima-sensei, will you accept these chocolates as a token of appreciation?” This happened every Valentine’s Day and Midorima had grown tired of it. He gets chocolates from his students too often as a ‘thanks’ but he didn’t believe in receiving gifts from students as it would be inappropriate. In the end, they’d end up crying because they were being genuinely nice. “W-Wait, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! You can give it to Murasakibara instead!”
  • Jobs: Biology and music teacher


  • That one teacher who is never there during office hours; No matter what time you come to find him, you’ll never find him in the office. Instead, try the cafeteria, the vending machines, or the mini mart across the street.
  • As obsessed as he is with food, he can’t be bribed too easily. Many students have tried and failed. Not too many though since most are scared of his height and the fact that he glared at anyone who even glanced at his food. “You think you can get on my good side just by giving me—“ “It’s a special edition Nerunerunerune candy.” “I’ll give you a 1% raise, no more than that.”
  • Jobs: Physics teacher & health committee supervisor (ha ha)
Phil fucking goddammit Lester

Dan woke up multiple times that night. He always did this on the first night.

So when his alarm went off he was already awake. Phil was still sleeping soundly. He hasn’t been waken up by Dan once. He was a heavy sleeper.

Dan got ready quickly. He decided to straighten his hair today. He picked out a black and grey flower crown that matched the little monochrome rainbows on his pastel purple jumper. He grabbed his maroon block schedule from the folder he received at orientation.

He got a text from Pj saying Chris wasn’t getting out of bed so Dan made his way down to their room. He figured by the time he got down there Chris would be awake. He wasn’t so they had to waste 20 min pulling Chris from his bed.

They only had a few minutes to grab breakfast and head to class. Chris, Pj and Dan got in line and grabbed some waffles. They sat down and began to eat.

Everything was fine until Phil and his group of friends walked by. Phil leaned down over Dan’s shoulder and whispered.

“You should really stop staring and take a picture. They last longer Flowerboy” Phil said quietly enough so that no one else heard.

Dan shuddered and opened his mouth to say something. No sound came out. He couldn’t defend himself. He mentally cursed himself for letting Phil do this to him.

If looks could kill Phil would have died an extremely painful death. PJ stated hard and long at Phil after he walked away. Dan wanted to do something to comfort PJ.

“PJ leave it alone” Dan sighed.

PJ looked Dans way and gave him a warning look before turning to his food. Chris, completely oblivious to everything, babbled on about anything and everything.

Their first class was psychology 2. Peej only took it because Dan and Chris wanted to. They didn’t know shit about psychology but they said it would be fun. Now it was their second year taking it. And it was definitely not fun.

Their teacher, Mrs. Bradley, was kind of a bitch. She was the harshest teacher in the whole school but Dan for some reason liked her. She was cool, like she knew how to control her class and as long as you stayed on her good side you were fine.

Their next class was health. Dan absolutely hated health. Not the subject but the teacher. Mr. Jackson was an old guy who wasn’t even an actual teacher. He was like the assistant basketball coach or something like that. He didn’t know how to pronounce the names of bones and muscles and he was basically deaf. he always went on and on about his church and “the good ol’ days”. Your basic homophobic old dude.

Dan was convinced Mr. Jackson hated him because he wasn’t the epitome of manliness. But it was probably just because Dan slept in his class and always mouthed off to him.

They where having a presentation which was weird for the first day. It was 2 people from D.A.R.E. there to talk to them about drugs and all that.

Dan, Peej and Chris sat in the back, by the large windows. The class had about 30 some desks even though there were only about 15 kids in the class.

Halfway into the presentation the door opens and Mr. Busey, comes in dragging Phil with him.

“Found him behind the activities building Mr. Jackson,” Busey exclaimed, obviously irritated.

“Thank you,” Mr. Jackson motioned for Phil to take a seat.

Phil looked around the room until he spotted Dan. He smirked his hyena smirk and walked towards the back. He fell into the desk next to Dan immediately taking on a slouch.

Phil didn’t bother Dan at all during class which unnerved him. He expected some kind of comment or for Phil to hit on him but it never came.

The rest of the day whenever Dan would see Phil he expected something to happen. When nothing did he was kind of almost maybe a little disappointed. He hated to admit it but he liked the attention Phil gave him. He knew that it came with bad intentions but it was nice to have someone so attractive and popular pay attention to you.

Chris decided that they where all gonna hang out at Starbucks after classes. He insisted they would do homework together and be productive but that never happened. They went to Starbucks and then they went to the venter of campus and walked around. Chris wanted to stay out longer but PJ wasn’t having it. They walked back to their dorms together.

When Dan got back to his room he was worn out and had no energy to do homework whatsoever. He walked into the room completely having forgotten that Phil would be there. It was dark when he walked in and he didn’t bother to turn the lights on. He flopped down in the bed with a groan and cuddled under his duvet, he could just take a shower tomorrow.

“Tough day Flowerboy?” Phil chuckled. Dan rolled around to look at Phil.

“O-oh well yeah. Classes, ya know” Dan muttered.

Phil smiled. It wasn’t a hyena smirk, it was a genuine smile like he was happy to be talking to Dan.

“I actually don’t know. I skip most of my classes.” Dan was going to say something smart ass but remembered that Phil could beat the shot out of him.

“Yeah i noticed. Mr. Busey’s scary as fuck,” Dan said with an awkward laugh at the end.

“Not really. Not once he’s yelled at you so much. You kinda get used to it,” Phil seemed like he was actually happy for once instead of just amused at making trouble.

They talked for a long time. About everything. They actually had very similar interests in music and video games and movies. They talked until Dan fell asleep and Phil lifted him back into his bed to lay properly and tucked him under the covers. After he pulled the duvet over Dan he brushed the hair out of Dans face. It was a nice face; soft and round. perfectly framed by his hair. Phil couldn’t help but smile at him.

When he woke the next morning he felt amazing. He didn’t remember much after Chris begging to stay out longer and PJ dragging him off the ground to get him to move.

Dan quickly got out of bed and pulled on his clothes before Phil could wake up. He gathered his things he needed for class, including his gold block schedule, and grabbed his phone off the charger. He didn’t bother with straightening his hair and picked a flower crown out of his closet. He texted Peej that he was getting ready to leave knowing they all had the same classes. Peej texted back that he was still trying to drag Chris out of bed.

Dan rushed over there and helped to coax Chris out of the comfy warmth of his bed. When they finally got Chris up and dressed they all walked out together and to the elevator. As they got on they heard someone shouting to hold the door. So being the polite people they were they held the door for him.

Until Pj realized it was Phil.

“Oh fuck no, hell no, no way, fuck off mate!” But Phil was too fast and lanky that he slid threw the door beside the incessant jamming of the ‘close door’ button done by Peej. Chris still looked confused because they hadn’t told him about Phil.

Dan could sense Phil smirking his hyena smirk probably looking immensely hot but Dan couldn’t muster the confidence to look at him. So Dan just leaned against the wall hiding his face with his sleeves. He looked down at his shoes. Phil slid over to the wall beside Dan and stared at him for a second before turning his attention to his phone.

The ride was awkward especially because Phil kept looking over to Dan then looking back at his phone.

When the lift came to a halt and the door opened, Phil bowed his head and motioned for them to go on. As Dan walked out behind Chris and Peej, he heard Phil laugh and he could feel Phil’s eyes looking at his backside. He quickly scurried to catch up to Peej and walk beside him. As they walked out the door Dan, out of habit, held the door for Phil. Phil took ahold of it and motioned for Dan to go ahead, still a small smirk corrupting his lips.

“Go ahead Flowerboy, I’m not done looking at your ass” Phil said in a tone that made Dan go red all over.

Dan let go of the door and walked to where Peej was, glaring at Phil with a look that could literally kill. Chris was still confused as ever when Phil walked off in the other direction, a smug grin on his face.

“What the hell is up with you and Lester?” Chris said.

“Ok well first off…” Pj said before Dan could even open his mouth to form words.

He let Pj explain the whole thing while they walked to the cafeteria to get breakfast. Pj finished the story just in time for them to walk through the big double doors of the cafeteria. They got there food per usual and sat down at an empty table. They talked for a while before it was time for them to get on to class.

As they left the cafeteria Phil was walking in. Not paying much attention to the other two boys. Only focusing on Dan. He turned around to follow them out of the cafeteria he had just entered and ran up to walk right beside Dan.

“Leaving so soon, babe?” Phil whispered in his ear, low and raspy from smoking probably. The pet name made Dan blush for probably the 10 millionth time since he had arrived here only 2 days ago.

“I-i have class” Dan exclaimed.

“You should skip and come hang out with me. I’d love to get to know that pretty little ass of yours” Phil said. The comment made Dan stumble over his own feet. When he regained his balance he huffed along and continued walking. Peej was fuming. If you looked hard enough you could probably see the smoke rising in his ears. Chris was giggling at the whole situation and Phil was being as persistent as ever.

“I can’t skip the first day of classes” Dan stuttered out

“Does that imply you’ll skip another day with me.” Phil questioned. This sent Pj over the edge.


Phil merely laughed at the boy and walked away back to the cafeteria.

“Damn Pj. I knew you were protective but not like this.” Chris said still giggling a little.

“It’s not funny Chris” Pj said annoyed.

“Didn’t say it was” Chris retorted just to rile Pj up even more.

“Yeah. But your laughing and…” The rest of their walk to class was Chris trying to get Pj angry and Pj letting him. Although they would never say it. They were like an old married couple. They loved each other to death but they were always the ones loading the gun.


They had Biology 2 with Mr. Shields. He was cool but still very harsh towards the unruly kids. He was one of those teachers that was fun but stern when absolutely necessary. And tbh he could takes jokes and throw them back twice as hard.

The class started and they were almost immediately assigned a project. It was to get to know 2 other people in your group (which perfect for Dan, Peej and Chris) and then make a poster for yourself to share with the class. It sounded fun enough until he informed them they had to tie their personality to back to a part of the cell. After all this was biology.

Weirdly enough they had a free period after that. They walked down to the center of campus. It was just a huge green pentagon covered in luscious grass well kept over the summer. It was conveniently name 'the pentagon’. They stopped to talk to Tyler and Troye. They had been dating for a while now and Troye was strumming on his guitar as Tyler cracked inappropriate jokes and tore little flowery weeds from the ground to tie together and make a wimpy flower crown. There was already one sitting on Troye’s head and Tyler was working on another.

“Wassup Danny boy” Tyler said in a very happy tone.

“Tyler stop harassing the poor kid” Troye exclaimed.

“It’s fine Troye” Dan said a little giggly.

“Lester’s got the hots for Dan” Chris blurted out.

“Oooooooh shit” Tyler cooed “the flowerprince and the evil villain fall in love, I ship it”

“No stop it Tyler! We do not ship it! He’s bad news! We all know it!!” Pj said quite agitated.

“Anyway we should get going ya know so Peej doesn’t up and murder someone” Chris said hastily pushing Pj towards the park.

After their free period they had Lit. 1 with Ms. Garner. She’s great. She liked Doctor Who and Sherlock and plays video games and is just really friggin cool. She informed them of what they would be studying. It was a lot of Shakespeare stuff but Dan was okay with that, he enjoyed Shakespeare. After that she told us all to get into to a circle. She told them about a game called name tag and that’s when Dan noticed one of Phil’s friends staring at Dan. He looked down at his shoes embarrassed. Why is he looking at me? Has Phil told his friends about me? Why would he? I’m nobody. Thoughts were flying through his head. When it was his turn to introduce himself it came out as a high pitched mumble.

The class went on without a hitch. Phil’s friend continued to glare at Dan every so often sending shock waves of terror down his spine.

As they were exiting the class he heard someone call out “Howell” in a low voice. He turned around in the door way allowing other students brush past him. Pj and Chris stopped in the hallway to look at Dan.

“One minute guys” Dan mumbled. As he walked back into the classroom he was immediately cornered by the boy who was staring at him, Phil’s friend. His name was Luke. He was quite tall and lanky. He loomed over Dan’s soft delicate form.

“So you’re the little twink Lester won’t shut up about” he looked Dan up and down as if he were a piece of meat. “Ya know I don’t see why though. A little flowerprincess like you, no way. But he says you’re different” Dan felt the heat rising in his cheeks and he couldn’t stop it. He opened his mouth to say something but no sound came out. “Got something to say twink”. Dan shook his head and the boy backed away “I would top you so hard if Lester hadn’t already claimed you.” He walked out the door and Dan sat there for a second wondering what in the hell just went down. Dan blushed at the thought of Phil talking about him (and more admittedly claiming him).

He knew Pj would be furious so he made something up about Ms. Garner talking to him even though she had left with the other students, seeing as it was her lunch time.

They had there electives next. They had all signed up for the same one so they could be together. As they walked down to the arts wing of the building Pj scolded Chris about changing his last name on there assignment from Ligouri to Linguine.

When Dan entered the class he was met with the smell of paint. Dan loved the smell of paint. It reminded him of better times at home with his mom. She would let him fingerpaint all over this one wall in their basement. Over the years it was labeled Dan’s Wall. He still paints on it whenever he goes home.

He sits down at a table with Peej and Chris (obviously) and waits for the rest of the class to trickle in. He almost has a heart attack as he watches Phil walk into the class. ohgodohnoohgodohnoohgodohno. Dan thought to himself.

Phil smirked when he saw Dan and sat at the table directly behind him. Dan didn’t dare turn around he just sat up a little straighter and stared directly ahead. Pj, obviously, was not happy. He was slouched over while Chris continued to try and clam him down.

He suddenly got a text from an unknown number.

Hey Flowerboy it said. Dan was taken back by the pet name. Only Phil really called him that. But it couldn’t be him, he didn’t have Dan’s number.

Who is this? Dan responded

Who do you think?

How did you get this number?

I know people.

Dan didn’t know how to respond, so he didn’t.

What, no response. Did I scare you away babe.

NO! I just don’t want to talk to you.

Why not?

You’re bad.

You don’t know the half of it babe ;)

Stop that!

Stop what. Stop staring at you. Stop making you blush. Or stop turning you on?

NO! Just stop! Stop being you.

Aww did I make princess mad. Did I get under your skin?


I think I did. But I’d much rather be inside you ;*

Dan didn’t respond. How could he. What even do you say to that. Instead he turned around and looked wide eyed at Phil. He was smirking, again. Dan had to admit Phil did turn him on.

You should meet me in the dorm after class. Dan read it. He believed it was something Phil would say but he didn’t know if he would.

He didn’t respond and he guessed Phil took that as a yes because he could sense the smirk on his face burning into the back of his head. He hadn’t decided whether or not he was going to do it but thinking about it made Dan very hard. He couldn’t help but think of all the things Phil could do to him.

When class was over Dan told Peej and Chris he needed to go to the bathroom. Peej gave him a worried looked but Chris just smirked almost knowingly. Like he could tell what was about to go down.

He really did go to the bathroom. He needed to sort himself out. He walked in and locked the door behind him. He walked up to the mirror and fixed his hair. He straightened out his shirt and pants and cleaned up his face.

As he started to turn away from the mirror he heard the handle of the door being shook. He sighed in relief as he remembered he locked it. But then he heard scratching and saw the lock begin to turn. He tried to move or do something, hide. But his body froze as he saw Phil walk through the door pulling out two paper clips from the lock. He had picked it.

“Where you hiding Flowerboy ?” Phil said with way to much confidence. He relocked the door behind him.

“No” Dan managed to squeeze out. He was overwhelmed because Phil looked so good. Like so good. He hadn’t noticed before but now he could see all of him.

His shirt was cut lower than usual so you could see his collarbones and the galaxy tattoo that adorned his chest. It was tattered with very faint letters on it. Dan could barely make out the letters M U S and E. His leather jacket was sitting perfectly on his broad shoulders. He was much larger than Dan. His shoulders were broader and he was taller. He had muscles and Dan didn’t really. He wasn’t out of shape he was just small, kind of fragile. His black jeans were rolled up slightly at the bottom and you could spot the hint of a deep red rose, that looked like it was bleeding or maybe melting, oh his ankle. He had grey vans on and mismatched socks.

Phil sauntered over to Dan and he froze. He couldn’t move. He felt like he was paralyzed as Phil snaked his arm around Dan’s waist. Dan let him, completely submissive to Phil. He pulled Dan as close as possible and Dan couldn’t help but blush because this didn’t seem like the sex, drugs and rock and roll Phil everyone seemed to know. No. He seemed sweet and gentle but still a little possessive. Dan had to admit that part was hot. The idea of being Phil’s. Only Phil’s. Phil craned his neck down and connected their lips. It was sweet but possessive. Dans arms subconsciously wrapped around Phil’s neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

Phil grazed his hands along Dan’s bum and cupped it. He lifted Dan up gently and Dan wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist. He backed Dan up to the wall by the mirror for support, never breaking the kiss. When Dan hit the wall he disconnected their lips to take a breath. Phil took this chance to whisper in Dan’s ear.

“You’re so fucking pretty. With your fucking curly hair and flower crowns. You look all cute and innocent but I bet you’re not.” Phil said, voice raspy from smoking. Dan blushed at the comment.

“Then I guess you’re lucky I have a thing for punk boys or you would never find out” Dan said with a new found confidence. He pulled Phil in just enough to bite at his lip ring and pull gently. Phil’s eyes switched between Dan’s lustfully. His eyes were so beautiful Dan couldn’t help but let go of his lip ring and reconnected their lips.

Dan wanted this really bad. Even if it was bad for him. Even if Phil would break his heart and Pj would break his neck. He wanted it more than anything he’s ever wanted. He wanted to know how Phil was. Would he be gentle? Or would he take control? Dan felt loved for a second. Not like he wasn’t loved by his parents and friends but like a conditional love. You know how parents love you unconditionally. This wasn’t like that. This was like he could lose Phil and that made him hold on tighter. He didn’t want to lose Phil but the idea of it excited him. It lit a spark in his mind. It made him work harder to keep Phil there. Holding him.

Dan started to grind desperately against Phil and he could feel Phil smirk against his lips as he started to grind back against Dan. He needed the friction as much as Dan did.

Phil pulled their lips apart, causing Dan to whine a little but before he could complain, Phil started to attack his neck kissing gently in some place but sucking and biting in others. It felt so good. Dan didn’t usually like people touching his neck but Phil just kinda did it for him. He was a whimpering, moaning mess under Phil. It was like his neck was a g-spot or something. When Dan let out a particularly loud moan Phil laughed and shushed him. He knew he would have a few marks later.

Dan started to tug at the hem of Phil’s shirt, signaling he wanted it off so Phil pulled it over his head. Dan stared to his tattoos for a second. He had seen them before but this was different. Phil was holding him and kissing him and being tender. Dan smashed their lips together again. He couldn’t help it. He started to fiddle with Phil’s belt. He wanted this so bad.

Phil paused for a second when he felt Dan’s hands on his belt. He stopped kissing Dan and dropped him. Dan looked up at Phil with big brown eyes that made him melt. They looked confused. Kind of worried. Dan tried to go at his belt again but Phil backed away from Dan, his head bowed. He couldn’t do this to Dan. It would break his heart and Phil wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he had to see Dan everyday knowing he had done that to him. He also knew that he couldn’t get attached. It wouldn’t be good for either of them. He walked out of the bathroom leaving Dan confused and flustered.


Dan left the bathroom a few minutes later. Phil was nowhere in sight. He took out his schedule to look for his next class. He had Algebra 2 next. Dan sighed aloud. He was not one for math. It was very confusing to him. All the steps and processes gave him anxiety.

Phil gave him even more anxiety though. Why did he just walk away. He had been teasing Dan since he showed up in his room. Always being cheeky. Slipping inappropriate comments into everyday conversations. Dan hated it. But he hated the fact that Phil just left him there alone, even more.

He made his way to the other side of campus. He was 20 minutes late to class but Ms. Fiorelli was cool. She just welcomed him to class like he was there on time. He sat in the desk beside Chris and began writing down notes for the syllabus.

Pj craned his neck to glare at Dan. Dan got a text a few seconds later.

Where were you!?

The bathroom

Don’t lie to me Howell I s2g!!!!!!!!

I’m not Peej calm your tits

Whatever. Why the fuck do you have a hickey on your neck?

I don’t. It’s a bruise.


Dan didn’t respond but he could tell Peej was mad but he didn’t care to much right now. He couldn’t stop thinking about Phil.

When the class was over they had lunch. They decided to eat in there dorms since lunch was an hour and they had another free period afterwards. They went up to Chris and Peej’s room with pizza and Mellow Yello.


“So, did you do the do with Lester?” Chris question. He said it like it was no big deal. Pj punched him in the arm hard and Chris mumbled a 'Jesus’ under his breath and rubbed his arm.


Chris just snickered and Pj punched him in the arm again.

“You better not have, or I would personally kill you” Peej said, anger clear on his face. He tried to hide it and seem nonchalant about it but he was clearly enraged.

alright so this chapter was really long and im not even sorry but i am sorry that i didnt get this out sooner. i was gonna upload it yesterday but my house has terrible internet connection. um thank you to the people that liked the last chapter and gave me feedback.