Beautiful Ancient Coin with the Image of Alexander the Great

This is a silver tetradrachm from the Thracian Kingdom under the rule of Lysimachus. It was struck sometime after the death of Lysimachus in 281 BC at an undetermined mint. The obverse shows the head of Alexander the Great wearing a diadem and the horns of Ammon. The reverse shows Athena Nikephoros seated. There are two monograms, one of which is in a wreath and the inscription BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY.

Lysimachus (r. 323-281 BC) was a Macedonian officer and diadochus (i.e. “successor”) of Alexander the Great, who became a basileus (“King”) in 306 BC, ruling Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedon. Read more about Lysimachus here.

Festivals: A List of Greek Festivals and Holy Days

The following is an alphabetical list of Greek festivals and holy days. It is incomplete, and it is a work in progress. Most of the festivals on the list are Attic, but others are from other regions, and I will continue to add them as I learn more about them. Similarly, most of the dates given are based on the Attic calendar and I try to specify when that is not the case.

Holy Days and Festivals

The Adonia was a women’s festival held in late summer in honor of Adonis, a consort of Aphrodite who died tragically. The festival, observed privately by women of all classes, rather than by the greater community, took place in private homes rather than in a public temple or other site. During the Adonia, the women wept and mourned the death of Adonis, planting small, shallow roof gardens of quick-sprouting plants (such as lettuce or herbs) in broken pots and leaving them in the sun to wither and die, thus remembering the short life of beautiful Adonis. (Larson, Cults 124) The dead plants were then taken and thrown into the sea or other body of water. (Goff, Citizen 58) Another practice associated with the Adonia was the making of small Adonis images or dolls to be laid out for a mock burial. (Larson, Cults 125)

The Amarysia was a festival of Artemis Amarysia, whose worship originated in Amarythus in Euboia, (Wycherley “Minor” 286) Artemis Amarysia, a major divinity in Eretria, had, in addition to her Olympian aspect, a strong chthonic character not often seen in this goddess (Walker Eretria 33) and may have derived from the earlier title of Potnia Theron or “Mistress of the Animals” (32)

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🔮🔥♂️ Masculine Vibes Charm Bag ♂️🔥🔮

This is a glamour charm bag for masculine-aligned trans/nb people! It can be for giving off a masculine vibe, or being misgendered less. This is my first original spell/magickal work, and I wanted to share in hopes that others will find it useful!

Originally posted by thesacredmalewitch

  • Need:
    • Pyrite (associated w/ divine masculinity, confidence)
    • Basil (masculine herb, steadies the mind & brings happiness)
      • Fun fact: Basil is derived from the Greek word basileus, which is commonly understood in the English-speaking world to mean “king”!
    • Stinging Nettle (masculine herb, protection)
      • Warning: stinging nettle can cause an itchy rash on some people when it comes into contact w/ bare skin – handle with care!
    • Glitter in a color you associate with masculinity (common colors I’ve seen are blue, gold, and red!)
    • A piece of paper with your intent written on it (to appear more masculine, for others to stop misgendering you, to be safe from transphobia, etc)
      • This will be burned, please do so safely and read the notes at the end if you will be unable to burn something!
    • A small bag to put the items in, and a way to seal the bag
      • Read the notes at the end for my recommendations on sealing the bag!
  • Instructions:
    • Before you start, charge all the items you are going to use by putting them in your windowsill in the morning and removing them by sunset – the sun provides masculine energy
    • Do whatever you need to ready your space for magickal working
      • Cast a circle, clean, open all your windows, light candles, whatever you personally do!
    • Gather the items together
    • Burn the paper with your intent on it
      • Make sure to do this safely, we don’t want any burnt fingers or surfaces!
    • Mix the ashes of the paper with the glitter you chose while communicating your intent into it the way you choose to, and stirring clockwise
    • Add the basil and stinging nettle to the glitter-ash mix, stirring clockwise, all while communicating your intent the way you choose too
      • Visualize the intent, think it, whisper it, shout it, sing it, sign it—it’s up to how you feel comfortable putting your energy into this!
    • Put the mixture in the bag and put the pyrite in as well
    • Seal the bag however you feel is necessary
    • Carry it with you in your pocket, in your backpack, tucked into your boot, etc
    • Recharge by letting the bag sit in the sun for a day
  • Notes:
    • Remember that you can substitute things you need to – magick is fluid and understand that people have allergies or communicate intentions and energies in different ways. You could charge the items differently, write your intention as a sigil instead of a phrase, or even make this a spell jar instead of a charm bag!
    • Masculinity and femininity is a social construct. I used commonly masculine-aligned things for this, but you can truly charge things in whatever way you feel provides masculine energy
    • If you are unable to burn the paper:
      • At the burning step, tear the intent paper into small pieces instead of burning it, then continue following the directions
    • Sealing the bag:
      • Many bags simply have a drawstring you can use to seal them!
      • Tie the bag closed using a ribbon that matches the glitter color, or another color to help strengthen masculine energy, add protection, etc
      • Sew it closed using thread (same color suggestion as the ribbon idea above)
      • Braid colored yarn together with your intention in mind, then tie the bag closed with the braided yarn
    • Disclaimer note: Please do not ingest anything you are not absolutely sure is safe to ingest, and always be sure to wash your hands after handling herbs, stones, oils, etc!

The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner // Attolis Eugenides //

Teleus was obdurate. “You could not take a real sword out of a man’s grip, not with your bare hand.”

Reaching across to Teleus, Eugenides held out his hand in a fist and opened it slowly like a flower. “I practice it with a wooden sword. I can do it with a real one, too.”

Teleus lifted a blunt finger to trace the thin line of  skin. “The assassin’s sword. I see, now, why Ornon was so confident of your success.”

“Yes. But the truth is always right in front of you to see.” Moving more easily, but favoring his left leg, the king went through the door.

“Basileus,” someone whispered. Others echoed the praise. “Basileus.”

Only Teleus shook his head. “The Basileus was a prince of his people, what we call a king now,” Teleus explained. “That one will rule more than just Attolia before he is done. He is an Annux, a king of kings.”

An excerpt from the zoological text The Hunter’s Encyclopedia of Animals (First Edition).
Species Index

To view a dossier for a species, navigate the Species Index and follow the link. Subspecies are given minor dossiers rather than full ones, and can be found on the same page as the species. [Last updated 15th July 2018.]

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Epithets I use the most

Just a quick list of the epithets I tend to call my Gods with often. Note that the choices I made are purely personal and might not be relevant to other people.

Ουρανια (Ourania) Heavenly, divine
Πανδημος (Pandemos) Common to all
Μελαινις (Melainis) Of night
Συμμαχια (Symmakhia) Ally in love
Δωριτις (Doritis) Bountiful
Αρεια (Areia) Warlike

Βακχος (Bakkhos) Of Bacchic frenzy
Σταφυλιτης (Staphylitês) Of the grapes
Θεοινος (Theoinos) God of wine
Κισσιος (Kissios) Of the ivy
Ανθιον (Anthion) Of the flowers
Διμητωρ (Dimetor) Twice-born
Ελευθερευς (Eleuthereus) Of liberation
Χθονιος (Khthonios) Of the earth, Chthonic
Ζαγρευς (Zagreus)

Θεαριος (Thearios) Of the oracle
Μουσηγετης (Mousêgetês) Leader of the Muses
Παιων (Paiôn) Healer

Note: I do not actively worship the Gods listed below, which is why there are less epithets listed.

Φεραια (Pheraia) Of the beasts
Πωτνια Θερων (Pôtnia Therôn) Queen of beasts

Ὡρηφορος (Hôrêphoros) Bringer of seasons
Αγλαοκαρπος (Aglaokarpos) Giver of goodly fruit

Ανγελος Αθανατων (Angelos Athanatôn) Messenger of the Gods
Εριουνης (Eriounês) Luck-bringing

Ομβριος (Ombrios) Of the rain
Βασιλευς (Basileus) King
Μοιραγετης (Moiragetês) Leader of the Fates

Πλουτων (Plouton) Of wealth
Θεων Χθονιος (Theôn Khthonios) God of the Underworld
Νεκροδεγμων (Nekrodegmôn) Receiver of the Dead

anonymous asked:

Fics with Cas in a position of power: 300 Things by cautionzombies, Addicted to you by Ltleflrt, Basileus by SillyBlue, Best laid planes by Persephoneshadow, Bird Song by ElDiablito_SF, Carry on by TamrynEradani, Confession Stand by violue, CONventional Psychopathy Part 1: Primary Deviance by Mayalaen, Cursed Or Not by Ltleflrt, Death of a Bachelor by Fangirling_FTW (1/5)

Fear of Falling (Apart) by 3988Akasha & ElDiablito_SF, First Gentleman Wanted by youaresunlight, Ghost Dance by omphalos, Grey by Valinde (Valyria), Grotesque by lastknownwriter, Revelation by MooseFeels, Hedge Witch by EthneDragon & palominopup, Hunting a Dragon by TriDom, I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17 (2/5)

Imperfect Proposals by Fallen_Angel_Meg, In The Dark by fine_feathered, Into the Fray by HigherMagic, Knight Takes King by darkforetold, Know no limits by zation, Over the Hills and Far Away by Lucifers_Pony, The right kind of wrong by zation for BeeCas, Selling Points by thedropoutandthejunkie (elenajames) (3/5)

Imperfect Proposals by Fallen_Angel_Meg, In The Dark by fine_feathered, Into the Fray by HigherMagic, Knight Takes King by darkforetold, Know no limits by zation, Over the Hills and Far Away by Lucifers_Pony, The right kind of wrong by zation for BeeCas, Selling Points by thedropoutandthejunkie (elenajames) (3/5)

True as It Can Be by whelvenwings, What You Paid For by TriDom, Written in Ink by ArchOfImagine, Yours by MashiarasDream (5/5) 

Okay then! I have read some of these but not all, but it’s a good starting point. The Best Laid Plans fic sounds really good though. I bet the author is very nice with really cool hair a sweet dog.

“The Basileus was a prince of his people, what we call a king now,” Teleus explained. “That one”- he nodded towards the closed door-”will rule more than just Attolia before he is done.

He is an Annux, a king of kings.”