✦✦BASKET666✦✦, coming soon!!! this summer!!!!

This is the story of basketball playing demons and the humans who summoned them with bath salts.

I’ll be posting more promos and more info as me and Nessi will be working on it come vacations. We will finally release the first chapter online, after its publishing at the local ZONA NIPPON 2013, but this time available online in both portuguese and english.

To whom has been waiting since 2012, to whom bought the first chapter in zine form at cons, we thank you for waiting and asking about our work! We hope you will like it and how it develops!!! ^o^

He ends up hooking up with goths on senior prom, they talk about death and vermin and burton movies and shit. Tinhoso wakes up and can’t remember a thing besides the lyrics to the cure’s “why can’t i be you”, and his chest is covered in black n ruby lipstick marks, along with a lipstick pentagram and the urls to two tumblr blogs.