What a basket case for this Deep Sea Saturday from our colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)! This crazy critter is a basket star, in the genus Gorgonocephalus. Its scientific name means “dreaded head” in Greek, a reference to how this sea star’s tangled arms echo a Gorgon’s coiffure of slithering, venomous snakes.

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Signs and their knb valentine? From gom mostly, thank you!

The Signs And Their Kuroko no Basket Valentine

Aries: Aomine Daiki

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Taurus: Kiyoshi Teppei

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Gemini: Takao Kazunari

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Cancer: Murasakibara Atsushi

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Leo: Akashi Seijuro

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Virgo: Kuroko Tetsuya

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Libra: Himuro Tatsuya

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Scorpio: Kagami Taiga

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Sagittarius: Midorima Shintarou

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Capricorn: Nijimura Shuuzou

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Aquarius: Kise Ryouta

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Pisces: Ryou Sakurai

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GoM(-Murasakibara) + Nijimura + Himuro + Yukio relationship headcanons with a short s.o.? (Like around 5'0" -5'1")

Please read the rules. I’m a bit lenient this time since it’s a short headcanon requests opening.

NOTE: Cutting out Kasamatsu.


  • It wouldn’t be all that different for him and he finds it endearing that his partner is shorter than him, especially when you threw a fit. His lips would twitch in amusement, further angering you.
  • He liked that there wasn’t that big of a height difference and he’d enjoy wrapping his arms around your waist in the morning before class, ducking his head to place a kiss on your lips.


  • This jerk wouldn’t hesitate in making fun of you for your height, although he secretly loved the fact that you were so much tinier than he was. Whenever you ignored him for a book or for a game, he’d take it away and hold it high above your head. “No, you have to pay attention to me and I’ll give it back.”
  • An armrest. That’s what you were. He liked standing beside you and placing an arm on your head before you growled and smacked his arm off. He’d laugh and hug you tightly while you struggled in vain. “Let me go!” “No, you’re so cute.”


  • He didn’t really mind the height difference. Whether you were tall or short, he didn’t really care. He grows worried about walking in crowds most of the time because you could’ve easily been swallowed in. “Come, ___, hold my hand tightly, okay. I don’t want to misplace you.”
  • When you look up at him with those dreamy eyes of yours, he’d always smile. He liked the way you looked at him with such love. He’d dip his head and kiss you sweetly on the lips before easily kissing your forehead.


  • Teasing you was possibly his new favorite past time. He loved leaning down to brush his lips against yours and quickly pulling back when you were about kiss him again. You glared at him and he’d chuckle. “We’re in school, ____, don’t do too much PDA.” Smack. “Wai, so mean!”
  • You’d always scream whenever he threw you over his shoulder. He did that whenever you ignored whatever he was staying and focused on something else. “Don’t pick me up like I’m nothing!” “You’re so tiny though, you practically weigh nothing.” “I hate you!” “You love me!”


  • The two of you would be at the same height and, at times, it did bother Kuroko, but you were still slightly shorter than him so he always made use of that. Not to mention, whenever you teased him for this, he’d disappear for a while before scaring you. “I hate you!” “I’m still taller than you.”
  • He always, always helped you out whenever you couldn’t reach something. No matter how tall the thing is, he’ll always be around to help you get it. Whether it be by getting the stairs or recruiting Kagami. “Why do you drag me all the way here to grab this?”


  • The two of you fit nicely during bus rides because Midorima needed extra room for his long legs and he could easily stretch across your face. You’d huff at that most of the time but Midorima would quickly take your hand before he caught on sleep he missed the night before. You couldn’t complain.
  • He didn’t know how you did it but he always lost whenever you asked him for a piggyback ride. You’d give him a pout and he just had to oblige. The two of you would look like father and daughter if it weren’t for your different hair colors. “Why am I doing this to myself?” “Because you love me.”


  • You first met Nijimura when you couldn’t reach a book a study guide in the bookstore when he first moved to your area. So you were more than surprised when you saw him enter school. When you came up to thank him, his first words were: “Oh, you’re the one who couldn’t reach last time.”
  • Nijimura liked the way you could just fit with him. You’d curl up into a ball and he’d have you on his lap, arms wrapped around you as the two of you cuddled up for a nice movie marathon.
February 14, 2016
  1. Virgo
     Photo collection

  2. Taurus

  3. Pisces
     Chekered pattern
     Light blue

  4. Capricorn
     Handheld mirror

  5. Aries
     Knitted items

  6. Cancer

  7. Libra
     Plum blossoms

  8. Leo
     Appreciation of music

  9. Scorpio
     Smartphone goods

  10. Gemini
     Fountain pen

  11. Sagittarius
     Frying pan

  12. Aquarius
     Lip balm

You held your head like a hero on a history book page. 

                        It was the end of a decade but the start of an age.

Happy Valentine!

“Happy Valentines day my love”

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“Happy Valentines day bae"

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“Happy Valentines day ______-kun”

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“Happy Valentines day ______-cchi!!!” <33

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Happy Valentines, my  Akashi-kun #39 !! I hope you enjoy :>

One day at a festival, Akashi is surprised to notice a shadow yokai wandering around. Equally surprised at having been seen, the yokai takes a chance and invites the (adorable) human to the spirit world to show him around.

Borrowing the yokai’s kimono and mask, he is allowed to safely enter the spirit world.  Though, not wanting the yokai to become cold, he lends him his scarf for the time being.

(Kuroko is a perfect gentleman and has the human home at the reasonable hour of 10pm)