basilisk venom

AU where Dumbledore’s Army uses the Chamber of Secrets instead of the Room of Requirement
  • Ultimate security as Harry is the only one capable of opening it. 
  • Myrtle proudly spending her time acting as a guard/lookout. 

  • Later, Harry diligently teaching Ron, Hermione, and a few choice others, like Neville, how to mimic parseltongue so that they can open it too. 

  • Muggleborns experiencing vicious satisfaction that they’re using this chamber as a place of education and defense, reclaiming the very space Slytherin built to rid the school of their presence. 

  • Hermione methodically dismantling the basilisk’s corpse, covertly selling the priceless ingredients to potion masters, using the funds to continue their work - buying books and battle robes and new wands for those who can’t afford it. 

  • (Hermione saving a portion of those ingredients for her own research, straightening in triumph when she learns what basilisk venom does to horcruxes, knowing she has vials of it hidden up in her room). 

  • Harry reverently adding the Chamber of Secrets to the Marauder’s Map, proudly continuing his family’s work and reveling in the difference they’re making. 

  • These students - these kids - choosing to train in a dark, horrifying place that was never meant for them. Learning spells amongst shadows, growing stronger in inches of murky water, the smell of a decomposing corpse in their noses, memories of all that had happened here haunting them. They know this is what war is really like and it helps to push them forward.  

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31. and 28. with Remus? I love the aesthetic on your blog and your fics are life tbh 😂💕

I wish I could make this face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) because this face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sums up how I feel about horny Remus… 

31. “Stop biting that fucking lip!” and 28. “Make me”


It is cruel, how much she makes him love her. He just has to look at her and suddenly, wildflowers are blossoming through the cracks of his heart. He just has to stare into her eyes and he sees oceans and suddenly, he’s drowning, but he doesn’t mind. He just has to kiss the fire on her lips and the whole world burns around him.

Remus Lupin is a mess and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) knows it and damn it he’ll never be the same again. 

They’re sitting in Herbology, waiting for Professor Sprout to come back from the Hospital Wing after Peter’s eyebrows were singed off from a fire-breathing Venus Flytrap, when he feels her hand on his knee.

It’s such a simple movement, her hand imparting warmth to his knee, but her touch still burns a hole through his trousers and warms him to his core.

“Fuck me gently with a basilisk fang,” Sirius grumbles as he drops into the stool across from Remus.

“I didn’t know you were into toys,” (Y/N) grins, squeezing his knee, “Basilisk fang, Remus, write that down. I want to try that out tonight…”

Remus’ cheeks burn. Talking about their sex life around his friends always made him flustered. (Y/N) smirks, mischief and desire dancing in her eyes, and he knows now that she is aware of the effect she has on him.

Remus clears his throat. “The basilisk tooth contains venom, unfortunately you’d die before you ever climaxed…”

“Merlin, Moony, will you ever not be a nerd for once?” Sirius mutters.

“Leave him,” (Y/N) orders, “It’s a major turn on,”

That wink again, and he’s sure that he’s died and his ghost is occupying the seat beside her. Then she traces a circle on the inside of his thigh and he knows he’s not a ghost…yet.

“Let’s skip the dirty talk and get to the part where I walk away feeling violated and sufficiently awkward,” Sirius remarks, his tone sardonic, “because I’d rather be poisoned by Basilisk venom than be the awkward third wheel here…”

(Y/N) snorts. “Don’t worry, your boyfriend should be back soon…”

Sirius scowls. “Ha, ha.”

Silence occupies the air surrounding the three friends as the classroom buzzes with chatter. (Y/N)’s fingers crawl closer and closer to his crotch and his pants feel two sizes too small for him. He gulps, but (Y/N) is the only one who notices because Sirius is far too interested in the pretty Ravenclaw sitting two tables away from them. 

The chatter is torn when Professor Sprout returned, James following closely behind.

“Madam Pomfrey is working on him as we speak,” James informs, sitting next to Sirius, “I did warn him not to get too close…”

“Sounded more like a dare to me…” (Y/N) smiles, her fingers dancing along the seam of Remus’ pants, lurking dangerously close to his crotch.

“Alright, class,” Professor Sprout announces, calling for silence. The lesson proceeds, except Remus can’t keep his mind out of his pants because (Y/N)’s fingers are now flirting with his crotch, her touch feather-light as she swirls patterns around his hardening…area. Remus sucks in a sharp breath. (Y/N) smirks, she bites her lip, and arousal burns through his entire body. 

The class breaks up once again into small groups and Remus drags (Y/N) out of the greenhouse and into the forest before the rest of the class can even step toward the door. They’re supposed to be picking mushrooms but Remus has other things in mind.

Remus shoves her up against a tree that’s carefully shrouded from view. (Y/N) bites her lip again and he audibly growls. He’s hungry for more than just her kiss. He wants to devour her whole.

Stop biting that fucking lip!” 

Make me,” she challenges, her gaze steady and hazy with lust. Desire drips from her words. 

It’s cruel, how much he loves her. Because even as he silences her with a searing kiss, he is greedy for more. He wants her naked, but he also wants her naked soul.

Fun after hours. | George Weasley

This is the first fulfilled request and I hope it meets your standards! Tell me what you guys think, please and thank you💖

Word count ✍: 1001

Quietly as possible, Y/N shut the portrait as she left the Hufflepuff common room and made her way down the corridor. She looked behind her, as she thought she heard a noise, only to run into something in front of her and fall onto her back. No. Someone. She braced herself for detention as she opened her eyes, “George?” She asked, taking his hand with a smile “I was coming to get you.” He chuckled as he pulled her into a hug.

“I told I’d meet you by the loo.” She said as they began down the hallway “Yeah, yeah. Say, you wanna go down to the kitchen? My sweet tooth is craving some pumpkin pasties.” He said, pulling Y/N into a secret door “It doesn’t seem I have a choice int he matter, eh Georgie?” She giggled a bit “Were you going to say no?” He looked back at her as the two made their way down the narrow passage way. “No,” she said “George.” She said stopping under a grate, concern lacing her voice.

“What is it, love?” He asked, turning to Y/N “I don’t think this is the way to the kitchen.” She said, looking up “What? Of course it is, I’ve gone this way many times with Fred.” George scoffed “My dear, this looks like the courtyard.” Y/N pointed up at the moon illuminated trees and stone.

“Lumos,” George muttered “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” He said, tapping his wand on the Marauders Map “See? We’re heading away from the kitchen.” Y/N laughed as her boyfriend realized he was wrong. “Alright, we got it figured out now. Let’s go.” He said, tucking the map and his wand back into his pocket.

The two kids passed several hidden entrances to these secret passageways until they came to one above them. George motioned for Y/N to be quiet for a moment as she was in the middle of telling him about someone spilling an entire jar of basilisk venom in potions. She nodded and they listened for any movement in the room above them. A few minutes passed in silence so George reached up, pushing the loose stone across the floor.

George held his hands together, fingers intertwined for a boost. Y/N put one foot in his hands and jumped as he pushed her up into the kitchen before pulling himself up onto the cold floor. Y/N smiled once George turned on the fireplace with a flick of his wand. “Come on, darling.” George said as he pulled Y/N to her feet and over to the sweets pantry. “Alohomora.” Y/N spoke softly and unlocked to wooden doors, revealing the loads of sweets in the cabinets. George dove for the pumpkin pasties, Y/N on the other hand went for the Peppermint Pistols. She put the candy on her tongue and giggled as she felt it crystalize for a moment before melting down her throat. “Have you ever tried these, Georgie?” Y/N asked.

George looked up from the spot he’s made for himself of the floor covered in various sugary eats and shook his head, mouth full of Chocolate Cow’s Tail. Y/N plopped next to him and held a Peppermint Pistol out for him, George opened his mouth and Y/N gently set the candy on her boyfriend’s tongue. His eyes bugled as the peppermint took over for a few seconds then went back to normal after realizing it wasn’t long before her could swallow the candy.

Y/N picked up the last wrapper from their adventure and threw it in the waste bin. “I do have to say, Weasley, you do know how to get a girl out of her comfort zone.” She laughed, resting her head on the lanky boy’s shoulder. George wrapped his arms around her and sighed contently “I get that a lot.” He laughed but was cut off by movement on the other side of the room.

A cat. Wait, Mrs. Norris. Oh no, Filch is close by. The teen wizards look at each other and scrambled up and back over to the secret door. George jumped first, motioning for Y/N to fall into his arms, literally. He put her on her feet and closed the door, catching a glimpse of Filch. “Run!” George whisper-yelled. Y/N followed as instructed and sprinted in the direction from which they came, George following hot on her heels.

Soon Y/N stopped, too much out of breath to continue. George pulled out the map and his wand, trying to figure where they were in the giant castle. They were far from both the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor common rooms. If they ran, though, they’d make it back to the Hufflepuff entrance by at least 3 A.M. and then he could make it back to the Gryffindor portrait by, hopefully, 3:15.

“This way.” George grasped Y/N’s wrist and pulled her out into the breezy corridor, the winter chill was enough to freeze the warmest of hearts. George noticed Y/N shivering and pulled her close into his side, rubbing her arm. “We’re almost there, my love.” He told her after walking for a little while. Y/N nodded, her teeth chattering too much for her to be able to make out words.

They stopped at the Hufflepuff common room and George pulled Y/N into his chest, her arms finding their way around his torso, hugging each other tightly. “We should do this more often, it was fun.” She smiled up at him as his face inched closer to her own. He smiled as their lips brushed against one another. Finally, Y/N closed the space between them and their lips moved in sync until Y/N shivered so hard it shook her body “Get Inside, darling. It’s freezing.” George laughed and watched as his world walked behind the portrait and it closed. George sighed as he made his way to own common room, thoughts of the night filling his head, reminding him of how much he actually loved his sweet, little Hufflepuff.

Preview! Animagus Escapades

It’s preview Monday! not gonna lie I almost completely forgot and I have a new One Piece x Harry Potter Crossover. This one is going to be very different from the others because it’s going to have pretty much nothing to do with Cannon except for Cannon Characters and is Whitebeard Pirates centric (eventually anyway).

It’s also going to involve a lot of family stuff like babies, childcare/child-rearing because apparently I’m feeling broody, fair warning.

I’m not going to tell you who the pairing is, but if you’ve read some of my other stuff you can probably guess lol

Helina Potter knew her luck was wild and unpredictable, so why exactly had she volunteered to help find a plant at the bottom of the Black Lake again, resulting in her being sucked into a magical ritual being performed by the merfolk and transported to another world? Oh yeah because her Animagus form was aquatic and she never could say no when someone asked for her help.

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Legendary Creatures [B]

From Wikipedia, See the Full Alphabet HERE


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Chapter Seventeen: The Heir of Slytherin

Harry seized the basilisk fang on the floor next to him and plunged it straight into the heart of the book.

There was a long, dreadful, piercing scream. Ink spurted out of the diary in torrents, streaming over Harry’s hands, flooding the floor. Riddle was writhing and twisting, screaming and flailing and then —

He had gone. Harry’s wand fell to the floor with a clatter and there was silence. Silence except for the steady drip drip of ink still oozing from the diary. The basilisk venom had burned a sizzling hole right through it.

A Bit of Sky, Chapter 13

“The sword of Gryffindor is what we used to destroy some of the Horcruxes,” Harry said.

“We can’t do that this time,” Hermione muttered with a heavy sigh. “It doesn’t have any basilisk venom imbued in the blade.”

Groaning, Harry scrubbed his hands down his face, exhausted. “I’d forgot about the bloody venom. I really don’t want to go down into that chamber again.” At the curious looks given him around the table, he shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Hermione offered a polite smile. “Something we can think about later on.”

“Harry killed a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets,” Draco blurted out.

Gaping at him, Harry threw his hands up incredulously. “Really?”

Draco shrugged unapologetically. “Basilisk venom would be the easiest way to destroy the Horcruxes as far as I’m concerned, and I, for one, am not keen to revisit Fiendfyre, thank you very much.”

[Ao3—Rated Explicit]  [FFN—Rated Mature]

Omg, 600 followers. Really?? I’m dying lol I finished my 400 celeb just two or three weeks ago and I’m already on 600, it’s overwhelming! Thank you guys! It’s been a lot of effort to keep bringing new content, even though my daily time is shorter than I wanted it to be lmao :’) Your support is really important, it means the world for me <3 Soooo, to celebrate my sixth hundred, I’m doing HP aesthetics and “Amortentia smells like…” for a pairing of your choice!


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The goods:

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Nooooo I shouldn't have read that put your head up, lion - Preview!!!alskdjflaskjdflkjj I've been rereading the other Lions these past few days and now I can't get this new one out of my head aaaaah I hope you finish it soon I'm vibrating with excitement!

It’s a different world to the other lions (but really, Jasper got described as a lion so it’s my mission to have all Harry/Jasper fics I do have the world in there somewhere) but it’s the one I plan on working on while I’m aware for the week (surprise, I’m off to Wales for 7 days, no updates next week, I’m so sorry) on my iPod. So yeah.

Enjoy another quick preview then;

Vampires are still around then.

Harry rubs at the tender bite on her neck, grimacing as she stares at her reflection.

She’s been forced to conjure up a mirror, having apparated right back to the England the second she woke up with a face-full of earth and a stinging sensation just above the hollow of her throat.

Merlin, that hurt.

Well in the very least, she has the answer to Hermione’s question on if Basilisk venom really did beat out vampire venom. It’s a certainty given she’s not currently lusting after blood.

The Strangeport Family

The Strangeport family, one of the three controlling witch families in the city, has been shadowed over the years by controversy and rumor. Though no formal charges have ever been made, the family has at one time or another been accused of smuggling, assassination, extortion and the illegal magical manipulation of the cities finances. Substantial evidence suggests that the Strangeports are the primary providers for the cities black market, which sells everything from Dragon Spark to Basilisk venom, as well as an impressive array of dangerous magical creatures. Though several raids have been conducted on various outlets of the Black Market (including a particularly memorable case involving the sale of a case of pixies to a non-magical family), the Strangeport family itself continues to avoid prosecution.

Despite the family’s dogged history, the Strangeports enjoy the reputation of being one of the most well connected and popular of the witch families, even among non-magical residents. The family’s signature charisma, openness to working with the community (both magical and non-magical), and keen sense of leadership make them highly sought after as community leaders, cultural advisers and mediators in clan disputes. This popularity may be part of the courts apparent unwillingness (or inability) to connect the family with any of their apparent illicit activities.

18 Mini Bottle DIYs posted on truebluemeandyou.

Many of these mini bottle DIYs would make unique, quick, and easy gifts.

Hermione’s Horcrux

A/N: Missing scene from Deathly Hallows in which Hermione destroys a horcrux. All feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling. There are a few quotes near the end that were taken directly from the book, and I’ve marked them with italics.

“Even if we find the other Horcrux, how are we going to get rid of it?” Hermione asked Ron, her brow furrowed in concentration as she wracked her brains for a solution. “We still haven’t even got rid of the cup,” she pointed out unnecessarily.

Ron knew she was right. But what could they do? They didn’t have the sword of Gryffindor, and without its basilisk venom…

Suddenly he had an idea.

“Hermione!” Ron shouted, “I know what we can do!”

Hermione looked up at him in surprise. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Follow me,” Ron said, quickly leading the way out of the Room of Requirement.

As Hermione began to follow Ron down the long hallway, she asked, “Where are we going?”

Ron turned to her and took her hand. “Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Of course, but— “

“Just wait,” he said, cutting her off as he continued walking briskly down the hall, “You’ll see.”

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Sirius x Reader: Don’t Let Me Go

Warnings: Mention of abuse

Requested: Yes (emotional times)

A/N: Remember to keep requesting :) Enjoy and tell your friends!

Hogwarts brought 2 amazing things to your life: one was escaping the people you lived with (some people call it family, but they don’t have abusive parents with a favourite child) and two was finding your real family (most people called them the Marauders). 

“Well don’t you look flustered, Y/N?” supposed Remus as you walked into the common room. 

“Y’know Oscar Baytle from Ravenclaw?” They all looked confused as you sat down, “Tall, muscly, Ravenclaw beater- “ 

 “Ohh” they chorused. 

“Why didn’t you just start with that?” James said, looking incredulous. 

“Whatever, he just asked me out.” You revealed to the boys. 

“He asked you out?” 

“I know- imagine if my sister went here.” You said dramatically, you only mentioned your family to make sarcastic remarks about how your sister is the golden child. 

“Did you say yes?” Sirius blurted. 

“No,” you replied slightly startled, “I was just proud of my achievements of the day.” 

“And so are we.” Said James as he swung his arm around your shoulders. 

“Anyway, how was detention?” You asked, opening your notebook. 

“Same old, same old.” 

“Got a new speech at the end though.” Continued Sirius, making you grin. 

“I’ll have to be there next time.” You exclaimed 

“It’s a date.” You turned to hide your blushing. 

Remus and you spent the rest of the night quizzing each other on positions of the stars with the occasional interruption from Sirius (“you do know where my constellation is, don’t you?”). At 11 o’clock you realised you couldn’t put bed off any longer and wished the boys goodnight. 

 You laid down in bed, staring up, trying to forget that tomorrow was your sisters’ birthday. You’d sent a card and chocolate frog- they couldn’t get angry at you for ignoring her birthday nor could they get angry for ‘rubbing magic in their faces’. You pushed your worries aside in your mind, as you often did, and went to sleep. 

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i never thought about it, but lucius malfoy really fucked voldemort over, totally unintentionally.

he gave tom riddle’s diary to ginny weasley in harry’s 2nd year, in an attempt to fuck over the weasleys, not knowing it was a horcrux. this led to a piece of voldemort’s soul possessing ginny’s body and releasing the basilisk, which led to harry killing the basilisk with the sword of gryffindor and destroying the diary with a basilisk fang.

not only did this mean one of voldemort’s horcruxes was destroyed, it also meant the sword of gryffindor was imbibed with basilisk venom (and therefore capable of destroying horcruxes), harry and his friends had a handy supply of horcrux-destroying basilisk fangs conveniently located within hogwarts, AND they knew basilisk venom could destroy horcruxes.

flash forward to harry’s would-be-7th year, when he and his friends destroy i think all but one of the horcruxes (the diadem, which crabbe destroyed with fiendfyre in the room of requirement) with either basilisk fangs or the sword of gryffindor. which they wouldn’t have known about or been able to do if lucius hadn’t given ginny that diary.

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be......

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So authors note…..first off i have no idea if Fabian was alive at this time, i just wanted to make it interesting and have a fun little cameo.. 

Secondly i didnt count the words and im rating this t because of the end

Thirdly this is based off of a dream i had after reading the book and I’m still unsure about how i feel about it so please be kind, it does jump around a bit and I’m sorry i was just trying to get it all out based on how it was flowing in my head i hope you all like it <3

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be…..

 You couldn’t focus on your assignment because of a certain freckle faced young man sitting beside you. You kept batting your quill back and forth trying to shrug thoughts of him from your mind. You began biting your bottom lip in frustration and drew random doodles of the symbols in front of you on your parchment paper.

“Pardon me (y/n) but is something on your mind?” a hoarse voice whispered to you concerned. You turned to face the source and met his beautiful green eyes.

“Sorry Newt.. it’s just that umm I think I need a break from this for a bit.” You said feeling stupid stumbling over your words. You couldn’t believe you’d been lucky enough to be paired with your best friend who you’d been in love with for years. Much to her dismay.

He sighed in relief. “Thank goodness, History of Magic is not my best subject.” He smiled sheepishly back at you.

You stood up and stretched, relieved to move your stiff muscles. Newt stared at silently.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What is it Newt? Do I have something on my face?” You smiled innocently. But he hadn’t heard you.

He was in fact looking past you at a beautiful and eerie girl with gorgeous eyes and dark hair.  She eyed Newt up and down like a piece of meat. Smug in the fact that she clearly had his whole attention against yours.

You sighed and grabbed your bag slamming it down on the counter but he barely noticed. His face had gone flush and his palms were getting clammy as he steadied himself tightening his hand near his wand out of a nervous habit of being around her.Frustrated you threw your cardigan, robe and books in your bag.

“You’re unbelievable Scamander you know that? She’s only using you for your knowledge on creatures and potions, as soon as she gets what she wants from you mark my words she’ll set you up to fall and leave you with the blame.” With that you pulled your bag on your arm and stormed off making sure to rudely shove past Leta Lestrange as you did so, since her and her goons were blocking your exit.

“What’s a matter (l/n) jealous?” she laughed softly basking in the glory of your now miserable face.

You stopped and took a deep breathe. “You know as well as I Lestrange that I can’t be jealous of something that was never mine to begin with…. That being said…..” you turned on your heel and walked straight up to her pushing your way past the swarm of Slytherin girls around her.

“I know I’m a much better person inside and out than you because I can genuinely have a man because he wants to be with me, not just because of my money or looks….those things fade as fast as time…and with the way your family tree goes your bound to lose your mind next. Have a lovely day Leta.” And you walked off.

“WELL I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY MUDBLOOD” she laughed, a sickly mocking laugh.

Unbeknownst to you, another freckled face had been observing the situation and was waiting for his chance.

As you stepped up onto the top landing adjusting your bag and not paying attention, You bumped into a tall red haired young man with freckles.  He had a glorious smile on his kind face. It was slightly comforting.

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“Fabian sorry.” You went to pick up your bag and he beat you to it.

“Not to worry (y/n), say is that little minx bothering you?” He whispered in your ear as he brushed a strand of hair back from your face.  He saw the hurt in your face and leaned in closer to you wrapping an arm around your waist.

“How about we give her a run for her money then eh?”

You eyed him both playfully and curiously, “And what exactly did you have in mind Fabian?” and before you knew what was happening Fabion Prewett had you in a slow and soft kiss that you were both smiling into. He ran another hand through your hair resting it on your neck and without noticing you dropped your bag. It made a loud slam as it hit the ground. He backed you up into a bookshelf and suddenly there was cat calling coming from everywhere before you two pulled away out of breathe. His hands to his lips

“Pleasure doing business with you Prewett.” You winked as he picked up your bag he grabbed your wrist gently. “Go on a date with me then (l/n), Let’s really get under her skin.” He laughed.

“And you don’t mind at all? Me using you to get back at her Prewett? That sounds awfully cold hearted of me,” you whispered.

“Consider us friends with benefits, I’ll teach you all you need to know to get back at the likes of people like her, and besides I’m trying to get under her skin too, you know ill breading and all that” he winked.

“You’re unbelievable Prewett” you rolled your eyes and walked away shaking your head laughing.

“Don’t forget love we’re still on for Friday” he yelled jokingly at you as he looked back at a gawking Newt and  Leta.  He earned a harsh shushing from the volunteer librarian Irma Pince.

Leta meanwhile had walked over massaging Newts shoulders. He shrugged her off and began chasing after you.  Leaving Leta stunned and glaring at a mischievous Fabian and Gideon grinning from ear to ear and high fiving. She rolled her eyes and went back to her group of friends clearly not amused with how the events had turned out.


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You in the meantime had walked out into the greenhouse desperate for some air and privacy after what had just happened. You took a deep breath as you looked up at the beautiful night sky.

“Thought you’d be here.” A voice said out of breath. You looked over shocked to see someone in your secret place. Newt cast Lumos and you saw a look of pain on his face.

“That was an impressive little show back there.” Newt spat out bitterly.

“I could say the same for you Scamander.” You said eyeing him angrily.


“No you didn’t because you were too busy undressing Lestrange with your eyes.” You said angrily cursing the fact that tears had begun to well in your eyes.

“And besides what does it matter who I kiss?” you said walking up to him angrily. “Up until five minutes ago you didn’t even notice I existed.” You brushed past him to leave but he grabbed your arm and pinned you up against the wall.

“Newt what’s gotten into —“ but before you could say another word his lips came crashing down on yours. It was fiery and intense and full of desperation. You were momentarily stunned as you allowed yourself to get lost in this heated kiss full of all the passion and desperation the two of you had been holding back for years. But then you remembered how he’d looked at her, his eyes had never left hers he was utterly hypnotized. And you pulled yourself away.

You stood there staring at him for a moment before reaching for the door handle. A hand already on top of yours.

“She was my friend. And you’re right. She will be my downfall and I was too blind to see it, too blind to see who I really loved. She used me to get knowledge about a new potion, it’s called the drought of living death and the main ingredient is extracted from a basilisk fang. Their venom is deadly, and incredibly painful if ingested.  She said if I told anyone about what she was doing, sneaking out at night and stealing ingredients, that she would kill you….” His voice was breaking now, “Her and her family; they’re part of Grindelwalds gang now.”

“Newt.” You could see he was wrestling with his conscious thinking that he had somehow helped her get there.

“She was on that path long before she met you, and even after meeting you, she chose it none the less.” You whispered as you took his hand in yours and squeezed it gently to which he squeezed it back.

“You need to go to someone you can trust about this, plead your innocence, what about Professor Dumbledore, he was always fond of us!” He looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Think about this Newt they’ll expel you either way, at least if you do it this way…… you might get to keep your wand and your good standing. I’ll even walk out with you.” You smiled warmly your eyes also starting to swell with new tears. He gently walked over to you and you held each other in a close and warm hug.

“No you need to stay. You’re too good for me (y/n)” he looked at you dead serious. Running a hand gently through your hair. “Besides I was never going to be the winner of my family.” He laughed bitterly thinking about Theseus.

“And just exactly who is going to be able to save your stubborn ass from all of the chaos out there? Because last time I checked I’ve been doing that for almost 7 years Newton.” Raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms.

“(y/n) You are honestly the most stubborn person I have ever met.” He said tearfully laughing.

“That makes two of us Scamander” you said as you through your arms around him kissing him gently and passionately.


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“Please don’t read my mind.” Newt said flustered with Queenie.

She stepped closer to him apologetically.

“Sorry I asked you not to.” He said angrily.

“Sorry honey I can’t help it, people are easiest to read when they’re hurting.” She said looking at the picture of Leta on his desk.

“I’m not hurting; anyways it was a long time ago.” Newt said as he ran a hand over another photo. Queenie eyed him and saw his emotions change as he stared at your photo.

“That was a real close friendship you two had at school, and in the same house too! I bet you spent a lot of time together huh honey?” she winked.

Newt began to blush. “Yes well neither of us really fit in at school so we—“she stared at him.

She snapped back “Became real close—for years.” He looked back at the photo of Leta angrily.

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“She was a taker honey, you need a giver.” As she slid the photo of you over to him.

“I SAID STAY OUT OF MY HEAD QUEENIE.” He spat bitterly and threw a pot. It smashed on the floor as she saw the whole event unfold.


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You looked up at him the venom spreading through your body the pain becoming unbearable as you looked down at the snake fang now protruding from your heart. Leta stared at you in a conquered manner and disaperated laughing. Slowly the rest of his followers left too, all but one.

But you never faltered. Newt looked on in pain as he watched you suffering. Your veins all lit up through your body and turned black with poison as Newt helplessly rummaged through his potions.

“Don’t worry my love, it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think, and besides won’t we all die, just a little?’ you said smiling as your last breathe left your body, falling lifelessly into his arms.


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Grindelwald eyed Newt looking down at the floor and then defiantly at him. Newts eyes were cold and harsh as he glared at Grindelwald, at the man who’s visions had robbed him of his very happiness. Had robbed him of you. Gellert was amused at his distain, and with a hint of irony whispered to him

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“Won’t we all die, just a little.”

To be continued?!?……. ��^Q��.

funnygirlthatbelle  asked:

Okay, Cassie, I'm curious. What do you mean about Neville and the prophecy?

Okay, so Trelawney’s prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies….

We’re looking at the first half, the half that tells us the requirements whover fulfills this prophecy has to have. There are five.

1. They are male.

2. They are born at the end of July.

3. They are born to parents who have faced or defied Voldemort three times.

4. Voldemort will mark the person as his equal.

5. They will have a power Voldemort cannot understand.

We’re told in the books that Harry and Neville both fit the first three points, and so Voldemort chose the boy he felt was the greater danger, tried to end him, and instead ended up choosing which boy would fulfill the prophecy in full. And Voldemort chose Harry.

So Harry fulfills all five points before the series ever starts. Voldemort marked him as his equal by trying to kill him but instead giving him a necessary tool to defeat him, and the power Voldemort knows not is the protection of love from a life willingly sacrificed, in this case, Harry’s mother.

But here’s the thing. People act like because Voldemort chose Harry, that’s it for Neville, his path with the prophecy is done.

But it isn’t.

Neville fulfills the final two points on the list. It takes him a little longer, but he gets there.

Power Voldemort knows not? Harry goes to the forest intending to die; that intention gives everyone fighting at the castle, Neville included, the same protection Harry got from Lily. That’s why none of the spells hold them in the end of the battle. The Silencing spell doesn’t work. The Petrificus Totalus Voldemort puts on Neville doesn’t work. The people at Hogwarts who Harry died for can’t be harmed. Check.

Marked as Voldemort’s equal? Yep. In two distinct ways. First, he’s marked as Harry’s equal. Harry chooses Neville as his replacement when he thinks he’s going to die in the forest. That’s why he tells Neville to kill the snake. Neville is hand selected to take Harry’s place – that’s the very phrase used – and if Neville is Harry’s equal and Harry is Voldemort’s equal, then Neville is also Voldemort’s equal. Transitive property, bitches.

But for those of you who need Voldemort personally to mark Neville as he equal, okay fine. He totally does. In exactly the same way he marks Harry. When Harry was a child, Voldemort singled him out as an enemy, attempted to destroy him, and in the process handed Harry a necessary tool to defeat him. In the second half of the final battle, Voldemort does the same thing with Neville. He singles him out from the crowd to make an example of him, uses the Sorting Hat to light him on fire and presumably kill him, and in so doing, hands Neville the tool he needs to defeat Voldemort. With Harry, it was the fragment of soul attached to his brain. With Neville, it was the basilisk-venom-soaked Sword of Gryffindor. But were necessary and instrumental in Voldemort’s defeat.

But wait! I hear you saying. Neville didn’t defeat Voldemort! So how can you say he fulfilled the prophecy?

Very easily. First of all, Trelawney didn’t say The one who WILL defeat Voldemort will be born yada yada yada, she said the one with the POWER TO defeat Voldemort, and second of all, Harry didn’t defeat Voldemort either. Voldemort defeated himself. He cast the curse that ended him; Harry just held the mirror up to Medusa, as it were. But Harry’s real role in defeating Voldemort was in removing the obstacles that stood between Voldemort and mortality – his horcruxes. And Neville destroyed just as many horcruxes as Harry did. Harry destroyed the diary. Neville destroyed the snake. Voldemort died at Neville’s hands just as much as he died at Harry’s.

So yeah. Neville and Harry were children of that prophecy together, and they both fulfilled it in the end.

So I saw this on twitter ‘’ Someone just asked why Harry’s Horcrux didn’t die when bitten by Basilisk because  basilisk venom kills horcruxes? Anyone else wondering?’’

I know that Fawkes healed Harry with his tears, but you should think that the venom was already in his body long enough to destroy it? what’s your theory.