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How about SoMa for the ship asks? I'm feeling some Soul Eater.

when or if I started shipping it:

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when i saw this the first time I saw Soul Eater. It was THAT simple.

my thoughts:

They are THE power couple. I knew at first sight. So much trust, understanding, and there are moments when they have arguments and they overcome it together. It’s like an almost perfect depiction of a real relationship (besides the whole meister-weapon relationship of course)

What makes me happy about them:

That they’re best friends and they’ve got each other’s backs. Always. 

What makes me sad about them:

I’m really disappointed that they didn’t go canon. Honestly, their ship was written beautifully, I think it was ready for canon. Oh well…implied is good enough I guess.

things done in art/fic that annoys me:

I’m not fond of the whole “Soul-is-the-popular-jerk-guy-with-Maka-as-the-overly-shy girl” kind of stories. I mean, Soul is cool because he’s NOT a jerk imo, and Maka isn’t the shy type, especially around Soul. Maybe she could be a little shy but not TOO much.

things I look for in art/fic:

Fics with Soul and Maka’s characterization as close to canon as possible. I’m not picky with the art.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

I really, really can’t see them with anyone else. I mean I can ship other Soul/Maka ships for fun, but not for it to actually go canon.

My happily ever after for them:

I just want them to be together for as long as they live. 

what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Playing basketball?

Soul Eater: Titanic

A little thing I wrote a while back. It’s on my thing too: In the story Plumage of the Soul.

Ah, Titanic. 194 minutes of a romantic, epically tragic love of two people from two different worlds on a ship deemed ‘unsinkable’ that indeed, sank. Why so many people liked it, Soul didn’t know. All he knew now was that he, Maka , and Blair were sitting in their dark living room watching that cinematic adventure.

To say he was surprised that Maka had never seen it would have been a lie. Maka was a bookworm with no life. But, Maka being Maka, she just had to know why everyone liked it. She borrowed the disc from Tsubaki, ignoring the girl’s starry eyes and emotional chants on how romantic it was.

Then Maka asked him to watch it with her. He could never say no to her pleading eyes and her pouting lip, it would be uncool of him. But, so was sitting still and watching this chick flick with only popcorn to entertain him. It was all so simple: Jack sees Rose, Rose tries to die and fails, they fall in love, they are pushed apart because of status, they hit a giant block of ice, ship goes down, Jack dies, Rose lives, Rose throws away jewelery, Rose dies, and they all go partying under the sea at the end. What kind of movie is that?

Apparently a damn good one to many people he knows. Soul would have found it more entertaining if both Jack and Rose were like, “Hell no” and stole a lifeboat, rowed out to sea, and started a new life on some island. Sadly, Soul would never be able to beat out James Cameron’s directing skills.

He spent most of the movie chomping down popcorn while watching Jack and Rose fall helplessly in love from the safety of their couch. Maka, however, was camped out in front of the TV on a bean bag chair with Blair nestled on her lap in cat form.

Neither of the girls had said a word since the movie started, not even during Jack and Rose’s 'sexy time’ in the car. He was sure Maka would gag or Blair would make a comment but, they proved him wrong. When they handcuffed Jack to the pipes, Blair slowly slinked away, whispering about heading to work. Maka didn’t even acknowledge this, keeping her eyes glued to the screen.

Everything was typical until the scene where Jack died and Rose let him sink below the icy surface. The scene froze, the movie was paused as Maka shot up and skittered to her room, blurting that it was a 'stupid movie’. That had Soul confused. Maka never stopped anything halfway. From homework, to movies, to basketball games, to arguments: Maka always had the final say.

Genuinely concerned for her, Soul naturally followed. He let his knuckles tap the door before he slowly entered the room affectionately called, 'Maka’s domain of terror’ because all of her favorite Maka Chop volumes were stored there. The scene before him shook him to his spine. Maka, the analytical bookworm, was curled on her bed with her pillow clutched close to her body. Tears ran down her face as she glanced up at him before she rolled over to face away.

“Maka?” Soul asked as he inched in her room, tensed for anything she had to throw at him.

“Gggguuuwwwayy.” was all she had for him.

Soul was bewildered. She never told him to go away before. “Maka, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” He very well knew that he didn’t, but knowing for sure beat Maka Chops all the way. She shook her head before rolling back to him. “Well? What’s wrong then?” He sighed in exasperation.

He was worth crap when it came to tears, especially Maka’s tears. Maka blinked away her tears before sitting up, the pillow still a part of her body. “That movie is stupid.”

Soul blinked.

One second.

Two seconds.

Raw laughter ripped up his throat. Maka looked taken aback, then she reached for her bedside dictionary also used for her midnight brain munchies. Soul acted quickly. “Really Maka? You cry over a movie? How uncool.”

Maka snorted and looked away. “You were worse when we watched Bridge to Terabithia.” She grumbled. Soul choked. Well shit, she had him there. Maka was too busy trying to see if there was such a place as 'Terabithia’ while he ran his waterworks.


He rolled his eyes and sat beside Maka with a grunt. Maka began to speak, her voice wavering with effort, her sniffles gaining volume. “I-I don’t u-nderstand! It a l-love story, right? They d-efy the barriers and then…t-then stupid Jack dies! Why does Rose’s luck run out? It’s not f-air.” She sobbed.

Soul snickered and pulled her in a hug. “Maka, it’s a movie. Those are actors. You didn’t even watch the the end.” Maka looked up hopefully. “It ends happily?” She quipped eagerly. Soul snorted. Girls and their happy endings. “In a way. I can’t spoil it. Come on, you can sit with me and finish the movie.”

With a slow nod, Maka followed him back out to the living room to face the rest of the movie. Once he was on the couch with her leaning up against him, the movie commenced again. Only this time, Soul found his cheeks unbearably hotter.

Maka, his meister, was snuggled under his arm and was watching the end of a love story. Damn, his luck sucked.

The instant the credits rolled, Maka slowly turned to him, confusion in her eyes. “So…they have a ghost party under the sea?”

That was when Soul smiled. Not only did she share his thoughts about the sea party, but her so close to him made him feel…inexplicably good. She was here, needing him like she did in battle. The meister and the weapon shared something special.

Maka sighed before removing herself from his side, and Soul immediately missed her warmth. “I liked it but, now I want to watch another movie. Let’s watch Marley and Me!” She cheerfully said as she exchanged the disc’s in the player. Soul shrugged.

As long as she sat next to him like that again, he was cool with whatever she wanted. Even if it involved both of them crying over a stupid movie together.