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Hounds of baskerville / Sherlock just got one

I watched ‘The hounds of baskerville’ with my family and Sherlock said he hasn’t any friends.
And my mum asked: “Why didn’t John go back to London?”
I said: “Because they’re friends.”
And my mum said: “But Sherlock said he hasn’t any friends.”
And I thought: “Because John loves him.”

Headcanon : Gilbert and Sharon like watching romantic movies while Oz and Break like watching horror films[(Sharon secretly likes it too)] So they often have argument when they are going to have a movie night. [In the end, Alice opens a action movie and they all watch it or she falls asleep, because of this they can’t watch any of them because they don’t want to make a movie night without Alice.]
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“They are brothers in a family, they are blood relatives and that’s explored in more detail which is exciting – funny, but not trite. It’s quite profoundly moving I think.” - Benedict Cumberbatch


What the fuck is with this new font?

It’s Baskerville, by the way.

Either Baskerville, New Baskerville or Libre Baskerville.

It is that family, but none of them do perfectly match, Libre Baskerville is the most close one, but the width of the thin strokes of it is more than the one seen Ellie’s new logo.

Reminder that alice gained back all her memories and basically learned that she was in no way who she thought she was, had killed herself to save evryone, torn her soul to pieces to save her twin, lost her whole family (baskervilles), and technically no longer existed on her own and then she proceeded to immediately and with zero hesitation get up and move on without feeling bitter towards anyone. In other words - All hail Queen Alice.