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I'm Yours (NSFW)

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Imagine: Newt gets jealous of all the male attention you had gotten on a night out, becoming frustrated he shows you who knows you best. 

Author’s Note: Okay, real talk, if you were in a relationship with Newt I think he would be confident and cocky as fuck. Anyhow, tell me what ya liked, what ya didn’t. Cheers legends, also 1,500 of you guys actually like me so that’s questionable. Also this is the first smut I’ve ever written so don’t be mean, I don’t think it’s that great but I wanna hear what you think!

Word Count: 1483

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Where They Kiss You

simple as the title, where your avenger boo kisses you 

Bucky: Thighs. On your first few dates with him, you never pictured Bucky to be a thigh man. You more expected him to be an old fashioned kiss on the hand type, but that all went out the window the first night he slept over. He took what you thought were flaws and made them his favorite things about you. Bucky loves waking you up in the morning by trailing kisses starting at your collarbone and going all the way down to those thighs he loves. You have a small tattoo on your inner left thigh that he always traces over lightly with his fingers, and it drives you absolutely mad. When he’s had a long day of being an avenger, he loves coming home to already find you in bed. Bucky takes this time to climb into the king sized bed and rest his head on your lap, occasionally leaning over from his phone to place a kiss on your thighs and tell you little things about his day.

Steve: Forehead. It started when the two of you finally made your relationship public, and went to a baseball game together. People were around everywhere, most trying to pretend they weren’t staring as you walked to your seats hand in hand, but some were blatantly taking pictures and whispering to their friends. Steve’s grip moved to around your shoulder, and he pulled you closer to him while walking around inside the stadium. Being in the public eye wasn’t something you were used to, and Steve could tell. So instead of giving everyone a show, he sweetly placed his lips on your forehead in hopes of calming you down. After that came many more events where he did the same before you walked out into the public eye, and it stuck as a way for you to calm one another down. Plus it was a way for the two of you to avoid the whole gross PDA thing.

Natasha: Neck. It became a thing of good luck for the both of you whenever she would place a kiss on the left side of your neck before going off on a mission. You weren’t an active agent anymore, but there were times where you would be with Maria in the control room. Natasha had no shame in kissing you in front of whoever she wanted, whether it’s just the team, or on a red carpet for the whole world to see. Sometimes she would just kiss your neck out of the blue to get you flustered and red in the face. Even on game nights with the team she would lean over your lap just to get her lips on your neck before making any bets with the team, and 99% of the time her PDA payed off. Nobody in the public eye knew how much she really suffered from the trainings when she was a kid, and sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night suffering from those memories. But you were there for her, leaving kisses across her jaw and down her neck, bringing her back to reality in your arms.

Thor: Hand. Albeit cliche, he truly loves making you feel like his queen. He was raised to treat women with the utmost respect, because he understood that he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. So when Thor met you, he felt as if he had cracked the code to what life is supposed to be like. Everyone knows about how bubbly he is, but he was even more so after that first look into your eyes at the Shield christmas party. When Thor wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is bring you closer to his body and kiss your hand. It’s his way of showing how much he loves and respects you, and without being too gross with the affection. But that sure doesn’t mean that he’s afraid to be affectionate.  

Tony: Chest. Tony is all about chest kisses, and he places them with such love and care. He loves leaning into your chest while you are laying on the couch or in bed after a long day of being Tony Stark. You hold his head there, softly running your fingers through his hair and stroking his cheek. He feels his safest with his lips on your chest, even safer than when he’s in the iron suit that is damn near indestructible. It momentarily dispels all negative thoughts from his mind, and leaves him with nothing but pure adoration towards you. He feels like a giant weight is lifted off his shoulders as well. It’s at that point when he turns his head and absentmindedly presses a short, chaste kiss to your skin or the fabric that covers the area.

Peter: Temple. Whether the two of you were tangled up in each other on the couch watching a movie, or silently strolling down the street hand in hand, he always pulled you into a warm hug, and pressed a sweet kiss to your temple. Whenever he was struck with the opportunity, Peter would lightly peck your temple. It helped that you happened to enjoy being kissed there just a little bit more than straight up lip-locking. He wanted to make sure you knew how much he loved and was there for you, and felt that a soft kiss on your forehead or temple was the way to do it. Sometimes you even stretched up on your tiptoes to place a kiss on his temple whenever you saw him stressing out over something, especially new mission plans. Him leaving for said missions was a new thing, so it was always a toss up of who was going to be more strung out over the job that day.

Loki: Under-jaw. The two of always spent your down time wrapped up in blankets in bed, doing absolutely nothing aside from basking in each other’s company and body heat in silence. Loki leaned in to you and you leaned into him, becoming utterly obsessed with each other. He looked at you like you were the most exquisite thing in existence and peppered a million light kisses underneath your jaw and along the side of your neck. You always returned the favor by tightly holding him, eventually squeezing him till he was practically out of breath. You would spend all of your nights together exactly like this, much to both of your delight.

Pietro: Shoulder blades. Pietro craved skin to skin contact with you at all times of the day, mostly in the form of a kiss, which couldn’t happen often, much to your disappointment as well as his. So, he stuck to loosely slinging his arm around your shoulders and following you around like a lost puppy while you performed domestic tasks around the compound. Whenever you stopped bumbling about, doing whatever it was that you were doing, Pietro quickly peppered kisses all along your shoulder blades. They spanned everywhere from the shoulders to the nape of your neck.  As long as it didn’t interfere with your task at hand, you indulged him and stood still, eyes fluttering shut in content for a moment until he was inevitably pulled away from you to do important Avengers work. He always made it up to you, however, in the form of much more interesting activities.

Bruce: Nose. Your touch never failed to provide Bruce with much needed affection, and reassurance that you were still around and weren’t ever going to leave him. You always stuck around, glued to his side while he moved about his lab. He tried on multiple occasions to explain what he does in the simplest way possible to you. Most of the time, you just looked at him and smiled, which Bruce knew as your nice way of telling him to stop wasting his breath because you weren’t going to understand any time soon. He softly chuckled every time, quietly sighed with a light smile on his face, pulled your face close to his and pressed a soft kiss on your nose. This gentle of a kiss reminded him that he’s still just Bruce, and not the other guy.

Scott: Cheek. Scott woke up significantly earlier than you did every morning, but never failed to give you a sloppy good morning kiss on the cheek before he rolled begrudgingly out of bed. They always woke you up though, which you didn’t mind. You always pulled a sleepy smile anyway, and rolled over to his side of the bed and basked in the hot spot of sheets he left behind, instantly falling back asleep. You were awakened again about a half an hour later to another, less sloppy kiss on the cheek and a goofy smile from Scott before he left for whatever job he had acquired from his friends. He whispered a promise to you about taking you out to dinner that night, an offer you accepted, before hurrying out of the room and out of the apartment.  

I Like It When You Do That (Isaac Lahey)

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Summary: However this ends, he’s a fool if he does nothing or a fool if he gives into the sweetness of temptation.

Author’s Note: I’m glad I’m finally done with this story. I had debated on a while on how far to take this. But I’m glad that I decided to push the envelope and go all the way with the smut. Enjoy!

Nights like this were always innocent.

They would curl up under the covers of her bed and watch movies until they both fell asleep. Suspicions never rose when they spent hours together behind her bedroom door; often times it wouldn’t open until the early hours of the morning and it was time for Isaac to leave so he could head home to get ready for school. It was entirely innocent…until it wasn’t. Her parents should have expected that it would turn out that way eventually.

The night starts out like every other one. They had watched two movies and thirty minutes into the third (some French film remake with an obscenely long title), she was sound asleep. The movie was a thriller; it was on the subtler side but the heroine was hot and that kept his attention mostly.

Then there was a sex scene. Of course there was a sex scene. Not that he was complaining too much. The guy okay looking, but seeing the actress naked, enjoying being eaten out, being thrust into from behind—the whole scene made his cock twinge with desire.

Isaac feels a shift beside him. Looking down, he sees [Name] burrowing herself further into the covers of her bed. Lying on her side with one arm tucked under the pillow and her legs pulled towards her stomach, she looked like an angel. She looked so peaceful (and not his girl) and there was a desire in his blood to touch her. It should never have been a thought that entered his mind. It was wrong. She was his friend and asleep, and he was turned on by a movie. He should have just gone to bathroom to jack off. Isaac licks his lips as his eyes travel across her sleeping form.

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A Little Hair Pulling Goes a Long Way

Bucky x Reader

WC 1981

Summary You and Bucky are in a relationship and though the sex is wonderful, you want something more.

Warnings SMUT, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP. oh and always pee after sex. It’ll help you avoid UTIs), rough sex, dirty talk, bossy Bucky, hair pulling, ass slapping, swear words, drinking mimosas, Natasha getting hurt, uhhh… I think that’s it?

You were laying in bed, basking in post-coital bliss. Bucky was stroking your cheek with his thumb while his other hand rest lazily on your hip. You couldn’t help but smile up at him, rubbing your nose against his.

He sighed happily, “If I could spend every moment with you, like this, I’d die a happy man,” he declared.

You giggled, smacking him in the chest. “Oh, stop it,” you teased.

Leaning in for a kiss, you were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Bucky, you’ve got two minutes to get your ass out here or I’m coming in there. And I really don’t want to see you or Y/N in your birthday suits!” hollered Steve.

Rolling your eyes, you got up and threw on some clothes. Bucky did the same.

“10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!” The door flew open.

You let out a shriek of surprise. Steve was standing there with his hands covering his eyes. “I warned you guys!”

“Jesus, Steve, what the fuck?” snapped Bucky. “We’re dressed!”

“Oh,” he replied, having the decency to look embarrassed. “Sorry about the door.”

You stood there with your mouth open. “How am I supposed to sleep like that?!”

“Uh…sleep in Bucky’s room until we get back.” He put on his Captain America face, “Bucky, let’s go. The others are waiting.” He began walking away and turned back, sheepishly, “I really am sorry about the door.”

You sighed as Bucky wrapped his arms around you.

“I’ll be back in a few days,” he reminded you, giving you a gentle kiss goodbye.

You entered into your room to pack a bag to take with you. Trudging your way to Bucky’s room, you unpacked and made yourself as comfortable as you could. It was late and you were calling it a night. You snuggled under the blankets and smiled, they smelled like him.

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As requested!

✨A N G E L Self Care ✨

Feeling in touch with the divine and angels can help you find energy and creativity once more!

🌸 wear white or pale clothing and feel clean and fresh

🌸 play atmospheric music in your space at all times to create an atmosphere of meditation

🌸 pray and believe that you are watched over

🌸 wear gold jewelry, adorn yourself

🌸 have a set of bells you tinkle to lift your spirits

🌸 leave your face makeup free and fresh

🌸 go barefoot or wear silky socks

🌸 do good things for others- be a blessing

🌸 take time to listen to the birds outside

🌸 gaze or divinate by the clouds

🌸 write inspirational and caring messages to yourself and post the around the house

🌸 forgive those who have wronged you

🌸 put clean white sheets on your bed and take naps to recharge

🌸 bask in the sunshine, relish it on your skin

🌸 always extend a helping hand- through serving others you become more fulfilled

🌸 write notes of thanks to your loved ones and friends

🌸 only speak words of beauty and love

🌸 light candles around your workspace

🌸 collect feathers and put them in a pretty box

🌸 do all things with love and wisdom


Kim Namjoon as a Husband & Father //

Request: Please do a Rap Monster (kim nam joon) as husband and father. Thank you.

Originally posted by vlives

As Husband: (smut warning)

  • You guys are killing me when you request my bias…
  • Kso
  • Kim hot-diggity-damn Namjoon as a husband
  • first of all
  • just first of all
  • He’d be so soft for you
  • He’d be the nerdiest
  • dorkiest
  • geekiest
  • yet oddly inspiring and motivational hubby 
  • that you could ever ask for.
  • You already know how clumsy he is
  • so when it came to proposing to you
  • Oh god
  • He would just try sooooo hard that day.
  • And it was the cutest thing that you could even imagine
  • He’d take you to your favorite place, somewhere very casual
  • He’d want the day to be relaxing because that’s the only thing he couldn’t do
  • He was so nervous even though like he knew you’d say yes
  • He felt that he would somehow
  • someway
  • mess something up and it wouldn’t go according to plan
  • You both would be on a walk through the park,
  • It was fall so the autumn leaves were trickling above your heads
  • He had set up lights around the trees even though it was still only evening and the sunset was making the colors across the sky so pleasingly aesthetic
  • You guys would be into one of your deep conversations about how love works 
  • Ending in him praising you and telling you how much he loved you. 
  • All just before he tripped over his own two feet
  • Which worked out anyway because when you tried to help him up, he pulled out a ring. 
  • It wasn’t a traditional clear cut diamond, but one that had a red tint to it
  • “Will you this clutz the honor of being my wife?”
  • You couldn’t even breathe..
  • was amazing.
  • It was beautiful. 
  • And let me tell you. 
  • Namjoon, would cry at the site of his bride. 
  • He would just be captured in the grace of your beauty and everything remotely about you. 
  • He would choke up saying his vows,
  • and clasped your cheeks as he kissed you with so much passion in front of all of your guests.
  • Letting everyone know that you were finally permanently and forever more, his and only his.
  • ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! marry me namjoon.
  • I can’t help myself…the idea of the honey moon…….
  • SO
  • The honeymoon. ;)
  • oh my god.. about to get spicy. 
  • He would pick you up bridal style across the threshold of your rented out penthouse
  • Before you could even bask in your environment, Namjoon had you placed down on the bed, his lips moving against yours intensely.
  • His hands would have you quickly stripped down from your dress, leaving you in your laced white lingerie beneath him. 
  • The way he groaned in anticipation..
  • His tux was off in the next few seconds as he reconnected his lips with yours, slipping between your legs while remaining in his briefs. 
  • You could feel his bulge aching to be set free as he pressed his hips down against yours just as he started moving his lips along the skin of your neck. 
  • His lips trailed further down your body. 
  • Nipping the skin on your inner thighs before he pulled your lace panties to the side, his tongue lapping over your heated core.
  • “You taste so good my queen..”
  • And that was just the beginning of a passionate night
  • of a passionate everlasting romance..
  • Goddd..
  • the way he made love to you that night. 
  • Literally made you pregnant.

As Father:

  • You both had a beautiful baby.
  • In the hospital, Joonie was supporting you through the entire thing. 
  • When your baby came out wailing
  • all Joonie could do was smile. 
  • He was in awe because of your child. 
  • He knew the science behind it but still, how could you both have made a physical being???
  • He would be the best dad ever. 
  • He would spoil his child but still know when to punish them correctly. 
  • So they would learn from their mistakes.
  • Every opportunity he had, 
  • he would make a learning chance for his child. 
  • If they asked about animals..
  • It was a trip to the zoo or aquarium.
  • If they wanted to know about the stars..
  • It was a trip to the planetarium.
  • If they wanted to know how babies were born..
  • well.. that was a lesson for when they were older. 
  • The bedtime stories were always Joonie’s job because he loved reading with his kid. 
  • He took the time to teach you guys’ kid the different languages he knew
  • Always took the time to support your child through anything they wanted to achieve
  • Was there for EVERYTHING.. 
  • There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his kid.
  • He loved the both of you with all of his heart and he always wanted to extend his family even more with you. 
home frustrations.

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

derek hale x reader

prompt: derek come backs and seeks you out.

warnings: swearing + smut.

A/N: just a little fyi, this is very loosely edited but fuck, daddy derek is back!! my husband, my lifeline, MY HEART!!!!

the continuous tapping of your pen against your notepad sounded around your small bedroom while your music played quietly in the background of your thoughts. you needed to study yet your mind was elsewhere entirely.

all of your friends were out probably getting themselves killed but refused to let you join the fun - all because of the spanish test you had in the morning. it was stupid but you couldn’t defy your alpha and what scott said went, no questions asked, no matter how much you pleaded your case.

your tapping quickly stopped as you heard a strong knocking at your door downstairs. sighing, you closed your notebook with a thud and laid your pen on top of it before you stood up and headed down the stairs. the knocking came louder as you got closer, almost impatient and demanding.

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birthday grays?

Alright, so in honor of Tyler Hoechlin’s birthday and my headcanon that Derek’s birthday is the same day, here’s a Derek birthday fic! (also on ao3)

Stiles had originally planned to wake Derek up with a nice, long blow job. But seeing as Derek was nowhere in sight when he woke up, he had to scramble to come up with a new plan.

Rays of pale sunlight were filtering in through the blinds of Derek’s bedroom window, warming the sheets left cold by the early autumn chill and Derek’s premature departure. The sky outside was still dark, only a slender band of pale pink rising over the horizon with the sun.

A smattering of stars still lingered overhead, twinkling in the early morning light like a herald of the dawn. Soon they would be swallowed up by the sunlight but at the moment they were shining as brightly as they would in the pitch black of midnight.

The moon, nearly full, had long since set, disappearing behind the wisps of cloud hanging in the sky. The coo of a mourning dove sounded from outside, a soothing aubade to welcome the rise of the sun.

Stiles raised a hand to block out the bright sunlight as he slowly drifted into consciousness, luxuriously stretching out with a content sigh. A smirk spread over his face as he mentally patted himself on the back for his wonderful plan.

Derek would only turn thirty once and Stiles had every intention of making his boyfriend’s birthday the best he had ever had. Of course, that meant he would wake up his sourwolf with a nice blow job to start the day.

Afterwards, following some cuddling and slow, lingering kisses, Stiles would slip out of bed while Derek continued basking in his afterglow and wander downstairs to the kitchen. There, he would whip up Derek a breakfast feast fit for a king, or rather an alpha, complete with pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns.

Like the wonderful boyfriend he was, he would gather up all the food and carry it upstairs to his handsome half-asleep boyfriend along with a cup of Derek’s favorite silver needle white tea. And, like the romantic sap that he was, he would also bring Derek the bouquet of flowers he had gotten him the night before; a beautiful arrangement of red roses, dahlia, and ranunculus.

Following breakfast, he would draw Derek a warm bath filled with as many bubbles as possible. He had a pack of lightly scented vanilla tealight candles tucked away under the kitchen sink so he could set the mood for Derek’s bath.

While Derek soaked in the tub, Stiles would sit on the edge of the tub and wash his hair. For whatever reason, whether it had to do with Derek being a werewolf or Derek being Derek, the alpha absolutely adored it when Stiles ran his fingers through his hair, sometimes letting out an almost feline purr low in his chest.

He would let Derek linger in the bath tub for as long as he wanted, neither of them having any other obligations to worry about until much later that evening. When Derek finally decided to leave the tub, Stiles would wrap him up in a fluffy towel warm from the dryer and lead him back to bed where they would spend the rest of the day snuggled up together doing whatever Derek wanted whether it was watch one of his nature documentaries or read one of his books or do something a little less innocent.

Both of them were off work, Derek by chance and Stiles because he had requested off so he could celebrate with Derek properly, so they had the whole day to themselves up until eight o’clock. Because at eight, they would be heading over to Stiles’ house for dinner with the pack and a few others who had been honored with invitations.

There they would gorge themselves on a nice homemade meal courtesy of Stiles and Melissa’s joint effort to make enough food to satisfy a pack of ravenous werewolves with the metabolism of hummingbirds. And after dinner, Stiles had a decadent chocolate brownie cake drizzled with a thick chocolate ganache for dessert.

He figured that over cake and glasses of Derek’s favorite red wine, Derek could open his gifts. That would inevitably take a while, mostly because of the pack’s penchant for overindulging where gift giving was concerned.

Hell, just a month ago on his own birthday, Stiles had left his dad’s house an entirely new wardrobe, various little trinkets, movies and CDs, and a wallet full of myriad gift cards. Oddly enough, Peter was the worst offender. He had a strange affinity for showing his affection through weird, though strangely very meaningful, gifts.

After that, Stiles had plans that strayed as far from innocent and family friendly as possible. He had a bowl of fresh strawberries along with some melted chocolate and a tub of whipped cream hidden in the back of the refrigerator at the loft.

He didn’t plan on leaving their bed for days, until they had finished the chocolate and whipped cream he intended to lick off of Derek’s unfairly toned abs, until neither of them could get it up again, werewolf stamina be damned.

He had spent weeks carefully formulating his plan, debating whether or not he should try for something more adventurous like a short road trip or a sex-nic in the preserve or stick to something more domestic. He had asked Boyd and Erica and his dad for their input and wound up with more questions than answers: Boyd had suggested he do something subtly romantic, Erica had frankly urged him to break out some sex toys and try something kinkier than usual, and his dad had simply told him to follow his gut.

So, with the help of the internet and his own extensive knowledge of what Derek enjoyed on his days off, Stiles had carefully constructed his plan. Hell, he had even jotted it all down in one of his notebooks so he wouldn’t forget anything.

All in all, he thought his plan was a rather good one. But it was pretty hard to put it into action when Derek wasn’t in bed.

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Family Reunion

Jason Todd x Reader

A/N:  I’ve really had an itch to write this story for a LONG time!  There will definitely be a part two!!!! (send requests)

Summary: Jason gets patched up by the Batfam after patrol, but when they can’t find him at the manor in the morning a worried Batfam ends up on your doorstep.

Part 2

    Jason and you were snuggled in bed, basking in each others company.  It was an early Saturday morning and Jason had come back around four in the morning.  He normally comes home around three and you practically had a panic attack while thinking of all the possible outcomes that could have happened on patrol.  As it turned out he had been shot in his left shoulder and Nightwing had taken him to the Batcave to be patched up rather than coming home.  You started sobbing when he came through the window after sneaking out of the manor.  His family knew nothing of you and figured Jason wouldn’t need to go anywhere for the night.  They could not have been more wrong.

    While you were admiring Jason’s sleeping form in bed the batfamily was having a panic attack of their own.  Alfred had noticed Jason’s bed empty when he had come in to check on his bullet wound, and caused a frenzy around the manor.  Bruce brushed off Jason’s absence at first until Alfred firmly stated that, “He will NOT lose that boy again, because of an infected bullet wound.”  This caused the boys to jump out of bed and create a search for the Red Hood.  Tim was attempting to track Jason’s phone, Dick was looking at the footage on cameras, Damian was searching drug dealing spots he could have possibly visited, and Bruce was attempting to think Jason while Alfred pestered him with his worried thoughts.  The search was on until Dick had found a video across town of Jason stumbling up a fire escape.  Tim had located the building and room Jason had gone into and then Dick deleted the footage.  Tim and Dick were sent, as themselves, to scope out the area while Bruce and Damian waited in the Batmobile in case any problems occured.

    You were sitting up in bed inspecting Jason’s shoulder, while he slept, looking for any signs of infections when your doorbell had rang.  Curious, because visitors had to buzz in, you took Jason’s arm that had been snaked around you and gently sat it on the mattress, careful not to wake him.  Your feet pattered on the tile floors when you walked to the door in only one of Jason’s “Daddy’s little problem” T’shirts.  When you had opened the door two men, who you knew to be Jason’s brothers, were awkwardly standing there staring at you.

    Breaking the silence you motioned for them to come in and said, “Hi. You can come on in, I know who you are.”  The both glanced at each other before you’d realized what you had said.  “Not in a creepy way!  It’s just that- uh- Jason lives here so I assumed you were just here to see him.”

    Dick nodded and smiled while they stepped into your apartment.  Tim wasted no time getting to the serious questions.  “So do you live here too?”

    “Yeah, Jason and I are apartment pals.”

    “So do you know about his-uh- job?”

    “You mean Red Hood-”

    “Are you guys dating?”  Dick asked hopefully.  “Cause if you’re not you should be?”

    You chuckled, “Yeah…”

    “Not to sound weird or anything, but that is Jason’s shirt and you two are living together.  How long have you even been dating?”  Tim rolled his eyes even though he was curious too.  How could Jason have ended up with someone who seems so normal?

    “Why don’t I start a pot of coffee before the questions begin?” You smiled and turned to Tim, “I hear you like coffee so I’m guessing no decaf?”  Tim smiled and nodded as questions poured out Dick.  While you, Tim, and Dick were getting acquainted Bruce and Damian impatiently waited in an alley.

    “I’m sure Dick and Tim have everything under control,” Bruce thought out loud.

    “Father, if you assumed they’d have everything under control why weren’t they sent on their own?”  Damian countered.  Bruce rolled his eyes trying to hide his worried thoughts.  What could be taking them this long?  Bruce pulled out his phone and dialed Dicks number waiting for an answer.

    Damian scoffed, “You most certainly do not trust them.”  Bruce was about to reply to Damian when Dick answered.

    “Hey, Bruce no need to worry it’s all good here.”

    “What the hell is taking you so long?” he asked, annoyed.

    “Well Jason’s not up yet so we’ve been chatting with his significant other.” Dick moved his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

    “She’s definitely significant,” Tim spoke into the phone aswell, while you were making coffee.

    “I’m going to have to let Jason know she’s a keeper.”

    “How does Todd have a significant other?!” Damian shouted into the phone.

    “I don’t know, but she’s-”

    “So Jason’s alright,” Bruce cut him off.

    “Well as far as we know he’s fine,” Dick said.  “Still sleeping though.”

    “That’s all I needed.  Just let his-uh- girlfriend know that we’ll be back later to check on him when he’s up,” Bruce stated and hung up the phone.  He started driving the Batmobile away from the apartment building.

    “So that’s it?” Damian asked.  “We’re not even going to run a background check on this woman.  See who she is?”

    “We’ll be back,” Bruce simply stated.

Yours - Cassian Andor x Reader

word count: 1.8k

Gentle breaths filled the room as two bodies were entangled on the bed, basking in the warmth the other provided. Cassian looked down at the body snuggled up against him, his hand glided down their cheek, smiling at the beautiful soul who found peace with him and his hectic life. If he could stop this moment in time he would, because right now there was no worries of the war against empire, no worries of future missions that may one day be his last, none of that applied right now, in this moment in time it was just Cassian and (Y/N), two souls in love in the mystery of life.

His thumb ran along your eyelids, hiding beautiful pools of (e/c) that paled the beauty of the galaxies that his visited throughout his time. Tracing down your cheek, that he loved to kiss when no one was looking because PDA wasn’t something they encouraged among the rebellion, not that he minded, because he didn’t want to share the bashful look on your face with anyone else. He traced over your lips, still seeing them plump from the kisses you shared throughout the night, your hot breath teasing Cassian to kiss them again, wanting to hear the soft moans that were music to his ears.

He continued to take in your beauty as you slept, wondering how lucky he was to end up with someone like you. He pressed a kiss onto your forehead, knowing that it wouldn’t stir you awake. You snuggled up against him, feeling your warm breath tease the skin of his neck, fanning over the marks that you left on his skin throughout the whole night. He pulled you closer, fitting you closer to his body, each curve and dip of your body fitting perfectly against his own, further proving that you were meant for each other.

Spending the night in each other’s arms was a given when he returned from missions. Anyone he landed back in the base, he would beeline straight towards you. Cassian never felt truly relieved till he saw you safe and well, wanting to see with his own eyes that no harm has come to you. Anytime he returns he quickly pulls you to your shared room, wanting to rememorize himself with you and your body, the only solace he finds in the star systems. You were the person that completed him on so many levels, truly one of a kind in the whole galaxy. However this time it was different.

He mind wandered to the events of the mission he just came back from. It was a simple recon mission, observe the base, take as much intel as possible and then leave, there wasn’t supposed to be any bloodshed, but unfortunately there was, costing him half of his men. That loss really made him question his title of captain.

From the moment you spotted him on the landing deck; you instinctively knew that he was breaking, seeing the dark sunken eyes, instead of the usual mirth when he spots you. This Cassian was hurting, breaking from the inside and out, that you had to pull him away, taking his rough hand in yours and pulling him to your shared room. Behind doors you were able to see both the physical damage as well the emotional ones. Soft hands treated the wounds across his body, allowing Cassian to melt the cold exterior that took over him as your hands worked magic on him.  Gentle sweet whispers ghosted over his body, each sentence being sealed with a kiss, wanting to assure him that what happened wasn’t his fault and that he did the best he could and that’s all they expected of him.  

Cassian lost himself in your body, returning your kisses with his own, mapping out your body with calloused hands and warm lips, reminding him that you were here, alive and well that he himself was alive. You brought him back from the dark depths of his mind, something that he will never fully be able to tell you how much that means to him. Whispers of love and admiration through gasped breaths and moans brought him back to reality. Showing each other’s love multiple times throughout the night eventually ending up with you both wrapped in the bedsheets and each other’s arms.

And it was in mornings like this that Cassian remembers why he puts himself through so much. He puts himself in so much danger for you; if fighting this war means a safer galaxy for you, then he will do it without a second thought, because he plans on one day starting a home with you, building the one thing that he lacked growing up, a family because he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else but you.

“I love you so much,” he whispered, letting his lips ghost over your forehead before finally kissing your lips.

Your lips pressed against his, letting him bask in their softness for just a few moments before he felt you return his kiss. It was a soft kiss as you slowly started to wake up; your hands cupped his cheek, pulling him in closer feeling the smile that was etched on his lips, making you smile into the kiss as well.

Your eyes slowly opened, letting him loose himself in the galaxies in your eyes that softened when they met his, “I could get used to waking up like that every day,” you admitted as you stole another kiss.

Cassian let out a small laugh, hearing the hoarseness in your voice as you started to stretch, letting the sun’s rays hit your bare flesh before reaching over to grab something to wear, which always turned out being something of his and this morning it just happened to be one of his long-sleeved shirts. He laid back, seeing you move from one end of the room to the next, finding himself enthralled by even the most mundane things you do, always asking himself on how ended up so lucky to have you.

You turned to face Cassian, wondering why he wasn’t getting up, since usually in the mornings he liked getting a briefing of everything that occurred since he last left, but when looked over at him, you wondered what was on his mind to be looking at you that way.

“What?” you smiled, wondering if something was on your face.

“Nothing, I just love looking at you,” he said sitting up in bed, the same gentle loving look on his face.

“Well you better start getting ready before you miss the briefing,” you playfully said, reaching into his drawers to pick something out for him.

You were focused on finding something to wear that you didn’t notice Cassian get up, till you felt his arms around your front, pulling you close as his lips kissed the curves of your neck, already knowing your weak spots. You tilted your head, allowing him ore access, wanting to feel more of him, “how about we just stay in today?” each word punctuated with a kiss, tempting you to go back into bed in his arms.

You turned, wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning to give him a kiss, “Cass, what’s with you this morning?”

His arms landed on your hips, his strong classed fingers playing with the hem of his shirt, before dipping his fingers underneath, further tempting you. He kissed you, earning him a moan from your lips as you lost yourself in his kiss, your fingers now burying themselves in his hair. He slowly walked you over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling you with him. You straddled his lap, feeling his hand cup your buttocks, pulling you higher on his lap.

“Marry me,” he whispered, momentarily stopping your heart.

You pulled back, the color somewhat drained from your face, your heart now pounding in your chest, “what?”

“I think you heard me the first time,” that soft smile forming on his face, “marry me (Y/N), make me the happiest man and marry me. I want you to be the first and last thing I see, I want to build a lifetime with you, because no one compares to you, so let me have you, because you already have me,” he finished.

Your throat was dry; you couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your breath getting shallower and quicker, yet you still couldn’t get enough air into your lungs. Your hand covered your mouth, a tight feeling growing in your chest as tears started to pool in your eyes. His words kept repeating in your mind, making sure that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

An array of emotions crossed over you that you didn’t know exactly what you were feeling, but looking into his eyes, you could see that he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t just saying it as some part of post morning bliss or some desperation; he genuinely meant what he said. You were lost for words, still not being able to answer because you knew that if you even tried to speak it would just be incoherent sounds. You couldn’t hold in the tears feeling as they rolled down your cheeks with each blink that you made, further clouding up your vision.

Cassian’s face immediately shifted, scared that he may have done something completely wrong. He quickly brought up his hands to wipe the flowing tears that further made you cry at how caring and sweet this man was.

mi amor, I’m sorry, please just forget what I just said, just please smile for me,” Cassian wanting to make things right again, sacrificing a bit of his happiness if it means bringing yours back, “I’m sorry mi amor,” his voice cradling your face just wanting you to stop crying.

“yes,” a small whisper escaped your lips as you leaned into his hands, your eyes reminding him star clusters with the way they were glistening with tears and a happiness underneath, “I’ll marry you,” your voice cracking in the process.

This time it was Cassian who was lost for words, not expecting to feel so emotional either, as you brought him into a kiss. Salted tears had never tasted sweeter as they have now. His hand intertwined with your left one bringing it up to his chest, letting you feel the rapid heartbeat that was just as fast as yours. you pulled back seeing a bright smile on his face, to others it would be a rare sight, but behind doors with you this was the norm, behind these closed doors he was your to cherish an admire.

You two both skipped the morning meeting, spending that morning showing each other the love that you two had for one another. Whispers and moans filled the room, each of you glad knowing that he will one day be yours and you’ll be his.

We Aim To Please

SPN FanFic

Dean x Reader

1,351 Words

Warnings: SMUT. PWP. Male Receiving Oral. Consume responsibly.

A/N: This lovely little Dean blurb was written by myself and my wifey @because-imma-lady-assface, thus marking her very first smut! Congrats my darling! You dirty girl… (go give her a follow when you’re done with this)

His bowed legs fell open just wide enough to fit snugly around your shoulders as you leaned down to show him just how much you appreciate him. You could feel the muscles in his thick, strong thighs tense as you ran your hands slowly up them, never quite reaching his stiffness, but coming tortuously close.

Dean leaned back, resting his weight on the arms he placed behind him on the bed, but he kept his emerald eyes on you. He bite his lip, pulling the plump flesh between his teeth, and moaned as your fingers finally grazed over his denim-covered length. His voice was thick with drink and it echoed around you in the quiet motel room. A flash of headlights lit the room as a car turned in the parking lot, and you could see the subtle twitch of his jaw as you rubbed against him.

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Chapter 17: low key worries

Chapter update! I know I haven’t been active here. But I am always trying hard to work on the fic. Enjoy the preview of the chapter here! ( because i have no art to add to this post :( )

Keith was thankful that the studying and tests was now finally over. It was as if a ghost that had been haunting Lance released its grip, leaving him more lively and relaxed than ever.

Though a new specter was now stalking Keith. He tried not to let it bother him so much, but the two points of interest weighed at the back of his mind constantly over the days following.


And Lance.

Sendek was easy enough to deal with at the moment. The man had yet to act upon his promise of returning to Voltron Cafe, and no one seemed to have told Lance that he had a special visitor while he was absent. Possibly because the idea that Lance had gained yet another stalker type person would unsettle the boy’s good mood.

In any case, the work staff at Voltron cafe pushed on and welcomed in the early first breeze of spring as March rolled around.

The other thought that had peaked at Keith’s thoughts, however, was Lance, and the question he had asked Keith.

Lance never brought up the question he had asked Keith in a feverish state, the question if Keith would move in with Lance. Keith tried to forget about it all together. After all, Lance had been completely out of it when he had asked. The two of them had hardly been dating for two months. Moving in together was… it was… just too soon.

This logic is what Keith repeated in his mind often, but it didn’t stop the overly domesticated dreams that claimed each night of sleep. The one last week, of which, showed Keith a life as the two lived in Florida, Lance training for the space program, and Keith, working as an English translator. They lived in a rather spacious apartment with a large pair of husky dogs, which had bright blue eyes like Lance, and howls sounded as if they were wailing ‘I love you’ at night the pair would walk along the beach, Lance whispering soft words of devotion, and admiration, and love into Keith’s ears. Keith basked in the warmth of this fantasy only to wake to an empty bed, having gone to bed alone that night in his own small apartment.

He tried to distance himself from the idea, but it was hard as Keith continued to accidentally fall asleep at Lances. Some nights he made sure to kiss Lance good night and trot down the steps to his own apartment, but most found the two of them curled in Lance’s bed like newlyweds. Keith compensated, Keeping his showers, clothes, and all his hygiene products at his own apartment. He kept very little at Lances, and if anything was left he was quick to retrieve it.

He spent some more time after work with Shiro too, letting Keith be far less tempted to crawl into bed with Lance, seeking his own cold bed instead.

Keith had hoped that topics of conversation like bills, and rent, would lead Lance back to that question, but it never came up.

Maybe Lance didn’t remember.

Maybe Lance didn’t want to.

Keith buried himself into the warm pillows. Last night, he had been weak, and let himself fall into Lance’s bed, into Lance’s warm arms without question or protest. Now he listened to the distant sounds of morning traffic and the occasional shifting of sheets. He felt the warm sunbeams just peaking through the drapes across his bare skin.

“ Dude, Rise and shine,” Lance whispered in his ear. Keith felt a sharp, warm, tingle at the base of his spine shoot up to his neck, causing him to wiggle. Though he screwed up his face in protest. Lance chuckled lowly at him, with his oh too beautiful gruff morning voice. Fingers gracing Keith’s skin ever so slightly.

“ Sweetheart, we gotta go to work. Opening shift. Remember?”

“ Mmm… “ Keith remembers. Keith had only taken the shift because Lance had taken it. Lance, who was making up for lost hours of work due to his studies and tests.

“ Beautiful?” Lance called out to him, and for a moment, Keith really believed that was his true name.

Yongguk - Dangerously Innocent ♥ [Part 6]

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Member: B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk

Pairing: MafiaLeader!Yongguk &  You

Genre: Angst-ish


Words: 1,260

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Epilogue.

A/N: This isn’t necessary for the plot, since it’s basically smut. But Let’s be real, I can’t suddenly turn a mafia leader into a saint. So If you don’t feel comfortable with the smut, I’d love it if you’d come back later next week for the next chapter. Otherwise - Enjoy ;3

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a-z nsfw: moon taeil

warning: absolute filth (YOU’VE BEEN WARNED)

author’s note: so, I’ve seen a handful of these floating around, and I decided to make my own, cause why not! (I got this template from @chantenyongs but I wasn’t able to find the original creator to give proper credit to… I’m sorry!) I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do it for the entirety of nct (legal members only, of course) and I’ll prolly just go in age order? alrighty, without further ado! (K, I just finished and I went a little overboard with this lmao oops)

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that stare at the very end of the gif; hot damn

A = Aftercare

I don’t know if it’s just because he’s the oldest, but it’s very evident that Taeil has taken this sort of “mother figure” towards the rest of the boys. They’ve even admitted that Taeil is the best one to turn to in regard to any personal problems they may be having. And for that very reason, I strongly believe that this angel would be tending to your every need (and then some) after y’all finish “doin’ the do.” It doesn’t matter if the two of you spent hours partaking in rough, kinky sex, or if you simply made love for 20 minutes. Either way, his first instinct is to ask you how you’re feeling; followed by questions regarding showering, eating, and the possibility of another round KIDDING!

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of their’s and their partner’s)

Okay but I remember reading somewhere that he said his favorite body part of his was his abs, so…. I’m just gonna leave that one as it is lmao. As for you, he’s in love borderline obsessed with your neck/jaw. Whenever you guys are alone, he likes to cup your face and rub little circles into your jawline right before he kisses you; slowly making his way down to - you guessed it -  your neck. During steamier moments, he loves attacking your neck area; loving how you squirm underneath him. He doesn’t even try to hide the smirk on his face as the whimpers pour out of your mouth while continues to go to town on your neck. When he’s finished, he sits back and takes a good 15 seconds to praise himself on the dozens of blue-ish/green bruises scattered all over your neck and jawline.

C = Cum

In all honesty, I think Taeil likes to keep it plain and simple and cum inside of you. Not only does it save you a mess that neither of you really wants to clean, but he enjoys the intimacy of it. When he feels himself about to fall off the edge, he loves to hold your body flush against his, and bury his face in your neck as he lets himself go inside of you.

D = Dirty secret (A dirty secret of theirs)

This is more of a secret the both of you share, rather than just him, but if any of the boys found out it would end the two of you. You’d both be too mortified to show your faces ever again… I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed if their friends found out that they took part in their sex life? The entire thing actually started out as an accident. One day while you were at the dorms, you unintentionally got a little too close to Yuta while the two of you were watching a scary movie together. Taeil watched from the other room, fuming as you clung onto one another; burying your faces into each others chests. That night, Taeil decided to show you who you really belonged too, and after agreeing that that was by far the best sex the two of you had ever had, the whole “using the members to tease Taeil” thing became a regular occurrence!

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

As far as actual physical experience goes, I don’t think Taeil has much of any. He spent years of his life as a trainee, with presumably little to no time to maintain any kind of relationship; so I think its safe to say he’s still a virgin. But I do think he knows a lot about sex in general, and knows just how to please a woman. Given the opportunity, I think he’d do a pretty damn good job!

F = Favorite position

Taeil prefers good ol’ missionary. Referring back to the answers I’ve already given, this position not only gives him free rein to mark up your neck as much as he pleases, but it also allows him to pull your body against his and bury his face into your neck while he cums.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Honestly, I think it all depends on his state of mind. If he’s stress free, or as stress free as you can be as an idol, and in a good place, I think sex would be bubbly and lighthearted! But if he’s being overworked, and the pressure is weighing down on his shoulders, I feel like he’d be more serious, and focus all his attention on fucking his troubles away.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Tbh I think he’s pretty good at keeping himself well groomed. As long as there’s nobody to shave for, I don’t think he’d go through all the hassle. He probably trims it regularly to keep it under control, but as soon as he gets into a relationship, I can see him starting to actually shave… Cause I mean, ya never know when you’re gonna get lucky, am I right??? 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

“Doyoung-ah, I’m romantic” I’m sorry that’s the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I read the question lmao. But in all honesty, I truly think Taeil is a very romantic person! During mainstream, casual sex, I see him as the “people pleaser” type. He’s always putting you before himself. He’s one of those people that actually gets off on your pleasure! He doesn’t even think about coming before you have.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

I’d say Taeil masturbates on a regular basis; sometimes more than usual when he’s got a little extra tension built up in him. But he’s kinda weird in regard to said topic… Even though y’all have done much worse in the bedroom, he still gets oddly shy when it comes to masturbating? He checks at least three time to make sure he locked the door before even thinking about dropping his pants. Even the thought of you catching him in the act has him losing his hard on faster than he got it… idk man, I guess everyone needs their alone time, right?

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - Taeil is one hella freaky dude. As far as kinks go, I think he’s into the following:

Dominance: Referring back to the “dirty secret,” you can bet your ass Taeil is gonna be the one in charge in the bedroom! He takes much pride in the way you listen to each and every one of his commands. Even when he “gives you control” for the night, you and him both know damn well that you’re never really in control… Even when you top, he’s got a firm grasp on your hips; controlling both your speed and your movements.

Marking (giving & receiving): Also referring back to his favorite body part of yours, Taeil has a slight obsession with leaving as many hickeys on you as he can. He loves the way your body, (neck in particular), looks after he’s left his mark on you; in the form of little purple blotches. He also secretly loves it when you return the favor; as long as its below the neckline, and out of sight for anyone to see! He likes to bitch and complain about the hickeys on his chest and scratch marks covering his back the morning after, but when he’s all alone, he’ll stand in the mirror shirtless, and admire the work of art you left on his skin.

Dirty talk (giving & receiving): At first glance, Taeil might seem like a shy and reserved kind of guy, but in the bedroom he’s far from! He’s actually quite blunt. He likes to whisper crude remarks in your ear in-between pants and moans; leaving you speechless and blushing like crazy. But Taeil can’t even put into words what it does to him when you return the vulgar comments. It sends a chill down his spine hearing such dirty words spill from your precious mouth, and he has to stop himself from coming right then and there.

Teasing (giving): This little shit… Taeil is the biggest damn tease! One of his favorite things to do is make you beg for whatever it is he’s withholding from you. He’s relentless, too. If you’re feeling stubborn and refuse to give into his desire to hear you beg, then oh well. I guess you’ll have to go without, because no matter how willful you may be, he’s even more headstrong; and he is not giving you want you want until he hears you beg for it!

Orgasm control (giving): This one goes hand in hand with the teasing. More often than not, Taeil is going to make you work for your orgasms! Right when he realizes you’re on the brink of euphoria, he’ll slow down any and all movements to an agonizing, torturous pace, with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. He’ll then proceed to taunt you, asking if you “really deserve it” in an ever so condescending tone. Sometimes ya just wanna slap him.

Loud sex: If you ask me, Taeil is one of, if not the loudest in bed. He lets himself bask in the pleasure, not giving two fucks about how loud he may be in the process. But he’s always making an effort not to get too loud; as he wants to be able to hear you crying out from the pleasure. And if you’re thinking of slapping a hand over your mouth, or biting your lip to forcibly quiet yourself down, don’t; because Taeil won’t be having any of that.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Honestly, this freak dude would be fine taking you anywhere, as long as theres a locked door; meaning absolutely no chance of getting caught. Being the oldest, there’s this sense of responsibility he carries, and he can’t help but try to be the best role model possible to his younger brothers. Getting caught having sex by one of the other members is one of the worst things that could happen, according to him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going, etc)

As previously stated, seeing you “flirting” with his friends is a sure way to get him all riled up and ready to fuck your brains out. But a very close second to that would be stress. Taeil is the type of person to literally fuck his stress away. If he’s being overworked and pushed too hard, his emotions get all out of whack, which tends to makes him extremely horny. And I’m not talking “cute, bubbly, vanilla sex” horny - no. I’m talking “fucking you into your mattress so hard you can’t walk tomorrow” horny. But I mean hey, who’s complaining? He’s relieving himself of some unwanted stress while you get dicked the fuck down… It’s a win-win situation!

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do; turn offs)

Like I said, Taeil wouldn’t do anything to risk getting caught in the act by any of the other members. Meaning absolutely no sex if theres not a lock on the door. Just the thought of that is bone chilling to him. Other than that, Taeil strikes me as the kind of guy to “try anything once,” so I think with him, experimenting would be a major key in letting you know what things he enjoys and what things  he doesn’t.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Honestly, with Taeil, its dead even. Of course he loves getting his dick sucked, (what guy doesn’t), but he loves pleasuring you just as much. Watching you squirm underneath him while your faces scrunches in pleasure, hands desperately grabbing at his hair as you whimper his name followed by moans and groans of pure satisfaction is a thing of beauty to him. He wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. As far as skills go, this boy definitely knows how to use his mouth; thats for sure! Hell, he probably knows your own body better than you do!

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc)

Like I’ve been saying throughout this entire post, his pace, attitude, and everything alike depends 100% on what kind of mood he’s in. But more often than not, be prepared for rough sex, because thats exactly what Taeil will be giving to you!

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc)

Hell yeah, Taeil’s down for a quickie! But, (for the 50th time), only if its behind the security of a locked door! Whether it be fast one in a LOCKED bedroom at the dorms, or a quick fuck in a LOCKED supply closet backstage before a show, he’s all up for it! He just, and this bares repeating, DOESN’T WANT TO GET CAUGHT!

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc)

Taeil’s as game as they come. Like I mentioned, he’s the kinda guy to try something at least once before deciding whether or not he likes it. A big part of your sex life is experimenting with different kinds of positions, kinks, toys, etc. As far as risks go, Taeil is pretty mild. Since getting caught is a huge no-no, don’t expect to try anything spontaneously perilous.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last, etc)

I’d say Taeil’s stamina is a little above average. On average, he can go two, sometimes three rounds if he’s feeling up to it. Sex as a whole usually lasts about an hour or so, (give or take a little), but a lot of it foreplay, rather than actual sex. Still good, nonetheless!

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

It definitely depends on the toy! I can see Taeil loving things like handcuffs, blindfolds, and pretty much anything that has to do with sensory depravation; aiding him in the teasing aspect of things. But I don’t see him being too fond of toys such as vibrators. He prides himself in knowing just what you like and being able to pleasure you in unthinkable ways, so bringing in a toy that’ll potentially take his place isn’t really ideal to him. He also isn’t too keen on you using any of said toys on him. In his eyes, it only takes away from the domineering persona that he worked so hard to build.

U = Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)

HE TEASES YOU TO NO EXTENT! Sometimes, if he’s feeling extra cruel, he’ll see just how far he can take the teasing; until you absolutely can’t take it anymore. If that means you’re left with tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, then so be it. His dominant nature mixed with his love for teasing and hearing you beg makes for some harsh and persistent torment. Which is still undoubtably enjoyable.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc)

Again, if you ask me, Taeil is the loudest of all in the bedroom. He is very much a moaner! Most of the sounds he elicits are going to be loud, angelic moans. He’s also a bit of a groaner/grunter; especially if he’s fucking you for all you’re worth. I can definitely see him being the type to cry out when he cums, too. The most beautiful, sinful, melodious sound your ears have ever been blessed with.

W = Wild Card (Create a random headcannon for the character of your choice)

“Now, baby girl,” Taeil says, ignoring your distraught whimpers as yet another orgasm slips through your fingers, “what have I told you about flirting with my friends just to tease me?” he asks in a low, raspy tone while dragging a single digit tauntingly around your core; purposely avoiding the place you desperately needed him the most.

There was a dull ache in your shoulders as you wiggled your wrists, wincing at the chaffing of the handcuffs that currently bound your hands together. You slowly looked up to find Taeil already staring at you; making you feel completely powerless under his intense gaze. His eyes were a darker shade than usual, and his face held a stern expression that sent waves of both excitement and nervousness coursing through your body at the thought of what was to come.

“I asked you a question!” he bellowed out as he suddenly pinched your clit between his thumb and pointer finger; eliciting a high pitched yelp from you, as you helplessly tugged on your restraints.

“I’M SORRY I’M S-SORRY-” you cried out, trying to the best of your ability to shimmy your way higher up on the bed, and away from the harsh hold he had on your sex.

“Really? Cause you didn’t seem too sorry when you were throwing yourself on Johnny earlier today?” he asked rhetorically as he cocked his head to the side and sent you a bone chilling glare.

“I-I…” you stuttered, unable to think of a suitable response for his accusation.

“That’s what I thought,” he replied in a curt manner, before thrusting his hips forwards; filling you up without the slightest warning.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants; picture or words)

Hmm I think Taeil is average in length; maybe around 5 inches? But he definitely makes up for it in girth because DAMN that boy is THICK !!!

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Since a big part of his sex drive comes from stress, and I’d imagine he’s pretty stressed out most, if not all of the time, I’d say his sex drive is fairly high.

Z = ZZZ (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

This all depends on how rough he was with you. The rougher he is, the more thoughtful and considerate the aftercare will be. This boy doesn’t even THINK about laying down to go to sleep before making sure you’re alright; and that he didn’t go to far, or get too aggressive with you. He might be all dominant, rough and condescending during sex, but afterwards, he’s back to the sweet, harmless, caring and gentle Taeil you know and love!

On, Wisconsin!

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Summary: It’s been a few months since you’ve joined the Avengers. After a successful mission in Wisconsin, you plan a short trip to the northern part of the state and bring Bucky and Steve with you. Ever since you’ve joined the team, you and Bucky had gradually become friends, but something in you aches to be more. He doesn’t know anything about your past, and you’d rather keep it that way. But how long can you actually keep your secrets from him?

Warnings: some language, but basically all fluff and Bucky being a goof

Word Count: 2.7K

A/N: Going up north is literally one of my favorite things to do and I’ve had a pretty bad day so, here’s some fluffy stuff and Bucky just being a child. I was going to post the next part of The Light Behind Your Eyes but I just couldn’t focus on it today. There’ll be a part two because I wrote a lot for this one, but here ya go!

The buildings lining the road look old and slightly worn. They weren’t insanely old, but not necessarily brand new. A lot of the exteriors had old, rotting wood. A majority of the main street is composed of taverns and mom-and-pop restaurants. Within two minutes, you’ve already driven out of the town.

Thick, luscious trees crowd both sides of the bumpy highway as far as the eye could see. You check your phone to see if anyone from the team had tried to reach you, only to find that you’ve completely lost signal. A smile plays at your lips. Now we’re officially up north.

Bucky groans in the front seat.

“What’s wrong?” Steve asks as he stares at the road, one hand on the wheel and one hanging out the window.

“No signal,” Bucky mutters. “Looks like we’re officially in the middle of nowhere.”

“Oh, you poor city boy,” you chuckle. Bucky turns around in his seat and glares at you from behind his headrest. You grin and playfully stick out your tongue at him. He huffs and turns back around, slumping down into his seat and throwing his feet onto the dash.

“Woah,” Steve quietly gasps. You look out the window across from you and take in the gorgeous view of Lake Superior. Waves hungrily lap at the shoreline, and you spot people lounging on a long strip of beach, soaking up the sun and splashing in the water.

“Welcome to the north, boys,” you proclaim leaning forward between the two front seats of the car as a wild grin spreads across your face.

Turn right,” the GPS voice commands. Steve takes the turn and the view of the lake disappears behind you.

“How much longer?” Bucky groans. “I’m starving.”

“We just ate like two hours ago, how are you starving?” You mock him, leaning up close to his ear.

He turns his head, peering at you from the corner of his eye. “For your information, I’m a growing boy.”

“You’re kidding, right?” You snort.

“Alright you two, calm down,” Steve’s using his “mom” voice. It’s the type of tone that parents use when their kids are misbehaving and threaten to turn the car around. “We’ll be there in an hour, Buck.”

Bucky unleashes a loud, childish groan as he slumps further down his seat. “A whole hour?” He grumbles.

“How old are you? Five? If you’re gonna be a crabass, then take a nap,” you tell him over the wind rushing in through the open windows.

A little less than an hour later, you’re cruising down an empty, winding road through the hills and forests. You haven’t seen a building in over forty-five minutes, but the GPS says there are only ten more minutes until you reach the cabin. Steve takes another turn.

The car slows and you peer over Bucky’s seat and see a large cluster of construction machinery shrouded in clouds of dust. A flagger turns the sign he’s holding to “STOP”, and Steve slows the car to a halt. You hear Bucky dramatically sigh, and you roll your eyes. Can he be any more of a child?

After a few moments, the flagger flips the sign back to “SLOW” and waves Steve through. The wind carries some dust into the car, making you cough. Naturally, road work in Wisconsin. Who would’ve guessed.

The rest of the way was clear, and about ten minutes later, Steve makes the last turn onto the road leading to the cabin. The road isn’t even a road, really - just a bunch of red dirt fashioned into a road.

“Why is it so red?” Steve ponders.

“‘Cause of the iron. There’s more of it in the earth up here,” you inform him as you text Nat and tell her that you’ve made it safely, hoping that the one bar of reception would be enough to send the message. Steve slows the car as he searches for the cabin’s number. From what you’ve seen so far, your cabin was probably the only one down this road.

“Ah ha,” Steve playfully cheers. He pulls the car into a long dirt driveway and your cabin comes into view. It looks like a normal house but has a large sun room and steps leading down to a dock that reaches into a gorgeous lake. Trees are everywhere, and when you look out at the lake, you can’t even see other docks.

You’ve arrived at your destination,” the GPS voice chimes.

At lightning speed, you unbuckle and throw open your car door, taking a deep breath of the fresh, clean forest air. Reaching to the treetops, you push yourself onto your toes in a glorious, refreshing stretch. Your muscles thank you as the ache of your cramped limbs washes away.

Bucky opens his door, but stumbles, landing on his face.

“What the fuuuuck,” he growls. Rolling onto his back, he vigorously shakes his leg free from the straps of his duffel bag that had been tucked by his feet.

“You okay there, Buck?” You snort, crossing your arms across your chest and shifting your weight to one foot.

Bucky dramatically flops his arms out. “Shut up,” he mumbles. You shrug your shoulders and head to the back of the car, opening the trunk and pulling out your bags. Steve rounds the car and grabs his bags. As he turns to leave, he pauses. “Wait…where did Bucky go?” His brows knit together in confusion.

“Probably still on the ground,” you sigh and turn away, heading for the cabin. When you reserved the cabin for the week, the owner had told you that you could find the key in a baggie under a red rock by the door. You drop one of your bags and pick up a large red rock by your foot. Sure enough, there was a baggie with the key. Shoving the key into the lock, it silently clicks open, and you push on the door.

The door swings open to reveal a gorgeous sun room with a futon and a few chairs. Taking the few steps that lead to the main level, you open another door and toss your bag next to a shoe rack. A living room with two couches, a plasma T.V., and a chair was to your left while a kitchen with a small island and the bathroom was to your right. Ahead of you was a king sized bed that was separated from the rest of the room with a curtain.

Steve and Bucky walk up the steps and drop their bags next to yours.

“I call the big bed!” You take a running start and flop onto the bed, sinking into the cool mattress.

“Alright, then you get to bunk with Buck,” Steve shrugs and picks up his bag, tossing it onto the futon in the sunroom. “I’ll sleep out here.”

What,” you and Bucky groan simultaneously.

“Fine, then you share the big bed with Buck, I’ll take the futon,” you bargain as you hop off the bed and walk towards the sunroom. Steve sticks out his arm, nearly clotheslining you.

“Not so fast, kid. No way are Buck and I sharin’ that bed, there’s not enough room for the both of us. But there is enough room for you and Bucky,” Steve’s eyes light up as he basks in silent humor.

“But Steeeve, can’t I just share the bed with you? Or, can’t he take the couch?” You whine.

“Woah, woah, woah…why would I have to take the couch? Why can’t you?” Bucky shoves a finger in your direction.

Me? I’m the one who set up this whole trip, I deserve the big bed!” You stomp towards Bucky, standing a few inches from him. He has at least a good eight inches on you, and you have to tilt your head up to look at him. “You get the couch,” you shove a finger against his chest.

“Thaaat’s enough, you two,” Steve gently pulls you back by your hood. “Either you share the bed, or one of you sleeps on the couch.”

You look at the two couches. Both of them seem decent, but they also look older than you, and you question their cleanliness and level of comfort.

Fine,” you roll your eyes. “We’ll share the bed,” you grumble at Steve. A smile appears on his face.

“See? Was it really that hard? Now, after we unpack the rest of the car, I’ll run into town and get some food,” Steve ducks out of the room.

“If you steal the blankets while we’re sleeping,” you threaten as you turn towards Bucky. “I’ll kill you.”

“I’d like to see you try,” Bucky smirks slyly.

Once Steve left and everything was unpacked, you grabbed a fishing pole and headed down towards the dock. A warm breeze delicately dances through your hair. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and the lake was so clear, you could see the red sanded-bottom as you stand at the end of the wooden dock. A content sigh escapes your lips. You slide off your sandals and take a seat at the edge of the dock, dipping your feet into the clear, cool water. Huge, lush trees crowd the shore line of the lake, and you can hear their branches dancing in the summer breeze.

You bait your hook and cast the line into the lake. the bobber lands with a soft bloop, sending baby ripples through the water. Just as you settle against a post, the boards beneath you shake and the sound of heavy footsteps and whistling rips through the serene air. You heave a sigh, this time in annoyance, as the whistling grows louder then comes to a sudden stop and you feel a presence towering next to you.

“Watchya doin’, doll?” Bucky’s voice booms across the open lake.

“What does it look like, Buck?” You push your sunglasses up your nose. The edge of the dock stabs into the bottom of your thighs, causing you to shift in discomfort.

“Have you caught anything yet?” He lowers himself onto the edge next to you.

“Nope,” you sigh. A few seconds later, something bites down on your hook, violently pulling the bobber underwater. “Shit,” your breath hisses. You quickly rise to your feet and yank on the line, then start reeling in. The top of your pole bends, threatening to break, as whatever that’s on the end of the line zigzags through the water. “I think I-” your line snaps!, sending you stumbling backward. Before you could fall into the lake, Bucky grabs your arm, pulling you into his body. You blink and look up at him. “Uh…t-thanks, Buck,” your voice falters as a small wave of heat threatens to creep into your cheeks.

“No problem, doll,” Bucky smirks. You pull away from his hold on you and grab the fishing line dangling from the top of your pole. Whatever snapped the line got away with your hook and weight, sparring the bobber.

“That’s just great,” you groan. “Well, it was nice while it lasted.” You rummage through the tackle box in search for a new hook and weights to out on the line, but come up empty. “I’ll have to text Steve and tell him to get more.”

“In the meantime, why don’t we go out on that boat?” Bucky throws his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of a small paddle boat tied to the dock.

You had two options: wait for Steve to come back, which at the rate he shops and how far he had to travel means he probably won’t be back for another two hours. Or, you could blow some time out on the water.

Deciding that doing something is better than sitting around and doing nothing, you agree. You head back to the cabin and grab your swim suit. It’s a black one piece, and in your opinion, sexy as hell. It makes your butt and boobs look fantastic.

Grabbing a towel and your sunglasses, you head back down to the dock and find Bucky waiting for you with the rope that secured the boat in his hand. He’d changed into swim shorts and a white t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses rested on the top of his head.

“Well don’t you look amazing,” Bucky hums. A stupid grin is plastered on his face.

“Thanks, I try,” you mutter sarcastically. Using a pole on the dock to steady yourself, you climb into the boat. The edge dips closer to the water under your weight and you settle on the farthest seat, placing your towel under you. Bucky tosses the rope onto the front of the boat and lowers himself into the boat. He weighs far more than you (“It’s all muscle”, as he would say), and it feels as if the boat will capsize at any second. You begin to second guess your choice.

“Alright, doll. Onward,” he cheerfully sighs as he begins to peddle. The boat slowly chugs along, and you and Bucky decided to anchor close to the middle of the lake. You aren’t even sure if the anchor lands on the bottom, but the boat doesn’t float away, so you decide it’s good enough. You stand on your seat and swing your leg over to the back end of the boat where there’s a small ladder attached to the end and enough space for at least two other people to sit or lie down in. Even with your sunglasses, the sun burns your eyes, and you shield them, looking at the dock which is now far away.

“Ya know what? This is pretty - FUCK!” Your scream cuts across the calm surface of the water as Bucky pushes you over the boat. You swim up, breaking the surface of the water a few feet away from the boat. “I’m going to kill you,” you hiss at Bucky. He’s crouching at the end of the boat, laughing so hard you thought he would pass out. What an asshat. He stands and easily pulls his shirt over his head. The muscles in his arm and shoulder flex as he crumbles his shirt into a ball and tosses it to the front of the boat. His metal arm shines in the hot sun, and he uses it to pull his other arm across his chest in a stretch.

“Ready or not, doll,” he backs up until his heels are against the two back seats. “Here I come!” He smirks and takes two powerful steps that rock the boat, then uses the edge to propel himself into the water.

BUCKY NO,” you yell. He drops into the water right next to you, sending a wave of water into your face. You spit out lake water and wipe at your eyes as Bucky breaks the surface of the water.

“Sorry ‘bout that, doll,” he slicks back his hair.

“Yeah, sure,” you playfully splash water into his face. He blinks the water out of his eyes and you start swimming back towards the boat. You put your foot on the first rung of the ladder and start hauling your soaked body out of the water when a pair of hands tightly grab your waist. Before you could react, you’re torn from the ladder and sent into the air. You land with another splash. When you swim up, you choke on some water and swipe at your eyes. Bucky’s wearing a shit-eating grin and stifling his laugh behind a closed fist.

“Alright, Barnes,” you huff. “You asked for it.”

For the next two hours, you and Bucky take turns catching the other off guard and throwing them into the lake, playing an intense game of Marco Polo, and basking in the sun on the end of the boat. Bucky’s stomach rumbles, and he sits up.

“Did we bring any food?” He clutches his stomach. “I think I’m gonna starve to death,” he whines.

“No, but we should probably head back anyway. Steve might think we were killed or somethin’ if we’re gone when he gets back,” you sigh, sitting up. Grabbing the towels from your seat, you toss one at Bucky and start to dry your hair. You watch as Bucky rises and begins to dry out his own hair, the muscles in his back shifting and rippling as his muscular arms raise to scrunch the water out of his hair. 

Dammit, Y/N. Don’t let yourself do this.

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Invisible, Chapter Twenty One

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~2000

warnings: SMUT! WOOHOO! first time, fingering, unprotected sex

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Promises - Rafael Barba

P/N: SO… @eighthmark and I were just casually fb messaging when magic all of the sudden hit us. And we magically came up with this dialogue. Jo, completes me and this is proof of amazing team work. I had written the skeleton and she frickin’ brought the skeleton to life with meat and organs and such. Yall don’t understand the finesse she can bring to the damn table! YALL DON’T KNOWWWW!! I am freaking out because thissssss is insane. I hope you guys enjoy and hurt like we both did.

Rafael Barba x Reader

Written by: @eighthmark and I

Imagine: Rafael cancels a brunch date last minute.

She was sleeping serenely, until she woke up to the noises of shuffling around. Confused by the fuss, she rubbed her eyes awake. She sat up when she spotted Rafael getting dressed with her bleary eyes. All attempts of getting a few more minutes of sleep faltered as she felt him shift his weight on the bed to tuck his shirt into his pants. Still droopy from the abruptness, she took a moment to wake up as she watched Rafael snap on his suspenders.

She smiled to herself and shook her head subsequently, wondering why he always insisted on getting so dressed up. After all, they were only going to the cafe three blocks down. She had planned to come straight home afterwards; spending the rest of their day wrapped in each other’s arms with a movie they had both promised each other long time ago they would see.

Her smile began to fade when she noticed him lift his briefcase from the floor, securing its clasp and setting it on the bed. Of course, she thought to herself, he wasn’t dressing up. He was dressing for court. Already feeling the pangs of disappointment, she tried her best to push it aside and allow for a little optimism.

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Liberty Pt.5

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, smut, running away, profanity, violence, self defense practicing

Warnings for this chapter: Heavy smut (M recieving oral, fingering, thigh riding) practicing self defense.

Word Count: 3770

A/N: This chapter was written by both I and Delilah ( @papi-chulo-bucky ) because I had writers block!! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter, feedback is always appreciated. gif isn’t mine, although one used in text below is.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


”This,“ He held it out from handle to blade. ”is Renee, she will be your new companion and second in command if things get dirty.“ He placed the sword in your hand and stepped back, letting you examine it.

”She’s beautiful, so… When do we start training, Captain James?“ You smiled up at him, he bent down and kissed you deeply.

”After supper.“


That’s it! You’re doing so well- don’t be afraid to go straight for the sternum, you might need to do that.” Bucky hollered, the sound of your heavy breathing filled the room alongside the sounds of blunt metal clinking onto blunt metal, you had been dueling for about an hour, and you weren’t ready to give up just yet.

You were about to spin and pretend to hit Bucky in the jaw with your fist, but he caught it with ease, making you become distracted, therefore being able to swipe his leg by your knees and sending you to the ground with an ‘oof!’.

Sooner or later, I’ve got to cut you down!” Bucky cackled at your face, all scrunched up in a pout. “I’ve been way too easy on you, Y/N. C'mon, let’s keep going, let’s compromise; you get me to the ground and make me stay there for more than 5 seconds, you get to sleep in my bed tonight instead of that makeshift hammock below deck and if I win…” He circled you, sword pointed at you from where he stood and you scrambled up to your feet, taking his hand in yours, “You have to polish my shoes.

You took a deep breath and lunged at him with your sword, he blocked it effortlessly, not even moving a muscle.

You’ve got to try harder than that, princess!” You yelped as he held the blunt tip of his sword to your throat, making you seize up, so you leaned back and hit it away with yours full force, knocking it out of hand. You decided to drop yours too, and continue sparring, the clattering sound making him turn his head in confusion.

What the…” Were the only words Bucky could muster before you swiveled your leg upwards and caught him at the side of his neck, sending him sideways, you then kicked out his legs from underneath him, making him fall onto his bum, you were quite satisfied with getting your Captain on the ground, making him at least a tad vulnerable.

He rose from the ground once again, a look of annoyance on his face. You picked up your sword again to swipe at him, but he knocked you to the ground with one kick, and your sword flew behind you instantly.

He attempted to pin you to the ground before you managed to criss-cross your ankles around his neck, instantly trapping him at leg-length, his hands gripping your ankles so hard you thought they might bruise.

Who taught you how to fight so dirty?” He rasped, you giggle at him, his face holding a grimace as he tried to pry your legs from his neck.

You pulled Bucky closer to you by bending your knees, suddenly letting him go and pushing him back by the shoulders with the soles of your feet, he had landed a few feet away and you scurried to straddle him, holding him in down by your thighs against his ribs and your small hands pinning his to the floor as you counted to ten.

He struggled underneath you, frantically kicking out his legs but it didn’t change a thing because he couldn’t get enough leverage.

Now… That’s 10 seconds… Where are you going to sleep tonight, Mr. Barnes?” You smirked down at the man as your chest heaved. You both wondered how a person so small, had managed to render man as big as him useless.


Bucky was awe-struck; a woman so small and light-footed could, literally, sweep him off his feet. He thought it impossible, you were timid, tiny, an amateur at combat, but you had proved him wrong, obviously.

He watched you push yourself up, holding a hand out for him to take. He took it with a sigh, admitting defeat.

As he towered over you, Bucky was captivated, you were coated in a thin layer of sweat, your blouse was partially unbuttoned and he could see the swell of your breasts as you breathed, and he could sense the happiness around you as you smiled up at him, it was a cheeky grin and he couldn’t help but close his eyes and laugh with you.

Well, we have about 2 days until we reach the Spanish coast. What would you like to do until then, Y/N?” Bucky informed you, as he sat at his desk.

I’d like to briefly discuss what my role will be as we reach the harbour.

You’ll be sticking tight to me as you’ve never been anywhere in the world, I’d like to be the first to show you. Also- there are some real weird men in Spain, sometimes, I wouldn’t ant you to run into the wrong hands…” You made a face, surely you’re not that reckless?

Though we won’t spend much time there- I am a pirate after all, a wanted man over the globe. We’re stopping to stock up on food and water, the buggers below keep munching on the fruit and grain AND they’re drinking all the fuckin’ rum and water.” Bucky sighed, rubbing his palms against his face.


You could tell he was tired, the dark circles under his eyes looked almost painful, he was becoming sluggish the more you practiced self-defense, you had to come to the surface about the night you slept in his bedroom.

Look, Bucky I…I know you’re tired. The night I slept in your bed, I had woken you because I knew you were having a nightmare. If you need to talk about anything, I’m willing to have an open ear, I’ve never spilled another’s secret-

Listen, Y/N… Thank you, but I don’t think you can help…” Bucky shifted in his seat,

Oh, hush Captain,” You walked around his desk and stood behind him, placing your hands on his shoulders. “surely there is something I can do.” You slipped his jacket off of his shoulders, it was a non-sexual gesture, though Bucky lolled his head back and sighed at the feel of your cool hands through the thin fabric of his shirt.

You had no experience in massaging, though you attempted it anyway. You gripped Bucky’s shoulders, rolling the tips of your fingers against the broad muscles, you felt the rumble of his tired groan against your hands and felt a familiar tingle of desire behind your navel, gripping his shoulders tighter. You could feel the tense muscles soften underneath your touch and a small smile tugged at the corners of your lips at your accomplishment.

As your hands stopped their movements, Bucky’s hand reached across his chest to lay upon yours, stroking it tenderly. He pulled you around his chair to look at him.

Thank you, that was lovely, Y/N. It’s been a long time since hands as tender as yours have managed to soothed me so well, I could fall asleep at your touch if I were to be completely honest.” He looked up at you with a sweet grin, he rose from his chair, eyes still locked to yours.

What time is it, Sir? I’m sure I should be heading to bed soon; we have more practice tomorrow before we make port the next day.” You were smiled but you were nervous, so you changed the subject. You twiddled with his fingers as you looked down, feeling warm, safe.

I believe it is around… Oh! It’s 10:35 pm! We’ve been dueling for about 4 hours. I assume you’re tired?” You let out a squeak as he lifted you onto his desk by your hips. You shook your head as Bucky lowered his lips to yours.


Before your lips met in a heated kiss, Bucky’s large hands rubbed your thighs and lightly lifted them to wrap around his hips, a jolt of lightning sank from your chest straight to your core and you moaned.

You got lost in Bucky’s kiss and were slow to notice him lift you from his desk to his chamber. Your body was on auto-pilot and you ground your core onto the hard line of his pants, earning a groan from him, and you took the chance to brush your tongue against his own. He tasted divine and you wanted more, so your fingers laced into the thick locks of his hair and pressed your lips harder against his and he smiled against your mouth because he could sense you were becoming needy, so he basked in it, and it made him even harder.

As you approached the bed, you hopped out of Bucky’s grip and gently pushed him onto the bed, climbing on top of him and devouring his lips. The way you were straddling his hips, you could feel him against you and you created a rhythm so tantalizingly slow it almost killed you.


As Bucky’s hands drifted from your hips to your bum, he started to grind upwards, a keening moan escaped your lips as he squeezed the supple flesh. You suddenly broke the kiss, leaning up.

May I… Try something?

O-Of course, Y/N, as long as you don’t feel as if I’m going to pressure you.” Your voice was soft like summer rain as the words fell from your lips.

You beamed at him, “I’d never think such a thing.” You leaned back down, your lips ghosting over his like a whisper, and you proceeded to trail them towards his jaw, sucking lightly, which made him grip your bum a little bit tighter, you felt yourself become wetter and wetter with his hands on your body, and it was pooling between your thighs.

You began to kiss down his neck and he let out a low moan as you maneuvered the collar of his shirt down to gain more access to the tan skin that lay beneath. You lightly bit down between the junction between his neck and shoulder, making a loud moan fall from his plump lips.

Let me pleasure you, Bucky…” You whispered against his skin, and he let out a deep sigh as your breath tickled his skin, he had never felt so at ease before meeting you.

Only if you’re comfortable, love.” Bucky sat up with you in his lap, a pleasant feeling of two puzzle pieces fitting together.

I’d like to try, and you said you would show me.” You were still whispering, wanting him and only him to hear, you didn’t want to gods of the sea and sky over-hearing your intimate conversations- especially when you’re not even married.

I did indeed, now, would you like me at your mercy, or should I take your hand and guide you?

I-I’d like you to help me first, it’s quite obvious I’ve, er, never.. touched…” Bucky placed a gentle thumb over your bottom lip, dipping it between them and letting his fingers rest against your jaw.

Suck on it, kitten.

It wasn’t a demand, it was more of a suggestion, and you slowly let your lips glide down the length of it, the pad of your tongue gliding against the bottom side. Bucky had watched you with lust blown, heavy-lidded eyes. He had been biting his lip the whole time and when your tongue swirled around the tip of his thumb, he let out a quiet groan. Using his free hand to pull your lower half closer to his, he slipped his thumb from your mouth and maneuvered your hips back a tad, creating a little bit of space between the two of you.

Which is your most dominant hand, darling?” You waved both. “Ah, ambidextrous? Interesting…” You took both your hands in his, his thumbs stroking your wrists as he placed them on the belt of his pants. Bucky laid back on the bed.

Unbutton my pants, kitten, don’t be nervous, I don’t bite… much.” He reassured you as you exhaled a shaky breath, slowly unbuttoning both sides, your hands accidentally skimming the hard line beneath as you tugged them down his slim hips. Bucky kept his eyes on you, though you didn’t make contact due to the quivering nerves inside your tummy.

As you pulled the pants down to his knees, you became fully aware of the tent in the loose underwear that adorned his hips. You took an audible gulp as you slowly etched them down too, you reached out and glided a finger lightly from his base to his tip, you studied him for a moment, letting the image soak into your brain. He was big, not like the diagrams, he was long, thick and a thick vein was visible on the underside of him. He was surrounded by a dark tuft of curls and you felt yourself jerk back when Bucky hissed at the sensation of your hands touching him there.

I’m- I’m sorry did I hurt you?” You were beet red and looking up at the ceiling.

Hell no, doll, that was quite the opposite, open your eyes, please.” He took your more dominant hand in his, making your fingers wrap around his cock. “Move your hand up and down, kitten, let me see you,

You sighed as you began to make a slow pace pumping him up and down, this felt weird… Of course, it would feel weird! You’ve never had a man’s most intimate places touch you before!

Tell you what, doll, why don’t you straddle my thigh? It would seem fair that you get your share of pleasure.” He murmured, you felt Bucky’s hands slide your pants down to your knees and you wiggled out of them. So you did as you were told, settling yourself down onto his thigh. You could feel the thick muscle ripple underneath your soaked panties and the feel of the soft hairs on his skin tickled the insides of your thigh.

You started to pump him harder, faster, after he said you could squeeze him a bit more, too. You rocked your hips against his thigh like a wave lapping against the beach, eliciting a sweet moan to fall from your lips. Bucky suddenly sat up and kissed you, hard. It was full of passion and you pressed yourself down harder against his thigh, brushing your bundle of nerves.

You felt a familiar pair of hands slide your panties down your legs, and two fingers rub against your wet folds, you moaned at the skin to skin contact, causing you to grip his cock a little tighter, still moving your small hand up and down his length, the feeling of your wetness rubbing against him created a perfect contrast, causing a strangled moan to rip through his throat.

As Bucky’s fingers pumped inside of you, filling your walls with his digits. You let out a small moan at the feeling, earning a soft chuckle from the older man. Bucky started out slow, testing how far he could go, and studying your face for any signs of discomfort.

Does that feel good, angel?” he hummed, his blue eyes watching yours, filled with lust. You let out a soft moan at his choice of words, nodding your head. After testing your boundaries, he slowly curved his index finger similar to a “come hither” motion. He plunged his fingers deeper into your core, hitting that special bundle of nerves deep within you.

Bucky chuckled deeply, sending shivers down your spine. “There you go, angel,” he whispered. “You like that?”  You nodded eagerly, closing your eyes at the new sensation. You rocked your hips in time with his thrusts, slowly at first. A small, barely audible whimper escaped your lips as his pace increased.

Your head fell onto his shoulder as his fingers worked you skillfully, hitting places in you that you didn’t even know existed. You could feel the warmth in your stomach growing, reaching higher and higher like wildfire until all you could feel was your heart beating wildly in your chest. Instantly, you were hit with the familiar feeling of a taught string snapping behind your naval and your hips rocked out your second orgasm, the feeling of euphoria washing over your body like warm water, goosebumps raising upon your skin. As the soft breaths of relief left your lips, you felt Bucky’s lips suckle at your neck. You leaned back a little and looked into his eyes as you lifted the fabric of his shirt up from his hips, yanking it over his head.

You had mustered some surprise confidence and used it to your advantage, using your free hand to gently push Bucky flat onto the mattress. You sucked on your bottom lip, lightly wincing at the pain from your previous kiss. You carefully slid down his body, leaving kisses against his taught stomach until you were in line with him there. The three times he had inserted a finger or a thumb into your mouth had finally given you an idea of what men loved. The moans as you sucked on said finger had left you curious.

Curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought it back.

You were shy as you gripped him in your tiny hands. And you jumped as you felt a calloused hand graze your cheek. The nerves in your stomach had increased tenfold, but as soon as your lips made contact with his tip and he let out a moan deeper than the levels of the sea itself, your nerves had subsided to nothingness.

Bucky’s head lolled back onto the bed beneath him as you swirled your tongue around the tip of his manhood. You gave an experimental lick, watching his face carefully. He let out a strangled groan, whispering a string of curses under his breath. With one last glance over at him, you wrapped your lips around his member, gripping his shaft with your hand, and gently began bobbing your head.

Jesus christ, doll,” he moaned, “You’re doing so well.

You felt insides clench at his praise, his fingers slowly weaving themselves through your long locks, gathering the pieces that fell around your face. You relaxed your throat, allowing him to, slide deeper into the warmth of your mouth and your tongue grazed the bottom of side of his girth. You proceeded to try and suck on him, hollowing out your cheeks, a rumble traveled through his whole body and you swore you felt the ship wobble sideways.


That’s it, angel, k-keep doing that- oh fuck,“ He let out a growl at your movements ”doll, your mouth does wonders, where have you been all my life, hm?“ Bucky strokes your hair and accidentally jolts his hips upwards, hitting the back of your mouth making you accidentally gag around him, he grazes the skin of your neck with the tips of his fingers in apology. You hum around him as his fingers rub your scalp, making another moan erupt from your fluttering chest.

Bucky was on cloud nine, the euphoric feeling of the warm cavern of your wet mouth engulfing him and he was throbbing.  You gave a small moan, sending vibrations down his member. You pushed your limits and swallowed his length down, your nose brushing the trail of hair at the base of him. You felt yourself become hazy from the lack of oxygen, leaving you with no choice but to yank your head back from his body.

You gasped as you came up for air, but continued to pump him, Bucky was becoming a jolting mess and his breathing became heavier as you placed kitten lips onto his tip. You ran your tongue along his slit, tasting the unfamiliar flavor of his seed. You had no idea what to expect, but regardless, you gathered every drop.

Instantly, your eyes widened at the foreign taste in your mouth. You grimaced, running your tongue along your cheek as you peered over at Bucky. He as lost for words as you both panted, he propped himself onto his elbows, eyes peering down at you lovingly.

W-what was that?” You asked, your voice laced with another ounce of curiosity.

I… Y/N, that was… cum, that’s what happens when a man… cums… It’s what get a woman pregnant.” You looked at him quizzically, tilting your head to the side slightly. “What you just done… it was called fellatio.

You smiled up at him, lightly tracing the hair from the base of his shaft to his naval. You were merely experimenting with him. Your fingers were feather-light on his skin, he was just so soft at the same time as if he was pure metal wrapped in silk, and you loved it.

As you crawled up the bed to sit next to him, Bucky leaned foreward and yanked his underwear back up his legs as you done the same with yours. He looked at you and twirled his fingers, silently asking you to turn. You felt fingers tugging your blouse upward and you lifted your arms, allowing him to pull it over your head. Facing away from him gave you the opportunity to hide the blush that adorned your cheeks, but you realised it wouldn’t hide what you truly felt; Bucky had that sort of…power, right?

You felt his fingers deftly tug at the threads of your corset, you sighed as the restraining material was finally loosened. You tugged the blouse over your form once again. Bucky leaned against the plush pillows by the headboard, gesturing for you to rest your head against his broad chest. You obliged in seconds, though his skin was sticky with perspiration, you rested your head on his chest anyway, listening to the ‘thump, thump’ of his heartbeat.

Thank you- for letting me do that, Bucky.” You murmured.

You’re welcome, doll, you’re brilliant, did you know that? Not just in the boudoir, you’re excelling at the self defense lessons, too. You’re a real mystery, a treasure in fact. And you know how pirates love their treasure.” He turned your face to look at him, placing a searing kiss upon your lips, followed by a sincere smile.

I shouldn’t be doing what I am- I should only be doing this once I’m married, but I say screw the rules. I’m glad it’s you, and if I’m honest, on this night, I think I’m falling for you, Captain James.

And I, you, Miss Y/L/N.



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