basket belle

  • So Steph had a rough childhood right?
  • She literally became a vigilante to keep batman from destroying her villainous dad
  • Her dad is an asshole
  • Her mom tried her best
  • But not good enough that she turns to a man who dresses like a bat nightly for a parental figure
  • Anyways
  • Imagine the batfam having a movie night
  • Literally her and babs being the only ones who aren’t adopted
  • Anyways so they’re watching some 90s live action Disney movie her and Dick picked out
  • And she starts talking about how she always wanted like a bedazzler hair gun or a Barbie dream house or a bike
  • And babs is shook
  • Steph tells them she made her own paper dolls out of cardboard and paper
  • Bitch made her own suit she is crafty
  • Dick is trying not to cry
  • Jason and Cass are sympathetic they had very little until they were adopted
  • Damian is just confused because he’s a murder cult prince and has had more than most successful adults his entire life
  • Bruce is litterLY HEARTBROKEN
  • The next day they all haul ass to the mall
  • Babs in the lead getting all the 90s inspired fashion stuff from Clair’s and JP and Macies like Barbie sweaters and printed leggings and 90s cartoon print everything and fucking leg warmers and scrunchies.
  • Dick in the lead with 90 to early 2000 toys getting her all the Barbie shit and like a hair braiding and bedazzling gun and like orbez spa foot bath and fun little outside toys like a bubble machine and those hotch skotch balls that you put on one foot and spin the ball as you jump. Too many water and nerf guns. Some of those are for the whole family.
  • They put a batman sticker on it
  • They also buy a twister mat and box sets of the Amanda show, Drake and josh, rugrats, catdog, pinky and the brain, ducktales, Kim possible, Hannah Montana, zoey 101, fresh prince of bel air, friends, honey they get it all
  • They also get damian some batman toys because he was looking at them
  • He says he doesn’t want them
  • But they all mysteriously disappear anyways
  • Into his room
  • Cass and Tim drag Bruce for not giving Steph attention
  • Especially bc she I dunno gee DIED FOR HIM
  • Anyways Jason and Alfred are distracting her by making cute little batfam themed sugar cookies together
  • Then they come home with like two car fulls of 90s kids stuff
  • Jason takes her to Starbucks and they sit outside and talk shit about people passing by so they can set up her surprise party
  • Now Bruce is an emotionally constipated dad, but he’s still a dad. He still sees Steph as one of his children.
  • He feels really bad for not paying more attention to her living situation, especially when she was kid.
  • He pulls out all the stops. Her favorite food, her favorite movies.
  • Now, mama brown didn’t raise no bitch
  • But when she walks in and sees that Barbie dream house and that bike
  • She looses it
  • She’s crying and hugging everybody
  • Like she’s grown and doesn’t need any of that
  • But she makes it some aesthetic artsy deco shit
  • Except the clothes and nerf guns and box sets that’s becomes her everything
  • The bike is her new love she might’ve rode it inside the manor until Alfred was like ok stop
  • She’s so shook
  • Everybody is crying
  • Damian is just confused in his little batman target pajamas
  • Which also makes her extremely happy
  • She plays with her toys with everybody
  • They end up cuddling on the couch with Steph in Barbie sweater and those weird multiple shapes neon leggings and leg warmer and her hair in scrunchies
  • “Brown, you look disgraceful. I don’t understand any of this.”
  • “Shut up, demon. You’re not supposed to understand, it’s the 90s.”
  • “It’s 2017..”
  • Tim just silently pulls him into a cuddle and he’s too shook from the day to pull away
  • Steph is still crying and thanking everybody constantly
  • She’s snuggled into Bruce’s side.
  • D C G I V E S T E P H T H E L O V E S H E D E S E R V E S

Saw @waiting4codot do this and I thought I’d give it a shot!

Create a photo set of yourself surrounded by characters you relate to!

Well, this is my mind and its a jumbled mess. (Samurai Jack, Tohru Honda, Frisk, Wander, Freakazoid, Belle, Velma Dinkley, Kim Possible)

Well, I’ll tag anyone who wants to do this, but just in case, I’ll also tag @fdartwork, @constantlyobsessive@fetacheeseandsoup , @3rddoctor, and @miranova23. If any of you have done this before or don’t want to, thats okay.

• Samhain Rite •

Let go of the troubles and sadness of the past year

You will need:

• A personal possession.

• A purple candle.

• A small wicker basket.

• A bell.

The personal possession should embody all that you wish to cast aside, in other that you can start afresh. On the first hour of November 1st, light the purple candle, and place the unwanted possession in the basket. Seal the lid with a little candle wax. Hold the basket, concentrate on the glow of the candle, ring the bell three times and say:

“Spirits on this special night, collection my past and hear my plight, I mean no harm but do entreat, a future blossoming and sweet.”

Repeat this three times, ringing the bell between the chants. The next morning, take the basket and bury it.

Plain, White Shirt

Requested by: Anon :D
Prompt: #7 “Isn’t that mine?” (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by criminal-minds-fanatic

He didn’t notice it at first. It was subtle. Someone would have to really be looking to realise it.

He wore one of the many plain, white, button-down shirts he owned one Friday, not thinking too much about what he chose to wear in the morning. That day, after a mind-numbing afternoon of paperwork, he went to your apartment, after dropping Jack off with his aunt for a whole weekend, and spent it in its entirety with you.

It was the first time you had done something like that, spending so much time together ever since this romance had started a few months before. With the two of you being in the same office, along with a whole team of profilers, it meant discretion was of utmost importance.

However, you two excelled at the stoic-face act, although Aaron’s expression usually included his signature frown ninety percent of the time. You both managed to hide your feelings for each other. The only problem you had encountered thus far was not blurting out the other person’s first name, a natural change once your relationship progressed into something more.

The matter at hand here was that, in his haste to get home on Sunday due to Jack feeling slightly ill, he had forgotten that one particular shirt at your house. He didn’t think much of it. He didn’t even realise he had left it behind until he put his son to bed after giving him some medicine and checking his temperature. You would probably return it whenever you could, maybe during the weekend if the team didn’t get a case.

So, it was a bit of a surprise for him to see you with his shirt on Wednesday at the office. You had taken the precaution of putting on a baggy sweater on top of it, but he knew. He recognised it. He owned at least twenty of the same brand, in different colours.

He stiffened for a brief second before continuing back up the stairs to his office. You saw him and knew he had recognised it. You had debated with yourself whether it was a good idea to wear it to the office, which is why you waited a couple of days to do so. It was an indescribable feeling to be wearing something of his to work, even if it was just a shirt.

It reminded you of Friday’s activities, which had led to your burning the dinner you had been working on since you got home. Neither of you had cared in that moment, though. Now, every time you felt the fabric against your skin, you remembered how it felt under your hands when you grabbed onto Aaron’s shoulders to gain better leverage while on the couch.

It also made you giggle, thinking back to it; internally that is… someone would question your sudden laughter if you were to let it out. You had both felt like two teenagers who couldn’t control their hormones and had gotten down and dirty in the living room instead of moving to the bedroom.

So, yes. Your mind had kept on replaying that one moment, despite the fact that you had moved to the bedroom after having some Chinese takeout, and decided to put it on that morning out of impulse. Screw the professional and rational part of your brain. You wanted to show your boyfriend you were thinking of him, damn it. You just didn’t know how he was going to react.

You had an opportunity to find out about an hour later when you took the files you had been working on to his office. You knocked on the open door, and he asked you to close it, his tone normal. Once you sat down, you noticed that he had closed the blinds so no one in the bullpen could look into his office.

Interesting, you thought. What could he possibly be up to?

‘Thank you for the files, (Y/n),’ he said, to which you just rolled your eyes. Business first, as always. ‘I did, however, notice something peculiar about your choice of attire earlier…’

He trailed off with the ghost of a smile as he rounded his desk, perching himself on the edge of it, right in front of you. You smirked and decided to play dumb to humour him.

‘Oh, really? And here I thought I looked cute in this oversized sweater,’ you looked down and smoothed the non-existent wrinkles in said garment.

‘I wouldn’t necessarily call you cute in that,’ he commented, his voice low, as he grabbed you by the hand and brought you up to your feet, making you stand right in between his legs.

‘And why is that?’ you teased him by grabbing onto his shoulders and squeezing them, just like you had done on Friday. He put his head on your shoulder, and you heard him groan. You, once again, had to stop the giggle that was about to leave your mouth. ‘Aaron? You haven’t answered my question,’ you told him right next to his ear.

‘Isn’t that mine, (Y/n)?’ he mumbled, his lips moving down the length of your neck.

Well, I was not expecting this reaction, you thought as you allowed yourself to close your eyes momentarily and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth against your pulse point.

‘(Y/n)? You haven’t answered my question,’ he mimicked you, removing his head from the crook of your neck. You opened your eyes to find him smirking at you.

‘Was this the plan all along, you tease?’ you smiled despite the feeling of disappointment that settled on your stomach at not being able to continue what he had started.

‘Maybe,’ he looked at you from under his lashes and laughed lightly. ‘You should get down to the bullpen soon,’ he added regretfully.

Before he removed his hands from your waist, you grabbed him by the lapels on his suit jacket and kissed him. All tongues and not much finesse, but that was not what you were aiming for. That could wait until the weekend when you planned to tease him yourself.

‘Mmm,’ was all he said before you promptly smoothed the now-existing wrinkles in your sweater and exited his office, leaving the door open behind you.

That evening, while you were lounging lazily on your couch, still clad on your work clothes, with some home-made meal on your lap and an episode of the first comedy show you found on TV, you received a message from Aaron which read:

Jack is staying with his aunt tonight since he has to be at school early tomorrow for a trip and I can’t make it in time to take him myself.

Your heart jumped at the sudden change of plans but quickly messaged him back telling him to come over, already picking up the clothes you had left around the place from previous days and thinking of what you could wear that would look nice but not too over the top.

You had just put the clothes that had been thrown carelessly over different pieces of furniture a minute ago into your laundry basket, when the bell rang along with your cell phone. You picked up the phone first, hoping it wasn’t Garcia with a case and instead were surprised to find Aaron’s name on the screen.

You raised an eyebrow as you unblocked it and a flush came over your cheeks as you dropped the device on the coffee table, took off the sweater you had worn all day and almost tripped over your own feet trying to get to the door fast enough.

You were greeted by a smirking Aaron, who walked into your apartment and immediately started kissing you the same way you had done earlier in the afternoon. You didn’t even recall either of you closing your front door before he put his hands on your ass to hoist you up as you encircled his waist with your legs and he carried you into your bedroom, never breaking his kiss.

The message?

I want to see you in nothing but my shirt.

Yeap. Best decision ever.

Part 2: On

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anonymous asked:

Ok but Alex doesn't know how to ride a bike so Washington teaches him how to and it's like this big bonding experience


alex: “we could never afford one so i never learned. that and there was no one to teach me. i just convinced myself i didn’t need to learn but i’ve always wanted to try to so…um, yeah”

gwash: “i’m buying you a bike”

alex: “sir?” 

gwash: “i’m buying you a bike and i will teach you how to ride it. come on”

Aforismi e frasi sul basket.

Vincere è una cosa fantastica. Ti da la sensazione che il tuo sudore sia servito a qualcosa. - Paul Pierce

Spesso alcune persone danno il 98% nelle cose che fanno… ma a volte è proprio quel 2% che conta davvero. - Paul Pierce

Non ho bisogno di troppo. Di tutte le cose glamour che non mi entusiasmano. Io sono solo contento di avere il gioco del basket nella mia vita. - LeBron James

Se sei stanco e non ti senti più le gambe continua a correre… e se ti senti morire corri ancora più forte… - LeBron James

Amo sudare per ottenere ciò che amo. C'è chi crede di no, ma è una delle più grandi soddisfazioni della vita… - LeBron James

Prima di una gara durante il giorno di Natale contro gli Indiana Pacers, Bird disse a Chuck Person che gli voleva fare un regalo di Natale. Durante la partita, mentre Person era in panchina, Bird fece un tiro da tre punti dalla linea di bordo campo proprio di fronte a Person. Immediatamente dopo aver eseguito il tiro, Bird disse a Person, “Merry fuckin’ Christmas!” (buon fottuto Natale), e subito dopo il tiro entrò nel canestro.

Penso sia Dio travestito da Michael Jordan. - Larry Bird su MJ

Dio ha creato un giocatore di basket di due metri; quello è MJ. - Larry Bird su MJ

Un vincente è qualcuno che riconosce il suo talento naturale, lavora sui suoi limiti per tramutarli in abilità, e usa queste abilità per realizzare i suoi obiettivi. - Larry Bird

Io capisco sempre cosa sta succedendo in campo in quel momento. Vedo cosa succede ed agisco di conseguenza. - Larry Bird

Non mi piace fare le prediche, ma un po’ più di persone dovrebbero iniziare a spendere tanto tempo in libreria quanto ne passano sui campi di basket. - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Chi dice di potermi battere non sempre si sbaglia, chi dice che non ci metto l'anima si sbaglia di grosso. - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Puoi avere tutto il talento del mondo, ma se non hai cuore, non ho bisogno che tu scenda in campo al mio fianco. - Allen Iverson

Forse è quasi follia…da quando sono bambino ho sempre avuto bisogno del basket nella mia vita… - Allen Iverson

Quando ero piccolo, tutti ridevano di me se dicevo di voler diventare un giocatore di pallacanestro profesionista……adesso tocca a me ridere. - Allen Iverson

Io non voglio essere Michael Jordan. Non voglio essere Magic. Non voglio essere Bird o Isiah, non voglio essere uno qualsiasi di questi ragazzi. Quando la mia carriera sarà finita, mi guarderò allo specchio e dirò: ho fatto a modo mio. - Allen Iverson

Se non credi in te stesso, nessuno lo farà per te. - Kobe Bryant

Se non credi in te stesso, scordati che qualcun altro lo faccia per te. - Kobe Bryant

Fregatene. Fregatene di cosa ne pensa la gente. Fregatene dei loro giudizi. Pensa solo a te stesso e stupiscili! - Kobe Bryant

Chi avrà il coraggio di prendere delle decisioni, diventerà un giocatore…chi saprà prendere quelle giuste, rimarrà leggenda. - Kobe Bryant

Quando perdi e sei sicuro di averci messo il cuore, hai già vinto…lo dice uno a cui perdere non piace affatto… - Kobe Bryant

Tutti i ragazzi hanno bisogno di un piccolo aiuto, di una piccola speranza e di qualcuno che creda in loro. - Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Non chiedere cosa i tuoi compagni possano fare per te. Chiedi piuttosto cosa tu possa fare per i tuoi compagni. -
Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Non credo che ci sarà mai più un'altra point-guard di 206cm che sorride mentre ti sta umiliando. (James Worthy, compagno di squadra di Johnson per molti anni ai Lakers)

So bene di essere nero, ma mi piacerebbe essere visto come persona, e questo è il desiderio di ognuno. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Quando avevo 15 anni, il coach del mio liceo non mi fece entrare in squadra e scelse uno 20 cm più alto di me… …decisi che una cosa del genere non sarebbe mai più capitata. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

I limiti sono soltanto illusioni. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Il talento ti fa vincere una partita. L'intelligenza e il lavoro di squadra ti fanno vincere un campionato. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Avrò segnato undici volte canestri vincenti sulla sirena, e altre diciassette volte a meno di dieci secondi alla fine, ma nella mia carriera ho sbagliato più di novemila tiri. Ho perso quasi trecento partite. Trentasei volte i miei compagni mi hanno affidato il tiro decisivo e l'ho sbagliato. Nella vita ho fallito molte volte. Ed è per questo che alla fine ho vinto tutto. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Non ho mai badato alle conseguenze dello sbagliare un tiro importante. Quando pensi alle conseguenze pensi sempre ad un risultato negativo. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Posso accettare la sconfitta, ma non posso accettare di rinunciare a provarci. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Alcune persone sperano che le cose belle accadano. Altre, le fanno accadere. - Michael Jeffrey Jordan

La cosa fondamentale, è avere la volontà di prendere ogni rimbalzo…Se voglio prendere un rimbalzo, lo prendo e nessuno può fermarmi…nessuno… - Dwight Howard

E’ un tiro troppo difficile. Però questo è Kobe… ed è troppo forte! - Derek Fisher

Non è questione di talento, è questione di crederci, solo cosi esaudirai i tuoi sogni! - Tracy McGrady

‎Il mio 40% ai tiri liberi è il modo che Dio ha trovato per dire che nessuno è perfetto. - Shaquille O'Neal

Non devi partire con il presupposto che gli altri siano più forti di te… Ti ricordo che hanno due braccia e due gambe come te. - Earvin “Magic” Johnson

La squadra apprezzerà sempre una grande individualità. Se si sacrifica per il gruppo. – Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Non credere mai che difficile significhi impossibile… - Michael Beasley

La parola impossibile è stata inventata da chi aveva troppa paura per provarci. - Derrick Rose

Non lasciare mai che qualcuno ti porti via ciò che ami. Se ami davvero qualcosa, non averla più sarebbe un po’ come morire… - Dwyane Wade

—  Internet

fullmetalkarneval13  asked:

How about a funny, fluffy, grocery shopping adventure!!!

((Does it still count as grocery shopping if they decide to go to some equivalent of wal-mart xD))

Cereal section:

“Yuuri, what are these!” Victor held up a box excitedly.

“Pop tarts? Oh they’re a breakfast snack. You put them in the toaster like bread, and they come in all different kinds of flavors,” Yuuri explained.

“Can we get the sm’ores? I want to try it!” Victor put a box in their cart.

“Sure sure.”

Toy section:

“Yuuri! Take a picture! I think this would suit Yurio!” Victor called.

Yuuri wanted to hide his face and pretend he didn’t know his fiance, who was currently riding around in a pink kiddy bike with a basket ringing the bell.

“Let’s buy it for him!” Victor chose.

“No Victor! We still need to buy eggs!” Yuuri pulled him off the bike.

Toy section (cont.)


“No Victor,” Yuuri refused.

“Yuuri! It’s so cute!” Victor begged.

“For the millionth time Victor, we do NOT need another life size teddy bear! There’s no more room in our apartment!”

Frozen section:

“Do we need one gallon of chocolate peanut butter ice cream? or two?” Victor asked.

“Three,” Yuuri counted. “Yurio insists on having his own.”

 Self check out counter:

“You know Yuuri, if you had a bar code on your butt, I’d totally check you-”

“Please stop.”

On the way home:

“We forgot to buy eggs!”


Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Human) x Theo Raeken
Words: 681
Warnings: none really. but i’m not entirely sure.
Request? yes or no
A/N: sorry it’s a little short drabble kind of imagine. :/ but i promise the next part will be slightly longer (that’s what she/he/they said) so yes it will be in more parts :)

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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Originally posted by the-awesome-elvispresley

I don’t own gif, credits to owner

Note: I’m so sorry for taking so long! And for some reason, I decided to change the imagine into a short one shot. 

Oneshot: Belle getting tired of being hit on by Gaston that she ask reader on a fake date to get rid of Gaston. Only for Reader and Belle to confess their feelings for each other

Requested by: @pleasemakeitgayer

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College Headcanons


  • Medical Degree ( On the Dean’s List)
  • Joins too many clubs. Is the secretary for 90% of them.
  • Don’t open her google docs. It’s a mad house in there. You won’t be able to find anything. She ‘has a system’ but it takes her twenty minutes to find something. 
  • She has way too many night classes. If you look out your window at 10 at night and see something sluggishly moving down the road, it’s not a zombie. It’s Mercy. Someone help her.


  • Music major
  • He bikes everywhere. It’s a bright green bike with a basket and a bell. There’s frog stickers all over the metal.
  • Forgets his key a lot. Spends a lot of nights on D.Va’s couch.
  • He’s a TA for all of his teachers but somehow manages to have friends. He’s Kim Possible levels of balancing his social life and his other duties. 


  • Undecided
  • The Freshmen fifteen doesn’t apply to him. This man forgets to eat all the time. When he does, it’s take out. He makes his coffee using Monster instead of water. The delivery people know him by name. 
  • Doesn’t ever do the readings but aces the finals somehow.
  • During Finals Week, he lives in the library. You see him leave his station only for bathroom breaks. Hasn’t showered in four days.  He’s going through hell. Someone make sure he eats or he’ll die.

(Requests are Open!!!)

Daaaamn, Fiona. Where do you have Belle hidden away? Because she better not be dead. And bringing a picnic basket just like Belle did way back when…daaamn.

Love the reference to the Rumbelle anniversary though. And is it just me or could Rumple actually be awake? Gideon was totally adorable.

Himuro Headcanons

Alright alright I was talking about Himuro (what a suplise) with the most lovable and beautiful Admin from hq-fantasies & Here’s some things I wanted to share:

  • He was definitely invited to model at some point. Hell, he constantly gets calls from modeling agencies, but he always turns them down for multiple reasons:
  1. He’s constantly busy with basketball and school.
  2. He already attracts a rather large amount of girls, he doesn’t need to become more popular.
  3. He needs his free time to catch up on his American dramas.
  • His love for pickles is transcendental. You can walk in on his house with a jar of pickles and he will make a small excited “hng” noise, before grabbing them and laying back on his couch.
  • You’ll also find him laying on the couch, watching random tv series while snacking on his pickles whenever he’s home.
  • Wal-mart worker: “Hey it’s that Emo guy who comes to buy pickles at 3 AM”
  • Question: Boobs or ass? Answer: Both.
  • One time he saw his crush struggling with a bunch supplies. He picked one up and threw it into the air, and then the next one, and the next one… And he started juggling everything. He walked all the way to where his crush was heading like that. 
  • He’s also really skilled with his hands from all that juggling. If you catch my drift. If you don’t let’s just say his hands are all he needs to make you scream his name.

This has been a PSA.

J'ai envie d'avoir des nouvelles baskets des très belles baskets et de partir en voiture avec quelqu'un que j'aime dans des petites routes et prendre des petits déjeuners dans des endroits qui ont du charme, de me balader longtemps dans les villages, bon ok avec un amoureux, et de dessiner tout ce que je vois et tout ce que je ne vois pas, et de prendre des photos des ciels, j'ai envie de dire le temps est bon et de me sentir artiste, de lire des livres à deux, d'écouter de la musique douce dans une chambre que je ne connais pas, de regarder les gens dans les lavomatiques, d'être belle dans le reflet des vitrines, de porter des vêtements qui sont touchants, et de mettre beaucoup de parfum

anicchikunoichi  asked:

Request from Anicchi-senpai! : GOM + Kasamatsu + Himuro's reaction to their girlfriend visiting them (and bringing a whole pot of homemade ramen) when they're sick! Keep working hard, girls, I love your blog *muahmuah*

oh you’re so nice!


Aomine: he groaned when the door bell rang, waking him from a nap and rolled off the bed. He’d just hit the floor when his door opened. His partner stood in the door way looking around for him until they saw him on the ground “Why’d you ring the bell if you were just going to come in anyways?” He sighed, climbing back into bed.

“Well the door was kind of hard to open with this.” They smiled holding up a giant pot.

“What’s that?”

“Ramen!” They smiled, leaning forwards and kissing his forehead. He grinned up at them and they patted his head. “I’ll warm it up on the stove then be right back.”

Midorima: He opened the door and squinted his eyes trying to make out the face of the blurry figure without his glasses. “It’s me.” They said. He hist squinted harder.

“Who’s ‘me’?” he asked.

”____!” They laughed, stepping inside, setting down something that made a clank on the counter. Picking up his glasses, they stood on their toes to slip them onto his face. He blinked a few times, smiling down at his partner then looking at the pot they had brought.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Oh, I made some ramen! It’s always good when you’re sick." 

Happiness flooded his chest and he reached down to kiss them but they stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Don’t get me sick! There’ll be no one to take care of you." 

Murasakibara: He went to answer the door after the third time the bell rang and laughter flooded into his apartment. “Atsushi, what are you doing?” his partner laughed at the blanket draped over Murasakibara’s head and slipped past him to place a package on the table.

"I was cold!” He pouted, closing the door and his attention shifted automatically to the smell wafting up from the bowl ____ was serving. “What’s that?”

“Oh? I made you ramen. Since you haven’t left the house in a few days I figured you’d run out of snacks.” They handed him the bowl that he set back on the table and pulled them into a giant hug.

”_____-chin is so thoughtful!” 

Akashi: He hated being sick more than anything, he was too drained of energy to do anything other than call “It’s open.” When someone knocked on the door.

“Seijuro, are you still alive?” he recognized his partners voice and they began to make a clatter in the kitchen.

“What are you doing in there?” He muttered, sitting up on the couch and holding a blanket tightly around his shoulders as he swayed up to them. Akashi gave them a quick hug and they presented him with a bowl. “What’s this?”

“I made it.” They shrugged, smiling. “It’s ramen.”

He hugged them again. “Thank you, _____, you’re too sweet.”

Kise: He whined when the doorbell shrieked through the living room where he was collapsed on the love seat. “Come in!” he yelled as loud as he could, his voice scratchy. 


His spirits were lifted immediately when his partners voice echoed around the room.

”_____-cchi!” He smiled, standing up and stumbling up to them, pecking their cheek. 

"How are you? Feeling any better?” When he shook his head to their questions, they handed him something. “Maybe this’ll help.”

“Did you make me ramen!?” he asked. They nodded and his face lit up. “You’re so sweeeeet!!” He smiled, so happy that he hardly looked sick at all.

Kuroko: “What are you doing here?”

Kuroko’s voice was raspy, his face was red and he had bags under his eyes. His tired gaze following your figure as you carefully walked closer to the bed where he was resting.You placed the tray you were carrying on the nightstand as he sat up.

“Well I heard you were sick, so of course I came here to look after you.” Placing your hand lightly on his forehead to see how bad his fever was, Kuroko’s lips curled into a smile. He truly felt blessed to having such a wonderful person as yourself in his life.

“What is that?” He turned his gaze to the bowl as you grabbed the tray, sitting next to him.

“Ramen! I made it myself, now enough talking and say "Aaah”“ Moving the spoon closer to him.

Kasamatsu: When his little brother told him he had visits he was expecting to see anyone from his team. Hell, he started praying to the gods so the first thing he would see when the door opened was not the blond idiot.

But the gods heard him loud and clear. His jaw dropped when he saw you walk in. Embarrassed, he flopped back on his bed pulling the sheet over his head so you couldn’t see him.

You sighed. Sitting next to him, you tried pulling off his covers. “Come on, Yukio! I came here to see you and this is how you greet me?” “You  shouldn’t be here in the first place!” “Fine! I’ll guess i just take this delicious Ramen I made for you and eat it all by myself…”.

You stood up and before you could take a second step, he sat back up. Just as planned. 

"W-wait!… I just didn’t want you to get sick too, Idiot.”

Himuro: You were surprised to see him up and about when he opened the door. You called before, and he sounded terrible. You could have swore he was dying on the phone but when you got there he looked just like he usually did. It was until he led you to the living room and almost ran face first into the frame of the door that his sickness became clear.

”_____ You didn’t had to visit, it’s not that bad”. “Your voice says a completely different story.” He shook his head and smiled tiredly. “It’s nothing. Here, let me help you with that”. Himuro reached for the pot in your hands but he banged his hip against the furniture which threw him off balance. He clinged to your shoulders so he wouldn’t fall.

“Tatsuya…” “I just wanted a hug, _____." "Of course you did… Now get off me and go lay on the couch, I’ll serve you some Ramen.”

He pulled back and stared at you. His stubbornness yelling:”Don’t listen to her! you’re stronger.“ But his sickness was screaming:”YOU’RE DYING. D Y I N G.“ Himuro blinked a couple times as he processed his thoughts before nodding slowly.

"Thank you, _____.”