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Greetings and hello, to all of my Fruits Basket followers! It’s been a long time since I posted anything Fruits Basket related on here.

Anyway let’s jump right into it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

I went to Comic Con today! And while I was there, I visited the Yen Press booth, and you wouldn’t believe what they were giving away?

That’s right, the mini Fruits Basket another folder, that was included in an earlier of HanatoYume magazine. The catch is that you had to buy a volume of Fruits Basket CE. Which isn’t really a problem with me, since I’m always ready to throw my wallet at Takaya-san. Lol!

That, and I needed volume 4 anyway. So in a way, it’s a win win. (^_^)☆

Along side all that, here is the “I feel so Grateful” page for Furuba CE vol 4.

Here, Takaya-san talks about the infamous hand injury incident, but with a little bit more detail. She even leaves us with a cliff hanger in the end! Can you believe that?! D:

We’ll have to wait till volume 5 for the shocking conclusion!

Well that’s all I have to say for today. But before I go, I just wanted to say that chapter 6 of Fruits Basket another is up on Hana LaLa! Will we ever get a English translation?

Well, only time will tell.

Anonymous asked: when GOM + Hanamiya + Haizaki realize how much their s/o mean to them after breaking up cause they cheated, what would they say/do to show their/so how they feel. honestly I’m such a sucker for desperate lovers lmao

HAIZAAABAEEEE. i see a lot of you are asking for him now hohoho~

however, im sorry anon i really cant imagine any of them cheating cause theyre all such cute babies (except haizadick so yes he’ll be cheating). however, i will give the regret part and their wanting to get back together!

Akashi, Aomine, Midorima here. More characters under the cut!

HANAMIYA: It was him who ended things but he was hoping for you to suffer at least a little bit. Fuck, if he was just smarter and realized faster that he actually still liked you, maybe he wouldn’t be stuck in this predicament. But he had to cave. He couldn’t let things progress the way they were because he only got even more pissed day by day. Thus, one day, he confronted you, cornering you in a classroom. “Hey, you wanna get back together?” You narrowed your eyes at him and snapped out a ‘no’. He pressed his lips, “What’s it going to take? Tell me.”

“You on your knees,” you smirked up at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “Or a simple apology would do.” He rolled his eyes. You knew he hated admitting to his mistakes but he needed to man up to do it. He muttered it out and you said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” He growled out his apology, much louder this time. “Those things only work in novels, Ma-ko-to. You better up your game if you expect me to forgive you.” You gave him one last smile before sashaying out of the room. And people said he was evil.

HAIZAKI homeboy: Getting caught with another girl was not part of his itinerary. When he saw the fat tears rolling down your cheeks and you leaving, he pulled away from the girl he was with and fixed his clothing, muttering something about having other appointments before taking off. You were one girl amongst many more he’s been with but why the fuck did it hurt him to see you crying?

He thought that you would have cooled down in a couple of days so he stopped you in the hallway with his infamous smirk. “Ne, when are you going to come back to me?” You slapped his face, leaving him in utter shock. “Oh, come on. What the fuck do you want me to do?” You glared at him, telling him to fuck off. He thought that he would get over you but then he realized that you were never going to come running back to him. Shit. He knocked on your door one weekend morning to find you already pissed. “What do you want me to do?” You stayed quiet. “I’m sorry alright, I promise to never cheat again. I don’t know what else you want me to do.”

You tried to close the door but his foot blocked it. “Take me back,” he huffed. “I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again. it was a moment of weakness. I like you alright. Right now, I can’t even get turned on with other girls, I get hard thinking of you.” Well, that was one way of telling you how much he liked you. You sighed, “I’ll forgive you this once.” He instantly lit up. “But we’re not having sex for two months.” He groaned.

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@ofseragaki continued from ask

“Ehh? No!” Clear denies with a pout. Though he does read more tabloids than the average person (in the name of RESEARCH, mind you,) he did not lift this particular line off of any publication.

He’d just been looking at Aoba, and thinking nice things, and then said those nice things, with the kind of blasé impulsiveness that cared not for social cues like ‘a time and a place for everything.’

Case in point: He’s got a radish in one hand and a grocery basket dangling from the other. Still, he’s feeling rather romantic right now, so he puts the vegetable in the basket and sidles closer, pressing up against Aoba’s side warmly.

“Why can’t I say how beautiful Aoba-san is?” It’s an honest question, not a teasing one, judging by the curious expression on the android’s face.

2014 Château de Saint Cosmé Little James Basket Press Blanc

Loving this lovely Rhône white. A lovely nose of lemon, apple, grass, waxy fruit, white flowers, boxwood, and fennel. The Viognier gives a fuller aroma and mouthfeel. Apples, grass, lemon, pears, and minerality on the palate. Finishes initially with apple, but acidity grows to more of a Meyer lemon finish. 

4/5 bones


Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier

13% abv


Here’s the “I feel so grateful!” page of Furuba CE volume 3. In this snippet, Takaya-san talks a little bit about Kyo when he changed to his “true” form. She also warns us that from volume 7 and onwards is when things start to get heavy.

Though personally, I feel like atmosphere shift dramatically after everyone got back from the beach house. (Volume 12)

Anyway, volume 3 of Fruits Basket CE is now available in the states. While volume 4 will come out later in August. See you soon!