bask in their glory

My mother often asks me why I don’t write about happy things. Why I focus on the pain and broken promises?
Many times I’ve wondered the same. I’ve wondered why most of us talk more about the moments we were broken down than when we were basking in glory. Why the harder parts of our past haunt us where as the good parts seem to fade away slowly?
I’ve asked myself over and over and over again,
Where does the good go?
I think I finally know.
I think the good goes no where but in our own being.
Every good memory, every kind gesture, every sweet word, every happy day, it is all absorbed by us - to make us stronger, more concrete in our morals and sense of direction and existence.
It internalizes, often without us realizing and who we are now is as much because of all the good and the wonderful as much as it is because of the harsh lessons the hard parts of our past taught us.
I finally know where the good goes - me.
—  creatingnikki 

You know, the new episode of Samurai Jack had a line that seemed small in the moment, but actually gives the Daughters of Aku an interesting motivation.

“Bask in the glory in what our master has created. Admire its beauty but know that the samurai is out there leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes. That’s why, my sweet Ashi, the Daughters of Aku must stay focused.”

It’s not so much that Jack leaves destruction in his wake (Aku’s assassins and bounty hunters like Scaramouch do that), but the implication that if Jack succeeds everything they know will be destroyed. And the thing is… 

That’s true.

If Jack goes back in time and kills Aku, history will be rewritten and the entire world will change. Aku’s world will never exist, and neither will anyone in it. It would be like going back and time and ensuring that Julius Caesar never took power (thus changing global history on such a scale that very few people would be unaffected by our time). Such alteration to the course of history would mean that the Daughters, their mother, and pretty much everyone Jack has ever met in the future would be erased from existence.

Of course Jack’s still the good guy and Aku is still evil. Of course going back to the past will save possibly billions of lives and prevent unimaginable suffering. But this gives the Daughters of Aku a damn good motivation to kill Jack: their own survival. And the survival of pretty much everyone in the future. It could be from their point of view Jack is going to wipe out everyone in their world, and they’re fighting to prevent that from happening.

So in their own minds the Daughters of Aku are the good guys, and that’s always a good thing when making villains. In terms of character motivation, it means they’ll likely fight Jack with everything they have to “save” their future.

Awesome Assassin AUs you should take a look at

“I’m not sure I’m going to kill you yet, but first, either way, what did you do to piss off the Canadians so much?” AU

“All my Intel said you wouldn’t be back from your trip but you just walked in on me using your flat as a sniper nest uh oh” AU

“Okay but why didn’t anyone tell me my target is also a trained killer???” AU

“Wait you were hired to kill this guy, too???” AU

My Apologies, but upon further inspection it looks like you are indeed not the person I was hired to kill.” AU

“So I was hired to kill this guy but ended up rescuing you in the process and i could get fired but hi there your a cutie” AU*

Or alternatively “This guy was going to kill me but you showed up and saved the day Hello there” AU*

“Every time I try and kill you you always end up dodging my bullets what the FUCK” AU*

“We are both Assassins living together and I keep waking up to Dead bodies in the kitchen can you not” AU*

“That one night stand you had last night? Yea that’s that’s your target now” AU*

“There is a guy who keeps protecting my targets from me who are you and can you stop now” AU*

“Don’t think I Didn’t see you Roofie my drink who are you and what do you want before I kill you?” AU*

“Your dating my little sister and Your from my rival agency and we recognize each other FUCK” AU*

“I didn’t realize you saw my car tailing yours and now your reporting me to your agency oh no” AU*

“I’m so sorry I meant to shoot the person next to you let me take you to the hospital!” AU*   

“YOU SHOT ME IN THE ARM you’d think they would hire assassins with better AIM FOR FUCK’S SAKE” AU*

“I really regret kidnapping you cause your really annoying shut up already” AU*

“You weren’t supposed to see me shoot your boss and now I have to kidnap you sorry” AU*

“I haven’t hit my kill quota yet please help me I’m new to the agency” AU*

“I just found out you faked your death when I killed you WHAT THE” AU*

Or Alternatively “You found out that i faked my death when you tried KILLING ME please leave me the hell alone now” AU*

*Written by me

Shiratorizawa HCs

-So Semi and Tendou are legit called “Mama and Papa Swan” behind Semi’s back. Tendou basks in all it’s glory.
-Sometimes they argue in the middle of practice and then subsequently make out in the middle.
-Reon is a polite cinnamon roll and decent child so he turns away and pretends not to see anything.
-Yamagata covers Goshiki’s eyes.
-Shirabu gags.
-Ushijima doesn’t really know what’s going on.
-Kawanishi is a not-so-closeted fudanshi who takes tons of pictures.
-Tendou once tricked Goshiki into believing in a Volleyball Ghost in the gym by the old Fishing Rod trick.
-The poor baby was traumatized for weeks until Shirabu gave him a nice, no filtered lecture about how ghosts weren’t real and “How were you stupid enough to fall for that you dumbass?”
-Shirabu has a bad habit of staring at Ushijima when he thinks no one is looking. Staring alot. And turning red.
You can practically see the heart eyes and the drool.
-They all notice actually. Sans Ushijima of course, and well maybe Goshiki, who is the only person as dense as Ushijima.
-Tendou pops up like “Kenjirou-kunnnn~ How’s Wakatoshi-kun’s ass today?”
-Shirabu chokes and buries his face in his hands.
-They gossip in the clubrooms like “Oi, did you hear about Oikawa and Seijou’s Ace being a thing?” And “Are those two freaks #9 and #10 from Karasuno dating?”
-Reon surprisingly knows lots of gossip. They all thought he was so pure.
-Semi and Shirabu get lots of gossip from the Pretty Setter Squad ™.
-Ushijima is just kinda confused.
-Taichi just sits there and listen to all the gossip while reading one of his BL mangas.
-Taichi really isn’t even trying to be subtle about his love for BL.
-“Hey Ushijima-san, if you kiss Shirabu, I bet he’ll toss more accurately.”
-“Hmm.. If you say so Kawanishi.”
-Ushijima literally spins Shirabu and dips him and gives him a sweet short kiss.
-Shirabu is a blushing mess.
-Taichi then proceeds to take lots of pictures.
-Taichi’s phone’s gallery is pretty… packed. He also has tons of pictures of Semi because “He’s aesthetically beautiful let me enjoy his beauty.” (A.K.A. A Not so subtle crush on a taken man.)
-No one tells Semi.
-“This is why you’re single idiot.” -Yamagata.
-Yamagata SLAYS on the drums so like when he’s not playing volley, he drums.
-Reon is an amazing artist. Some even buy his art and give comissions.
-“Draw my Semisemi for me pleasee~” “I think Shirabu would be amazing to draw, wouldn’t you?” “I’d love to pose for you while I drum, sure.” “DRAW ME YAOI”
-Mention “Oikawa” or “Yahaba” and Shirabu will throw a volleyball to the person’s face. (Except of course, Ushijima.)
-“Those… incompetent foolish no good setter with no class and no strategy and-”
-“Awwww Shit-rabu don’t be jealous because Ushijima wanted Oikawa to set for him instead of you and Yahaba is more skilled than you are.” -Semi
-Glaring contest ensues.
-Goshiki hangs out alot with “Karasuno’s Chibi-chan” so he’s picked up a few of Hinata’s mannerisms.
-??????? The rest of the team is like ??????
-Goshiki thinks Hinata is super cute and sweet and “Why aren’t there any people like that in Shiratorizawa…..”
-“You should have come to Shiratorizawa” is banned to be said ANYWHERE near Shirabu or else.
-Ushijima likes puppies so occassionally he’ll bring in injured puppies to the gym and dorms secretly and nurse them back to health.
-Shirabu has fallen way too hard.
-Tendou likes anime.
-How many times have they all heard him laughing at anime and sobbing like “I CAN’T BELIEVE THE CUTE WHITE HAIRED ONE IS DEAD.” In the middle of dead night.
-Overall, they get along pretty fine in their own quirky ways.