Don’t stop believing: ‘Supernatural’s’ 12-year crisis of faith
Like many long-lived shows, “Supernatural” is a procedural. But the more cut-and-dried examples of said format –- say, “Law & Order” –- don’t usually come close to…

Against this backdrop of Heaven and Hell and the dueling factions of each, Sam and Dean repeatedly put their faith in each other, above all — a bond that is tested time and again. Not typical sibling rivals, they’ve both: Spent time in Hell and Purgatory, been possessed, died, and both have — often — conducted all kinds of unsavory deals with assorted nefarious shadow figures for the purpose of bringing each other back from the brink as a result. This duo literally goes to Hell and back, on a regular basis, to ensure the survival of the other. What rewards our faith in the show is the longevity of that bond, the depth of Sam and Dean’s faith in each other, and perhaps most meaningfully, how many tests and trials this faith has endured.