Daily- Yup thats the feeling

Okay so im not gonna lie im pretty soar today. It’s just getting back into it again I guess. Its not like it was a hard session compared to the other ones Ive been to :/ but just need to get used to it again :) 

Double geography today was good 4 people in the class mangaed to get a lot of revision done and we had loads of cookies and chocolates :D win! 

Basketball at lunch was pretty good :) He tried to go over the zone press again….Its so not gonna work in games for us we just dont have the right team :/ and the new kids to it were standing there like…ummm what the hell is this? So yeah defo not gonna work. Im such a mug though hahaha Open lay up ball comes over the top to me stick my foot out for the first step and just end up falling over and lobbing the ball towards the rim on the way down causing an air ball and I’m just like typical me :P 

Shat on my man with a post move today. Posted up got the ball fed to me faked to the right came to the left faked the shot they defender bought it and I just sneak under get some contact put it in off the board and get a and1 Woop woop :) also a backboard alleyoop thrown towards me just to add the salt on the other side :P 

Got our first game Tuesday cant wait :D 

Feeling pretty happy today nothings going wrong. Came back was a bit tired so just sat infront of the TV put on Viva and they had like a run through of laguna beach. Never seen it before, heard of it and no its really old and it was from the first ep so I just sat there for an hour watching that yeah its okay. Its like the origonal TOWIE and shit. but with younger people and in LA area. Hmmm not gonna make a effort to watch it but if it happenes to be on I guess I will end up watching. 

Good day :) got a driving lesson tomorrow as well :)