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Happy valentine’s day, Akashi-kun aka @sooora-i!!><

This year I’m your Kuroko and I can say that we pretty much have the same taste with Mafia!AU AkaKuro;;;v;;; I always adore your art and now I’m drawing for you so I’m kinda nervous;;

I really hope you’ll like it!! (。・//ε//・。)

Thanks to @akashikuroko & @fyenale for holding WYSV again!! This is my second time participating and I really enjoy it (*´▽`*) thank you!!

― Chaz 

My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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Barbie (Chapter 3)

Chris Pine X Reader.

Summary:   The things you want are not always easy to get. Obstacles arise, Silly fights. Old flames and unfortunately even your own thoughts at times.  Even with all the happiness it still leaves the question: ‘How can two people who are perfect for each other be so fucked when it comes to being together?’

Warnings: Cursing.

Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter five.  Chapter six. Chapter seven. 

You turn on the stairwell to face Chris who’s standing just a few steps below you, his chest rising and following with each breath he takes. 

“I’m pretty sure there’s a cop that lives in this building.” You say loudly. 

Chris takes a step forward. “We need to stop fighting.” 

“You need to start talking but we both aren’t going to get the things we want.” You say matching his tone of annoyance as you turn back around, continuing up the stairs. 

“What do you want to know?” he asks as you reach the door. 

“Nothing now. We’re not together.” You say in a playful tone. 

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I Need Blogs To Follow

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Something Rotten 


The 100

Orange Is the New Black

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit





Neko Atsume

The Avengers

Captain America

girl meets world

True Blood

The Princess Bride


Welcome to Night Vale

k project

Beyond the boundry

Studio Ghibli






The Prince of Egypt

The Princess and the Frog

the road to el dorado

Forrest Gump

Puella magi madoka magica

Non Non Biyori

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The Twilight Zone



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Black Butler

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The Walking Dead (Video Game)

The Last of Us

Steven Universe





super planet dolan


Little House on the Prairie

Z Nation

Pacific Rim

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog 

Wolf Children

21 Chump Street

OTP’s from fandoms:

Hamilton:  Jamilton, Hamburrger?, hamilton/lafayette (I don’t know ship name)

RENT: Angel/Collins

The 100:  Clexa, Princess Mechanic, Jonty, , Murphamy,  Clarktaven,  Clarktavia

Orange Is the New Black:  Flaritza,  Pousoso, Vauseman

Harry Potter: Drarry

Lord of the Rings: samfro, aragorn/legolas,  Legolas/Gimli

The Hobbit: Bagginshield

The Avengers: Stony, Stark Spangled Banner

Captain America: Sam/Steve, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Steve/Bucky

Homestuck: John/Dave, John/Karkat,  Rose/Kanaya

Welcome to Night Vale: Cecilos

Supernatural: Sam/Anyone

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: madoka/homura

Attack On Titan: Eren/Levi, Eren/Jean, Eren/Erwin

Black Butler: Sebastian/Ciel

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Ed/Roy

Fruits Basket: Yuki/Kyo

Hetalia: Everyone

Merlin: Arthur/Merlin

Pacific Rim: Newton/Hermann

Teen Wolf:  Allydia, Kallison, Malydia, Sciles, McHaleinski, Stackson, Steter

  • Akashi: Thank you for coming on such short notice.
  • Kuroko: So… This is Akashi-kun’s house.
  • Murasakibara: Eh…?
  • Kise: It, uh, doesn’t look foreboding at all.
  • Midorima: Yes, it’s welcoming, if anything.
  • Aomine: Yeah, the architect behind it is just a… masterful genius! What was his name? Satan?
The Girl as White as Snow

The Queen, dressed in widow’s black, gazed upon her baby girl and wept. She wept, for in her girl she could see exactly what her father wished for (before his untimely demise): skin as white as snow, hair as dark as a raven’s wing, lips as red as blood. People from far and wide came to bless and pray for the child, the only heir her father produced, which she received with only screams and howls – all she could muster as a new-born babe.

Time passed, and the girl, known to all as Snow White, was almost 16: almost of age. The winter set in once more, just as it had done all those years ago when she was born. She was now fairest in all the land, and every man’s heart was hers to control. Many suitors had fallen at her feet, begging for her hand in marriage, but none had yet slipped a ring on the hand of Snow White. None had yet tamed the soon-to-be Princess, not even her mother, who grew more sick by the day. It was not a sickness of the body, that could be cured with potions and healing hands, but a sickness of the mind. Her behaviour grew more and more erratic: she refused any man who asked her hand in marriage and spent her days attempting to govern the kingdom, leaving her daughter in the care of various nannies.

“It was the shock of finding her husband so brutally murdered that pushed her over the edge" was a popular rumour. Others said “she broke a mirror the very day she gave birth, and so was cursed with eternal misfortune". But all agreed that, despite behaving most unladylike, she was the best ruler the land had ever known.

The Queen requested her daughter meet her in the highest room of the tallest tower the day she turned 16, as tradition dictates she must. Snow climbed all 1,816 stairs (she counted), and prepared to enter the room where she would become a Princess, for within that elevated chamber would come the private coronation that every Princess must take. Every girl who entered the room before had left a woman, wearing the ancestral tiara and possessing the knowledge of all her royal duties.

Snow entered the chamber to see the Queen kneeling over a looking glass that had shattered into – 10, 12, 13! - pieces. Her mother turned around hurriedly and asked her to “Close the door, my dear”. Snow did as she was told, the very image of obedience. The Queen picked up the pieces of shattered glass and placed them back within the frame. By some power of chance, all the pieces fell back into place; the mirror could once again reflect the room. “Look! there’s a piece missing,” cried Snow, seeing the exposed sliver of oak back. “Yes,” replied the Queen coldly, as she raised the piece above Snow’s head and aimed for her heart.

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Birthday Surprise

Summary: In which a day you’re dreading becomes a day you’ll never forget.

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Word Count: 2,652

A/N: Happy happy birthday, @sebseyesandbuckysthighs! I adore you with all my heart and I hope you have the amazing day you deserve! This one’s for you, my fellow X-Files lover :) (And shoutout to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower™️ for letting me include them in this)

@avengerstories - Thank you, as always for being such an amazing editor and friend.

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On regular days, waking up in the morning is a slow process. You’ll start by rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and do some stretches while lying down. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll fall right back asleep. Other times, you’ll just stay wrapped up in your blankets and bask in the serene silence of your soundproofed room.

Today isn’t one of those regular days. It could’ve been if Tony hadn’t opened his big mouth in front of the team a few days ago and informed everyone of your upcoming birthday. You genuinely thought that Wanda was going to faint when he made the announcement that made you want to wring his neck.

You love the team, you really do, and you understand how important birthdays are to them. For you however, the same can’t be said. You never understood the need to make such a big deal out of that single day of the year. Surely there were more important things to celebrate.

Your attempts to douse the flames of their excitement after that were futile. Wanda and Nat were already making plans for a party. Clint was quick to jump in with decoration ideas, while Tony was offering up his credit card to pay for everything. Steve was thinking about what kind of cake you might like and he recruited Bruce and Bucky to help him.

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