When you and Moonbin go on a park date

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honestly, i’m so sorry about how this turned out T-T i tried my best but idk i’m not sure how i think about the result… sorry >< i promise i’ll write something a lot more fluffy for you in the future when i come up with a good plot ;-; i just had no idea how to make this fluffier ;-;

Words: 1013

Fluff more on the lighthearted side i think, not very heavy fluff in my opinion ><

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Was it the sun that was shining brightly? Or maybe the scent of spring in the air? Or perhaps the boy who was lying down next to you on the blanket you two had laid down on the green grass? No matter what the reason, you were still feeling extremely happy. All the worries you had had only half an hour earlier had vanished thanks to the date Bin had arranged. He hadn’t told you anything before the date and you had realized it was a park date only when you arrived in the park.

“Look at that cloud,” Bin nudged you a little and pointed at a fluffy white cloud on the sky. You looked at it. “Doesn’t it look like a huge ball of cotton candy?” he asked and turned his head to look at you.

“A little,” you chuckled at his imagination. “It looks really fluffy. I wonder what it would be like to lie on top of it…”

Bin smiled widely. You were quiet for a bit and just stared at the blue sky. Then you sat up and grabbed the picnic basket your boyfriend had brought. Bin sat up too when you opened the basket.

“Uwaa!” you exclaimed when you saw all the small containers in the basket.

There were two bottles of water, sandwiches and different kinds of fruits.

You looked at Bin. “Did you prepare all of this?”

He nodded. “I know you had a rough week. I wanted to make you feel better.”
You put the basket aside and hugged him. He hugged you back with a smile and patted your back comfortingly.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” you wondered and looked at him after ending the hug.

He ruffled your hair and chuckled when you shook your head, disliking his action. “Let’s just eat,” he grabbed the basket and started taking out all the containers. He laid the containers on the blanket and you opened them one by one. “Oh,” you looked at Bin, surprised. “You brought watermelon too?”

“Of course,” he said and opened one of the water bottles. He let you have some first before drinking it himself.

“Here,” you offered him a piece of apple. He ate it with a smile.

“Is it good?” you asked and he lifted a thumb up and nodded his head. You smiled widely and after that you two just kept feeding each other the fruits until there was nothing left. You also ate the sandwiches that were so delicious that you were a little sad when there were no more left.

“Thank you for the food,” you thanked Bin and he offered you a smile as a response.

After closing the containers and putting them back in the basket, Bin lay down and placed his head on your lap.

“What is this setting?” you laughed at his sudden actions. “Seems like a drama.”

He chuckled. “Do you like it?”

“Hmm,” you hummed as if you were thinking about it. “I’m not sure,” you lied.

“Ah why?” he whined with a pout, leaving you laughing loudly.

“Sorry, I was just kidding,” you couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction. When you stopped laughing, you looked at him. He had closed his eyes and was breathing calmly, almost looking like he had fallen asleep. You gently ran your fingers through his hair and his lips curved to a smile once again.

“What?” you were amused. “Does it feel good?”

He nodded cutely. “Why wouldn’t it feel good? A cute girl like you is running her fingers through my hair. I like it,” he said, overflowing with aegyo.

“Ugh,” you cringed at his cuteness but also smiled widely at the same time. “Stop lying.”

He opened his eyes. “You look good from this angle too.”

You raised your eyebrows at his statement and in a few seconds you were making the weirdest face you would pull off at that moment. Bin couldn’t stop laughing at your derp face and soon you started laughing too. The laughing continued for a bit and when you finally calmed down, you both had tears in your eyes from laughing so hard.

“It wasn’t that funny,” you said, wiping your tears away.

“Yes it was. I love your weird faces. They’re so funny.”

“You’re not bothered by them?” you asked with a smile and played with his hair.

“Never,” he smiled while looking at you.

You hummed as a response and kept smiling as you played with his hair. It was soft and the scent of his shampoo made you even happier. You loved the scent of the shampoo he used. You didn’t know what was so special about it but the scent just reminded you so much of the first time you two had met. Your first meeting had been quite weird. You literally fell on top of him the very first time you saw him.

“Hey,” you said after a silence.


“You made me fall on purpose, didn’t you?” you asked, referring to your first meeting.

He let out a ‘ha’ of disbelief. “Haven’t we talked about this enough?”

“You keep saying it was an accident but the more I think about it the more unbelievable it seems. I mean, how did I just happen to miraculously fall on top of you like that? That only happens in dramas!”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” he sat up, amused. “I swear it was an accident.”

“Don’t lie to me,” you gave him a look.

He chuckled and suddenly grabbed your shoulders. He made you lie down so that your head was resting on his lap. “It doesn’t matter if it was intended or not, what matters is that I managed to become your boyfriend.”

You still didn’t believe him but decided to let it slide this once. “Whatever,” you smiled and closed your eyes, letting him play with your hair.

“I might have done it on purpose,” he whispered after a bit. You opened your eyes and were greeted by his playful smile. “But it was worth it.”


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Member: Exo Kai/Jongin

Type: Fluff/Smut


The word was enough to cause panic to the masses, and you were no different. You were shut up in your room, nose buried in your books and your notes which were cluttered on your desk. 

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Your Kuroko No Basket Boyfriend~

Aries:Kagami Taiga

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Taurus:Aomine Daiki

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Gemini:Kise Ryouta

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Cancer:Midorima Shintarou

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Leo:Kasamatsu Yukio

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Virgo:Sakurai Ryou

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Libra:Murasakibara Atsushi

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Scorpio:Takao Kazunari

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Sagittarius:Kuroko Tetsuya

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Capricorn:Hanamiya Makoto

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Aquarius:Akashi Seijuro

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Pisces:Himuro Tatsuya

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GoM, Kagami, Alex and Himuro finding out that their crush/partner is pretty good at basketball?

Kuroko: “(name)…” he murmured with wary look. You had just spent your first night over your boyfriend’s house and he was rather surprised to find you up so early on a saturday morning. You always came off as someone who loved sleep. You didn’t hear him though, and so you put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt before heading out. Kuroko didn’t even have enough time to brush his messy hair as he got dressed and chased after you. You made your way down to the basketball court at the end of the street and shot a perfect free throw, making a beautiful “swish” as you made the basket. Kuroko’s eyes grew wide as he watched and he snuck up behind you. “Can you teach me how to do that?” he asked you, making you jump. “Y-yeah, sure,” you murmured back with a blush. You didn’t realize how much work you had cut out until he picked up the ball and brutally missed a shot.

Kagami: It started with you making a comment about his appetite. “It’s because I’m always playing basketball in my free time,” he grumbled. You couldn’t help but giggle at him and shake your head. “I don’t think it has anything to do with basketball.” Kagami shot you a glare and stood up. “And what would you know about basketball?” You smirked at him before pulling the ball from his gym bag and leading him to the court. He followed quickly behind you, curious as to what you were going to do. “I don’t know anything about basketball, right?” you teased before you moved around him quickly and raced down the court to sink a perfect layup. Kagami stared at you for a moment before he glared at his feet. Damnit…you just had to give him another reason to like you.

Alex: She was nursing a sore shoulder when you snuck up behind her. “Hey babe, how’d this happen?” you asked softly as you massaged the aching muscle. “Oh you know…I tried taking on both the boys earlier today and messed up my shoulder a little bit.” She sighed and turned to kiss your cheek. “I guess I’ll have to tone it down with our scrimmages…” You frowned a bit as you ran your fingers through her hair. “You know, if you really want to play, I’ll take you on instead of having you kill yourself with Tatsuya and Taiga?” She let out a soft chuckle and looked up at you. “You think you could take me on?” You leaned in to kiss her softly before pulling away. “Yeah, I’m basically a pro,” you teased. Something about the way you said it made her believe you. “I knew there was a reason I fell in love with you.”

Kise: He was head over heels for you, yet you were incredibly oblivious to it. You didn’t notice him following you as you made your way to the gym. He knew that you went there just about every other day but this was the first time that he had the guts to actually check out what you were up to. He poked his head into the gym and watched as you fooled around with a basketball, making three-pointers and lay-ups. Your jump shots were beautiful. Kise could feel him melting as he watched you. You were so perfect… “(name)-cchi!” he called, shocking you so that you missed your last shot. You turned to the blonde with wide eyes. “You’re amazing!” he cooed as he raced over to you. “Let me take you out on a date please!” You chuckled as you shook your head. “Are you alright, Kise?” you asked softly. He nodded. Of course he was alright. He was in love.

Midorima: “You never hang out with me anymore,” you grumbled as you watched your boyfriend remove the tape from his fingers. “Always playing stupid basketball.” Midorima glared at you for a moment before adjusting his glasses. “I understand that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sport at the same level as me since you can’t play.” Your eyes widened slightly at his comment before standing up and placing your hands on your hips. “How would you know? We only see each other in class or when you come over to study. Is it because I’m short?” Midorima sighed and placed his hand on your head awkwardly. “No, it’s not because you’re short. It’s because I know you won’t be good at it.” You snatched the ball from his hands and headed out onto the court. You stopped at the halfcourt line and turned back to your boyfriend. With a sassy flip of your hair, you took a shot at the basket your boyfriend was standing by and made it perfectly. Midorima looked at you in shock. “Ok Shin-chan. Now that you know I’m amazing, you can take me out on a nice date.”

Aomine: Where was the miserable oaf? Of course he was on the rooftop again. You made your way up there and saw your boyfriend napping per usual. “Daiki,” you grumbled as you nudged his head with your foot. “Wake up. You missed practice again and you’re in trouble.” Aomine let out a soft moan and pulled you down on top of him. “Practice is so boring…” he complained softly. “I’d rather just be here with you.” You sighed and pulled away from him. “If you keep skipping practices you’ll start getting benched.” He chuckled and sat up, looking you over. “I doubt that’s gonna happen,” he replied with a smirk. “I’m too good to be benched.” You rolled your eyes and tried pulling him up. “Daiki, you’re not even that good. I’ll practice with you from now on if it will get you off your ass.” He got up and followed you down to the gym, completely skeptical of your basketball skills…well…he was skeptical until you played one on one.

Murasakibara: He snacked away as he watched Himuro mess around on the court outside. Really, he was only here because Himuro said you would be meeting him here for some reason. Murachin really just wanted to see you again. It was obvious to everyone how much he liked you. He always shared his snacks with you for Christ’s sake! You walked onto the court and tossed a ball to Himuro. Murachin watched with wide eyes as you played his best friend one on one. You were so graceful so…beautiful. He stood up and walked onto the court  and stood between you and the basket. He offered you some of his chips with a sheepish smile. Himuro nudged you slightly and you took a chip from the bag. “Thanks, Atsushi,” you murmured. He smiled softly and sluggishly walked back to his seat so he could continue watching you.

Himuro: He had met you when he first moved back to Japan and had kind of fallen in love with you. He didn’t know why, but he knew that there definitely was something special about you. Himuro tried to get you alone so he could talk with you but he would always be surrounded by a group of girls and you would disappear without a trace. And soon after this habit of losing you just as he was getting close enough to confess, he also learned that his coach was your aunt. So the next time he lost you, he knew just where to find you. And there you were, being drilled by Araki just as hard as the basketball team in the gym. He waited until his coach left before he approached you. “I knew there was something I liked about you,” he told you with a small smirk. You returned the smirk and tossed him the ball. “Yeah but I don’t think that has much to do with basketball,” you replied. “You’re right,” he murmured as he stepped closer. “But it helps.”

Akashi: “Do you find mystery romantic?” you asked your boyfriend as you sat on his bed. He looked up at you from his textbook and frowned. “No,” he grumbled. “I don’t like mystery. That’s why I make sure to know exactly who a person is before I enter a relationship with them.” You frowned back at him. “But you don’t know everything about me,” you protested, “So there’s still some mystery…” Akashi looked you over before smirking. “No. I know everything about you, (name).” You shook your head and stood up, taking his hand and leading him out of his large home and towards the basketball court. “Did you know I used to play basketball too?” you asked as you took a ball and sunk a shot. “And that I was really good?” Akashi looked you over with a glare before turning away. “No,” he hissed. “See, Seijurou?” you teased as you took his hands again. “Mystery is romantic. You’re blushing and everything.” He looked back at you and sighed. “Yeah…maybe you’re right…”

Your Kuroko no basket boyfriend according to your sign:

Aries: Kise Ryouta

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Taurus: Midorima Shintarou

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Gemini: Kagami Taiga

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Cancer: Aomine Daiki

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Leo: Teppei Kiyoshi

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Virgo: Izuki Shun

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Libra: Akashi Seijuro

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Scorpio: Kuroko Tetsuya

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Sagittarius: Murasakibara Atsushi

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Capricorn: Sakurai Ryou

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Aquarius: Nijimura Shuzo

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Pisces: Imayoshi Shoichi

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Will we die, just a little?

Pairing : Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating : M

Word Count : 2000

Warnings :  A major plot twist, just be wary. Swearing. Intense emotions.

Request : Could you possibly do a newt x reader where the reader has to rescue newt from Grindelwald?

You and Newt were back in New York for a few days to visit the Goldstein sisters and Jacob.

“Ah, Y/N, Newt!” Queenie squealed upon seeing the two of you at her front door, her reaction caught the attention of Tina and Jacob who hurried towards the door to greet the two magizoologists.

“Jacob? You remember-but didn’t they-” you were cut off when Jacob said, “Queenie helped me remember, she came into my bakery and the memories, they just kind of well clicked, I guess.”

You smiled and hugged the short man before being encased in a group hug with the girls. Jacob turned to Newt, “Good to have you back pal” he said.

Newt smiled and shook Jacob’s outstretched hand, “It’s good to be back.”

“Well come inside we were just making tea” Tina said ushering her sister out of the doorway inviting the two of you in.

“We’re having pastry from Jacob’s bakery. Aren’t we honey” Queenie said kissing Jacob’s cheek causing the man to chuckle.

“That’s fantastic I’m starved” you said sitting yourself beside Newt.

Jacob had made his pastries in no time and they were eaten quickly. You were all exchanging stories after the food was gone.

“So Newt, tell us are you and Y/N you know, together” Tina said smiling at the two of you, secretly the three of them had be hoping you two would get together since the last time you were there which was three years ago.

“W-We are, I mean we have been for two and a half years” the magizoologist blushed.

“Two and a half years?” Queenie said surprised, you nodded your head confirming the time.

“What-When-Why didn’t you tell us” Tina chimed in.

“We just didn’t have the time we were all over the world looking for these fantastic beats and we just never thought of it” you answered.

“Well at least you two are together now. When’s the anniversary?”  Jacob asked.

“Tomorrow” Newt whispered not daring to meet the Goldstein sister’s or Jacob’s gaze.

All three of them just shook their heads and sighed.

“Well you two know where the spare bedroom is and I’m guessing you’d like to share a bed so you’re lucky we got rid of the singles.” Tina said motioning to the room you’d be staying in.

“Thank you, all of you” Newt said as he got up taking your hand in his and leading you towards the room.

“Ten bucks says he gets laid tonight” Jacob said before being hit upside his head by Queenie.

“Don’t you dare bet on that or you will be sleeping on the couch for a week” she said sternly, Jacob hung his head in shame from being called out by his girlfriend.

Back in the spare room you and Newt were laying facing each other.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are and that I love you so much?” Newt whispered pecking your nose.

“All the time Mr Scamander” you giggled.

“You have no idea how much I would die if you were to leave me” he said sadness seeping into his words.

“Well you’re lucky then. I’m never leaving you” you said pecking his nose. Newt shifted so he was lying on his back with your head on his chest, hands entwined and legs tangled.

~The next night~

Today had been amazing. After waking up to your boyfriends cooking Newt had taken you down into the case where you two laughed and played with the animals (carefully of course) and tonight Newt had promised you a surprise. 

Newt and Jacob had left Tina and Queenie’s flat to pick up some things for your surprise tonight, so that left you sitting in the spare room bored out of your mind.

“Y/N sweetie, Newt left this for you” Queenie said handing you a letter with Newt’s handwriting scribbled across it.

‘Put this on and meet me out the front of the building at 7:00pm and don’t be late Miss L/N.’ the note read.

“Put what on?” You looked up to Queenie to see if she knew but your eyes were met with a beautiful F/C dress.

“Oh my” you whispered reaching out to touch the fabric.

“Well what are you waiting for put it on and let us help you get ready” Tina said leaning against the door frame.

Two hours it took the Goldstein sisters two hours to get you ready, let’s just hope it’s worth it. You said to yourself as you waited out the front of the building. You were interrupted from your thoughts by a ravishing Newt who no longer wore his signature blue trench coat but swapped it out for a deep navy suit.

“Shall we be going” he said offering you his arm. Happily you took it and allowed him to lead you. You were walking maybe ten minutes when you had reached the gates to central park you turned to Newt who held out a blindfold you looked at him puzzled but placed the blindfold over your eyes regardless.

“Can’t have you seeing your surprise yet love” his British accent strong as ever as he led you into the park.

Again you walked but for only a few minutes and yet it felt like hours to you until Newt had stopped and let go of your arm and moved away from you.

“Okay love, remove the blindfold…Now!” Your eyes went wide taking in the site. Newt had decorated a small clearing with lights and candles and in the middle was a picnic basket with wine and food atop a blue and green checked blanket and there standing next to the basket was your boyfriend smiling at you widely.

“Oh Newt it’s-it’s wonderful” you said walking towards him.

“I had hoped you would like it” he said offering you a hand to sit down which you gladly accepted.

It was maybe twenty minutes into your date when strange things started happening.

“Newt are the lights supposed to flicker like that?” You questioned.

“No Y/N, no they are not” he responded. Suddenly all of the lights went out as did the candles making Newt stand up quickly causing you to stand up as well.

“Well well what do we have here?” a voice spoke.

“Grindelwald” Newt growled.

“Oh I’m surprised you recognise me after all that was so long ago” the evil man said apparating behind you, you let out a shriek running to Newt who stood in front of your protectively.

“Ah Y/N you haven’t changed much I see” Grindelwald said taking a step closer.

Newt held out his wand, “Leave her alone Grindelwald, she has nothing to do with this” he warned moving his arm to keep you behind him.

“Your right I have no interest in the girl. Accio!” He shouted pulling Newt towards him before apparating.

“Newt!” You screamed out apparating quickly back to the Goldstein’s flat. You burst through the door startling the house occupants.

“Grindelwald has Newt” you gasped for breath.

“He what? I though he was still at MACUSA?” Tina said your merely shook your head tears flowing freely from your eyes.

“Oh honey, we’ll find him, Tina call the president and ask for the Trace she put on that no good son of a bitch!” Queenie commanded.

After a quick talk with the president Tina had found Grindelwald’s location the second she said it you had apparated straight to an old warehouse. Not giving much thought to it you apparated inside. Upon inside this warehouse you came face to face with a horrific sight, Grindelwald had Newt tied to a chair, his clothes tattered and torn and a pained look on his face. Grindelwald himself was nowhere to be seen.

Checking just to be sure the monster of a wizard wasn’t around you raced towards Newt.

“Y/N you shouldn’t be here” he groaned.

“It’s alright Newt I’m going to get you out” you whispered while untying the bonds that kept him to the chair, helping him stand up was the next part which after a few attempts you were successful.

“Okay now time to get you home” you said getting ready to apparate away from this stingy excuse for a building before slow clapping interrupted you.

“Oh I must say Y/N I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to come here on your own, but clearly I was wrong” Grindelwald grinned as he walked out from the shadows behind you.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt her Grindelwald, you said this was between you and me, let her go!” Newt tried to sound intimidating but the wince in his voice betrayed him.

“And let her miss all the fun? No way. Crucio” He said pointing his wand at you causing you to collapse in pain a scream leaving your mouth, you felt like you were on fire.

“Grindelwald stop!” Newt yelled.

“Crucio” the evil man called again, you let out a strangled scream as your lungs were not taking in enough air, ending in you passing out. Newt could feel the tears flow down his face as he watched your body convulsing in pain.

“I said stop!” Newt shouted, he threw hexes and spells but Grindelwald deflected every one of them until Newt was gasping for air.

“My turn. Avada Kedavra!” He called aiming for Newt but the curse never hit him, instead it hit you.

“Expelliarmus, Petrificus Totalus” Newt yelled pointing his wand at Grindelwald, binding the man and rendering him unable to use his wand or escape.

“Y/N?” Newt called falling onto his knees beside you gathering you into his arms.

“No! No! No!” He cried out tears falling onto your cheeks as he brushed the hair away from your face.

“You-You told me you wouldn’t leave me, you can’t leave me” he whispered burying his face in your hair. Just then the front doors opened and Tina and Queenie ran through, Jacob close behind them. Upon seeing their dead friend all three of them cried Queenie cried into Jacob’s shoulder as he ran his fingers through her hair trying to calm her down. Tina walked towards Newt and put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Newt” she cried.

Newt looked up to Tina before whispering, “I was going to propose tonight you know. I had it all set up and everything” He pulled out a small velvet box from his pocket. Inside the box was a rather complicated ring, it consisted of silver band with small leaves and vines wrapping around it and a medium sized diamond in the middle.

“She was what held me together Tina, and now she’s gone” He sobbed. Grindelwald’s laugh echoed through the warehouse.

Newt stood abruptly leaving Tina with your body before striding towards his would be Fiancéé ’s murderer.

“It’s such a pity she died!” The wicked wizard cackled.

“You bastard” Newt shouted as he repeatedly punched the poor excuse of a man, Grindelwald’s face was covered in his own blood before Newt heard a voice calling his name, “Newt, please stop. Don’t be like him, please remain the man I fell in love with” the voice he recognised was yours and as you spoke he closed his eyes, he felt your ghost like touch linger on his cheek before he felt a light peck on his lips, he opened his eyes and you ghost like figure faded, “I Love you” you called out. Newt wanted to say so much but the only thing he could muster was a strangled sob and I love you too, he stopped abusing the man who deserved every injury he was given and got off him, leaning down so he was merely inches from Grindelwald’s face, looking him in the eyes.

“You were right, we will die just a little, and not only did you kill her you killed me to!”

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since you do the boyfriend for the signs too prepare for some requests starting with this one: knb boyfriend for the signs? (damn i'm so in love with these basketball playing dorks)

The Signs Kuroko no Basket Boyfriends 

(omg yes i’m also in love with them ahhh) 

Aries: Makoto Hanamiya 

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Taurus: Kise Ryouta 

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Gemini: Himuro Tatsuya 

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Cancer: Kagami Taiga 

Originally posted by tsukiyma

Leo: Hyuga Junpei 

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Virgo: Akashi Seijuro 

Originally posted by sawamurachans

Libra: Murasakibara Atsushi 

Originally posted by kryota

Scorpio: Aomine Daiki 

Originally posted by shuuzousnijimura

Sagittarius: Kuroko Tetsuya  

Originally posted by tsoookie

Capricorn: Midorima Shintarou 

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Aquarius: Shinji Koganei 

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Pisces: Kiyoshi Teppei 

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(that was really fun!)


Title: Overnight

Rating: Mostly T with a dash of M for imagery ;]

Word Count: 3,359 words

Notes:  Korra finds that she’s become an unexpected, overnight guest. [Makorra + Friendship Korrasami] 

Inspired by this beautiful sketch by SlackTension and written for the Makorra 100 Themes Challenge!    A bit of a longer piece (for me, anyway), fluffiness mixed in with deeper things, to get you all through your weekday~

And P.S. korrathewarrior, this one is for you. :D


The setting sun has painted the sky a mesmerizing mix of pinks and purples, highlighted with rays of brilliant golds.  Korra can’t take her eyes off the sun, gazing at it with squinted eyes as it slowly winks out for the day.

She’s propped herself on the soft, supple leather of Pepper’s saddle and the Air-Bending siblings are loosely scattered around her—Meelo holds the reins, Jinora quietly meditates, and Ikki hums while she weaves little white flowers into Korra’s hair.

“So, how’s everyone back home?” asks Korra.  The soft gentle movements of little, deft hands are comforting; she closes her eyes.

“Mmmm, Mom and Dad are fine—Dad’s helping the President with some business. Kai and Jinora are dating now, Asami is in the paper everyday—“  The news shoots from Ikki’s mouth like a machine gun; so rapid fire that the details coast over Korra’s relaxed mind…except for one.

Korra cracks one eye open, a playful smile spreading on her face.  “So.  Kai, eh?’

Jinora’s lips curl up on the edges but her eyes remain closed and her posture remains relaxed.  “Yeah, for about a year now.  He’s really sweet.”

To the sound of Meelo gagging and Ikki sighing, Korra says, “I bet.  And he does know that if he hurts you, I’m going to hurl him into the ground so hard, he’ll pop out of the other side of the world…right?”

Jinora’s lips curl up even more.  “Yes, I think he’s well aware.  My Dad’s already informed him.”

“Oh good, glad we’re clear~”

There’s a pleasant moment of silence before Ikki begins again—“Weeeell.  Speaking of boyfriends, yours is doing fine.”

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Marco Discovers Tom's 'Feral' Side

Agh I guessed I messed up! Okay here it is again:

“Marco…why do you have…*hesitate* yarn???”
“Oh, Star and I got a new project from our art class, we’re supposed to make an article of clothing out of yarn. Star decided to make cat boots, and I decided to make a plum-colored hoodie!” Marco said excitedly as he showed his boyfriend the basket filled with balls of purple yearn, making Tom’s ears twitch with temptation.
“That’s………that’s a lot of yarn…..” Tom mumbled, resisting the urge to grab one of the yarn balls and run away with it in his mouth on all fours.
“I know, right?! There was a sale on yearn at the store I went to, and I went a little crazy and bought every plum colored yearn ball I could find.” Marco chuckled as he set the basket of yarn back down.

When Marco looked up, Tom looked like he was about to lose his mind. His ears were twitching every five seconds, and his hands were clenched so tightly together behind his back he thought he was going to rip his own hands apart.

“Uh…Tom? Are you alright?” Marco asked, completely oblivious to what was really going on with Tom.

Tom has a feral side. Something that isn’t all that rare for a demon to have, but ever since he tried to play with Star’s hair when he saw it hanging off of his bed, she yelled at him and he became ashamed and embarrassed of it. Of course, he wouldn’t blame her. His claws when retracted were pretty sharp. And yarn was his absolute favorite thing he loved to play with when nobody was around. Whenever he even sees a glimpse of a loose string on a floor, he can’t help himself. So you can imagine his dismay when he sees a whole basket of yarn in front of him, trying to act casual so he won’t reveal this stupid habit he has in front of his boyfriend. Marco has no idea he has this cat like behavior, and he intends to keep it that way.

Because there was no way in hell he was going to repeat the same mistakes he made with Star.

“Alright, well if you say so.” Marco said uneasily.
“I’m hungry, so do you mind if I go by a frozen yogurt shop to get us something? You can come with me if you want-”
“NOPE! Ah, I mean, that’s okayyoushouldgonow!” Tom said very fast, making Marco a bit more skeptical.
“Are you sure you can handle being in the house alone?”
“TOTALLY! TOTALLY SURE!” Tom said a bit too loudly.
“O-Ok. Since Star and my parents are out getting more colorful yarn for Star’s project, you’ll be home alone. But don’t worry, the frozen yogurt shop is right down the street, so I should only be gone for a couple of minutes. Ok?”
“OKAYHAVEFUNSEEYA.” Tom shoved Marco out the door and slammed it behind him, the thought of him regretting that action later being totally ignored.

Tom finally unleashed his claws, his pupils becoming the size of tiny slits, and pounced right on top of the basket filled with yarn.


Tom had no idea what happened, but when he woke up from his tiny nap he found himself hanging off one of the planks of wood on the ceiling fan, completely tangled in yarn, with one ball still in his mouth.

“Alright, I’m back! Sorry it took me so long, there was a really long line and-” Marco stopped dead in his tracks when he looked up only to find his boyfriend tied up to his fan with his plum-colored yarn.

Tom tried to explain what happened, but then he felt something still in his mouth. He looked down, and was reminded of the purple yarn ball still in his mouth and spat it out, making a soft ‘Phat’ as it fell out of his mouth and a small thud as it bounced on Marco’s head and right into one of the frozen yogurt containers, but Marco didn’t even flinch, he merely blinked, his eyes still glued to the crazy sight in front of him.

“Should I even ask?”
“Probably not.”

———————————————— This is so freaking adorable I can’t take it! Thank you!

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The signs Fruits Basket boyfriends?

The Signs Fruit Basket Boyfriends

Aries: Kyo Sohma

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Taurus: Hatori Sohma

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Gemini: Momiji Sohma

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Cancer: Kureno Sohma

Leo: Kazuma Sohma

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Virgo: Akito Sohma

Originally posted by writeoutoflove

Libra: Ritsu Sohma

Originally posted by fewtruevillains

Scorpio: Yuki Sohma

Originally posted by heartcoma

Sagittarius: Hatsuharu Sohma

Originally posted by heartcoma

Capricorn: Hiro Sohma

Originally posted by yakumocchi

Aquarius: Shigure Sohma

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Pisces: Ayame Sohma

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The Sandwich Thief - Chapter 7

Read on ao3

It’s nine am when Nico finds him. Jason’s surprised he took so long.

Jason’s spare key is on the ledge above his door, so he lays there on his couch, listening to Nico’s annoyed grunts as he tries to jump and reach it for a whole five minutes before the key is jammed into the locked door and opened.

As soon as they make eye contact, Jason says one word. “No.”

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Kuroko no basket ~boyfriend based on your sign

Aries:   Daiki Aomine

Taurus:   Shinji Koganei

Gemini:   Seijūrō Akashi

Cancer:   Teppei Kiyoshi

Leo:   Shun Izuki

Virgo:   Taiga Kagami

Libra: Shintarō Midorima

Scorpio: Tetsuya Kuroko

Sagittarius: Kazunari Takao

Capricorn:  Junpei Hyuga

Aquarius:   Ryōta Kise

Pisces: Atsushi Murasakibara

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Aomine going bra shopping with his s/o please and thank you

Aomine loved the idea that you actually invited him to go bra shopping with you. Some of the sales ladies in the store found it weird, while some thought that it was cute. For Aomine, it was definitely heaven. He wanted to grab each and everything and put it in your shopping basket since he was really sure that everything would look good on you (though he also knew that he’d end up stripping them off from you).

“Hey babe, this would look good on you,” he remarked, handing you another piece of fabric.

Rolling your eyes, you took the bra from him and snickered, “how many times have you said that?” Going on tiptoes, you gave him a peck on the cheek before whispering, “these will do for now. I promise to take you with me again the next time I do this.”


“Daiki, if I’ll get another one, I won’t be able to have enough allowance for the month!” you giggled as you found your boyfriend’s persistence really adorable. Oh how you wanted to give into him, but it was really true that you have to budget your allowance.

“I-I’ll buy it for you,” he offered bluntly since he really liked the one he’s holding and he wasn’t willing to let it go. However he couldn’t remove anything from the ones you chose earlier because he liked them all, too.


“I want to!”

“Suit yourself,” you shrugged as you made your way to the counter. After paying for everything, your jaw dropped as you saw the shopping basket your boyfriend was holding was full of brassieres, some lacy, some plain. Your boyfriend could really be extra generous when it came to stuff like this.