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SN: a great infill project in the heart of the rust belt, Cleveland, OH, transforming decaying and underused parking lots into a landmark park along the Erie Canal. The park will also incorporate historical reproductions of key features of the Ohio & Erie Canal circa the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Cleveland City Planning Commission approves early plan for Canal Basin

CLEVELAND, Ohio’s Planning Commission on Friday enthusiastically approved an early “framework” plan for the proposed Canal Basin Park, a 20-acre public space that would celebrate the Ohio & Erie Canal and how it helped shape the city.

“It’s truly extraordinary,” said Tim Tramble, a member of the Planning Commission. “I think it’s going to be a great contributor to the consistent in-migration to our city.”

The plan describes how an area twice the size of Public Square would be transformed from crumbling parking lots and weed-choked remnants of the canal to one of the city’s most important parks.

The park will ultimately serve as the northern gateway to the Towpath Trail, which when finished will connect the city to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and other points to the south.

“I believe it will be a national model for how to recover an urban space that’s been damaged and abused,” said Craig Kenkel, superintendent of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.


July 13th - TheMadOldBaggage is right: I’m being unduly pessimistic about autumn and the passage of summer. It’s still gorgeous, and there’s loads of stuff still to come into flower.

Today, I was delighted to spot these gorgeous wild sweat peas. Just how lovely are they? You can’t fail to see these and not be lifted.

Autumn? Not yet you don’t, matey. 


Passing by a store window was this public protest against Venice allowing cruise ships to dock:

“Big Ship = Big Shit. Awakening: Protesters swim in the Guidecca Canal in an attempt to block the Venice Tourist Port. The Protest was organized by Venetians and environmentalists who are opposed to cruise ships crossing the St. Mark’s Basin.”


Peaky Blinders set designer Grant Montgomery reveals the secrets behind the “London” sets (X):

We never shot any of the London scenes in actual London. Those outside the Eden club were filmed on a crescent in Bolton. I remember taking director Colm McCarthy down there. We parked our cars in a multi-storey car park and I could tell they were thinking it didn’t look anything like London. Yet, a brief walk across the precinct and we arrived in this beautiful crescent. We filmed on a Sunday and transformed the street by filling it with vintage cars, covering up double yellow lines with a gravel surface, masking ticket machines with police boxes and replacing the heads of light fittings. We even had huge smoke machines and wet downs to give it that great atmosphere.

For the Camden Lock scenes, we used a canal basin called Ellesmeer Port just outside Liverpool, which was an absolutely perfect match. We then blended a city scape behind using CGI.