So, is there anything you want for your birthday?

Well, I’m still in need of a toadie, since you’re asking.

I should’ve made you eat those flowers…

This is a little late but screw it! A big ol’ happy (belated) birthday to Basilio, the khan of my heart!

I’m replaying FE:Awakening on Lunatic Classic mode and holy fuck If i lose another unit I’m just going to stop.

anonymous asked:

I would like to know more about Basilio personality, but also his goals and maybe fears?

Basilio is a pretty upbeat guy. Really animated and cartoony business man. He’s a pretty eccentric guy whos pretty sly and cunning but can be pretty fatherly. I hope thats understandable ahah. 
As for goals He doesn’t really have any at the moment except for taking care of his adopted son and running his business. 
As for fears he’s scared of being alone. Not alone as in relationship or a need for attention but the fear of being in a world with out people or trapped in an isolated place forever. He tries not to develop long term relationships with people since he is immortal and will out live them.