Hell yeah! \m/

I was there, my first CoB show :)



Janne pointed at me !!! HE had my bra on his keys !!!! Oh God kill me, kill me !!!! ♥♥♥

This is from the Basinfirefest 2012, where I saw my dearest CoB live for the first time. All the time I was yelling Janne’s name, looking at him, headbanging like an idiot and threw a bra on a stage. He looked so happy! And I wanted to have even one short video of them, so I took this when they were leaving the stage. I screamed Janne’s name and he did this. I was so happy!

Back from Basinfirefest :))

I saw Chldren of Bodom and Apocalyptica !!! Janne still looked at me and he smiled once sooo beautifuly - it was like BOOM, PREGNANT! 

And Alexi spited water on me and my dear Hatey :)) And she have his pick !!! Oh God I still can’t believe it - I saw Janne!!! And by the way, I’m quite mad at Henkka - he played in SHIRT !!!!

And Apocalyptica guys were absolutely sweet! I love Eicca :D And when Perttu introduced the band .. God, sooo sweet !!!!