basin mountain


Plane flight along one of the mountain ranges of Utah. This whole area has been pulled apart by geologic forces forming something called the basin and range - a series of almost north-south trending mountain ranges with valleys in-between. You fly along one of those ranges here.


here you go guys! below is the full list of links for ALL of the pre-console mixes and demos (even the couple that I posted links to previously) that Josh Mancell has posted on his soundcloud. I’ve organized them via game and timeline within game/location

jak & daxter: the precursor legacy

misty island pre-console mix
sentinel beach pre-console mix
forest demo mix
rock village pre-console mix
precursor basin pre-console mix
snowy mountain pre-console mix
the citadel pre-console mix

jak 2: renegade

main theme full length version
action jak demo
deserted city pre-console mix
guard pursuit pre-console mix

jak 3

leapers & kanga-rats (unlabeled)*
stadium ruins (unlabeled)*
metalpede nest 1st attempt
monk glider (unlabeled)*
precursor sub rails (unlabeled)

* most of the jak 3 tracks are listed as unlabeled bc mancell didn’t specify in the title whether they were pre-console mixes or demos so i just noted it. tho it’s safe to assume they’re pre-console mixes bc that’s what all of the tracks are supposed to be

enjoy!!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💖😍💋


2016 Year in Review: Part 8

There were a lot of trips into the mountains, this being my first summer back living in Pinedale, the idea was to get into the Winds as often as possible. Jenn and I lucked out getting similar schedules and were able to get 3 days a week off together to roam. More often than not it seems that included an adventure in these mountains. It is never enough time, of course, and we wish for longer trips and more time to explore. Still, we are blessed to call this place home.


#TravelTuesday with Guest Photographer Bob Wick Continues with Day Trips Near the Vegas Strip.

About two hours from Las Vegas in a very remote, lightly populated area is the Basin and Range National Monument. It is truly an iconic American landscape. The vast, rugged landscape redefines one’s notions of distance and space and offers great landscape photography opportunities among its vast valleys surrounded by rugged mountains. The Monument preserves the legacies of 13,000 years of culture and the White River Narrows and Mount Irish Archaeological Districts, which include large concentrations of prehistoric rock art. During the late 19th century, Basque and other ranchers brought sheep and cattle into the valleys, and ranching remains an important part of the local culture to this day.  This is a very remote area with no visitor facilities and limited cell phone coverage, so come prepared.

Photo tip: Learn to use a digital editing program.  There are many on the market that will work perfectly well for most basic photo adjustments.  Great photographers like Ansel Adams spent much more time in the darkroom than they did in the field. Now we have the advantage of doing the same types of adjustments digitally. Adjusting contrast, light balance and other basic fine-tuning will make your images pop – the key is to be subtle and not overdo it.  I always shoot “RAW” images and do the all image adjustments myself. Most people who think adjustments are “cheating” don’t realize that if they don’t shoot RAW files, their camera is doing many adjustments automatically and they are giving up personal artistic control. 

Check out our @esri Nevada daytrips multimedia storymap for more stunning photos, videos, helpful links and maps of the area: